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Do you know Nalanda University in Bihar – India, built in the ancient times when we did not know the words like Vastu or Vastu Shatra much in everyday life, would have Sunlight in each corner of the premises till the time Sun did not set? This is a miracle, which is nothing but excellence of Vastu. People are still researching as to what techniques or expertise were used in this Structure.

Vastu and Vastu shastra literally means – the science of architecture. Vastu is based on the traditional principles of Indian Architecture or maybe Buddhist beliefs to some extent. Vastu aims to integrate architecture with nature with different parts of a structure based on geometric patterns, symmetry, and directional alignments. Vastu is the collection and integration of ideas and concepts that make a structure most beneficial to the purpose for which, one is building it. Therefore, Vastu ideas cannot be rigid but would be flexible to reconcile with the purpose for which a structure is being built.

Vastu is also known as the science of dwelling. Vastu is as ancient as the Vedic period and came into existence with the building of ritual architecture. But then it gets extended to cover design and layouts for all premises/ architecture. Be it home, for business, commercial, utilities, public amenities, religious purpose, and likewise. But since the aim of Vastu is to plan any architecture to bring maximum benefits to its purpose, Vastu rules and guidelines would be different for each premise.

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What is the importance of Vastu 

Vastu's importance is to get maximum benefits from the Cosmic energies that infuse life into any structure. Vastu's importance is to design any premise keeping in mind the purpose for which a structure is being made. First, understand what the Cosmic energies of Vastu are? These are: 

1. Energies of the eight directions. These directions help us deciding what thing should occupy which place, 

2. Sacred Energy through the specific geometrical formation. 

3. The cycle of nature,

4. Choices of colours.  

5. The energy of metals for use in Structure.

6. Energy what a structure will get through plants in and around a premise. 

7. Avoiding inherent faults. These faults could be from water bodies, roads hitting a specific direction, the specific location of terraces, defects, stores, warehouses, etc.,

8. Energies of the floor level (Level difference),

9. Energies of ventilation through Doors and Windows,

10. Energies through Yantra, 

11. Energies of Yoga.

These are the basic points that a Vastu consultant will consider for Vastu of any premise.

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Is Vastu the same for all Premises

Vastu suggestions for one premise cannot be the same for all premises. But Vastu tips for one premise (same premises) can be different depending on the purpose for which one is making the structure. The purpose can be commercial, personal use, utilities, public services, and like that. And since the purpose of making any structure will be different, the Vastu for each segment of the premise will be different.

One may find that the Vastu tips for a structure for one purpose (say bed room) may differ entirely from Vastu tips for the same structure for another purpose (say Dining room).Therefore, I am giving Vastu tips for all premises/structure with different purpses individually. Here I would like to divide Vastu for all premises into two braod category.

If you are looking for Vastu for Office, Hospital, Mall, Showrooms, Hotel or any other premises for commercial purposes, please click on Vastu for Commercials.  

Here please continue reading Vastu for Home and its related in and out structure. I am explaning Vastu for all these premises or sections seperately as below: 

Vastu for home
Pooja room vastu
Study room vastu
Vastu for toilet
Vastu for Bedroom
Vastu For Living Room
Vastu For Kitchen
Vastu For Main Entrance

Vastu for Guest Room
Vastu for Overhead Water Tank

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