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Significance of Ascendant

Many times people are not able enough to identify and find out the attributes of their sun or moon sign. Eventually, the natives also feel that they do have am the antithesis of their zodiac sign. Possibly that even you might have faced it too. If you have a Leo friend, he or she might not be attention-seeking just because he or she has Capricorn ascendant. If you have a friend who is Sagittarius might be extremely possessive, the only reason could be he or she has a Scorpio Ascendant. Once you know and have the clarity about the rising sign or Ascendant in the horoscope, it gets impeccably easy to understand that few people do not correspond to their sun and moon sign. Basically, Ascendant is the degree of Zodiac Sign which appears to be the highest on the Eastern Horizon at the tenure of and place of birth. When observed from the earth, the sky appears to move, and during this period entirely zodiac could be observed in the span of 24 hours a day which eventually states that in the span of 24 hours, the rising sign kept on changing on the eastern horizon just after every 2 hours as there are 12 zodiac signs. With the escalating rising sign, the physical, emotional and spirituality that is accredited more with the increasing sign at times. It has a significant impact on various spheres of life.

Effects of Ascendant

Ascendant basically throws light on various clues and signs about the various aspects such as mind, appearance, personality, thought process and health and other spheres of life aspect. Ascendant could also be named as a strong base of Astrology because it is eventually connected or linked with other charts. By researching and analyzing Lagna properly, one could also develop a deep and authentic inner view of the state of mind, which includes a way of thinking as well as a has a significant impact on the spirit of any individual as well as also know the kind of illness that one could experience in his or her life.

Might be you do not know your Ascendant, but it is not so difficult to find out. If you wish to find out your Ascendant, you could simply sign up here and get your personalized birth chart prepared. The sign which is eventually located in the first house (which is popularly known as the Ascendant) of the native's chart is known as the rising sign or Ascendant. If you wish to determine the Ascendant, including the exact time of birth is eventually needed since the ascendants evolve every two hours. With the evolution, the characteristics of the ascendants could differ or change a lot which eventually depends upon the placement of the ruling planet. Basically, the other planets occupy the first house or at least aspect it. A Sagittarius Ascendant which has Jupiter in Scorpio would be somewhere different from a Sagittarius Ascendant which has Jupiter in Aries.

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