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Numerology is a unique branch of Vedic astrology which shows the significance of “numbers” in your life. There are some numbers and names which can be auspicious and some inauspicious. Numerology helps a person to choose between these sets of numbers.

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What is Numerology

To explain in simple terms, numerology branch of Vedic astrology is the study to know the intrinsic mystical relationship between your life and numbers. It has base to do numerical calculations of different letters in person's name where each letter is assigned a corresponding number accordingly to Numerology. These numbers are then applied to evaluate your personality, success, and failures in life and further used for your future predictions. 

What is Numerology Calculator

As the name spells, the Numerology calculator reveals your destiny number, path & personality numbers. One can get all secrets related to life & future by simply putting name and birth details in the Numerology calculator. With this, simply place your name and birth details in these calculators to know auspicious names and numbers for you. 

What is Numerology and its indicators?

Numerology, as an ancient science, is to focus on the main essential traits of a person. Numerology can tell you what numbers and names will be auspicious for you for your career and life. It also helps you to know the unachievable of your life. There are different numbers of indicators for the other aspect of your life. I will explain all these indicators used in Numerology as below: 

Life path number

Among all indicators of Numerology, the life path number is the most significant number in your numerology chart drawn based on your birth details. It brings out the main strengths and weaknesses of a person. It also tells you the bottlenecks, challenges, and the events a person will face in life. It basically works as a life path for you to take benefits from your strong points. 

Destiny number:

Destiny number is calculated using the first and sir name of the native. It portrays the basic purpose of your life. It deciphers your goals, your character, and idea of how to accomplish these goals. It also tells you what hurdles one will face in life.

Personality number:

We calculate personality numbers using consonants of person's first name. The personality number is also known as the inner-dream number and reflects on how others look at you. Personality numbers help a person to win over fallacious perceptions so that your inner dreams and soul shines. 

Different types of Numerology: Where Does Numerology Come From?

The correlation between numbers and letters exists for a very long time. We have different types of numerology systems, out of which most popular are three. Every system of Numerology has different methods of calculations with different interpretations. Now I will explain these three systems of Numerology as below:

The Pythagorean (Western) system of Numerology

This system has its origin from Pythagoras, the great Greek mathematician known for his hypotenuse solutions of a right triangle. This system works by assigning letters of names to numbers 1 to 9. Then it calculates life and soul number using the chart. Then the total of numbers derived so is reduced to a single digit because the Pythagorean system works based on a single-digit only. 

The Chaldean system in Numerology

The Chaldean system has its origin from ancient Babylon. This is one of the oldest numerology methods in the World. In this system, numbers are assigned on the basis of vibrations of a specific alphabet, but it is not that systematic as the Pythagoreous numerology system. In this system, we assign numbers from 1 to 8 to different letters. We do not give Number 9 to any letter as number 9 is treated as a holy or sacred number. Yes, 9 is accepted if it is a resultant number or total sum of all the numbers assigned in this system. 

The Kabbalah system in Numerology

This system originates from Hebrew mysticism & it studies only name and not numbers. But this system is not commonly used as it only considers name and not the birth details. It is based on 22 vibrations ranging from 1 to 400. 

What is your life path number: How To Calculate Life Path Number?

We will calculate the life path number with a hypothetical birth detail, say 

12 November 1960.

1. Now calculate complete birth details as below:

Now reduce the month, day, and year to a single-digit number by adding them.


November 11th Month 

Add 1+1 = 2


Day 12

Add 1+2=3

2. Add the above digits to get a single-digit 2+3 =5

Year: 1960 the year of birth

Add 1+9+6+0=16

Now add them further to get a single-digit 1+6=7

3.Finally, add the resultant single digits and you will get your life path number.

3 of day + 2 of month + 7 of year = 12

1+2 = 3 

Therefore, based on the above birth details, the Life Path number is 3.

What is your destiny number: How To Calculate Destiny Number?

Use the feature available on this page to know what is your destiny number. 

What is your personality number: How to know Personality Number?

Use the feature available on this page to know what is your personality number. 

What is my Lucky name: How To Find Lucky Name By Date Of Birth?

Now understand, you know how to calculate Lucky number for you. Therefore, you should choose your name that matches your life path number. This will give enough benefits associated with that Lucky number. One can try different combinations of a name that will be compatible with your birth date. 

Compatibility between my destiny number and life path number

Vedic astrology puts a lot of significance on the compatibility of your destiny and life path number. And if you select a name that is not compatible with your life path, one should check the bridge number. This will reduce the gap and bring compatibility more closer and agreeable. Mind you, one must have accurate birth details for using Numerology and if you have any doubts on your birth time, first go for Birth time rectification.

So, use numerology calculators as explained above and select the most auspicious numbers and name for you. Still, any issues, connect with me & take online report for best numerology number and name for you or Consult me directly. 

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