Government Jobs in your birth chart

Government Jobs

Government job or Sarkari Job in India offers people a great deal of status and stability. However, along with these two powerful aspects of a government job, another fact is that getting a Sarkari job is a challenging task. You should know that your birth chart plays an essential role in determining whether you will have a Sarkari Naukri. An expert astrologer can easily give govt/government job alert prediction by date of birth. It is very relevant to know beforehand, “does my horoscope supports career in government” or not. Otherwise, you will only end up squandering your resources and time looking for a Sarkari job. Let us also tell you that if merits in academics and hard work were the only factors enough for one to have a government job, then toppers of Universities and Colleges would all have had a Sarkari job. [see endnote] Your birth chart indicates latest govt jobs government jobs & Career prospects very clearly. 

However, you need not remain troubled about how to discover government job yoga in birth chart. Dr Vinay Bajrangi has designed a calculator that you can use to determine this and understand if you have planets supporting government jobs in horoscope. ***

Role of Astrology In Government Job Predictions  

As we mentioned earlier, academic credits and hard work are not the only factors, but there is also an essential role of astrology in government job predictions. It is evident that for professional success and financial prosperity, one needs to make the right career choices from the beginning. A perfect vocational decision not only ensures economic prosperity but also saves a person from exhaustion and wastage of time, thus maintaining mental peace. Not everyone is likely to make the right decisions, but astrology can provide the appropriate guidance regarding this. It is necessary to know what a person is destined for before making a career choice like going for a government job, private job, or business. 

If you are entering a profession that is not favourable for you as per your birth chart, it can only lead you towards frustration, and wastage of valuable time and years of your life. Therefore, if you wish to get a Sarkari job and are gearing up to prepare for it, you first need to ensure if there is a government job yoga in birth chart. In case the answer to your question, “does my horoscope supports career in government?” wields ‘No’ as an answer, then don’t fret. As we have said before, astrology has the answer to everything, and it can help lead you towards the right track and assist you in choosing the best suited career for you. 

This article elaborates on the government job yoga in birth chart, and how predictions are made for Sarkari job aspirants.***

Govt. Job predictions by date of birth

Birth chart has indications for all major aspects of life & so the same way, predictions for Govt. Job by birth date can be made with no exception. The only precaution here is the astrologer should first ensure accurate birth time before giving predictions for Govt. Job as career related predictions need accuracy of One Minute.

Before we move on to determine the yogas responsible for government job prediction by date of birth, one must know the following things first: 

1. Sometimes, there may be both government job yoga in birth chart, as well as private job yoga. However, the activation of Dhan Bhav will occur through only one of these, which will help us determine whether your horoscope supports career in government or private. 

2. When we choose the wrong career, it can hinder the activation of Dhan Yoga. As a result, the native suffers from a lack of prosperity and happiness in their job. 

3. In addition to the Dhan Yoga, the flourishing of your capabilities also depend upon your profession. If your horoscope does not support the vocation, you are in currently, your talents are likely to suffer due to it. 

Hence, it is necessary to understand which is the best career choice for you before making any decisions. If you wish to get a Sarkari job, you need to ensure that your horoscope supports career in government. But before you make up your mind finally, you first need to recognise both the pros and cons of both types of jobs. Your birth chart holds a variety of combinations which hint towards your various characteristic traits and job details. It defines:

1. Whether the competitiveness within you will remain for one particular time period or if it shall last throughout your lifetime. 

2. Whether you require job security and surety, or if you are confident in your capabilities.

3. If you desire a decent retirement policy.

4. Are you ready to relocate, without fearing much, for a change in job?

5. If you require fixed holidays.

6. Are you comfortable in or wish to sometimes work from home?

7. Whether salary and promotions are your main criteria for choosing a job.

All the above parameters can be aptly read from your horoscope, and all these can be the deciding features in determining if your horoscope supports career in government or private. Let us now press forward to the more detailed astrological side of this. 

Role of Planets in getting Government Job prediction in astrology

When you are trying to get a horoscope reading for whether you can get a Sarkari job or not, one should understand the role of planets in getting government job prediction in astrology. The Navagrahas all influence an individual in various manners, and therefore, one needs to examine their placement in horoscope for government job yoga in birth chart predictions. Here is a list of planets supporting all govt jobsgovernment job in astrology: 


Sun and Moon are two planets supporting government jobs in birth chart. They are said to be the royalty amongst the Navagrahas, and Sun being the King signifies the government. As a result, it is imperative for one to examine its placement to understand if your horoscope supports career in government. If Surya is an Atmakaraka planet in birth chart, then it indicates a strong possibility of a Sarkari job for a native. 


Another one of the planets supporting government jobs in birth chart is Saturn. It may not explicitly indicate Sarkari Job, but Shani Dev holds a significant influence over the career of a native. Regardless of whether you choose to go for Sarkari Naukri or a private job, if Saturn is not favourably placed in your kundali, you will not be able to progress in your profession. 


As mentioned earlier, Sun and Moon are considered royalty amongst the Navagraha and are the two planets supporting government jobs in birth chart. Moon assists Sun, in forming a government job yoga in birth chart. An exceptionally strong Moon can help one get a Sarkari job, as it has been found to be rather prominent in the kundalis of bureaucrats. 


The Lord of War, Mars is another one of the planets supporting government jobs in birth chart. If one wishes to get a Sarkari Job in the field of police or army/military service, then the position of the red planet needs to be strong and favourable in your horoscope. 


Jupiter is also known by the name Devguru or simply Guru in Hindi, meaning teacher. Hence, if you wish to have a teaching position or any other Sarkari job associated with the field of education, the planet needs to be strongly placed in your kundali. What this means is that Jupiter is among the planets supporting government jobs in birth chart, that relate to academics. 

Role of Houses for Government Job prediction in astrology

Just as planets, there are specific role of houses for government job prediction in astrology. Let us take a gander at which house indicates government job, and how you can get a Sarkari job with their help:

Tenth House

Tenth house in a kundali signifies achievement and recognition. If one wishes to join Sarkari job as an IAS or IPS, then it is essential for their tenth house and its Lord, Dashmesh, to be strong and favourable. When Sun gets positioned in tenth house, it forms a promising government job yoga in birth chart. This is because Surya gains directional strength in this Bhava, making the planet more powerful. On the flip side, if your horoscope has a weak tenth house, then your chances of getting a Sarkari Naukri will be feeble as well. 

Sixth House 

Sixth house in a kundali represents competition, service, and hard work. Hence, when it is strong and favourable, a native is more likely to succeed in competitive exams of Sarkari jobs. Thus, it is among the essential houses, which indicates a government job. 

Eleventh House 

Your eleventh house in birth chart signifies your accretions from and fulfilment of wishes and desires, as well as income, aspirations, and gains from the profession. Hence, it should also be examined when determining your chances of getting a Sarkari job. It is believed to be the house of success for government job prediction in birth chart. As per the Bhagat Bhavam Principles, it is also the second house of competition. 

Other Houses

In addition to these, fifth and ninth houses are also considered to determine government job yoga in birth chart. This is because fifth house signifies knowledge, while ninth house represents your luck and fate. If Sun and Moon occupy these houses, then there are strong chances of one landing a Sarkari job. Another house which helps in government job prediction in birth chart is eighth house. It is the eleventh house from tenth house, i.e., it is the House of Fulfillment of House of Careers and Profession. 

Role of Zodiac signs for Government Job prediction in astrology

Just like planets and houses, there is also a specific role of zodiac signs for government job prediction in astrology. Those who have strongly placed signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, in their kundali are more likely to get a Sarkari job. These three signs form the Natural Dharma Trikon, and their strong presence in one’s birth chart makes one energetic and capable. Natives who are strongly influenced by these three signs possess leadership qualities and can also handle government jobs well.

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Government Job astrological combination

Let us discuss the government job astrological combinations in one’s horoscope elaborately:

Planetary Details

1. The ruling planets, Sun and Moon should be associated with first, eighth, ninth, or tenth houses to attain Sarkari job easily. In case this is not true, the individual might face difficulty while getting a government job.

2. Lagnesh or the Lord of ascendant/first house should be strong and favourably placed. This happens when Lagnesh is placed in ascendant/first, ninth, tenth, or eleventh houses, and it indicates a prosperous career. Similarly, when ascendant Lord is connected with planets Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars, it forms a good government job astrological combination. 

3. When Dashmesh (Lord of tenth house) is in conjunction with Sun, Moon, Jupiter, or Saturn and is placed in first, sixth, seventh, tenth, or eleventh houses, it forms a favourable government job astrological combination. By examining the positioning of Dashmesh, one can determine which sector on Sarkari job will bring them maximum benefits. 

4. Your Lagensh and the planet Moon signify your likes, dislikes, and interests. Therefore, their yogas, like the ones given below, form a favourable government job astrological combination. These play an essential role in getting a Sarkari job:

a. Gajakesari Yoga (Moon in conjunction with Jupiter is placed in Mutual Kendra), 

b. Adhi Yoga (Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter placed in sixth, seventh, and eighth house from Moon)

c. Panch Mahapurusha Yoga 

5. Sixth house should overpower seventh house in attack Varga, Shabdbala, etc. Also, an association of tenth house with sixth Lord or that of Dashmesh with a strong sixth house, a highly influencing Saturn in tenth house, and a prominent Sun, forms the government job yoga in birth chart.

6. Tenth and ninth houses should be correlated with each other to create a government job yoga in birth chart. This combination means that the individual’s profession is supported by luck.

7. The position of Jupiter should be extremely favourable for any form of government service or Sarkari job. 

8. If Saturn is in conjunction with Sun, it increases the chances of government jobs for the native.

Astrological combination for Government Job

When making predictions for Sarkari job, one needs to understand the astrological combination for government job. The placement of Jupiter, Sun, and Saturn are examined, especially when determining if one can get into Sarkari job as an IAS or IPS. The technique of calculating the possibilities of these two services in Sarkari Naukri is different from the other government job predictions. Let us discuss these in detail, below:

1. The value of Ashtak Varga for sixth and eleventh houses should exceed 25. 

2. Sun should be placed in either one of the Dharma Trikona (first, fifth, and ninth houses) or Moksha Trikona (fourth, eighth, and twelfth houses). 

3. The Vimsopkal Bal of Sun should exceed 10.

4. Sun should be placed in either the Indra Amsa, Agni Amsa, Kuber Amsa, or Anant Amsa in Dasamsa chart of an individual. 

5. In general, Dasamsa or D-10 chart should be strong for a native to secure a position in Civil services. 

Government Job astrological combination 

We have already discussed which are the planets supporting government jobs in horoscope, but let us now focus on their role in specific types of Sarkari jobs. 

1. Planets Saturn and Mars signify professions where machines are involved, while Moon rules over travelling jobs. Hence, these three, Saturn, Mars, and Moon together are essential for Railway Government jobs in astrology. Therefore, if someone wishes to get a Sarkari job in this field, then the placement of these three, along with other government job yoga in birth chart are taken into account. 

2. Planets Jupiter and Mercury signify professions where wealth and accounts come into play. Hence, their placement is significant for those who wish to get a Sarkari job in the Department of Audit and Revenue service. The position of Venus, in addition to these two, also needs to be examined. They are reviewed together when making government job prediction by date of birth for this field. Thus, these planets and their placements are considered, along with all the previously mentioned government job yoga in birth chart. 

Important astrological tips for Government Job

Now that you know most of the fundamentals of Sarkari job and government job yoga in birth chart let us discuss some important astrological tips for government job. These pointers will help you increase your chances of getting a Sarkari Naukri: 

1. It will be better if you fill your forms for Government job in the Hora of Sun. 

2. During the time of form filling for Sarkari job, as well as at times of your exam, check the ongoing planetary transit. If the transit of Jupiter influences your tenth house, then it is a positive indicator of success for you.

3. Review the ongoing Major Period (Mahadasha) and Sub Period (Antardasha), you are under, as presented in your birth chart. If you are undergoing the Major Period or Sub Period of Sun or Moon, it heightens your rate of success of getting a government job. 

4. On the day you apply for the Sarkari job, find out which nakshatra is operative. Ensure that it is not Vadha or Pratyeri Nakshatra as per your Janma Nakshatra. 

When will you get Government Job?

There are several instances where a person knows they have government job yoga in birth chart, at which, the next question arises: “When Will You Get Government Job?” The answer is ‘when you undergo a favourable Major Period and Sub Period’. But this is where the trouble lies as well. One can apply for Sarkari job in India, only up to a particular age (different for various positions and fields). Hence, if a favourable period does not arrive for you, at the right age, then it gets onerous for you to get a Sarkari Naukri. So, what are the favourable periods or Dashas to look for when my horoscope supports career in government? 

1. Major and Sub Periods of Sun, Moon, and Mars are the ones that promise a government job. But the fact of the matter remains that you can get a Sarkari job under any Major Period or Sub Period if the Dasha Lord is strongly placed. 

2. Major Period and Sub Period of Lords of sixth, ninth, and tenth houses help determine the exact timings of when one will get a government job. 

3. Checking the transit is equally vital for checking the probability of government job yoga in birth chart. Sometimes the Vimsottari Dasha stretches to two to three years. If that is the case, then the Jamini Chara Dasha can be examined for a more precise prediction.

We have tried to inform you as much as we can about Sarkari job and government job yoga in birth chart. However, every horoscope and natal chart is as unique as the person it belongs to. With the instructions and tips and tricks offered above, one can make government job prediction by date of birth. However, to avoid any rookie mistakes and to get the accurate answer to, “does my horoscope supports career in government?” you should get an expert’s advice. You can either opt for a short report underlining government job predictions or get a consultation with Dr Vinay Bajrangi for a more personalised reading. You should especially go for the latter if you are still confused about choosing a Sarkari job or a private one.

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Note: It is vital to mention here that we, and Astrology, does not undermine merit and hard work for any vocation, especially Sarkari Naukri. Our only goal is to guide an individual towards the career path, which is best suited for them, based on their characteristic traits and personality. We discern the latter from their kundali analysis and make predictions predicated on that.