Job or Business: A Guide to Make Right Business Decision

job or business

Everyone at one or more point of times in their life face this dilemma of continuing a job or going for a business. This complex riddle of choosing between job and business is best solved through astrology.*** 

Factors to consider for choosing between Job or Business 

Now while choosing between job or business, if you decide to start your own business, then the following points must be crossing your mind. Astrology can help you in assessing these points.

Your Rule and Your Kingdom: 

You will feel restricted when you are working for someone else. If you want to start setting up a business, you will oversee your own. The point itself is a blessing in disguise. The company will give you the freedom to choose and help you in deciding on your choice. It also lifts the barrier of restriction away from you. Astrology can access the feeling is for real, or it can tarnish your career.

Your hard work can pay you: 

The biggest complaint about starting your own business requires hard work. They do not feel rewarding in the corporate sector. It's an apparent ideology that depicts every brick which is there on the wall thinks that the wall rests on him. Astrology clears this ideology. 

Secured job (No one to fire):

There is no guarantee of employment when talking about the corporate sector. They can lose their jobs at any time due to any reasons. Performance pressure or recessions demand can be a reason for losing their workplace. 

Owning a business, you will have the advantage of hiring yourself. With this idea of firing yourself can never arise. As a result, you will enjoy the freedom of working with a way you want regardless of fear of losing the source of bread and butter. Astrology can advise whether the business for what quitting and the job will remain in continuity or not. 

No payment problems:

Being an employee, you are aware of annual income, with a little increment on successful tries. You may get a promotion, your salary is stagnant. Owning a business, you may have the potential to earn more, depending upon the way of work and running the business. You can handle pricing and marketing strategies and set a profit bar. These promises have lucrative incomes if the transaction is in the industry. Astrology can also assess this aspect.  

Risk factors while choosing between Job or Business

Giving a careful analysis of the chart and supporting the divisional chart, the following should risk factors can be assessed.  

1. It is a risky task:

Setting your business comes with a few challenges. These hurdles can be a reason for those who can defend corporate jobs. Initiating your own business can come with the risk of losing everything you have invested can become an unsuccessful business. 

If the business fails to flourish, it can fall flat on the shoulder of the entrepreneur. Asa result, people can think various times before the option for your own business. 

2. Financial investments:

Before starting any business, you may have to set a capital that can take a load all planning with what you have done. 

Starting an area of work for employees, you must manage everything. You must build a capital. 

Taking a loan for capital investment may come off as a risk because when you start your own business may always begin with the profit. It is a dangerous task to manage all the financial burdens without any kind of backup plan. 

3. You may not receive a lucrative income:

There is no guarantee of business to flourish, which instantly or continuously. You may face the uncertainties. The problem may arise, which hasan inconsistent loss for months. 

At times you may like these, which has more significant problems like bankruptcy can appear if you have a burden of a loan and the difficulties which might accelerate out of hands. You might land in more substantial trouble. 

4. Freedom to work- turns into overtime work:

Owning a business which can give you the freedom to take a holiday once needed. You may have no one to ask for a leave. However, you may need to work for more hours with no extra pay. Thus, you will have to work extra so that you can manage everything accordingly. 

5. Financial obligations:

Businesses can never work without a bit of law in it. If you should start your business, you may need to set your assets. When you can collaborate with some other institute, you can share assets by default.

Once you believe that you may have made an error at some particular point, they may file a lawsuit. The obligation may affect the capital and profit of the company. 

There are some of the benefits and some pitfalls of having their own business—the choice which is depending upon how you can find the solution to their disadvantage. 

What is right for me job or business as per my birth chart?

In the initiation of your career, the only question which arises in your mind " What is good for me job or business as per my birth chart" or "What to choose business or Job astrologically." Choosing a profession between both job and business is a significant decision of anyone's life. There are some of the significant astrological factors which should be taken into consideration before selecting any career. An astrological reading can suggest if you can enjoy easy success in a job or doing a business will be better for you. 

Astrological combinations for final selection between Job or Business

Astrologers reading only D-1 Lagna chart are likely to make an error while advising person to finalise a profession. But one needs to see different charts, house and astrological combinations for final selection between job and business.

Ascendant: It doesn’t make a significant change when it comes to knowing about your field of education. Taking essential decisions about either of the two, whether its marriage or profession, the energy of the ascendant and Lord of your destiny play a significant role.

10th house/lord: The 10th house and the lord from ascendant/Moon Sign/ Sun Sign are the centers for determining the profession and the business. Authorization, Power Advancement, and ambitions, business affair in general, the only rank, social status and declaration of a person, name, fame foreign land, the source of earnings and self-control which are indicated by the 10th House.

3rd house/lord: It indicates the courage and the initiative for the professional life, or the risk and speculation that should be taken in life. It demonstrates the overconfidence of the native.

5th house/lord: The fifth house or Lord of Fifth house represents the knowledge, education, intuitions, and intelligence of the person. Besides a higher position, it should indicate risk and speculations which are taken in professional life.

6th house/lord: The 6th House or the Lord of 6th House indicates the loan from the bank or financial institutes or which the funds are rising and the employees who are working under the native.

7th house/lord:7th House or the Lord of 7th House should represent the professional relationships and the business partnership, which are independent skilled professionals.

9th house/lord: 9th House or Lord of 9th House is the house of luck or fortune of the native; it shows the even distribution or the circulation of money, the dignity of the person, foreign travels, and government favors.

11th house/lord: The 11th House or the Lord of 11th House is the gain and income in an ascendant’s life. 

Planetary transition deciding Employee or Employer Yoga 

The nature of Employer or Employee yoga depends on the planetary period of significant periods or the sub-period of a horoscope. The Dasha or Antardasha of the native forces him to change the profession, which is very drastic and dramatic in every way. Through intense and favourable Dasha/Antardasha, even a weak and ill placed planet can bless the native with success in profession and career. 

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Should I do a job or business as per astrology? 

There are many planets, houses in horoscope to be seen for selection a job or business. These planets & house have  independent & combined effects on the decision of selection of job or business. These combinations in horoscope decide employer & employee Yoga and this further helps you to decide between a job or business. These planetary combinations to help you select between job and business are explained below:

1. If the lord/sign or the planets, which are places in the 10th House, are powerful and show the surety of service.Suppose any number which is fixed with the sign of the planets is more than the number of planets in which standard or free symbols in the horoscope.

2. The ascendants which choose the profession which demands diligence, peace, tolerance, and stability, which is about Government Jobs or medical jobs, are in the achieves. 

3. If the planets of the common signs which are more than the planets, which are fixed and movable signs in ascendant's horoscope, which will have a possibility of choosing a profession such as property dealing or a consultancy firm. Opening a tuition center or accepting a job as a teacher can also suit your zodiac sign.

4. Lord or the sign of the 10th House are weaker are in durability than the lord of the symbol of 7th House indicates the profession as an advocate, doctor, professors, which are shown

5. If lord or sign of the 10th House and the 7th House are strong, and it indicates the ascendant will have an individual business along with their service. It can be like a doctor doing private practice along with their service, or even the person will start their business and retiring from the job. 

6. The lord of 10th House is powerful but is placed in 6th/8th or 12th house or medium-strength. The person has to work in an unknown institute or any private sector. 

7. Sun/ Mars/ Saturn are favorably influencing the 10th House, and the lord of 10th House is a strong position that shows the profession of a doctor. 

8.  Lord of the 3rd/6th or the 10th House and Jupiter, which are durable, which shows the profession as an advocate.

9.   If Moon and Mercury influence the 10th House shows profession as writer or journalism.

a. If planets like strong Mercury and Jupiter influencing the 10th House shows writer or poets. 

b. The Moon and Jupiter aspecting the 10th House, which shows the profession as gazette officer rank job. 

12The moon, which is placed in the 10th House of Jupiter and positioned in the 5th House, shows profession as a highly ranked position.

13. If Lord of 11th House is placed in the 10th House or their lords which are exchanged in signs and houses are showing an outstanding administrator.

14. Lord of native or the 10th House is placed together as a lord of the ascendant, and the 10th House is the same planet. The person is indeed a prominent employee and believes in hard-earned money.

15Jupiter, as the lord of 10th House, is placed in trine indicates a highly acclaimed position of the ascendant.

16. Sun, which is placed in the 10th House from ascendant/ Moon or the Lord of 10th House, is posited in the Navamansa of Sun, is indicated as appreciation from the government is ill which are placed indicates some illegal means of earning. 

17. Lord of the 10th House is Mars, or the Lord of 10th house is posited in the Navamanasa of Mars shows profession such as police, army, and wrestling.

18. Mercury is the Lord of 10th House goes in the Navamsa of Mercury shows service in banking, writing, education, astrology art, and crafting.

19Mercury is an ascendant and Jupiter in the 9th House and shows government services.

20. Lord of native places in the quadrant and aspected by the lord of 2nd and 5th house shows government job. 

21. The Sun, which is having a favourable aspect of Saturn, shows government job, manager authority, and high authorities’ power of a person. 

Should I quit the Job to start a Business per my birth chart?

Lord or sign of 4th and 7th house is weak, but lords and signs of 7th house are influential shows sound business abilities of native.

1. If the number of planets in signs are more than the number of planets which are fixed or common symptom in the horoscope shows the best qualities the native will be a businessman like they will have a push and capacity to make a decision, intelligent and alert and will possess the leadership quality. 

2. If any planet like Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are positioned in quadrant to Moon shows an independent Venture. 

3. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Moon are placed in the 2nd house, and 12th House from each other shows a self-business.

4. Jupiter, which is placed in the 3rd House, and Venus is positioned in 11th House from Moon, shows the native will start an independent business.

5. Lord of 2nd and 11th House exchanges houses and indicates a great business ability. 

6. Planet Mercury, which is related to the 10th house, shows business skills. Malefic influence over the 10th House shows the laziness of the ascendant. 

7. The planets which are placed in the quadrant shows money earned from agriculture. 

8. If seven planets are positioned in the ascendant and 7th House, it shows the that one can do business of freight and career, wood or cartwheel related business. 

9. Placement of a malefic planet in quardant without any benefic influence the Jupiter, which are positioned in the 8th House, shows the ability of livestock business like meat, poultry, and fisheries. 

Astrological tools to choose between two or multiple Jobs:

Wherever there is a decision to choose between two or multiple job, there are two aspects. One is self assessment as explained below.

You should answer these questions to yourself.

a. You should consider how each job supports your long-term career goals. ...

b. Weighing salary with some personal satisfaction. ...

c. Assess the culture of every workplace. ...

d. Compare your two managers. ...

e. Write down typical day in each role. ...

f. Trust your intuition.

 Take astrological help. That is where I can help you: 

There are multiple tools which can assess the same for you:

1. Horary or Prashna

2. Nakshatra syllable or a unit of pronunciation.

3. Your chart/charts.

Through the above tools, I can figure out which job shall suit you the best. 

To conclude: Birth chart has clear indications if you are born with employee yoga or employer yoga. Based on this you should decide between job and business. Before taking a final decision on this, ask some questions to yourself. Then take astrological help to see what the planetary combinations in your horoscope indicate to do job or business. Then take a final decision as to what is best for you to do job or business. Take this decision after proper research, diligence and care as it involves your life & financial health for whole life. 

For any specific guidance on job or business, you can take:

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  • Should I do business or job? / Which will be more beneficial Independent Business or Job?

    This is the turning point in every person's life when they are in a dilemma whether to do a job or busines. It is possible to get out of this dilemma easily through astrology. A perfect astrologer can tell you through your horoscope which path is suitable for you. The employee or employer yoga depends on the planetary period of significant periods or the sub-period of a horoscope. Dasha or antardasha of a native and some planets and planetary combinations  That you should job or business. For this, it is necessary to clear some things in your mind.

    1. Are you able to take a risk ?

    2. Are you able to do Financial investments ?

    3. You may not get a lucrative income

    4. There is no guarantee of your business to be flourish

    5. You can face loan related problems in business

    6. Freedom to work- turns into overtime work

    7. You may have a lot of financial obligations

    So, choosing a profession between both job and business is not so easy.

    In the job you do subordinate work to someone and dedicate your work or your energy towards them, you know about your income, you know that you can get promotion, your income can  increase further , but on the other hand, in Business you work for yourself and you are only responsible for it. For your  profit or loss in business.

    To know more about your question, 'should i do business or job?' I have explained adequately as above

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  • Can astrology help to see the profession by birth date?

    Yes, Vedic astrology can help you to choose the right career/profession by your birth details. Many factors in astrology contribute you to choose your career or profession. A perfect astrologer helps you through reading your birth chart. Your 10th house, your Planets, your dashas, and antardasha. In a horoscope, each home has its importance. In the horoscope, business or job is seen from the tenth house. If Lagna is intent to 7th and 10th house, the native earns money from the business, but if Lagna is determined to 6th and 10th house, then the native makes money through the job.

    Similarly, a perfect astrologer can give you all the information related to your career from your birth chart like - Job or Business? Which job suits you more? Govt Job or Private Job? If there is a yoga of business in your horoscope, which business suits you? Is Partnership Business good? What job will make you rich? etc. etc.

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  • Which planet shows growth in professional life?

    As per astrology, nine planets and 12 Rashi represent the growth of professional life. When we talk about Moon, describe our mind and mind rules upon our thought and actions. So moon signs maximum impact on our career traits. Apart from the moon sign, the 10th house also plays a vital role in career astrology. Same way Sun, Mars, Mercury, and other planets and different house shows the growth in professional life.

    If we talk about the sun, it represents govt job, politics, If the lord or sign of the 10th house and the 7th house is strong,  it indicates that the person will have a separate occupation with its service. The same way there are many planetary combinations shows a professional career, as I have explained above. In my other articles, I have explained regarding govt job prediction by date of birth, factors to consider when choosing the right career.

  • What are the factors to consider when choosing a Profession?

    For many years people ask questions from an astrologer regarding their career or profession, which profession is most suitable as per my birth chart? How do I figure out what job will make me happy? And many more questions like this.

     An astrologer who is a specialist in career astrology has to consider so many aspects to decode which career is meant for you and what opportunities you will get in the present and the future.

    Choosing the right profession can make you feel happy, fulfilled, valued, and successful. For this, you consider some essential factors.

    Your interests, your skills, your attitude, Your experiences and many more

    Likewise, you should also consider what your stars say about it? There are many aspects in your horoscope related to a career which an astrologer would see.

    Strength of  Lord of  10th House,  placement of Lord of  10th House, the position of  Lord of  3rd and  5th House,   placement of  Sun in your Chart, planets in your Navamansha Chart, placement of Moon in your Chart and many more. Regarding the factors to consider when choosing a  profession, I have written above, and you can read more in my other articles regarding the right time to change job, delay in getting a job.