Birth Time Rectification with Ascendant

how to rectify birth time

Time rectification in a horoscope is frequently required to check to get an accurate horoscope of the native. There are some methods of time rectification that have been compiled in one place, which is proven by renowned astrologers. You can also have a check and verify the authentication of the birth time of an individual. 

1. Time rectification through rising sign method: The appearance of the physical characteristic of the natives can be matched or verified with the following component of the natives can be matched or checked with the following features. These can be ascribed to the rising signs in the following sequence:-

a) Ascendant Method

b) Hora Method

c) Dreshokone Method 

d) Navamasha Method 

Birth Time Rectification through Ascendant Method

In this article, we will be focussing on the Ascendant method. The very first method is the Ascendant method. Once the birth time reported is unclear or the native is doubtful. If there is proximity in selection between the two signs, the Ascendant Method is one of the best tools to dig out the real Ascendant sign. 

1. Aries Ascendant: The ascendant of this Zodiac Sign will possess a natural middle height. This thin body can never be thick. They have a reasonably long neck, developed bones, and sandy whiskers (Only in the case of males). They have bushy eyebrows, and once looked at the nails, they are not well-grown and easily irritable. 

2. Taurus Ascendant: Mid heightened personalities with a generally lean body, these ascendants possess a strong forehead, nose, cheeks, and lip, which can be a bit thick in appearance. The native of Taurus Zodiac has a straight neck with dark hair, but they have either a dusky or dark complexion when it comes to their skin color. 

3. Gemini Ascendant: The Gemini Ascendants possess average height, with a well-formed body and great, well-formed hands with curly hair. They have a sharp nose with black eyes, and there is speeds in their walking style—a definite spoken personality with an active temperament and a quick sight. 

4. Cancer Ascendant: Cancer Ascendants are generally short heightened, but have well structure neck and hop. They have a delicate constitution in childhood with low recuperative power. Still, in later ages, they will have a healthy appearance possessing around and calm face. These ascendants maintain dull complexion and have a speedy walking way. They are very courageous and are always fond of water. 

5. Leo Ascendant: Leo Ascendants possesses a well structured and fully developed body which comprises of broad shoulders, a big oval head with a commanding appearance. A Leo native speaks in a very economical manner, they have a small waist, and the complexion of their skin is rosy. The eyebrows have an imposing structure with a royal and dignified presence on their face.

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6. Virgo Ascendant: A small waist, generally possess middle height with dark hair and eyes. Virgo has a very finely curved eyebrow with a significant amount of hair, a sweet and spoken personality, and a quick walking way. They usually appear younger than their actual age with drooped shoulders. 

7. Libra Ascendant: These Ascendants are usually tall and have a long face with curly hair. They have leafy and uneven limbs with beautiful skin and gleaming eyes. They are a narrator of physical beauty, a faithful mind frame, and baldness in the back of their head (occipital region) in their middle age. 

8. Scorpio Ascendants: Scorpio Ascendants have mid-height with a well-proportioned body. A fleshy body with broad limbs and fearful eyes. Their face is the broad face, short nose with a round belly and long fingers. Robust health is failing only through the natives with their own faults, and they always tend to neglect hygiene matters—a short and inborn with a strong disposition with thin and curly hair. 

10. Capricorn Ascendant: The Capricorn body is skinny, and they have a constitution improving by age. They have thin face shape as that of a beer, dark coarse hair, a bright and elevated nose and possess a dark and deep hair with longer limbs. 

11. Aquarius Ascendant: A mid physical appearance with usually well built and muscular body. They have a fair complexion with light brown or pale greyish hair. A small nose, they possess an ability to walk longer distances and very reasonable skin. 

12. Pisces Ascendant: A Short heightened, but they have a full and plump face with round shoulders. This ascendant well-blown nose with wide eyes and thick appearance. They have large belly with prominent lips and teeth and head comprising of smooth and silky hair. 

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