New Business Ideas – Startup Ideas based on your birth chart

new business ideas

There can be many options as to what business one can do. To select the new business suitable for you, one needs to verify this from the business Yoga, transits, and Dashas when making such a decision. The methodology I follow is as follows:

Traits & Qualities for Business

I evaluate the business yoga from the main Lagna chart and then the other finer business charts.I assess the Transits and Dasha, which can offer loss. Apart from astrological factors for selecting the best business or startup, there are some general traits also that I review. I will explain both these aspects in detail now.

Knowing about your passion: It is always better advice to cater to a product or service for which you possess knowledge or love. Suppose you are searching for someplace to gain short-term hit just to garner some monetary profits. Then, it is fine to get into such business and make money, and once you achieve the target, you move on. But if you are opting to start a business in the long run which can suit your temperament, your strong points and suits the lifestyle of your choice. You should choose to work on the segment which you love. I will help you with selecting the right business based on your birth charts. 

If you are trying to access your reality: At the time of starting any new business with your interests and expertise in your mind is crucial, it is necessary to make sure that this enterprise represents a business opportunity also.You should take an aesthetic look at the marketplace related to your kind of products and service. You need to check if your product or service is trending toward a real need or having a collective desire of the businesses you are looking to start? You should review the Business and Zodiac Sign. 

Do competitor's mapping:  After the above analysis, one should try to see as to how the people exisitng ( your would be competitors) in that business are doing. Mapping competitors's activites will make you understand, if you can really handle the chosen business also or not.  Surveying the landscape for an established competition. You should not initiate the business with any loopholes either: You should know that if someone has already introduced your idea of business in the market. If you find that some other company has already occupied your chosen space, it should not necessarily scare you. The existing competitors are good indicators of a business idea, which makes sense. The 6th House in your charts indicates the same.

Choosing lifestyle: If you have an interest in the kind of activities of your business, you should call upon how you perform. It would require 24*7 commitment from the day you start and till the market is alive. It would be better that once you decide on the best business idea, you think twice about the decision. It would be best if you did not let the Life Plan to be on stake for a business plan. Your most wanted business can quickly turn into your worst nightmare. At the same time, you should make sure the business ideas should fit the kind of life you should lead if you want to enjoy being solitary and selecting something that should allow you to work at home. If you would enjoy the community activities and interact with the stranger, choosing the best business should be a retail operation that should be sorted for you. 

You should be aware of your profile: The tolerance for adventure in a whole new livelihood is an essential component in choosing the best business. I mean what will be your stake as an individual in the selected business idea. 

You need to create a whole new concept; you need to upside your business could be tremendous- but with the potential for success, the risk involved would also be there. There should be fewer variables and uncertainty, which are included in choosing the business idea. It's already in the marketplace, which needs a little change for differentiation. Now I will explain which planets & houses are responsible for selecting the best business idea.

Planets Responsible for new Business 

Having verifying your general traits and capabilities as explained above, I will then review the planets responsible for selecting the right business for you. I am selecting the right business based on the planet positioned in the Tenth House.

Having Sun in the 10th House for Business Prospects: The person is considered king or rich. Dashmath Surya is Digbali, so it brings honor in society. The native gets livelihood and wealth by the father or king (Sarkar). If Sun is related to the lord of the ninth and fifth House, then father and son do business together.

Sun benefits from timberwork due to the wood factor.There is a possibility for the native to become a doctor/physician with the impact of the Sun. 

Ketu in the 10th House for best business selection: A native is a person who obstructs/gets involved in the rituals, very bright, eccentric, and famous. Such a person is a scholar, gentle, luxuriant, productive, and calm.

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Houses responsible for new Business Selection

According to Shri Bhaskaracharya, Swagriha, or high Mercury in the horoscope, gives the native success in business. Keep in mind, being a factor of Mercury and trade makes the native intelligent and efficient in the industry, ensuring his victory in the field. Then whether Dashmesh is a high or enemy region; this does not affect the success of the native. If in the horoscope (Lagnesh Dashmesh) is situated in the lagan or tenth House, then the person is determined to achieve his goal and gets wealth and success through his hard work. Now I will explain other houses responsible for selecting new business.

1. Selecting the right business based upon the positioning of Lord of the Tenth House in the Horoscope.

2. Deciding the right business based on Signs in Kendra's.

3. Choosing best business based on the Sign of Ascendant.

4. Selection of the business based on the sixth House, and the fate of the House of the store. 

5. Choosing the best business based in the Ninth House. 

6. Selecting the business based on the Navamsha.

7. Choosing the right business on the positioning of Shani.

8. Selecting the business based on the Dasmansha

So I will review all these houses in your birth chart for selecting business idea for you. The above ninth parameters are all applied on the horoscope simultaneously to come to a real solution. 

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Conclusion: There can be many options as to what business one should do. However for taking a final decision as to what is right business for you, one should verify or get verified two main aspects. The general traits & qualities, which are essential for one to do business. Second see it through horoscope which is the right business for you as explained above. With these two factors properly examined, one is likely to achieve success in business. You want to do business is ok but it is utmost important to choose the right as per your birth chart and planetary combinations supporting that business. Because it has long life effects on you and your financial status.

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  • Which business is best for me according to astrology? or Which business suits me according to my date of birth?

    Astrology helps a person to choose the right business field. Everyone has an area where he can be successful in business. With the change in the economic situation, a successful entrepreneur can fail due to bad times. But astrology can guide us during this time.

    A person's capabilities are different from the suitability of business & to decide what business will suit you best.  Business astrology is a tool that guides you to know the future situation of a particular business line. . The selection of the right business as per the birth chart depends on these two factors. Astrology determines the time of business birth and line of business. I have explained many vital points regarding Business selection astrology in my article above. You can also read the right time for business as per birth chart and how to name your business astrologically.

  • Which business will make me rich? or Will I be successful in business?

    Starting a business is always a gamble. Even you start a business with a lot of money, it is challenging to say whether your business will grow or your business will shut down. Also, It is more difficult to predict how things will look like after a year. Astrology can help you to deal with this situation. The most important houses analyzed are Aarohi and Cama Trikona (3rd, 7th, and 11th houses). For success in business, the native must have strong Lagna in a horoscope. When a perfect astrologer look at your horoscope

    He needs to check the Dhan Yogas in the chart. The higher the number of Dhan Yogas, the greater chances of financial success through business. In a horoscope, some planetary combinations and houses are seen, which indicates the type of business suits you most, and the business grows. To explain more, Which business makes you rich or regarding success in business, I have written above. If your business is not growing, you can read my article on Fall in business solutions also.