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Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings ~~ Publilius Syrus.

Living creatures are all prone to health problems & medical issues with very few exceptions. But then there is another saying: precaution is better than cure. Medical science helps tremendously in this but then astrology also helps detecting health problems in a person’s life. How can astrology help in health problems? Can astrology predict health problems in a person’s life? Yes Astrology can help predicting health & medical issues. Most important to note here is that Astrology health check predicts medical issues before it happens. And medical science & doctors come into picture when the health issues have surfaced. So importance of astrology for health problems is well justified here. Before we understand: how astrology works in health issues & what are astrological solutions to health issues, let us understand as to what health calculator has to say about you? 

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Astrology for Health - How Astrology works in Health issues?

We have understood that health issues predictions from birth chart are an advance indication of health problems and medical issues. Timely alert on health issues from horoscope makes us much comfortable taking advance pre-cautions than running to Doctors & hospitals when such issues occur. Now understand, how astrology works in health issues? Astrology is the science and a horoscope is the tool through which both good health and bad health can be predicted. In astrology, horoscope consists of twelve houses. These twelve houses of horoscope cover all aspects of human life and this includes health also. These twelve houses in horoscope are all part of Kaal Purush Kundli. In these twelve houses, first house represents mind, personality and face of the person, second house represents vocal / voice, third house represents arms & chest, fourth house denotes heart & it goes on like that. If you have bad effects of any malefic planets on these houses, it leads to health issues. To clarify further, sixth house in horoscope represents health in Vedic astrology. Impact & aspect of benefice and malefic planets on sixth house is the deciding factor if the person will have a good health or bad health. 

Once in a two-year health astrology check is recommended depending upon the age, the type of work, health status, and the overall health risks. Now understand how it is possible in astrology to assess indications of health issues & diseases.

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Health prediction by date of birth

Health predictions by date of birth: means reading all houses & planets in your birth chart which can cause health issues. Health prediction by date of birth means reading houses which can give health issues. Health predictions for specific diseases can be made from date of birth. Apart from these specific answers, we can also indentify various astrological combinations which become the reason of health issues. Now, I will try to explain all these factors in a concise manner with separate explanation for the main points in my individual pages on health predictions based on date of birth/birth details.

Diseases and Planets in birth chart

There are many subtle signs which might indicate some health issues in the birth chart. There are specific planets, houses in horoscope which indicate health issues & diseases. Instead of ignoring, it is always wiser to give yourself the attention that you deserve. Health should always be in priority. Like Doctors have different tools to detect and treat a particular disease, same way, there are specific astrological tools to detect the symptoms of general health issues and also specific diseases. There are specific planets and houses in birth chart for diseases and reading medical issues. Same way, there are methods to co-relate symptoms of various specific diseases with different houses and planets in a horoscope. I will explain both these factors as below:

Houses in birth chart indicating Health issues

Now let have a broader idea as to which particular disease is indicated in the different houses and signs.

Overall body like head, face & facial bones, brain, blood vessels of brain & complexion, we see from first house (Aries).

Diseases related to speech, teeth, eye, neck and bones, throat, blood vessels and nerves connected to throat & neck from second house.

Third house is for shoulders, collar, arms & related bones, lungs, breathing issues.

Forth house in horoscope is for chest, breast, ribs, stomach & diseases emerging out of food habits, digestive system.

Heart, mind and spinal cord from the fifth house.

Diseases in general, bowels, abdomen, intestines, kidneys , stomach from the sixth house.

Seventh house for waist, skin, naval cavity.

Serious & difficult to cure diseases like sexual organs, bladder, urinary from eight house in birth chart.

Diseases related to hips, nerves and thighs, arterial system from ninth house.

Tenth house for hams, joints, knees, bones related diseases.

Legs, ankles, blood circulation from eleventh house.

Twelfth house or Pisces for feet, toes, left eye and more importantly for hospitalisation and death. As we understand 12th house in birth chart is of final loss.

Indications of Specific diseases in birth chart

After giving a broader idea about connection of different house in the birth chart & types of diseases, now I will explain more details about some specific diseases and how astrologically we read about specific diseases in horoscope. I mean are there indications of specific diseases in a birth chart? Yes birth chart indicates  specific diseases as explained below:

Indication of Skin problem in Birth Chart

It is an actual skin problem and can also indicate a severe health issue. We know skin is the very most substantial ingredient of the human body as the skin covers a vast area and is in charge of eliminating toxins of the body. This tells the story of what is going inside the body, often it can be allergies or infection or any other unlisted skin problem. The most common symptoms, like embossed patches or bumps on the skin, oversensitive, or itchy skin, can indicate the need for medical astrology.

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Role of Mercury and Saturn in Skin Problem

As we know that skin is the largest organ of the body. It can be in terms of both weights-between 6 and 9 pounds and a surface area about the two sq. Yards. The skin is the separation between your internal body and the outside world. It will protect you from bacteria and viruses, which can regulate body temperature.

Conditions which can irritate, clog, or inflame the skin and can cause the symptoms of such as redness, swelling, burning, or itching. Irritants, allergies, and genetic makeup and certain diseases and immune system problem which can cause dermatitis, hives, and other skin conditions. There can be skin problems, like acne, and affect your appearance. You can skin can also develop several kinds of cancer. Medical Astrology identifies the factors that are responsible for Skin Disorders. Planets such as Saturn and Mercury account for almost all types of skin diseases and disorders.

Ascendant: Condition of mental and physical health

2nd House: It represents the face, or pimple on face or maybe some facial scars.

6th House: It represents sickness or a trigger of various diseases.

Saturn: A natural significator of skin, any age-related problems, eczema, and some incurable diseases.

Moon: Any blood impurity or anemia,

Venus: The planet responsible for the beauty of the skin.

Mercury: Any stress in life and skin problems

Mars: Some boiling, rashes, allergies, or measles.

Jupiter: Jupiter influences the 11th House or lord of 11th House. (Jupiter rules the metabolism and toxicity)

Mercury/ Saturn Link :Planet Saturn is a reason for drying of the surface epidermis, and the prevention of excessive blood flow the slowing down the nerve signals it is as pain, pressure, vibration, or prescription.

 Bowel movements

Bowel Movement means evacuation of accumulated waste from a body. Regular bowel movement is a natural requirement for a health body but an irregular bowel movement is a clear symptom of bad health. A frequent bowel problem is like constipation, loose motion, painful evacuation, or bloating, which is accompanied by a discomforting feeling. A persistent digestive problem leading to irregular bowel movement can be read through astrology health report. 

Urination problems indications in the birth chart

Like bowel, passing urine is an essential and most crucial indicator of health. Any kind of pain, burning, or discomfort which are related to urination can cause concern. A frequent visitor to the bathroom can be an indicator of an increased level of blood sugar. One can note changes in the urine color, a dark yellow or the red urine. Noticing reduced or increasing frequency in the amount of urine that is passed, you must go for health astrology report

Other astrological indications of bad health

Apart whatever is explained above, there are some more indications of bad health in a birth chart.  A preventive astro-health can identify these indications of bad health. Vedic astrologer has some sufficient tool which can evaluate the health of the native. Reading horoscope, astrologer can access many signification of bad health. The same are explained as below:  

Ascendant's Weakness

1. Position of sin house in the Lagan

2. Position of the lord

3. Ascension

4. Presence of misuse in the Lagan

5. On Lagan, you show the weakness of Lagan in Kartari Yoga. Because the relationship of Lagan is related to health, the deficiency of Lagan is associated with the malaise of the body, so the weakness of Lagan signifies discomfort.

6. In Yogadhyaya of Faldipika, Shri Manteshwar has given 38 Duryog (Avayog). If the Lagan has Shishtesh, Ashtamesh or Dwadhesh respectively, and Lagnesh also changes the zodiac in these houses, then there is daily yoga. Such a person finds an enemy and anguish.

Weakness of Lagan

1. Lagnesh is low or sunset.

2. The Lagnesh enemy is in the zodiac sign of the planet.

3. The Lagnesh is in third place, i.e., the best, the eighth or the tenth house.

4. If Lagnesh is a sin due to any sin planet, then it is known as a sign of weakness and sickness of Lagnesh. Keep in mind mutual changes, vision with the ruling planet, shared vision, and the relationship between the two worlds in the zodiac sign is considered inferior.

Role of Moon in Health Issues

Does Moon has specific role in health issues, what is the role of Moon in health issues? Now I'll explain what is the importance of Moon in birth chart on health issues.

1. The importance of the Moon is not less than Lagan or Lagan. The Moon is a symbol of happiness and health. Hence if the Moon is:

2. If in the Dosthasthana (6th, 12th sense)

3. Have a low zodiac

4. Situated with the Sun, that is, weakened by being near Amavasya.


5. Moon enemy area

6. If the sin is in Duddhara Yoga, then such a person suffers from many diseases.

Lack of cruel planet in Trishdaya

It is a bit strange but tried it. Even if the lord of the 3,6 or 11 house is inauspicious or evil, Tritiya, the position of the cruel (sin) planet in the best and eleventh House, increases the health and preventive power of the native. If a harsh planet is not located in Trishaday, then it can also cause disease and weakness.

Position of the cruel planet in the centre or triangle

All scholars have considered the centre to be the place of confirmation and growth of Vishnu or happiness health. Similarly, the triangle house is the place of Lakshmi or wealth, and happiness. The location of the cruel planet in these places increases disease, lowliness, and sorrow. Keep in mind that original sin does not remain inauspicious due to being the master of the home centre, but such a centripetal sin planet, located in the triangle, becomes Raja Yoga. Yet the truth is that the cruel or sinful planet can be sick in the centre or triangle.

Ashtamesh's weakness

If Ashtamesh is low or sun-drenched, sunset, with enemy field or enemy planet or having the vision, then the person is the weak body and sick. Only the auspicious planets in the eighth House make Lagnadhi Yoga, but in terms of health, the position of the planets in the eighth House does not give any promising effect. The reason is that the osteoporosis indicates a delay in the complexity, severity, and health benefits of the disease. In such a sense, a cruel planet will probably be helpful in health, while the auspicious planet proves to be ineffective. Some scholars have considered Ashtamastha auspicious planet for health and longevity.

The weakness of Self Factor Planet

Science readers know that the House is the highest part of the sacrifice; that is, it is on the most upper part in any sign; it is called self-factor. If the self-causal planet or the natural causal planet of the soul or health, the Sun is weak, then this condition is also going to increase disease.

Condition of den

Scholars have considered Mandi as auspicious in the Trishdaya but inauspicious and harmful in the center or triangle. The combination of Mendi with Lagan, Lagnesh, Sun, or Moon makes the person sick.

Lack of auspicious points, in the Ascendant category, in the ascendant and the eighth House

As if the person's body and life force are indicated by weakness. Do not be surprised if such a person is suffering and suffering from the disease.

More of the above points and more is the probability of having an ailment or an ailing body.

It is recommended to get a thorough health analysis done to muster all the strength to fight with diseases within the body and those which are to come. 

Conclusion: When we talk about health, we have two options: one is to rush to the doctor & hospitals etc after the health issues surface. Here expensive treatment and expensive medicines dominate you. Second option is to contact a good astrologer beforehand and know  in advance that when you can face health issues in your life. ? Or when can our health deteriorate?  which part of your body can be troublesome? how can that problem be avoided in time?

Prevention is better than cure and nobody can deny this . So to protect yourself from health issues in your life as explained in above article in detail.  How do you know what disease you have ?How to treat mental illness without medication?

How to reduce depression without medication? How Can astrology predict health problems? How astrology help to come out of medical problems? Which planet is responsible for good health? what are the planets and their effects on the human body.

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