Court cases / Legal issues – Reasons and solutions in astrology

Saturn or Shani is the law and its enforcer in the Horoscope. It won't be inappropriate if we call Him the Judge. Now, intrinsically Saturn is slow, crooked, has a broken leg, and is a fierce malefic. 

So, what to expect of this severe malefic Saturn? Delays and unpleasing judgment. Those who come out victorious of court cases can feel the heat as they fatigue out because of this slow pace and alleged dis-arrayed understanding. 

Can astrology tell me why I am getting involved in court cases? 

Unless one has the ulterior motives, no one wants to get involved in court cases or legal matters. There can be only two reasons for court cases: First, your greed, over ambitiousness, and ulterior motives—second weak planetary position in your birth chart, allowing others to prevail upon you. As an astrologer, I can tell you why you are getting involved in court cases. You can have a bird's eye view as to why you are getting involved in court cases, as described below.  

Many would not like to get entangled with a court case because:

1. Justice is not guaranteed.

2. There is an apprehension that the rich get ruling in their favour.

3. Lots of time gets consumed.

4. At the end of the judgment, it seems like it was a waste of time and energy. 

Still, at times, a court case becomes inevitable. Then, there are specific rules to check the strength of the planets on your side and those against you.*** 

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Astrological tips whether to fight or drop a Court case

Now, based on the above result, at least one gets a suggestion or hint regarding the probability of winning or losing in litigation/ court case. Another factor here is that no one wants to get entangled in court cases unless one has ulterior intentions. With a poor score above, one should try to look for: 

1.   An out of court settlement.

2.  Need someone to mediate. 

3.  To hold your esteem.

4.  Prompts you to prepare more.

5.  To check the competence of the lawyer helping you.

6.  The inclination of the Judge. It can be such that you may want to wait until the Judge gets transferred.

7.  Your timing.

8.  To prepare you mentally.

9.  To let you know how far to contest and when to let go.

10. To make difficult decisions.  

11.  Listen to some right pieces of advice.

12. To make you understand, not to dispute despite revenge. 

Horoscope can show us the way. The strength of the sixth House, its Lord, the sixth House Nakshatra, the Bindus allotted in the Bhinnastaka- Varga of Mars all contribute to read your fate and let you know the eventual outcome. 

Winning a court case is all about the ability to handle the malefic in the Horoscope. If malefic is controlled and its energies are aligned to empower the sixth House, the victory is always guaranteed. 

The remedial measures also ensure that the sixth House becomes capable enough to deal with the court case's complexes. 

Just relax and let me evaluate your Horoscope and change the way your planets behave.

Court cases reading from birth chart 

There can be many reasons for court cases and litigations in a person's life. Whatever be the reasons, reading court cases through a birth chart is a unique tool in astrology. I will explain how astrology can help in court cases in a person's life. There are specific houses and planets indicating court cases or litigations in a person's life in astrology. These indications are instrumental in knowing if person himself will get involved or others will involve him in the court-related matters. The presence of these houses in birth chart results in litigation. The same way some specific planets lead the court cases in a person's life. I will explain these houses and planets separately for a better & easy understanding, as both needs to be seen from a different angle.

Houses in birth chart responsible for Court Cases 

There are specific houses in the birth chart responsible for Court Cases or Legal Issues in a person's life. I will explain these houses in a birth chart that indicates court cases or litigation as below: 

1st House and legal issues in Vedic Astrology: The 1st House indicates you and yourself. 

6th House and Court Cases in Vedic Astrology: As per astrology, the 6th House and the Lord of the 6th House show the court cases or legal disputes. If 6th House or the Lord is aspected and connected with Lagna or Lagna lord, it is an indication of court cases. 

7th House and Legal issues cases in Horoscope: It indicates rival and agreement and negotiations with the opponent, which can be a reason for Court Cases. 

8th House and Litigation in Horoscope: The 8th House represents long-term obstacles dealing with ascendants' punishment. 

12th House and Indications of Court Cases in Kundli: 12th House represents the result of the punishment imprisonment/ fine or both. For instance, if Lagana Lord is weak, stricken, or place in Dusthana house 6th, 8th, and 12th House, then this yoga can lead to imprisonment or both if a court case is continued.

Planets Responsible for Court Cases 

Saturn and Court Cases in Astrology: It delays the legal issues and creates misunderstanding between the parties; it causes or takes the native through extreme stress and misery during the court cases. 

Rahu and Court Cases in Birth Chart: It makes the matter complex, whether it is marriage and the relationship, all the career-related things, etc. it doesn't matter. But Rahu is a planet to cause harm whenever there is litigation.

Ketu and Court Cases in Birth Chart: It makes the native lose money via funding or any fine in the court case, which matters. If it's badly afflicted or connected with 8th House and can give death sentence too. 

Mars and Legal Issues in Kundli:If it is badly influenced, then Judgement can be prompt and can generally leading contrary to the native. Connection of Mars with afflicted 8th,12th House can lead to a death sentence without a proper hearing. (vinayji to verify) 

The hardship of planet Sun (indicates Soul) and Moon (represents mind) in the birth chart gives stress during the court cases. If it's a Rahu-Sun or Rahu-Moon yoga in the chart, then the situation becomes worse.

The 6th House shows the nature of the court case and the case that is in continuation. Questions that can come to your mind can be, will it be a long-term case or short? Whether it can give many stresses or less? The solution is found by analyzing the 6th House or the Lord. For example, it can be looked carefully at 6th House and associated planets; if it is Saturn, then it indicates that the court case will go through a long process for a more extended period. Planet Rahu can complicate the court case, and if both the planets Rahu and Saturn are involved, then the court case will continue for an extended period due to a shortage of proper evidence. 

The involvement of other planets will give native results as per their significations. 

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Can astrology help winning Court Cases? 

The above narration has explained why people get involved in court cases. Which houses in a birth chart or planets result in court cases or litigation, so now the next question is: can astrology help winning or coming out from the court cases? The answer is yes: astrology can surely help a person winning or coming out from litigation. To find solutions in astrology for court cases, astrologers will review the following aspects in a horoscope.  

11th House in birth chart plays a significant role in court matters. A strong 11th house in Horoscope helps native winning the court case. 

Dasha-Antardasha of Lagna or 1st House and Lord of 11th House or connected benefic planets. If you are taking the 1st House in consideration, then do not forget to see whether a relationship has been established between lord 1st House and Lord of 11th House in the Horoscope transits or not. The transition of a benefic planet or 11th House is further verified with Prayantar Dasa for finer details. 

Once these connections of 6th House or itsLord that period or transit will give native relief from the court case, Nakshatra matter can also be taken into consideration.

More combinations for losing or winning Court Cases 

Apart specific planets & houses in birth responsible for court cases explained, there are also the different combinations of planets leading to court cases. These planetary combinations indicate losing or winning the court cases by a person.I am describing the same as below:

The transition of the Lord of the eleventh House and the Lord of the sixth House may cause money spent in the court due to enemies in the year 31.

When Lord of the fifth House is present in its own sign and the Lord of the sixth House conjoins Jupiter in Lagna, the native will not get any relief from the court.

If Saturn or Rahu are in the sixth House, then the native is generally victorious in court cases.

If the Lord of the sixth House goes to the twelfth House, then many court cases can be imposed on to the native, but the native will win them all.

If Lagna is strong and is in the benefic places or aspecting any benefic planet and if Saturn is positioned in the enemy field, then the native will get victory in court cases.

If Rahu and Ketu are in the fourth and eighth House and aspecting or connected with justice, then native will face many court cases in life and will win over its enemies. 

The transition of Lagna or Lord of Sixth house will let native's opponent win; if any malefic planet is positioned in the sixth House, then natives can face difficulties from opponents primarily through court matters.

If any malefic planet is positioned in the sixth House, then in planets Dasha or Antardasha, there can be a case filed in court against the native, but he will win the case as he will be violent and aggressive. 

It is seen many times that if the Lord of Lagna is strong or is placed in benefic place, then the native will not face any negative effects of the sixth House. The Sixth house here depicts that natives will win in the court of the lawsuit. 

Sun in war position and the sixth House are enemy destroyers, but this condition is not a good indication of health. Strong and armed Sun makes native intelligent, strong, glorious, and a person who abides by the law. If any case is filed against these natives, person will win the court case. 

If Mars is in the sixth sign, there are possibilities of cases filed against the native. It is seen that the native is short-tempered, and because of his aggressive nature and carelessness, he can face problems in court, and many cases are filed against him. 

Mars in the sixth House makes native stronger than the opponent. This will make native self-cantered, and he may fight for a small thing and in today's world, most of such fights reach court. This prompts native to go to court and may need to work hard, which kills his time. 

If Mercury is in the sixth House, then natives will reach the limit of madness. This will make the native think that he is stronger than others, and he will fight with them in the court without any reasons by which he will lose the case. 

Jupiter in the Sixth House makes native determined. This will make him win over the opponents very cleverly. Jupiter placed in the sixth House makes the native Brilliant and clever, which lets him win in the court cases. 

Venus placed in the sixth House, is not a good indication of coming victorious in any fights. The person won't be able to protect himself from the inner self, and he will lose the court case. 

Saturn in the sixth House will give native diseases and shock. These circumstances are mainly created by court cases or because of receiving lesser rights. This position of Saturn is not favourable as it can give you some long-term losses, which can be related to a court case that can continue for long. There are possibilities of natives losing the case. People will always be in stress and may get caught by any disease because of this.

If Rahu is in the sixth House, it is favourable as this condition will make native stronger than the opponent, but the native may become aggressive and take up small fights which can take him to court. This condition will secure the native win, and he may get some benefit out of it. 

Ketu in the sixth House is favourable in contrast and makes the court cases go slow and, in the end, makes the native win. It is necessary to see if Ketu is not aspected by any malefic planet; otherwise, person will lose everything.

Can astrology give solution in Court Cases? 

Now comes the final question of this whole narration: Can astrology give solutions in court cases? Can astrology suggest remedies for court case? Yes, astrology can help the person in court cases. Once a person gets involved in court cases or litigations, looking for a court case solution is most obvious. Here Astrology can help a person to win or resolve the court cases. Reading the effect of various astrological reasons for court cases, the chances of winning or losing the court cases are generally known. This guides a person to decide whether fighting the court cases will be better OR settlement is better. This indication also comes from the birth chart. A conjunction of Venus and Jupiter with 7th House creates better senses in a person's mind. And the person prefers a settlement than pursuing the court cases further. This gives peace of mind & saves a lot of time and money. This way, the whole complications of court cases and litigation come to an end. 

Remedies for Court Cases

Once it is final that person has to go for a court cases or will be dragged into court cases by others. Then we need to understand if there are any remedies for winning the court cases. Yes there are very specific remedies for court cases. I will now explain these remedies. If the situation warrants that the person has to go ahead with court cases, astrology can suggest a unique ritual. This ritual is known as Baglamukhi Pooja. This ritual is performed to invoke the supreme power of Dasha Mahavidya Shakti Maa Bagalamukhi. Maa Baglamukhi is commonly known as Patambari Maa. This is one of the very unique tools of astrology & is very powerful and effective. This consists of Ten Tantrik deities of Hinduism. Sometimes this ritual is performed to sabotage the strengths of the opponents. Sometimes even the names of persons are involved in this ritual to gain an advantage on their weakness. 

This Maa Baglamukhi ritual is a very rare astrological ritual & should be performed by very expert priests else it can have irreversible effects also. Therefore I am not explaining much about this ritual here. It needs an absolutely deep study of each case before we perform it. This needs a very minute & deep study for each case specifically. Otherwise, it can have irreversible effects. 

Sometimes astrology even suggests the name of lawyers who should fight your case. But these astrological solutions for court cases are strictly based on traits & characteristics of individual cases.

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