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Are you interested to know how to know full life events predictions? Or how to get detailed life predictions analysis, then please understand the detailed life predictions and full life predictions analysis is different than regular horoscope reading. In these types of full life predictions, first you have to decide:

Do you want to plan your life the spiritual way? 


Do you want to come face to face with your consciousness and plan your life accordingly?


Do you want to know what all influence your subconscious mind? 

Do you want to use this subconscious plane for karmic upliftment and eventual salvation?


Do you want to gain from the past life karma or those you have inherited, or are your legacy? Get a reading of the super conscious and modify everything.

इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए विस्तृत जीवन की भविष्यवाणी पर क्लिक करें।

If you have been eyeing to benefit from Indian Vedic astrology in the true senses, you are at the right place. This is the most premium page of this astrology website, and here you are bound to get those reading for which the ancient sages were famous. 

Now, do not compare these readings with the usual reading to enhance your physical attributes. 

Here you will understand the following things:

  1. The fundamental cause of your birth, 

  2. The role given by the almighty to you for accomplishment, 

  3. The spiritual pane you are in, 

  4. The karmic deficit you have been carrying since previous births, 

  5. The subconscious mind influencing the physical attributes, 

  6. The devils who have befriended you and are trying to deviate you from the path of salvation, 

  7. The true friends you have been overlooking. 

  8. The super-conscious level reading and modifications 

  9. And the supra-conscious reading and modifications.  

Full life readings by date of birth

Sage Parashar, the doyen of Vedic astrology, has suggested full life readings by date of birth for detailed life predictions through the finer charts or the divisional charts. Based on his learning & aspiration, I can categorise your reading for your whole life in the following five categories & formats of Vedic understanding. You can choose the one which you think is most relevant and get your full life readings by date of birth. In these readings, there is also a provision to correct your birth time, if you do not know your correct birth time. Now read in detail as to what these five categories of whole life readings by date of birth mean and include. 

1. Shadvargas Reading

In this group of reading, I analyse the following charts. 

  1.  Lagna Chart (D-1):- I analyse the D-1 chart, which is the mother of all charts. Every aspect of your life is read through it and later confirmed from the respective divisional chart.

  2. Hora Chart (D-2):- I study this chart in relation to the signification of your second house, such as wealth, prosperity, happiness, intelligence, power to discriminate, relations with other family members. It is an important read in the first level of consciousness to ascertain the physical attributes of the person. 

  3. Decanter Chart (D-3):- 3rd house is a Upachaya house or the house of growth. This house of fulfilment is minutely read through Decanter or Drekkana or Dreshkon. Your initiations, enterprising power, relation with siblings, courage, communication and short travel is read and corrected through this chart. 

  4. Navamsa Chart (D-9):- On what factor your luck is dependent and what efforts needed to modify it, is seen and corrected through this chart. A deep study of this chart reveals your character and spiritual strength. 

  5. Dwadasamsa Chart (D-12):- Dwadasamsha or Suryamsha is the last division in the first cycle of physical awareness. Your predecessors, their longevity, comfort, and the amount of happiness you are bound to get from them and their role in your karmic accomplishment is seen through this chart. This is an essential read to be necessarily done for full life predictions.

  6. Trishamsa Chart (D-30):- Trishamsa is an essential reading of the thirty divisions of a sign. Reading of chart is vital for understanding all diseases and evils, internal diseases, Bhadhaks(obstructions), weakness one has to suffer due to past karma. This chart is the sixth chart of the third cycle, known as the cycle of the subconscious plane and an essential part for whole life predictions.

If you get a reading of the Shadbalas, you get to know the strength or the Bals(strength) of planets in these six important charts. The important point is to note that rectification of birth time gets done while reading the SHADVARGAS. Hope you understand full life predictions without accurate birth time can be an irreversible mistake. 

If you opt for this reading, you will have sit with me for at least one and a half hours. 

2. Saptvarga Reading

If you go for Saptavarga reading, apart from the reading of SHADVARGAS (above), you get an additional reading of the Saptamsha chart.

Saptamsha Chart(D-7): This chart is the division of the seventh house showing the main focus on the activity of the 5th house, i.e. progeny. The reading directly reflects the future of one life. It is advisable to get this chart included in the reading for full life predictions. 

If you opt for this reading, you will have sit with me for at least two hours. 

3.Dasavarga Reading

In Dasavarga of readings, a group of ten charts are read in tandem for all the signification of past, present and future. The charts which are added to the Saptavarga readings as described above are: 

  1. Dasamsha Charts (D-10):- The professional affairs of the native is read through this chart. Its reading gives clear cut indications of the professional field be it, service, business, politics, social work, or new emerging professions. This chart also evaluates prestige, power and importance in society. Through this reading, I can fairly judge the inclination or aptitude for a profession or field of activity which can bring good fortunes. 

  2. Shodasamsha chart (D-16):- This is the second harmonics of the fourth house that focuses on happiness through the mind. It lays its stress on the enjoyment of the accumulated wealth rather than accumulating the wealth. The mental endurance is seen through Shodasamsha or Kalamsha or Nirupmamsha.

  3. Shashtiamsha chart (D-60):- Shashtiamsha chart read is a very important read as it evaluates the happiness and sorrows in general of the native depending upon the accumulated good and bad karmas of all lives. This is the only chart of the supra-conscious plane that is included in this reading for full life predictions. 

If you opt for this reading, you will have sit with me for at least three hours.

4.Shodasavarga Reading

I read sixteen charts while conducting the Shodasavarga reading. Apart from the ten charts described above in the Dasavarga reading, six more charts of various harmonics are included here. 

  1. Chaturthamsha Chart (D-4):- Chaturthamsha Chart or the Turyamsha or the Paadamsha. The luck and liabilities are assessed through this chart. Family happiness, childhood and contentment are read through this chart.

  2. Vimsamsha Chart (D-20):- This chart falls into the second cycle of Vargas dealing with the conscious mental plane. Here I read your existence as distinct from your physical body. This chart gives a clear idea of the spiritual pursuits attained by you in your previous birth that you are likely to pursue in this birth.  

  3. Chaturvimsamsha chart (D-24): I read this to understand the learning process acquired from your immediate elders in or around the family. This is also the Siddamsha chart to evaluate the eight siddhis, Anima, Mahima, Laghima, Garima, Prapta, Prakamya, Ishita and Vaquita. 

  4. Bhamsha chart (D-27):- The ability to cope up with various stress is evaluated by Saptavimamsha. How able are you to withstand physical, emotional or mental shocks is seen after reading this chart.

  5. Khavedamsha chart (D-40):- I study the harmony between your home and workplace. This is the chart of the super-conscious plane through which I read what you eternally like or dislike. All the bad planetary movement of the past births that gave you a typical nature is read through this chart.  

  6. Akshvedamsha chart (D-45):- Your intrinsic character and accumulated karma of the past births, including the benefits of the parental lineage, is read through this chart in giving detailed life predictions.

If you opt for this reading, you will have sit with me for at least four and a half hours.

5.Shadvimshatihi Varga Reading

The Shadvimshasti charts reading, the ultimate charts reading, includes the reading of the Shodasvarga and ten other finer charts as described below:

  1. Panchamsha chart (D-5):- Your authority is evaluated through this house. Once I see this divisional chart, I can understand your pattern of evolution and progress.

  2. Shastaamsha Chart (D-6): - Through this chart, I will assess your health to the very basics. I will try to protect you from falling early into any disease trap that had curtailed your life in the previous birth. 

  3. Ashtamsha chart (D-8): - The timing, circumstances, place and cause of death in your previous life that can influence this life is seen through this chart. How to get sudden and secret wealth is seen and calculated from this chart of yours in full life predictions report.

  4. Ekadasamsha chart (D-11):- Money, deserved or underserved, is seen through your Ekadasamsha chart. Black money, gambling and speculation are also seen through this chart of yours. 

  5. Astha Navamsha chart (D-72):- If I do a micro analysis of your eighth house, I will have to see the Astha Navamsha chart of yours. This is essentially seen for the predictions of future births and the events that could lead to the end of this birth.  

  6. Nav- Navamsha (D-81):- This is the ultimate marriage chart. The things that are haunting you from births are seen and rectified from this chart. 

  7. Nav-Dwadashamsha chart (D-108):- This is used to check the sex of the horoscope and to see whether or not you are trapped in a same-sex body or not. This chart is also a significant tool to correct the birth time to micro- seconds. 

  8. Dwadashamsha-dwadashamsha chart (D-144):- This is the chart of your forefathers. Through this, you can evaluate the next birth and the suffering they may be going through. Reading this chart helps to uplift their quality of life. 

  9. Nadi Amsha chart (D-150):- Nadi Amsha is also known as Chandra Kala Amsha. This is the seed of your destiny. Each sign is divided into 150 divisions, and a goddess represents every division. The quality of seed of every planet is seen through this chart, and appropriate remedial measures can be propagated along with whole life predictions.  

  10. Ardha Nadi Amsha chart (D-300):- The quality of the seed of the planet is further investigated through Ardha Nadi Amsha through with each sign is divided into 300 parts. The revelation through this reading changes the basic person in you. 

I think this is a unique detailed life prediction any Vedic astrologer can do for a person. If you opt for this reading of full life predictions, you will have sit with me for at least eight hours. (It can span for two days 4 hours each day)

I need to tell you one more thing:- All the physical attributes of a person can be read through the Lagna chart or the ascendant chart. But, for more accurate and finer predictions and especially for whole life events predictions, it is always essential to evaluate the divisional charts. The divisional charts are essentially studied to :

  1. Confirm results of a particular house.

  2. Modify results of a particular house.

  3. Elaborate the results of a particular house.

  4. Correct the birth time.

  5. Understand the past lives to rectify the present birth.

  6. Understand the Pending Karma and to apply Karma Correction. 

  7. Read the Conscious level.

  8. Read the sub-conscious level 

  9. Read the super- conscious level

  10. Read the supra-conscious level.



To know full life events predictions you need an accomplished Vedic astrologer who knows how to read astrology charts from Lagna chart up to D-300 Chart. Also better interact personally with the astrologer for getting full life events predictions.

Yes one can get predictions for full life which starts with authentication of your accurate birth time, involves reading of your past life and then a comprehensive analysis of your D-1 chart correlating it with up to D-300 Charts as explained in the above narration.

To get detailed life predictions analysis, connect with an accomplished Vedic astrologer who knows how to verify your accurate birth time, knows how to correlate your birth chart with your previous births. Further that astrologer should know how to read your conscious, super –conscious and supra-conscious apart from the relevant divisional charts before giving any detailed life predictions analysis. 

The astrology charts seen for full life predictions and analysis start with D-1 and go up to D-300. Many astrologers read up to D-60 chart but for the full life predictions, divisional charts up to D-300 are seen. But any such analysis for whole life predictions should start with  verification of accurate birth time.

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