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How birth chart helps in Business Success?

A businessman controls his destiny, but he has to work harder with no one to guide and with no fixed income. Doing some business, setting up companies fascinates many, but not many succeed in their endeavors. I am trying to describe business-related issues first, from a layman's perspective & then co-relate how astrology can help in these business issues. To do that, I have a short true-life incident to share. I am a witness to the turn of events as I was a family astrologer of one of this story's characters. 

Rahul Desai, Amit Thakur, Sanjay Modi, and Narendra Pradhan were four fast friends of an MBA program. While studying, they all had knit their dreams, and being the best buddies had even shared their respective plans. Towards their graduation stage, they had come to a common platform to open a business among themselves, each being a partner in the business. 

Rahul Desai was from a medium service class family with a tiny support system from home. Amit Thakur was the son of an administrative officer in the Government of India; he had a robust background. Sanjay Modi came from a business family that had few shops which were doing relatively well. Narendra Shah hailed from a business family, his father, my Jajmaan (Client) was having a big cotton manufacturing business in Surat. 

Being MBA graduates, they all sat down and joined their heads to decide what work they could collectively do. All were having some issues with finances, as Rahul's family was not in a position to afford. Amit Thakur's parents were reluctant to finance their son because they wanted him to either go for civil services examination or some corporate job. The Family of Sanjay Modi was desperately wanting him to join their business as they were short of dependable operating hands. Similarly, Narendra Shah's family also wanted their son to come and take the responsibility of the ever-growing business.

Why out of four partners, only one succeeded and three failed?

All four were determined to adhere to what they had thought. They all decided to open a glass sheet manufacturing unit. They shortlisted in Mahesana, a small industrial town near Ahemdabad (Gujarat). The calculations were made; all were required to contribute ten lakhs each to start the venture. Rahul Desai arranged the money from his family and took some loans on a personal capacity. For Amit Thakur, Sanjay Modi, and Narendra Shah, the challenge was to convince their families, which they did after some hardships. 

They selected a name for their start-up, bought land, built a shed over it, and simultaneously did the paperwork and arranged for the machines and labour.  

In nine months, they had arranged for everything, and their factory took off. Initially, it looked as if their efforts started to bear fruits. It was September 2002, when I heard from Narendra Shah's father that the company his son was running was struggling.

Several more companies had come up in the near vicinity doing the same job as these guys did. This led to cut-throat competition, but with the advent of Chinese finished material, their business, which as it is was struggling, just couldn't manage to survive. The quartet was not having any clue as to what had to be done next. Now, Rahul Desai, who had a weak background and borrowed substantial money from his family, had practically not earned a single penny for a year and a half, the time since he graduated. 

There was a question mark on the survival of Rahul Desai as he was broke with no support from the family. On the contrary, Rahul's parents were giving him a desperate look for help. He broke; he could not take it longer. He decided to quit and was compelled to look for a job, which he got. The left partners were still strong, but with an accomplice gone, they suffered an emotional setback. 

The company was not doing good at all. It was eating more money than it was giving. The trio had to borrow a substantial amount of money from their respective families even to pay off the wages, and other things to meet the other fixed expenditures.  

Next in the lines to crumble was Amit Thakur. He was convinced by his parents to stop his idiotic endeavour and to focus on some jobs. He left the setup and took a corporate job and rapidly moved out of the country. 

With two accomplices gone, the duo had very little choices. They had a responsibility to make good the failing business, but nothing much could be done. They had hired- purchase the land from the town's Industrial quota, and it was almost twenty-two months they had not paid back a single penny. All the municipal dues too were looming on to them. 

Both of them wanted to quit, but since it was a legitimate firm, simply leaving was not the solution. Even if they disbanded their company, they had to pay the dues, which had crossed over twenty lakhs. The property would not sell as the dues on it were more than the property's worth. If they were to leave the factory as it was, they all could face some serious music from many departments and organizations of whom they owned money. 

Both Sanjay Modi and Narendra Shah were reluctant to go ahead with the factory as they were scared of the worst was yet to come. Hectic discussions with all the stakeholders followed. It took another two months to reach a collective conscience. Narendra Shah was to quit, and Sanjay Modi would run the show on his own. Depending upon their exit time, the rest of the three paid some amount to Sanjay Modi so that he could continue the show. 

Narendra Shah joined his family business, whereas Sanjay Modi tried to run the show on his own. He had some money to pay back the dues, which he did. Gradually he also transferred all the papers and the business entity to his name. For this, he opened a new firm with a name suggested by an astrologer. If you remember in the year, 2004 Gujarat Government offered some subsidy to young entrepreneurs which Sanjay Modi availed. He diversified from glass sheet business to cut-glass business. His company began to run. He was out of debt in 2006 and began to run the business on his own successfully. He had since then opened few more factories not only in the state of Gujarat but the neighboring state of Maharastra as well. 

I have the horoscope all the four, they all are well placed in their respective fields. Rahul Desai is the CFO of a big corporate house. Amit Thakur has successfully settled abroad, Sanjay Modi is in the glass business, and many family members are now working for him. Narendra Shah is busy in this parental business. 

Now the analysis of this tale and understand the points or stages where these people went wrong. And how a little care but at crucial stage and time would have converted this story of dismay to a story of success. That is where the astrology helps people in business decisions that I will explain now further down. 

Relevance of astrology in business decisions

Business people use the best of their skills and abilities in starting a new or running existing business. But there are a few vital stages & times where astrology can help a person in important business decisions. So getting such decisions vetted using astrology makes a lot of sense. Now, what are these stages & timings where astrology advises a person on the right business decisions is explained briefly. Also, because this subject is so vast that I have made detailed presentations on all these points separately after giving a brief description of these stages. You can read these detailed write-ups from the links provided on the sidebars of this main article of astrology helping people in business. 

Astrology guidance starts when you have a new business idea and what business to do, selecting an auspicious name for the business, and the right time to do business. Astrology further advises you with whom to do business, whether the business in partnership will suit you, if yes, how to select right business partner. Then astrology also helps if there is a fall in business, then what to do for business success? Some of these factors can apply to the success of existing businesses also. Now read all these points one by one as explained below.

Choosing the right business – astrologically

Once you know that there is good business yoga in your horoscope, you should get the evaluation of the right business to be done. It is essential to get this evaluation as if you happen to choose the wrong business; the results would not come. The Dhan or wealth Yoga in the horoscope will not fructify, and the purpose of doing the business will thus get defeated. If these four people had consulted an astrologer what business to go for, this quartet might not have failed this badly. I have presented a free calculator to choose the right business through your birth chart for your convenience. Read the comprehensive write-up how to select business by your birth details? if you are in the process of selecting a new business, else continue reading.

Once you have taken this decision, the next point is choosing a lucky business name using astrology. Selecting an auspicious name for a business is like choosing a good name for the child. And how astrology helps a person selecting a lucky name for business or company is explained in the next paragraph.

Business name selection: astrologically 

A sound syllable is forty percent essence of the strength of the business. If you keep a wrong name, it may not yield any or instead may produce negative results. When changing the name of the business entity as per his horoscope, Sanjay Modi got good results. If there is still a scope to change your business's name, I recommend availing this opportunity and getting the name corrected. Read my thorough write up on astrology for selecting a good business name if you have to select an auspicious name for business. Use the free calculator to choose the lucky business name yourself. It may help you to know if your present business name is auspicious or not.

Then comes the decision whether you should do business alone or business in partnership will be better for you? Here also astrology helps you in the decision of partnership in business and selecting the right business partner. Now I will explain this point. 

Decision of business partnership – astrologically

One may need partners in business to augment finances or skills. With the expanding business horizons, the need of partnerships in business is also increasing. But without checking the partnership compatibility, it could be the biggest mistake of your life if you are entering into one. See, the fastest of the friends could not run the show. It is not about disagreement; it is about the conduciveness of the stars to accomplish a task. As soon as the business was liberated of the partnership by these four, it started improving. It is not the question of intention but the compatibility of partners that matters. Therefore, it is imperative to look for partnership compatibility before going for any business. Every person has different yogas of business in the birth chart. 

Here again, astrology helps to choose the right partner reading a birth chart. Read my comprehensive note on the partnership compatibility and check the compatibility through the compatibility free calculator yourself. Read more on this subject by clicking the link business partner compatibility if you are thinkng for a business partnership. This write up can also help you to evaluate viability of your present business partnership.

Next to consider is when you decide to start a new business. Here again, astrology helps you deciding on start-up, a new business based on new business ideas. Please read about it now as below.

New business start-up/ideas  

The techniques to evaluate a start-up business's fortunes differ from those run by the old horses of the trade. The above quartet opened a new start-up, and they failed miserly even though they are doing good in their respective fields individually. One particular business idea may suit an individual, but not all. The same way a new business may suit a specific person and not a group of persons. This is because (to repeat) each person has different yogas of doing and succeeding in business.

The fortunes of the start-up depend upon things that can be seen through the person's horoscope. Just see what the combined energy of the four could not do; Sanjay Modi could do it single handily. I have presented comprehensive research work on New Business start-up, just read it apply it to your horoscope.


Recently my views on astrology for the success of new business ideas were endorsed by Outlook India. 

Decision of business expansion-seen through birth chart

The quartet had started a business thinking their skills will start and expand the company of their dreams. But nothing of this sought happened. On the contrary, the business shrank and collapsed. It is, therefore, essential to understanding the timing, which is deduced from Vedic astrology. One person keeps expanding a particular business or other businesses for decades but expansion of business by some fail miserably. Why because maintaining existence is more important than ambitions to grow.

Read my views on astrology for business success endorsed by Hindustan Times. 

Astrology can help you deciding on business expansion plans. I have explained the precise technique for you. I assure you that if the business yoga is present in a horoscope, I can easily foretell and predict how and when business expansion will suit you. Use the free-of-cost calculator to evaluate business expansion decisions through your birth chart.

How astrology helps in business success

Now think that we have taken good care of all the above factors for success in business but can still not manage business. Then what to do? Should we blame our own decisions & keep introspecting into the same or try to see if some planets or yogas in horoscope were responsible for the business's fall? Yes, Planets, Dasha (timings), Gochar (transits of planets) & malefic Yogas or combinations can result in business failure. Deep study of Business Astrology can tell reasons for fall in business or why one is not able to succeed in business? This is what I am explaining in the next section.

Fall in business-can astrology help?  

If some fall is seen, there are remedies. It is essential to understand the signals what the horoscope gives. If we do not act per the transits and Dashas, the results can be drastic. I love to analyze the horoscopes of people who are suffering from a failing or falling business. This is because I have the cure. I can identify which particular planet or house is responsible for business success and which out of that would have left malefic effect for fall in your business. Once this is done, I would suggest simple remedial measures with short Karma corrections, which can change things for the better. 

Mind you, it is the correction in your Karma (your acts, your decisions) and not rituals that help stop business failures. Read my comprehensive write up on fall in business solutions if you are facing fall in your business for some time.

I have also made a free calculator, which can warn you from facing a fall in business. Be very clear, maintaining the present business is more important than unviable business expansions.

Read an interesting article on this how astrology helps in business success in a leading magazine. 

Yogas to do parental business 

This is absolutely a new subject than what is described till now in this article. All explained is for the people who want to do business a fresh or at their own instance. Then another set of people are who get business in inheritance or have a parental business. The set of astrology tools to see success in parental business are totally different. All cannot carry parental business & succeed else many prominent business houses of earlier decades would not have vanished. I hope this statement speaks enough about its significance.  

Based on the live cases handled, I have done some research on this topic very deeply. This I have presented in the comprehensive write-up of Yogas to do parental business. Above you must have noticed that Sanjay Modi did not join his family business, which was going strong, whereas Narendra Shah joined the family business and did wonders there. It is crucial to access the capabilities & possibility of success in doing parental through the horoscope. All indications of success in parental business are there in your birth. Check upon the free calculator to check the yoga to do the parental business.

To conclude – To do business is a good choice. Use the best of your skills & abilities for success in business. But it is very pertinent to get your business decisions vetted through your horoscope. There are different stages & timings when you take business decisions on various aspects. Think spending a few minutes with a good astrologer who specialise in business astrology. I am sure I have given enough astrological tips for success in business.

Still, for any specific business issues, you can take an: 

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consult me directly.

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  • What is the most common cause of business failure?

    Many doubts come into mind in opening a new business or owning a business. If there is a new business, then there is a fear that there will be loss in the business? If you are doing business, sometimes a good  business starts failing without knowing reasons . Now the question arises that why business is not getting success? Or why business is declining? Business success and failure has both external and internal causes.

    Internal Causes:- Lack of management ,The deficit in invoicing ,Incompetent sources of finance ,Poor debts and same way there are some External causes of business failure :-strict govt policies ,the main customer or supplier goes bankrupt but you can come out from  this problem of fall in business to take an advice of an astrologer . An astrologer see your birth chart and can advice you about the  reasons and solutions of business failure . I have already write on this above . Regarding business success  you can read the other articles of business name , which is the success mantra of a business .

  • How to improve Fall in Business?/ How can I improve Fall in my Business?

    Sometimes, a well-run business suddenly starts dipping. Even after a lot of effort, we cannot get good results, which used to be met with little effort. While our way of working has not changed, nor have we made any changes in our business. So what to do so that the falling business is restored? Or say what things we should keep in mind to improve our business.

    If there is a steady decline in business, it will be inevitable that it needs improvement to grow the business. The business's success and stability depend on continually monitoring the cash flow of the business, using social media for marketing, and recognizing your strengths, Monitor business Trends, Motivate your Staff, etc . so you can Focus on improving the areas of business that will benefit you. And experienced astrologer can help you in every way. Because as per your birth chart he can see  your business house and help out you from the problem of fall in business . To know more about this, I have explained above in this article, and you can read another article on the new business start-up also.

  • Which business is best for me according to astrology? or Which business suits me according to my date of birth?

    Astrology helps a person to choose the right business field. Everyone has an area where he can be successful in business. With the change in the economic situation, a successful entrepreneur can fail due to bad times. But astrology can guide us during this time.

    A person's capabilities are different from the suitability of business & to decide what business will suit you best.  Business astrology is a tool that guides you to know the future situation of a particular business line. . The selection of the right business as per the birth chart depends on these two factors. Astrology determines the time of business birth and line of business. I have explained many vital points regarding Business selection astrology in my article above. You can also read the right time for business as per birth chart and how to name your business astrologically.

  • Which business will make me rich? or Will I be successful in business?

    Starting a business is always a gamble. Even you start a business with a lot of money, it is challenging to say whether your business will grow or your business will shut down. Also, It is more difficult to predict how things will look like after a year. Astrology can help you to deal with this situation. The most important houses analyzed are Aarohi and Cama Trikona (3rd, 7th, and 11th houses). For success in business, the native must have strong Lagna in a horoscope. When a perfect astrologer look at your horoscope

    He needs to check the Dhan Yogas in the chart. The higher the number of Dhan Yogas, the greater chances of financial success through business. In a horoscope, some planetary combinations and houses are seen, which indicates the type of business suits you most, and the business grows. To explain more, Which business makes you rich or regarding success in business, I have written above. If your business is not growing, you can read my article on Fall in business solutions also.