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Horoscope 2021 all Zodiac Signs

Only two months are left in 2020. We all know globally that the year 2020 has been a year of trials and tribulations and ambiguity worldwide. From the global pandemic to the frequent occurrence of environmental catastrophes such as earthquakes and hurricanes, the year 2020 has been troublesome in totality. However, human nature is to be hopeful, and in continuation of holding onto hope, how will the year 2021 be a pertinent question. 

The upcoming year of 2021 will be full of surprises in terms of the horoscope. Be it in the light of health, personal and professional life, 2021 will be full of growth and betterment. New Year of 2021 is all set to bring new signs of novel professions, business proposals, and fulfilling health.!

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Most significant thing about Horoscope 2021

What will be most significant thing of horoscope 2021 – after all have experienced an unprecedented turbulent 2020? We all believe that after dark clouds and heavy rain, the sun shines brightly. Similar is the case with the year 2021 as after the troublesome year of 2020, 2021 predicts better days and peaceful times to make up for all the painful times that we all witnessed collectively in 2020, the major being the loss of lives due to COVID-19. Reading of horoscope and the desire to know the placement, as well as the movement of planets both during not so good times and the happy times, gives all of us hope to hold on. With 2021 being at its threshold, we all are quite excited to know what the future has in store for us. 

As the year is believed to be promising, the major pleasant news that one expects is the recovery of the global economy and betterment in the people's overall health. Both these aspects have suffered brutally in 2020 due the occurrence of global pandemic and the subsequent lockdown posed by the governments. 2021 will prove to be full of abundance, happenings and good luck for most of zodiac signs.

While some signs will be blessed majorly by luck, some of them will have to put in great efforts for financial stability. However, from astrology point of view, it is always recommended to believe in striking a balance and practice moderation without much focussing on only profit-building. As 2020 has been full of excesses in terms of negativity, it will be wise to consider channelized thought process and balance as major strategies in 2021. 

What all Zodiac sign should remember in 2021?

How will zodiac signs behave in 2021 and what person of each Zodiac Sign should remember in 2021? These are some overall astrology tips for each Zodiac Sign in 2021. Mind you houses in birth chart, planets and planetary transits have their own role in giving you results. But a small correction & precaution in your Karmas can prepare you better to deal with the situations.

You may not always win but at least can mitigate the adverse effects. I am a firm believer of good Karmas in time to avoid negative effects than resorting to mindless rituals when the damage is done. Therefore, I am  giving below some important tips for all Zodiac Signs to control their emotions, overdoing and relationships.

Important tips for all signs in 2021 

Please read important tips for your Zodiac sign in 2021 & reading the same about Zodiac Signs of your nears and dears will also be useful. Because these important astrology tips have to do all with your Karmas & behaviour and nothing to do with the rituals. 

Important astrology tips 2021 for Aries

This year 2021 is a year of caution for Aries sign persons. Rahu will give you extra motivation & the ability to gamble and go beyond miles. Rahu will motivate a person to feel that the gamble will bring excellent results & one can continue. But Saturn and Ketu will not be helpful for you. Ketu can make the native feel like a rejected person in his/her field. Saturn will give misunderstandings all over.

Do not go for significant expansions this year, particularly investing money. You may get proposals & even attractions of significant gains but resist yourself. Small reforms are acceptable, but no big investment decision without getting vetting from your personal astrologer. 

One should try to hold whatever is existing & must accept the changes with grace than getting agitated. There were bound to happen. Things will start improving when the transiting Saturn gains 20 degrees. Take an opinion about Saturn's degree in your horoscope. The situation will start turning better from next year around April/ May so hold your aggression till then. 

Many new ideas of business are emerging out of this desperate situation. Take business expert’s opinions about these businesses and consider investing there. I will not give any generalised advice here without reading specific horoscopes.

Important astrology tips 2021 for Taurus 

Taurus ascendants will face misguided advice and perplexities due to the transit of Rahu. Ketu can make them depend on the people who will always give them advice for ulterior motives. The impact of transiting Saturn will bring a lot of distress. Saturn will be aspecting downwards, which will make their journey difficult & slow in reaching the success point.

Once you have these cautions, one can be careful in such symptoms from anyone in the family or workplace. Try to deal with such a situation with diligence rather than being aggressive or being agitated. The crux is that a non-cautious native is bound to fail, and a cautious native will save impacts of such situations.

Nothing to worry more about as a patient Taurus sign person will start feeling out of such a situation post-October, when Rahu and Ketu will change their signs.

Important astrology tips 2021 for Gemini

There are chances of distress, misunderstanding & infliction in legal issues due to the company of unfavourable company and associates. There are chances of losses in property-related matters. Avoid making any big investments in this Year.

Focus more on savings & investing in safe avenues. Consult your parents before making any major decisions regarding money and change of job or business.

Control your emotions more than ever. Misunderstandings in family life can bring profound results—maintain harmony in your married and love life.

Important astrology tips 2021 for Cancer

Cancerians will emerge out to be a good savior for others. But it can give a feeling of arrogance and echo, avoid it. Avoid the habit of involving yourself in the personal matters of others.

There are chances of getting into irrelevant relationships. Confine yourself to your concerned work. Restrict your expenses on luxury items till July, 2021.

Do not undertake substantial assignments till June 2021. Such acts done after July will bring you immense positive results.

Important astrology tips 2021 for Leo

Leo natives will get success in professional life in the beginning of the Year but need to be careful about offers in a mirage. New offers will come but desist from taking a haste decision. Maintain total secrecy of your business and professional matters.

Do not enter into any new partnership in life and business, try to put them off till November 2021. Do not take risk of avoiding your regular exercises till May 2021 in particular. Avoid getting misunderstood in the family. Hold your unwanted activities with relations & with in-laws, if you are married.

Important astrology tips 2021 for Virgo

Until February, the period is not good & conducive for any major decision, be it personal, married, or professional life, including business. Do not buy any new capital item rather, try to store your money as more as possible. Planning a new child is very auspicious this year for aspiring parents.

Try to rejuvenate yourself doing brisk exercises. Revive your old relations. Both these things will help you substantially in your personal and professional life.

Do not indulge in any kind of legal issues with anyone. If a situation comes, either drag it or better settle it.

Important astrology tips 2021 for Libra 

For Libra sign persons, this Year is a year of testing times. Career and the overall situation will hang in the balance. But they will need a little care to change the waves in their favour. They are likely to emerge with new ideas in this Global turmoil, which will bring them a better economic status.

This Year is there to fight a strong twilight & need to be careful taking any major decisions. Better consult your well-wishers to make your decisions workable. One needs to avoid any decision in haste at any cost. The later part of the Year will be good for those who are involved in the share market & related activities.

Also, one needs to take extra care about health, especially avoid extensive travelling. All such things will start streamlining from February 2022 onwards.

Important astrology tips 2021 for Scorpio

Scorpions can see their accumulated wealth & resources diminishing. Scorpions can also get associations of some wicked people to encounter sudden losses. It is high time for Scorpions in business to keep an eye on their business finances & people dealing on their behalf.

The luxury of the past will also see going down. Some sudden sorrows can engulf them. Health can be one of the main concerns for them primarily on body & leg pains. They should not make any compromises on their regular medicines & exercises. One must stay in regular consultation with Doctor. However, there are no serious threats to health otherwise.

May 2021 is the best time for them to start any new venture, foreign travel, and jobs change. But till then, try to optimise your resources very judiciously. Transitting Saturn will start benefiting post-October, November 2021. 

Important astrology tips 2021 for Sagittarius

Sagittarians are likely to face a tough time ahead in this year. Adverse transit of slow-moving planets will cause many hardships for them. A person can face instability in professional life, economic upheavals in earnings, mainly those in business. Earnings & savings are likely to see a dip. All this will bring mental agony.

Health is also showing an index towards low health. There can be drastic changes in behavior & temperament of Sagittarians. Foreign travels are not at all advised.

One should not take any sudden and strange decisions without introspecting & re-evaluating. Keeping patience till May 2021 will make these situations vanishing slowly.

Important astrology tips 2021 for Capricorn

Capricorn natives should stick to their present job unless there are chances of moving abroad. Keep a little care from work colleagues & partners if you are into a partnership business.

Impact of Ketu will see things moving in your favour at a slow pace but avoid making abrupt decisions of doing something absolutely new.

Avoid making any significant investment decision till May 2022. In case of any health issues, better take rest, and give peace to your mind than going for very high medication.

Important astrology tips 2021 for Aquarius

Saturn will remain in one place without any transit this year. You can feel overall sluggishness till about September 2021. Though there are chances that you will gain from Ketu in your social & religious activities.

Promotions & increments could be a little low but be very alert before making any move for a job change. Try to enhance your savings & do not use your accumulated resources in this year. Do not plan very long trips outside unless avoidable. There are chances to meet with health issues.

Increase interaction with parents & elders siblings. Initiate dialogue if there were differences in the past & take blessings from Sun transit that will favour you. 

Important astrology tips 2021 for Pisces  

One can get short term benefits from a property. But buying bare land is not at advisable. Do not buy any vehicle till August 2021. Avoid extra social activities & if possible, visit Saturn temple as far as possible. This can evolve better blessings from Saturn.

There can be thefts & serious injuries. Consider taking good health & insurance plans. Better refurbish your living house if not done in the last two/three Years. It will help getting rid of cursings from the harmful atmosphere.

Be very careful about your tone and bragging. It can harm you. Consider spending more time with family especially wife and children.  

Which Zodiac signs will gain most in 2021?

The most benefitted zodiac sign of 2021 as per the astrological predictions is Taurus in the light of financial profits. Taureans will be full of motivation and will put in hard work which will be eventually for their own good. Such a level of enthusiasm will help them begin a new business and have substantial profit within a small span. 

Another sign which will a favourable year is Scorpio both in terms of personal and professional life. At the professional front, Scorpio will receive promotions and incentives which would result from their hard work and ambitious Nature.  

The next sign who will reap great benefits from the year 2021 is Pisces as people belonging to this sign will be encountering various opportunities which would fetch them with money and professional stability. All they need to do is to curtail pride and allow diplomacy to seep in. In terms of their love life and career pursuits, the Pisces might witness huge success if they practice patience all along and grab hold of opportunities to their favour. 

While the love life of Taurus will be in their favour, Scorpio will face bad luck in terms of love during 2021. On a deeper analysis, the first phase of 2021 will not be favourable for them. However, the phase beginning from September will increase the chances of receiving marriage proposals. The people who are committed or are in a relationship, they will be able to enjoy togetherness. 

The signs of Aquarius and Pisces will witness success in relationship. This is majorly because Jupiter will bless these signs and send them favourable surprises all through the year. All those who are married or are in relationships, 2021 will bring ultimate joy and happiness for them. Married couple will witness conjugal bliss and people in love will witness beautiful times ahead. Besides, single people have chances of finding their partners during the second part of 2021which will further pave way for them to think about marriage. The year 2021 also predicts a stable emotional health for Aquarius and Pisces. 

The sign of Aries will encounter success majorly in the areas of personal associations, fulfilment of aims and staying true to their ideality. Getting what one wants in life depends on energy channelization and 2021 will bless Aries with positivity and wellbeing. 

People belonging to Aries sign will strengthen faith in themselves and others which will help them in living up to their own future plans in 2021.

For Scorpio, the year 2021 will be loaded with good energy, excellent social interaction and harmony among kins and friends. Regarding their own life and aspirations, 2021 will bestow them with perseverance and patience. 

For Aquarius, 2021 will answer some of the most fundamental questions of people belonging to this sign specifically pertaining to philosophy and personal life. Timely fruition of much awaited desires is in store for them in 2021. This year is also conducive in terms of getting support of friends. Also, they will prove to token of inspiration for everyone in their vicinity. 

Apart from this, the three signs which will be highly successful in 2021 are Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius. Women belonging to these signs will achieve optimum success in all their pursuits. 

Month wise Prediction of Horoscope 2021

Starting with January, this month is known to be full of dynamism and changes majorly due to the entry of Mars towards Aquarius. This will put a good impact on respective and friendships that will be known in their own fields. 

Next comes the month of February wherein 17th and 18th of this month are lucky dates in terms of success in career. February 4 may be test your courag and certain issues might occur. However, as the month will approach its end, somewhere in the beginning, you will be able to deal with the sentimental issues without any fuss. 

The month of March will be favourable in the light of having a good health. For all those people who are Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces, March 4, 7 and 9, 2021 will witness success in the matters of love and romance.

The next month April might not prove to be as good as the prior ones due to certain financial crisis on 18th, 20th and 22nd. 

The month of May will be full of engagements and events especially during the first two weeks. People belonging to Leo and Libra will have time to relax as they always overwork otherwise. However, they might get in some trouble professionally and some colleague will help them in coming out of it. Peace will prevail towards the end of May. 

The month of June will be elongated and full of boredom especially for Capricorns. However, you need not worry as some eventful occasions might also take place wherein your own people will be involved in cheering you up. Some of your own relatives may also pay you a visit and surprise you with joy as well as laughter. 

The month of July might bring trouble to Taurus and Virgos due to which they might lose out on sleep. Hence, they are advised to be careful and vigilant. A sigh of relief moment will take place during this month as there might be some good news related to finances in store for them.

August will be great in terms of love issues fir the people born under the sign of Aquarius. Teenage love which is full of surprises and gifts will hover around the minds of people of this sign. Mutual pampering will take place among couples during this month.

The month of September will consist of progress in several sectors such as studies, work from home projects, financial stability, cultural exchange and journeys. 

In the month of October, people belonging to the sign of Scorpio will indulge in investments related to business, financial savings, amassing money, fulfilling responsibilities related to tax payments, getting some dues related to family inheritance and reachability to collateral wealth. 

The month of November will demand patience and disciplinarian approach if success is desired. The desire to make investments will be there but there will be other responsibilities related to organization of finance which will have to be kept at priority. 

The month of December will be full of chance events. You will be full of emotional stability and healthy energy. However, you are advised to refrain yourself from taking serious decisions in haste. Also, you are advised to keep your emotions at bay while making reasonable decisions. Material possessions will keep you blessed during this month. After the completion of the initial days of the month, everything will make progress towards betterment. Despite your good health, you are advised to take care of yourself. 

There are four elements that govern our lives and bring fortune, the four being Fire, Earth, Air and Water. A lot of the astrological predications are based on the influence of these elements on the various signs. In 2021 as well, these elements will also regulate the life of all the people belonging to all the signs.

Fire is known for governing action oriented such as sports and physical activities. Earth regulates the lives of the people who believe in being grounded, who love Mother Nature and are full of creativity. Air is associated with intellectual enhancement and research acumen and Water is relates to artistry and skills. 

Horoscope 2021 as per Elements of Zodiac Signs

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

As per the 2021 prediction, people belonging to these signs will be full of temper and are advised to stay calm and release stress. However, these people will be full of energy and enthusiasm. They will be successful in finding their soul mates due to their active Nature and lifestyle. Being active, they are extremely competitive in Nature. This will increase the probability of finding their love partners in some sports competition. However, fire signs are highly emotional and expressive. This makes expressive partners a good match for them. Also, fire signs prefer unconventional set up in everything and do not like conventional mindset.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Earth signs are known for stability and practicality. They are extremely scientific in their approach. They are fond of activities such as pottery, gardening, and carpentry. They are also fond of understanding the relationship between food and culture. Such people prefer similar minded partners who can help them in improving upon their skills. They love being amidst Nature and mountains attract them the most. 

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Aries sign natives are known for analyzing everything and possess intellectual bent of mind. They look for partner who have argumentative bent of mind. These people are good at intelligent word plays as they pose challenge to the mind. They like people who are into books, politics and public sectors, areas which involve logic and debates and look for partners in such people. Anything which is informative and food for thought is welcomed by them.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

These people are extremely loyal to their friends and family. In 2021, their creative, intuitive, and spiritual side will witness major progress and improvement. Art appeals these people and they find partners in people who appreciate Art, Dance being one of their favourite art forms. During the first part of 2021, these people will meet prospective partners at theatrical performances, museums and music/dance concerts. Righteousness and spirituality are the fundamental essentials for these people. These people are into social service and standing against injustices in the current scenario. In fact, they look for partners who hold similar interests. 

Mercury Retrograde in 2021

January 30 – February 21


In the sign of Aquarius, Mercury resonates with vivid emotions. Expression of emotions will encounter tough times. Internal feeling of emotions will be more than expression. This will give rise to frequent crying in solitude. In order to avoid emotional setbacks, many people will create their own shell and stay in it. 

These people will not share their feelings and keep everything pent up in their hearts. 

May 29 – June 22


The sign of Gemini will also encounter difficulty in terms of management of feelings and emotions during the Mercury Retrograde. However, they will not enter into solitude. The relations with family members and relative will get disturbed. Past will affect the present and unhealed wounds will affect their psyche. 

September 27 – October 18 


Mercury retrograde will unravel the depths of the consciousness of people belonging to Libra. In 2021, this will be the third time that Mercury Retrograde will take place. Issues with very deep roots will come to the surface and pave way for strong feelings and emotions. This phase will affect the sexual life of the people belonging to Libra which will disturb their married and conjugal life.

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Some other retrograde cycles 

2020 December 19, 2021 – January 1, 2022

Retrograde of Venus in Capricorn: June 20 – October 18

Retrograde of Jupiter in Pisces (until July 28), and in Aquarius May 23 – October 11

Retrograde of Saturn in Aquarius January 14 – August 20

Retrograde of Uranus in Taurus June 25 – December 1 

Retrograde of Neptune in Pisces April 27 – October 6 

Retrograde of Pluto in Capricorn.

The North Node and Chiron are in retrograde movement in 2021. 

It will be in Gemini (until December 23) and then in Taurus, the Node of North is retrograde all through the year.

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