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Astrological Remedies to Get Rid of Loan | Debt Crisis


Monday is considered an auspicious day for taking or repaying loans as it is associated with Goddess Parvati and the Moon. Tuesday is favourable for paying off old debts, but it's advised to avoid taking new loans on this day. Friday, governed by the Planet Venus, is also a favourable day for borrowing or lending money.

The Nakshatras which are considered auspicious to take loans are:

Dhanishtha, Swati, Shatabhisha, Chitra, Punarvasu, Anuradha, Mrigashira, Ashwini, Pushya and Revati. According to Vedic astrology, obtaining a loan during these nakshatra increases the chances of timely repayment.


If you are troubled by any financial problem, then astrological solutions can help you a lot. There is no general solution to improve the economic situation that will bring everyone the same results. How can the solutions be the same when the problems are different? Every person requires a different remedy based on their horoscope. 

For money crunch, common remedies include worshipping Lord Hanuman and Surya Dev. But knowing which remedy will work best for you is important – donating, chanting, worshipping or wearing a gemstone. Just following a general remedy will not give you the desired results. That is why it is important to visit an astrologer – they will tell you the exact reason behind your financial problems and suggest the right solution that will solve them. Remember, no results come in a day! You need to be patient and keep faith in remedial measures to solve your financial problems easily.


Lord Kubera, the Hindu god of wealth and prosperity, is often worshiped for loan repayment and financial stability. Additionally, Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, is also revered for success in financial matters, including the repayment of debts. However, a consultation with an astrologer is necessary to understand which planets in your birth chart bring wealth. Once you know these planets, worshipping the deities associated with them can bring you prosperity.

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