Vastu For Commercial

Vastu is an excellence of the Science of Architecture. People might be talking about it now more but let me tell you Vastu as a science is one of the most ancient Science, India has given to this World. If you don’t believe it, read on my Vastu for home section regarding the hardly known miracle of Vastu Science when Nalanda University was built in Patna – India. This will also let you know some more facts about the Vastu Shastra.

Vastu though relates to the science of integrating benefits of natural & religious factors into any structure. But it largely depends upon the purpose for which any structure is being built. These purposes are broadly categorised into two: Home & personal use and Commercial use. The types of structure are so many that I thought to bifurcate them into two sections.

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Vastu for Commercial Premises

Purpose for which we are building a structure plays a very significant role in designing Vastu. A room in a hospital as Operation theater will be totally different if the same room was to be used as Study room. The Vastu principles for all structures can not be the same so explain the purpose before you take any Vastu consultation, else it can play havoc.

Now, If you have reached this page looking for Vastu for home, study room, kitchen, living room, or any other structure for your personal use, please click on Vastu for Home in another section.

A person looking for Vastu for Offices, malls, hotels, hospital, showrooms, utilities, etc may read my individual pages on Vastu for commercials as below:

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For any specific guidance, you can take:

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