Parent Child Relationship and Its Influencing Factors

Children have a core nature - a set of automatically triggered perceptions, priorities, values, and meanings that are present at birth, identifiable at an early age, and largely unchanging over time. Parents also have a nature, the one that they were born with. A parent’s nature might be the same as or quite different from that of their co-parent, child, or children. Most of the parents remain anxious about the relation they will have with their offspring. 

Before I move forward may I tell you about the relationship you will have with your kid.

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Parent Child relationship in astrology

Do you know the parent child relationship can be evaluated from a kid's horoscope and can be changed but only if one acts in time.

There are specific Yoga in a horoscope which tell a million tales about the nature and inter relationship with the parent. As you must know that positive parent child relationships are important for all areas of children’s development. By being in the moment, spending quality time and showing warmth, care and respect, you can strengthen your relationship with your child.

The detectable yogas:

1. If the birth-constellation of the son is the constellation of the birth of the father or the lunar expenditure, then the native has mental agitation and anguish due to the son. In this yoga, birth constellation is given importance. The constellation has an effect on the nature and thinking of a person. If that constellation for the father is the constellation of the Sage, then surely it will hurt the father.The nature of a child and education come together, either to mar the child or to help the child flourish. When a child is not taught according to his or her nature, it is like cutting against the grain, dulling the knife and marring the wood. 

2. a) If the son is born ascendant from the father's moon, or if the father's moon is in the fourth house from the son's ascendant, then the son opposes his father.

2. b) In the ninth house (Lagnesh + Sastesh), it  gives fierce opposition to the father.

3. a) The native gets the pleasure of obedient son when there is a mutual exchange of Lagnesh and Panchmesh.

3. b) Zodiac sign of Lagnesh and Panchamesh gives yoga obedient son

3. c) If Lagnesh is Panchamastha and Panchmesh is lagnastha or if (Lagnesh+Panchmesh) is in the lagan or fifth house then the son of the native respects the father's words.

3. d) If the vision of Panchamesh is on the Ascendant and if the vision of Lagnesh is related to the fifth house, then the son and father respect each other's thoughts.

A child is a human being with amazing capacity! A child has been created with innate potential to reflect the glory of God and possess a virtuous soul.

4. a) The fifth house is the place to have a son or become a father. If the fifth house is auspicious, the factor Guru and the fifth house are also auspicious, then the person gets a lot of happiness as a father. Other scholars say that Navamsh should be auspicious house, if the vision of Sun and 9th house is related to a guru, then the native gets the best happiness of the father.

4. b) If the son of Panchamesh and Cruel Griha or in the lower house of Navamsa and the fifth house (or Panchamesh) is also associated with recession and sin house like Rahu, then the native will suffer because of his son.

Astrology also helps in understanding the influence a father will have on his son: 

1. If the sun is very strong in the horoscope of the son, then he takes birth on earth after taking the qualities and nature of the father.

2. The moon in the horoscope shows that the behavior of the native has been received from the mother.

3. Scholars have considered the sun to be a soul. Therefore, the native of the planet in which the Sun is in the trinity, has its merits and demerits.

4. Children naturally love learning because they are naturally inquisitive. A child finds wonder and excitement in discovery. A child feels the thrill of learning something new and being amazed at what he or she had not known before. There is a natural appetite for learning that is ravenous.

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Mother and Child relationship:

1. Scholars have considered the auspicious effects on the fourth house, fourth quarter and moon to be admirable. Such a person treats his mother with affection and respect

2. Dr. S. S. Chatterjee has given 5 astrological yogas which can depict a good relationship with mother. These are as follows:

3. If Chaturthust is in the center or triangle of Lagna with Lagna and auspicious with auspicious planets, then the native has a feeling of intimacy and respect for the mother.

4. If Lagnesh and Chaturthesh become mutual friends and have visionary relationship with auspicious planets, then the native has respect for his mother.

5. In the fourth house, the sight of auspicious auspiciousness gives the mother the blessing of the mother.

6. The lagna of Kendriya Chaturthi and the relation of sight with auspicious planets Buddha, Guru, Venus or Sun makes the native lucky and gives love to the mother.

7. If there is any kind of relation between Mars and Guru, the person respects the mother and is a benefactor of the mother.

The relationship the Son will have with his Father: 

1. The combination of Sun and Saturn or the sight of Saturn on the Sun destroys the father's happiness. Sometimes the person is worried due to conflict with father, serious differences or long-term disease of father. In due course, Sun in Saturn's zodiac sign or Sun sign also reduces the happiness related to father.

2. If the Sun is situated in the horoscope from Janam to the second, Dwadash or Moon in the seventh or eighth house, then the possibility of differences with the father increases.

3. If the Madhyesh, Navamastha and Chaturthesh are dead, Shatrukshetri or inferior, then the native renounces the clan-traditions and opposes the parents. If you look carefully, the second house signifies the family. Secondary being eighth in his sense can destroy total traditions. Similarly, their symbol being the inferiority of Chaturthesh will also give a state of excitement, dissatisfaction, and stress in the mind.

4. The Saptamastha Guru makes the native more virtuous than the father. Reason- Jupiter is virtuous, virtuous, rich and hardworking person, due to gain the vision of the seventh master, being in the ascendant and valor.

5. In the ninth house (Lagnesh + Sastesh), the differences with the father.

6. If in the ninth seventh house, the father's crescent is in the Sun triangle in the 5th house (5th, 7th house) and the sight of the Sun, then the native is the obedient son to the father.

Judging the Kid through Saptmansha: 

a. If son's Lagna is same as 10th House of father, the son as intelligent as the father. 

b. If Son's Lagna is as same as 2nd house, 3rd House, 9th House or 11th House of father which indicates that son is obedient towards father; son's Lagna 6th/8th House of father would give destructive relations 

c. If Son's Lagna is equal to the 13th house of father do not give desired affection 

d. Lord of 6th House or Lord of 8th House of the father in son's Lagna indicates that the son is more intelligent, famous and Suyogaya

e. Son's Lagna is equal to the 5th House or 9th House of father which indicates mutual love and affection. 

f. Mutual aspect or exchange of lord of Lagna or Lord of 5th House in Rashi or Navmasa indicates affectionate relations. 

g. Lord of Lagna and Lord of 9th House in 5th House inspected by the benefit is good. 

h. Lord of 5th House exchange or lord of 10th House or Lord of 5th House or 10th House indicates that the native is like a king and his son will become as successor

Adverse relation combination 

a. Lord of Lagna and Lord of 6th House is in the 9th House 

b. Whether the sun is in the 9th House or 12th House 

c. Lord of Lagna in 12th House 

d. Lord of Lagna and Jupiter enemy and Jupiter in the 6th House aspected by Lord of Lagna 

e. Malefic yoga in 5th House from Jupiter 

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