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Calculating Moon sign is basically first step in astrology towards identification of a person for all astrology predictions and analysis. Westerns use Sun sign but in Indian Vedic Astrology, we prefer astrology by Moon sign. Why I will explain further but important is how to know your moon sign? Use free Moon sign calculator to find your Moon sign by date of birth and time.

इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए “चंद्र राशि कैलकुलेटर” पर क्लिक करें।

What is Moon Sign? 

It is a typical question in your horoscope. The position of the Moon when you were born is an essential thing in your birth chart. Similarly, Moon Sign and Sun Sign are calculated, though both are entirely different from each other.

How to know Moon Sign?

You can get your moon sign assessed accurately by calculating the month, date, year, hour, and minute of your birth. As the Moon gets into a different sign every 2-3 days, you need to know your exact time of birth to calculate your Moon Sign. Moon is the most dynamic planet in the Zodiac. It passes through while Zodiacal circle in 28 days, entirely dissimilar to the Sun and other planets, which take more time. This is why a Libra born on October 1st could be different from a Libra born on October 3rd.

What is your Moon sign? 

When we talk about Moon sign horoscope, many of us don't know 'What is my Moon sign' or 'How to find Moon sign'. For those people, simply use Vedic Moon sign calculator on this page and calculate Moon Sign based on date of birth. Calculating moon sign is the foremost process if you don't know your birth Moon.

What is better Moon sign or Sun sign?

It is better to consider Moon sign horoscope by date of birth for all astrology predictions. Why should we consider Moon sign? Because Sun stays in a sign for One month whereas Moon stays in a sign for 2.5 days. It means people in a Moon sign will be much lesser than Sun Sign so predictions by Moon Sign will be for lesser people thus more accurate.  Moon sign astrology predictions are more accurate because they are more comprehensive and exhaustive and consider every aspect of celestial activity. This is a genuine reason Vedic astrology follows Moon sign predictions. Moon Signs hold significance in Vedic Astrology because it takes control of the mind, which has been given great importance in Indian astrology. Indian astrologers provide a prediction for day-to-day life scenarios based on the Moon Sign. They think that one’s moon sign can shed light on one’s inherent attributes, behaviour, nature, and character. As per traditional astrology, the Moon Sign sheds light on one’s inherent characteristics from his/her parents. Nevertheless, astrologers think that as the moon sign takes control of one’s mind and emotions, it shows how he or she faces various situations. 

Why Moon Sign is important?

Some questions might be boggling your mind regarding the moon sign and what it is all about, why we calculate the Moon sign, etcetera. At the juncture, you can realize the importance of a moon sign calculator. It can equip you with a brief idea about your Moon sign. Besides, it provides you with some information about the Moon sign. Let’s take a glance at the Moon Sign to know it better: 

  • Birth moon calculator can give lots of information about one’s inherent attributes, likes, and dislikes nature, behaviour, character, and personality. 
  • It helps one to know one’s fate so that one can move on the right path.
  • Astrology Moon sign plays an essential role in finding one’s consistency with other people, particularly with one’s partner. It may be one’s father, mother, brother, sister, friends, lover, or any other person entering your life. 
  • It helps one to maintain a harmonious and long-lasting relation with everyone.
  • It determines one’s life path, mental consistency, luck with the second person born under a certain Moon sign.
  • One cannot go ahead with Indian Vedic Astrology without knowing one’s Moon Sign. Indian Astrologer gives the day-to-day-life scenarios based on the Moon Sign as per date of birth.
  • As per Moon sign calculator India, astrologers consider the Moon sign as the first house in one’s natal chart and then give the predictions based on the Transit or Gocher of this planet into different houses.   

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