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post marriage counseling

Post marriage counselling is an attempt to save a marriage when there are issues in married life. In fact, post-marital counselling is an attempt to stop couples resorting to divorce and legal cases. Let us first go through a simple self-assessment test and see for ourselves that a session of post-marriage Astro-counsellor is needed or not:

1. Are you talking to each other or are in talking terms?

2. Whenever either of you talks, is it taking a negative turn?

3. Are you afraid to speak to him/her?

4. Have you started withholding affection?

5. Do you see your partner as an enemy?

6. Do you keep secrets from your partner?

7. Are you having an affair?

8. Are you financially faithful?

9. Do you still think that things will be normal if the partner changes the way of thinking?

10. Are you living separate lives?

11. The sex life has changed significantly?

11. Do you have arguments over the same things over and over again?

12. Are you a sport to hear your partner's point of view?

RESULT: This feature will be available shortly. 

Now to the result indicator: 

A score between 0-3: - There is a very high chance that you have a troubled marriage, then you must visit me before getting married.

The score between 4-6: - You tend to compromise a bit, but still, you are not an adjustor, the marriage may not last. You should take a pre-Astro-counselling session with me that is sure to work.

The score of 7 and 8: - Your chances of marriage to stay are quite high, but still, you may have to work on your weaknesses. It will be useful to meet me and handle upon your weaknesses as per your horoscope. 

The score of 9 and 10: - Your marriage is going to survive. Relax and plan for your future. I may be an Astro-help in your other area of life.

You have taken the above test, and now you understand where you stand. You also know the type of zone you are in. The lower the score, the more chances that the marriage may get diluted and more pertinent that you go for post marital counselling.

How does Post-Marriage counselling work – astrologically 

Astrology can help to avoid situations like divorce through post-marital counselling. Astrology explains which planet is causing which type of problem. Astrology, through an experienced marriage counsellor offers karma corrections that can mitigate the problem. 

Let us understand how does this post marriage counselling works? And how does a good marriage counsellor work? This process actually identifies some cause leading to distress in married life. I will explain what are these traits & how astrology for marriage counselling helps?

When you aren't talking.

Talking from an honest perspective, many relationships faces issues because of just one challenge which is the "communication challenge". Mercury, the planet which controls wisdom, may play a huge role. 

A marriage Counsellor can help you in facilitating other ways of Communication with each other. Once the Communication is getting worse eventually, it is often very hard to turn the conversation to go right. If the couple is ready to care for Mercury's flaws, they can resolve the communication challenge for lifelong.  

Tendency to always talk negative  

A negative communication can include anything which leaves the partner feeling judged, shamed, disregarded, insecure, or wanting to withdraw from the conversation. A tone of conversation changes in a negative conversation as you are not in a general habit of talking it in the same way. Negative Communication encourages emotional abuse as well as non-verbal communication. It's a combined effect of a flawed Saturn or Rahu affecting the house of speech. 

When you're afraid to talk.

If it is getting daunting to bring issues, whether talking about sex to money. Even little habits are annoying that is getting blown out of proportion. To clear your issues and help you understand the meaning of conversation, it is imperative to see an Astro-Counsellor. The Astro marriage counsellor can take care of the negative effect of Venus in Navamsha reading birth charts. 

When affection is withheld as punishment. 

If your partner is giving you an indifferent treatment or starts getting angry over the small things and withholding affection, you need to see a Marriage Counsellor. If your partner starts acting as parent or a punisher, there is a lack of balance in the relationship. Flawed Sun which amends ego must be taken care of in this kind of case. 

Always opposing attitude of the partner. 

If you begin to feel that you are on the different side at any point in a relationship, you need to seek help. You and your partner are not rivals; you are a union. Different modes which bring rational affection between Lagna and the seventh house can be easily thought off. 

When you keep secrets. 

Every person in a relationship has a right to privacy; once you start keeping secrets from each other, means something is not going in the right direction. The act of Rahu must be liberated which can be only done when you see an Astro Marriage Counsellor. 

Element of  an extra marital affair: 

If you have a signal of Fantasizing about having an affair, you desire to acquire something different from what you currently have. While it is just a possibility for a relationship to survive after one partner is having an affair, its important to get a help before something unwanted happens. If you as a couple are committed to get a therapy process and you are honest the marriage may restore itself. The possibilities of realizing and moving on is very less as compared to others. Venus, along with Eleventh House, must be carefully handled to overcome the problem. 

Loss of Financial faith. 

Financial betrayal can damage your relationship the same way a sexual affair does. If one of you is keeping your spouse in dark about the budgetary control, then other one should bring out the topic of family finances. It is not reasonable to say that you must keep an eye on monthly bills and budget, the debts, and savings of retirement accounts, which we have. If there is an objective of consulting a professional to help you need work upon the conflicts. An Astro-Counsellor can surely bring a positive change by studying and rectifying the second house. 

When you feel your partner will not change: 

It's better to change yourself rather than wanting your partner to get change for you. I regret to state, but if you are planning to wait for your spouse to change,it will take a long time. Recommending an Astro Marriage Counselling to better understand your partner's wants and expectations will be better than sulking beneath the soul. If, at any stage challenges are continuing to persist, get in touch with an Astro-Counsellor to learn some better astrological tools relating to each other. 

When you're living separate lives. 

If your married life in the bedroom is becoming more like a room partner, it indicates a need for an Astro Marriage Counselling. It does not depict that you being a couple is in trouble just because you don't practice anything like a union. If there is lack in the personal space that you both share, including conversation or intimacy, one should discuss it with a Skilled Astro-Counsellor. Before things get worsen, you should sort the missing part and get it back. An Astro-Counsellor can help you out in taking out how to help Lagna (You) with the 7th House (House of Spouse) to be on the same page again. 

Significant changes in  sex life, habits & desires. 

Everything should be in a limit, and it is not unusual for sex to subside a little once you two are together for a while. However, there are minor hints or the changes you can feel in the bedroom life, depicting everything is not normal. This can be depicted as an increment in the sexual activities or if a partner tries to make up for something that you feel is going in the wrong direction. An Astro-Counsellor will suggest you by finding out the suitable ways of working in a better direction. 

Tendency to always argue on the same little things repeatedly.

Certain issues can provoke the partner for some specific things that can lead them to think about it lately. Every small issue such as laundry or a loaded dishwasher will get triggered by your eating habits while having dinner. The other partner may feel offended, and may they don't understand the reason of the fights or what can he or she do to rectify the same. These confusing issues can get sorted out with an Astro Marriage Counsellor that can help a couple discuss the problems and do the root cause analysis of the issues.

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Ongoing relationship issues. 

Every other relationship has some lingering point or some arguments that can get carried over for months without working upon the solution of the sight. These fights may include differentiated thoughts while budgeting or incompatibility in the sex drives. These are some of the adjustments & challenges which one can work out for a harmonious living. An Astro Counsellor can advise such ways to reach on the mutual ground, which can help both parties to be committed and understand each other's views.

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Benefits of Post Marriage counselling 

The most important benefit of post marital counselling is to avoid divorce or separation. This I am saying most important because you never know as to how would be the relationship with the new partner, in case you decide to set aside present marriage. Apart this, there are many benefits of post marriage counselling. These factors improve the relationship & one start feeling warmth in the married life. Read what are these factors as explained below:

1. Improve Communication:

Once the relationship starts building a base, it tends to get strong with two major components, which are trust and openness. These are the major challenges that can be sorted out once you two start understanding each other better. If the two components mentioned above are missing, you both can feel disconnected and get distant, which can be a bigger issue. While going through this situation you can take help from Post Marriage Counselling session which can improve the relationship and rejuvenate the intimacy again.

These marriage problems restrict the couple to speak out their minds. Free expression of thoughts and feelings are important for the relationship, an Astro Counsellor facilitates marital counselling, which can lead to a successful marriage.

relationship counsellor can help you guys have an open and honest communication that can help you understand each other better. Clinching marriage issues can get eliminated. It can help break the silence by facilitating Communication, which enables to involve a person that can help gain the mutual understanding and expedite a positive approach to resolve the conflicts. 

2. Enhance Relations and Strengthen Bonds:

In a relationship, conflicts are irresistible but often lead provoking anxiety. When in a familiar environment, marital problems can be sourced by jealousy and differentiation in personal interests. These major issues need to get resolved when you are in a romantic relationship. But if you tend to leave it like that, the relationship may become ugly and contains more fights than love. As when you tend to fight, more of your feelings can remain unsaid. 

Planning a Marriage Counselling or seeing a marriage counsellor can help you learn several ways to express your feelings, which will bring both of you closer and strengthen your bond. This will lead you to have a successful marriage.

3. Build Self-Esteem:

If you both have a better understanding and appreciation, it's a possibility of understanding where each other is lacking. Major marriage counselling benefits will make you build self-esteem. You will learn to know how to cope with significant challenges in your lives and will have a Successful marriage

Taking the help of a marriage counsellor will lead you to have a self-understanding of many relationship problems. These counselling sessions will help you both in valuing your relationship. Once you start giving value to the bond you share, you will start giving respect to each other. Good self-esteem of individuals will make you both look upon the brighter picture in the relationship. 

4. Make You Happier:

In the current situation, a technical life can give you acceptance and happiness in other people's lives. If a person starts spending more of his/her time in social media or watching any series, they can stress real personal life. You tend to opt-out from the private lives and run behind the show-off culture on social platforms. The happiness can be just a mask, but the truth is these media is taking your happiness and forcing you in trouble. These troubles can lead you to have several marital issues and mislead marriage compatibility. 

marriage counsellor will help all involves a person to cope up with the real-life problems and can consider seeking help from spouse. They can overcome these problems together. A successful marriage is where two of you start confronting your feelings, which can lead to an accumulation of distress.  

5. To avoid situation of Divorce:

A small disconnect or discord will lead to tearing the relationship apart, coming to an end of marriage issues, leading to divorce, which is a sad outcome for Marriage counsellor or a relationship counsellor. These counsellors do their best to keep the relationship stronger; however, some of the couples may often come to an end much quicker as they feel that ending the relationship is a much easier task. But they fail to understand that their step can make the situation go worst. A relationship counsellor helps the couple and families to prevent taking heart and soul breaking outcomes.

Marriage counsellor can help couples to resolve these issues by talking to them. In some cases, ending up with divorce is the most suitable solution to both the parties and their families. A relationship counsellor helps advise a safe route for the couples when one partner or both are not ready to address the issue. To bring harmony, marriage counsellors may advise you to mutually understand each other and make harmony and peace, especially when the children are involved.

A very important achievement of a marriage counsellor is to try best that the situation of divorce or separation is avoided. Here counsellor tries to confront about the relationship one may face in case of second marriage after the divorce.  

6. Negotiate and Re-establish Commitments:

Giving commitments in any relationship may lead to a problematic relationship. Marital problems tend to occur more often when commitments such as having kids or financial support or may even emotionally support them in a general way can lead to bad commitments in relationships. Personal interests, including interests and concerns of both the partners can be taken for granted when in commitment. 

Marriage counsellors can help you as couple to hear and express each other concerns. Cause of disagreement in certain areas, giving vague commitments affects the relationship. During these sessions, the relationship counsellors try to bring out your fears, concerns, and wishes. They help negotiate the marriage problems, and while resolving the problems as a couple may help you in a better approach in your marital life. Workable agreements lead to a successful marriage.  

7. Mental and Physical Health:

Characteristics of a happy person are that he should be happy in both the ways, whether mentally and physically—the only issue which a Marriage counsellor strives to achieve in an individual. If a person is having health issues, he may not be physically active in the marriage. Such an individual will often lack peace, which is important for understanding other person in the relationship. 

relationship counsellor will facilitate ways to help both the members in a relationship understand each other. This will lead couples to have mutual grounds of understanding, and they start living in peace and tend to identify each other's problems. They will also be able to practically handle the marriage issues, which is a key component of a successful marriage life. 

8. Build A Successful Family and Marriage:

Children are nurtured and tend to feel the way they get treated in family. They do the same what they see their parents and siblings are doing. The behavioral influence comes by the way they see their parents or their friends treating each other. Conflicts between parents can lead a child to get disturbed and can affect thinking. 

A relationship counsellor gives you sessions which can help every family member to improve their relational approach with each other. When attaining a peaceful and healthy environment, family may pertain to live a more safe and secure environment. 

Families deal in very varied problems, and they tend to be messy if they are not addressed early and adequately. A relationship counsellor helps to resolve the issues the family is facing in everyday life. A relationship counsellor help parents to identify the root of ye problem which is faced by their children and solving them. 

To conclude: Marital Counselling sessions, be it pre-marriage or post-marriage  include reading of the charts of both the partners. In post marital counselling the focus is to first identify reasons of differences in married life. Confront both partners as to who is at fault more. Explain them the benefits of marriage counselling. Then impress on both the partners to settle through sacrifices, discussions and minor adjustments in their habits and behaviour.  Tell them that if they cannot settle or adjust, they can face similar issues when they re-marry.  This may need separate meeting with individual partners, joint metting with both & in many cases, the meeting with the families also. 

Marriage counselling is unique tool of karma correction than drifting persons towards rituals and astrology remedies. Click on do astrology rituals work at least for post marriage issues, I think it is more of karma correction than resorting only to rituals and remedies.

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