Share Market and Share Trading

Dealing in the share market and share trading is one of the main attractions of people who want to make a fast buck & money at the highest peak. But then Luck in the share market can make a person like Warren Buffet or Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and also persons like Harshad Mehta or Ketan Parikh. Name in both the categories are "n," but I have counted just a few to show this article's relevance.

This was just an entry to the tunnel to read about how Luck in the share market can change a person's entire life. Now once you have reached this page, it means you have an inclination for some quick money from the share/stock market.  

Astrology for Share Market and Share Trading

Astrology has tools to predict for all acts of a person depending upon what a birth chart indicates vetted with the actual skills & karmic pattern of a person. Similarly, astrology for share market and share trading can predict about Luck of a person in the share market. I will explain all astrology factors to predict whether one will gain or lose in the share market. Both ways, it can involve extremes as we can co-relate with few names indicated above. Now I will explain a little more about how astrology predicts success and losses in the share market and trading.

Do you know that the horoscope has a specific yoga or combinations of planets which ensures that the native earns through share or stock market? 

Money and wealth Yogas in the horoscope tell whether the native will gain out of share market. And if profitability from the share market is there in the horoscope, then it has to be seen which type of business/trading one can do in share or stock market. By types of trading, I mean:

  1. Intraday trading

  2. Short term trading 

  3. Long term trading ‚Äč

Wealth & Money Yoga

Foremost, Share market success or failure depends on money and wealth yoga in a horoscope. I am briefing on this money and wealth yoga just a broad guideline because success or failure in the stock market depends on planets, planetary combinations & specific houses in a birth chart. Therefore one should never go in mirage seeing wealth or Dhan/money yoga in a birth chart. It can be disastrous.  

2nd house in a birth chart indicates wealth. But one has to simultaneously examine the 4th, 9th, 10th, and 11th house along with the ascendant. Then one has to see Jupiter, which rules over a person's wealth. Another planet Venus representing worldly attractions and Luxury, has to be examined. 

For broad guidelines, I will explain combinations that form wealth/Money yoga in horoscope.

Planetary combinations for success and losses in Share Market 

Some combinations decide success and losses in share and stock market trading. These are indicated as below. But it is always advisable to spend a few minutes with an expert before you take a plunge into share market. I am again cautioning results of share market dealings are extreme.

1. Conjunction of Lagna Lord with Lord of 2nd house form the Wealth/Dhan Yoga.

2. The presence of Lord of 2nd house in the 11th house and vice versa forms money yoga.

3. Placement of ascendant's Lord in 10th house forms a money yoga. This combination also denoted that the native will be wealthier than his/her parents.

4. Good association of 9th house's Lord with 11th house's Lord leads to good wealth yoga.

5. Association of Lord of 5th house with lords of 9th and 10th and its house makes a person rich.

6. A mutual support of Lord of 2nd house with Lord of 9th house results in a good money Yoga.

However, one should not jump to indulge in share market activities as there are many precautions that one should take to try Luck in share market and trading.  

Houses for success and failure in Share Market

There are specific houses that decide success and failure in the share market & trading. I would simply summarise these houses responsible for giving success and failures in the share market. These houses are 1st house or ascendant, meaning the native self and2nd house, the house of wealth and money.  

Then it is the 5th house, which represents Speculation, intuition, foreign trading, and currency. Next is the 8th house, which indicates sudden gains. The share market again is a subject of sudden gains in most of the cases. Then it is the 9th house, which is the house of fortune. The share market can build or shatters the future. 

Then it is the 10th house that represents the profession or career of a person. Whether someone will be successful or a failure in share market career is seen from this house. And finally, it the 11th house which represents desire, success and gains from whatever a person does.  

Planets for success and failure in Share Market and Trading

There are specific planets that decide the success and failure in the share and stock market. These planets work as per the significations attached to these planets. But finally, results about your Luck in share market depend on the positioning of these planets in a birth chart and the intrinsic relationship of planetary combinations, as explained above. 

Still, for a broader perspective, let me explain the planets responsible for share and stock market are Jupiter, Moon, Mercury, and Rahu. 

1. First is Jupiter, as it is the significator of wealth. 

2. Second is the Moon, which is the significator of a person's mind and speculative capabilities.

3. Third is Mercury that represents a person's intellect, brain, mind, and also emotions. 

4. Lastly, it is Rahu, which is known for expansion, illusions, and sudden life changes. 

Also, specific planets based on their characteristics & basic nature indicate what type of shares a person should deal with. One can get a broad idea of these planets' position in their birth chart as to what type of commodity or shares a person should deal in.

Your luck in Share Market

The money involved in the share market moves @ speed of thought. Luck in share market also changes @ speed of thought. Few names mentioned above clearly prove the point. Therefore, it is always better to make proper calculations & examination before making any decision. 

Your luck in share market & trading depends foremost if you have a wealth Yoga. This wealth or money Yoga should have proper support of planets and planetary combinations which support share market & share trading.  Understand which planet is strong in your birth chart to support which particular sector of shares. Then house in your birth chart must support your success in share market. Then one must check right dasha and gochar (transits) of different planets. 

These are all astrological combinations that indicate your success and failure in share market. But above all is your acumen to decide at right time. Understand all important do’s and don’ts for dealing in share market. 

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Do's and Don'ts for Share Market Trading

While dealing with the share market and stocks, you must think about some important do’s and don’ts. What safeguards should you take into consideration? 

While trading in the stock market, you should remember the following precautions. Although I have spared no pains in listing all the drawbacks, someone who loses money while trading losses due to many reasons explained below. Your horoscope can give you suggestions about which reasons were the stumbling blocks to your business. 

Market is never easy 

The reason is that it gets very tough even for market experts to time the market. So, it would help if you lay more focus on individual stocks than on stock market indices. 

Avoid Over trading  

Excessive trading gives more brokerages and losses. So, it would help if you did not skedaddle while making a transaction. Instead, you should take your position after you have decided how much profit you are interested in making, and if you miss the assessment, where you will pile your stop loss. You can safeguard yourself against excessive trading if you own a wrap account in which brokerage is applicable at a flat rate instead of on every transaction. 

Myth regarding buy at lows and sell at highs 

Abstain from trading by taking a glance at the 52-week high and 52-week low values. But it would help if you traded as per the latest trends. It is natural that when the stock is at its least value, you can buy it, but when it is at its highest value, you can sell it. Remember not to trade heavily with the less amount of capital, using margin trading.   

Check your risk to reward ratio 

Before getting into a trade, assess your risk to reward ratio, and then execute your trade accordingly. By doing this, you will be able to control your emotions.  

Check your exit or entry before the stop loss is triggered 

Now and then, fear and greed force us to work differently, even if we execute our trade with loss techniques. If you have known your exit and entry points, make no changes to them. Instead, change them slightly as per requirements. 

Stick to the basics 

Prefer charts to emotions. Spend some time to grasp some of the fundamentals on how to infer the charts. Please spend some time getting some information regarding the company before you take the plunge into it. It would help if you traded a stock that has strong fundamentals. This is so because fundamentally strong stocks won’t land you in trouble even there is something fishy about the stock market.  

Don't lose gained money 

If you have made some profit from your trade, do not think that you will be at risk of losing your earned money in some other trade. It would help if you traded as per a plan and not as per your fear and greed. Always keep a small part of your earned money by your side. 

Prepare to lose if decisions go wrong 

Most people feel reluctant to book their losses even after putting stop-loss triggers. After losing some more money, they think of holding back that stock for some more time. At times, the stock may not get back to the value as previously thought of. Consequently, this results in a long-term attachment of that stock. 

Book profits after achieving targets 

The sale of time is more pertinent than buying time. So, it is tough to sell a stock which is already in profits. After achieving the target, people will try to hold back that stock, expecting it to go beyond. But if the situation is unfavourable, you will be at risk of losing your earned profits. So, it is advisable to leave the stock if the target is unachievable. Instead, please wait for your re-entry into the stock trade when it goes on the right track. Avoid balancing out old losses by investing more in lucrative stocks. 

Don't get carried away with market experts 

You need to do an analysis yourself if some experts suggest you for a particular stock. Some experts have bad intentions regarding some stocks. So, it would help if you did not succumb to their pressure.  

Losers are more than winners so be on winning side 

Bear in mind that losers are greater than winners in the stock markets. Those who gain in the stock market also earn massive amounts. This is so because they are more balanced and do not lose their emotions. Besides, they work as per plans. 

Which planet supports what type of Shares

Each planet indicates some specific sectors or category of shares which will bring gains. So one should see these planets' position in respective birth chart to decide which category or commodity will bring maximum gain to the person.

A strong sun in the birth chart indicates a person should deal with shares related to the power sector, Nuclear energy, Media and Govt, and public sector shares. Sun also has an affinity towards shine & favours commodities like Gold, Copper, Bronze, Gunmetal, Explosive, Ruby, sulphur. A strong Sun will help a person get success in dealing in shares related to these commodities. A negative placed Sun means a person should try to avoid dealing with the shares of these segments.  

A strong Moon favours a person to deal in share of the sector like Petroleum, Shipping, and Oil and Gas owning floating nature. Moon also favours dealing in share related to a commodity like Mineral, Soft or Cold drinks, milk and milk products, Pearl, Aluminium, Alcohol, Rice, Silver, and peppermint. 

A good Mars in birth chart favours a person to deal with shares in health care, pharmaceutical, capital goods, steel & Metal, automobile, and Cement. And since it has an affinity with commodities like copper, steel, crude oil, firearms, explosives, spices, and Tobacco, a person should prefer dealing in the share related to these items.

A good Mercury in the birth chart will support the person to deal in share of sectors like FMCG, Textiles, IT & Educational, Banking and financial sector, Insurance, publication, and aviation sector. Mercury, a planet of wit, intelligence and humour also favours a person to deal in shares of commodities like Emerald, News, Agro & food products, News, peppermint & Cotton. 

A well placed Jupiter will favour a person to deal in share of sectors like Gems and Jewellery, Eatable oils, FMCG, Textile, export and shipping. And with its harmony towards Gold, bronze, copper, food grains, oil, Mustard oil, wheat, the shares related to these businesses are good for the person. 

A strong Venus your horoscope favours you to deal in shares of sectors like Gems, jewellery, Media & entertainment, hospitality, hotels, fashion, luxury products, artificial jewellery and Garments. And since Venus is a planet of worldly attractions, and Luxury so a strong Venus will be beneficial for a person to deal in shares related to commodities like Diamond, Opal, Quartz, Silver, crystal, Silver, copper, and essential oils. 

A good Saturn supports a person to deal in share of sectors related to Infrastructure, Cement, Metal, coal mining, crude oil, Metal, reality, and building projects. With an affinity towards commodities like Iron, Steel, Coal, crude oil, and leather. 

Rahu favours dealing in share of the sectors like Media, entertainment, Power, electrical goods, Infrastructure, Metal & Cement. It also supports dealing in shares related to iron and steel. 

Ketu indicates success in dealing with shares in sectors like Leather, footwear, Oil, gas, crude oil, pharmaceutical, automobile, Power, reality, and Infrastructure. It also favours a person to deal in shares related to commodities like Coal, Iron, Steel & Copper.  

I have not used any word like etc. or similar while describing the sectors which a planet favours. This is because people involved in share markets are generally impatient & fond of calculating illusions and speculations.

All shares cannot be good at all the times & all shares cannot be good for all. All shares cannot give similar results at all times and to all persons. Therefore, your luck in the share and stock market depends on a perfect blend of all these factors.  Never be over confident seeing initial success as Ketan Parikh & Harshad Mehta also never dreamt the kind of a fate they met with dealing in share market. Better consult a good business astrologer before taking a big leap towards the share market.

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