Indian Share Market Today 24 Sep 2021

An established career in the stock market can be a challenging task. The reason behind this challenge is that the stock market is all about numbers. An essential aspect of numbers is that it can either be zero or some digit. There isn't any in-between. This profession can be challenging as it is more like a game of gambling. You can either be a king or can lose everything and fail. It is full of risks and chances. That is why this game depends upon the luck factor more than anything else. Your stars need to be in your favor if you ought to succeed in stock marketing. 

The share market is dependent on the ability of speculation and the strength of the intellect. However, a lot depends on destiny, especially if the ninth house and the lord in the birth chart are in sync with the fifth house. If such a combination prevails, no one and nothing can stop you from succeeding in this field. As it is majorly a luck-oriented vocation, the planets' placement in each of the houses plays an important role. 

If you are dedicated to this field, and you wish to know whether you can be successful in this field, you can adhere to astrological predictions in this regard. If the stock trading is in your destiny and your hands, you will surely be a part of it. However, through astrology, you can know about the appropriate timing and the amount of victory which will be in your store in this regard.

Stock Market: Share Trading Houses in Horoscope

1st House or Ascendant:

The native self holds an important role here. It is the house, which is the dominant one in all kinds of guesswork.

2nd house:

This house is the house of wealth and family.

5th house:

It is the house of guesswork, intuitions, share marketing, stock marketing, foreign currency, and so on. Therefore, if the house lord is elevated here, it symbolizes a strong birth chart position and form relations with the second, eleventh lord. Such a combination will fetch a lot of money in stock marketing.

8th house:

It is the house of sudden profit. It is essential to share marketing as it is all about sudden losses and gains.

9th house:

The ninth house symbolizes luck. If the fortune house lord is in a strong position and linked to those planets which hold the responsibility of success in the stock market, then you will indeed receive victory in the share or stock market.

10th house:

It is the house of career in every individual birth chart. The tenth house symbolizes all kinds of career-oriented doubts. 

11th house:

The eleventh house stands for desire, income, and profits from all the sources. 

Planets Behind the Success in share or stock market


The planet Jupiter is the regulator of wealth.


The planet Moon is the regulator of Mind and Fast guesswork.


The planet Mercury is the regulator of intellect and mind. Mercury takes control of the emotions.


The planet Rahu is the regulator of fast guesswork and sudden transformations in life.

Planetary Combinations for Victory in Stock or Share Market

If the first, second, fifth, tenth, and eleventh houses are in sync with each other, the native will quickly establish a career in the field of share or the stock market.

If the second, fifth, ninth, and eleventh house /lord are elevated, correctly placed, and free of any evil influences signify victory in the share market.

If the fifth house lord in the Second House and the tenth lord is placed in the fifth house or eleventh house, the native will amass wealth in the share market.

If the PARIVARTAN YOGA of the lords is in the second and eleventh house, the native will be victorious in the share market.

If Jupiter is in the ascendant and second, fifth, and ninth house, it indicates victory in the share and stock field.

If Rahu and Jupiter are in quadrant or trine house, the native will invest money in the share market; if lords of quadrant/trine conjoin Rahu and Jupiter, the native will victorious in this field.

Lords of fifth, ninth & eleventh houses placed in quadrant/ trine also symbolize success in the stock world.

If "Chandra Mangal Yoga" (Moon-Mars conjunction) is prevalent in the birth chart and Jupiter, Rahu or Mercury placed in the eleventh house, and the person will earn money through the share market.

If Moon in the Eighth House in your natal horoscope, you will earn profit and loss in the share market

If the fifth house lord and fourth house lord are conjoined and placed in quadrant or trikone or anywhere set in the ninth house, the person will put in money in the share market and make a lot of money through a share, but they must be free from evil conjunction.

Inauspicious Combination for Share or Stock Market

The eighth House and Lord combine with the second, fifth, tenth house or lord the person put in money in share market, but this combination indicates the loss in share market.

If Moon is heavily afflicted in the birth chart, the native should not invest in the share market.

If Mars or Jupiter debilitated or loosely placed in the natal chart or d9 chart, they would lose in share trading.

If the fifth, ninth, or eleventh house lord placed in the twelfth, sixth, or eighth house indicates the share market's loss. Such a person must invest in the share market, but they will stop investment after the loss.

If the lord of third, sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses lord in the fifth, ninth or eleventh house and native invest in share trading, the loss is possible.

If the fifth, ninth, eleventh, or second house lord is in retrograde or placed in trikone house or evil planets, the loss is possible in the share market.

If no planet is in quadrant or trikone house, the concerned person should never invest in share trading.

If the fifth and eleventh houses are in the Rahu, Ketu, they invest money in the share market, but they will simultaneously earn and lose money. 

When should you begin the Stock Market or share trading?

If the native starts sharing trading during the period and sub-period of the fifth, ninth, eleventh, tenth houses lord, the native will indeed receive profits.

If the double transit is present in the second, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh house, you will get victory in the share market.

Sometimes the eighth lord and the planets which are placed in this house offer sudden gain. 

Planetary Combination for Stock Market 

When Ascendant lord Jupiter is placed in the Ascendant House, it offers fame and success.

When the second Lord Mars is elevated and placed in the eleventh house with the eleventh lord and aspect to the fifth house, it is favorable for achieving victory in the stock arena.

If the Fifth Lord Moon is in the tenth House with Mercury, it forms Rajyoga in the house of profession.

If the ninth Lord Mars is elevated and placed in the eleventh house with the eleventh lord, it is conducive for a career in stock marketing.

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