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You took a personal loan that you are now unable to pay. Is a business loan troubling you or an education loan or student loan is becoming hard to pay? You are then at the best possible web page that will assess your debt or personal loan eligibility or capacity and let you know the astrological concept behind it. I will let you know the reasons for these loans, debts, and financial problems as per your birth chart. And then can give you suitable advice & remedies to come out from these financial issues.

What is Debt trap or Debt issues in birth chart 

Taking Loans for a genuine reason & taking loans with pre-conceived bad intentions have a different perspective totally. Reasons for the first category can be circumstantial/incidental, which are easy to handle astrologically. The second category also can be seen & treated in astrology, but it has a different angle to reading traits of cheating in person's horoscope. My main focus here would be to analyse and understand when we take loans for genuine reasons and face debts & financial issues in our life. The situation sometimes becomes that of a debt trap & trouble the person for life. These are some specific indications of debts and financial problems in horoscope. An intelligent person will try to know the impact of these indications beforehand, and then plan taking and giving loans. Astrology mandates a careful study of the sixth House of horoscope for debts & financial issues.

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How to manage loans/debts according to your birth chart? 

It is worth mentioning here that if an astrologer identifies these reasons of debts or financial issues in a horoscope, then giving solutions is also an easy job. Main planets to identify loans and debts in the horoscope are Rahu, Mars & Saturn, and main House indicating financial issues in the horoscope are 6th House, 8th, 11th House & 12th House.

I will first explain the reasons, complexities & other aspects in loan & debts related matters from a layman's perspective. Then I will co-relate the same with astrological aspects of financial issues in horoscope. The explanation is applying Karma Correction in a way that a negative planet gets softened out without clashing too much. Let us understand what can be read and can be corrected to avoid taking credits

Loan for regular expenses:

Some people find themselves in the habit of taking credit  to meet regular expenses; you may need to set House in order. "If you need to borrow regularly to meet the regular expenses like rent, kids, or school fees, you may get slide into a debt trap."

Loan to repay a loan

Borrowing some money to repay another, you need to aim at reducing one's interest. Another reason for worrying about the sign is a way people can deal with the fixed obligation. "Among many fixed requirements, people usually don't let you be a defaulter on home loan and car loan and the EMI's or payments like rent and because of the social pressure. You may start using the credit card and try to tide over the credit card by paying just the minimum amount.

Not clearing credit card dues

By not paying the credit card dues in full amount with a huge red flag. Experiencing the practice of not paying the credit card bill in full is quite excessive. Almost around 25% of the client may never miss the credit card payment, which can roll over by paying the minimum amount due in the past year.

You forgot about utility bills. When not, it is not a warning sign. If you frequently miss pay utility bills, you may spend beyond your means, and it's the red flag. It indicates a lack of financial literacy-the the late payment will impact your credit score, which may keep you away from the low-cost funding option.

You may not get a loan or may plan to have dropped, many banks may reject your loan application, and it's a dangerous sign if it is done because of a low credit score, which may affect your future if you depend on the loan. You need to stand a dangerous chance of slipping into depression.

Borrowing based on future income

Many people decide to take a loan now and aiming to repay it after a fancy bonus this year; then you may get in trouble. People always tend to hope for best, and it doesn't factor possible problems that can emerge in the future. So, borrowing based on the current salary is fine, but are not on the expected bonus, which is an increment in profits, etc.

Many times people take personal or private loans willing to pay a heavy interest rate: Another debt trap which prevents people from coming out of the previous one.

Will Loans be good per my horoscopeood debt?

Is there a difference between good debts and bad debts? Yes, there is a big difference. Loans don't need to be always wrong. Definition and implication of debt and loans keep changing for different persons and situations. Maybe some other factors which may have started because of the changed scenario. 

1) Kids are always not helping in paying off the education loan. 

2) Consolidated loans. 

3) Financial obligations may be more than your capacity.

The specific reading which changes the game is: 

1. Which types of loans are harmful?

2. Is it right for a loan against property?

3. Is it the right time to go for loan?

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Loan & Debts in Horoscope - Analysis in Astrology

In the above narration, I have explained basic factors of loans & debts leading to financial issues in a person's life. It was necessary for a person to then understand its astrological aspect. Now I will enlighten you about how astrologically we can read all these traits and reasons for loans and debts issues from horoscope. What planets and houses in the horoscope can cause such problems?

Planets which result in Debts and financial issues

In the case of debt, planet Mars is alone enough to put you in stress. Planet Rahu will make a more critical situation, and Saturn will make the job more miserable and frustrating. Which let you judge each planet responsible for debts and loans separately?

Role of Mars for Debts in Horoscope

Planet Mars is the main culprit that you can say in these cases. Planet Mars indicates-Bravery, passion, and confidence within you. If the planet is connected with dusthana houses gives you overconfidence, the ascendant loses the ability to differentiate between bravery and foolishness and, lastly, lose control over his/her own emotion and can become an emotional fool. Taking and giving loans as per astrology sometimes and can take the wrong step immediately without thinking twice. Sometimes in life, they may see them into some odd situation which can atone for their wrong deed later. Planet Mars is the only planet which is shown loans and debts in the horoscope, above negative sides of the native that can be responsible for that.

Role of Saturn for Debts in Horoscope

Planet Saturn is a lord of misery, frustrations. The planet is keeping a problem alive in one's life for a more extended period. If Saturn is connected with astrological reason for debt problems giving yoga or combination, so it can keep the ascendant in debt for a more extended period. This duration will bring frustration and misery as a result.

Relation of Rahu and Debts in Astrology 

The planet is the most mysterious in the Astrology. It can create an illusion and attachment. Rahu also gives a positive result- it depends on the position and association of Rahu in the horoscope. Rahu must be positioned in a negative aspect. A positive Rahu can never bring loans and debts in the horoscope. If a Negative Rahu is connected with planets responsible for debts/loans, which are giving combination in the birth chart, it can cause many problems that are related to loans and debt in the horoscope. Legal harassment from people associated with some illegal activities etc. In some other words, Rahu can make a situation more complicated. If the 8th House is involved, it can make somebody bankrupt.

Houses in horoscope responsible for financial problems and debts

Loan and Debts in the horoscope are giving House in the 6th House, but the 11th and the 12th House also play a significant role in the matter. This can give in this way- 6th House represents debt, and 11th House is your earning capability, and the 12th House may deal with the expenditure. You can understand three houses which are interconnected with each other, which can put you in loan and debts in the horoscope.

Financial problems in horoscope

1. If planet Mars is in 6th House and is afflicted by Malefic Planet or Mars itself can be an owner of any malefic house. It will put you in debt. The connection between Saturn and Rahu with the kind of yoga and can make the situation which is miserable and complicated which are mentioned above.

2. If the first house lord who is in the 6th House and is afflicted by Mars is also associated with it so it can put you in loan and debts in the horoscope. It can aspect of 6th House lord and bring debt.

3. Afflicted Mars in 6th House and 8th House in association with which can make bankrupt.

4. Somehow the 11th House can be involved with yoga, so the income of ascendant and will be affected, and "repay" will be more difficult.

5. 12th House in an association which can compel the ascendant to spend can make the native, which is more puzzle. These planets responsible for debt and loans can lead to bankruptcy.

Astrological solutions for Debts & financial problems

Once the reasons & particular planet or house is identified causing financial issues and debts, astrology has sufficient methods give solutions for the same. 1. The situation can be under control if strong Venus or Jupiter, which relates to the above yoga. In connection or aspect and conjunction can be counted only. If Jupiter and Rahu which both are the same Sign or Rashi so that Jupiter won't be able to give good result. A strong Lord of lagan is also being very promising in these types of cases.

2. The ninth lord in the horoscope will be powerful; the ascendant will come out of these types of odd situations. 

A substantial 11th house can save the ascendant by raising the income level.

Conclusion  In the modern age, people are crazy to get ahead of others. They want to prove themself a big man, a rich man among other people. Then they take a loan for their needs. This loan could be for a small amount or for a short time; it could be a more substantial amount than their income. This loan could be for business, property, vehicle, or any personal reason, and Sometimes, the person gets stuck in debt in such a way that there is no way to get out. Native is not able to repay the loan.

Now can anybody answer a few questions? What is the reason for debt? What mistakes do people while taking a personal loan? Is getting a personal loan a good idea? On which day should we not lend money? What is the best day to apply for a loan?

No one can answer these questions except a perfect astrologer who knows to read your birth chart. But when native takes the loan, he/she generally makes a mistake by not consulting an astrologer. An excellent astrologer only can answer all these questions and can advise you.  What is the best time to apply for a loan? How to get out of a debt trap? On which day should we not take a loan? What is the fastest way to get out of credits?

Now before taking a loan and struggle whole life to come out of this problem, it's better to understand what your horoscope indicate for loans, debts and financial crisis. Connect with me, you can take a short

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