Past Life Readings and Analysis

First of all, we should understand what past life reading is, the importance of past life reading, and the relevance of past life readings in our present life. There are situations in life where one does not know why nothing good is happening & fail to understand reasons for all bad that is happening. This page is about this mystery only.

Does Past Life reading makes any sense?

Past life reading makes a lot of sense but only to those who believe in the Theory of Karma. Otherwise past life reading and analysis is a waste of money and time.To understand depth as to how does Past life readning makes a sense, one should read little more about this tool of Astrology.

A person facing situations as stated in the top para should think about past life. Why, because whatever happens to you in present life is mainly deciphered in your birth chart and what is your birth chart? A birth chart is not a random positioning of planets at the time of a person's birth but is the reflection of a person's past life deeds. The birth chart of the present life is a direct manifesto of one's past life and past life deeds, which controls the ascendant's life. Proper decoding of the horoscope can reveal all good and bad deeds of the person in his/her previous life. Another thing which needs to remember is that as the previous life deeds cannot be changed, the same way the horoscope also can not be changed.

Then comes the question: if the birth chart cannot be changed, then what is the use of past life reading, and how does past life analysis help us? Previous life reading highlights all flawed and good karmas of a person. These karmas become the basis of the positioning of different planets in a horoscope at the time of birth. And previous life analysis helps a person take lessons from the past life deeds & maneuver karmas of present birth to mitigate the impact of flawed deeds of earlier life (s). Through a proper reading & analysis of previous life, one gets a guide map for the future. How does past life astrology help us? Is being explained further in the article. 

Importance of Past Life Reading in astrology

Your Past life reading forms the blueprint of your birth chart of the present life. All past life deeds are imprinted in the horoscope and can be appropriately co-related to different positions of planets in your horoscope. This applies to both auspicious and inauspicious planets in a birth chart. This is where astrology plays a significant role through previous life readings and analyses. Your next question can be as to what is the relevance of past life reading to present life?  

A person's life is a blend of shadow and sunshine. It can be believed that whatever happiness you get in the present life is due to your good deeds in the past life (s). And the sadness is the direct result of misdeed or the guilt committed by you in the past life(s). Lord Brahma determines all these good and bad deeds of the previous life and allots a specific horoscope to us. This then becomes a guiding path to our present life. So this is the relevance of past life to present life.  

Now understand more about Past Life Readings: 

1) The horoscope is entirely based on past life deeds, and past life astrology tells us that whatever we get in present life is all a carry forward of our previous life deeds. This holds good for all allotted to us in our birth chart. 

2) If we do not learn from our past life mistakes & apply Karmic corrections in present life, then we are spoiling our next life also. Because our present life will manifest our birth chart of the next life.   

3) Many people say that everything which is going to happen is already written and cannot be altered. Then what is the use of previous life readings and analysis? If anyone thinks like this, it means the person is not ready to take teachings from past life deeds. Such a person will never make required Karma corrections in present life also. As a result, the flawed deeds are carried forward to the next life & it continues like this.  

So past life analysis and readings of a birth chart in astrology help you two ways: 

First past life analysis reveals flawed karmas of a person. Once you know it, you can opt to maneuver your karmas of the present life. This helps you to mitigate the impact of negative planets in your birth chart. Better managed karmas can yield positive results even from negative planets. How, because these negative planets are results of your own flawed karmas of the previous life(s). Click on to read more on karma correction below.

Second, seeing positive planets in your horoscope, you can get consolation that something good will happen to you in this life. But one should never get pampered seeing these positive planets or Yoga in a horoscope and try to control the negative or harmful karmas in the present life.

Relation between Past Life and Horoscope

The connection of past life and horoscope is direct, and the impact of previous life deeds is essential in a horoscope. I will explain the impact of this past life on different parts of the birth chart as below: 

 A horoscope is an indicator of many starling things which fascinates most of us. The things are: 

1) Purpose of your birth: Lagan Number starting from one to twelve, is the purpose of immediate delivery. It can show a pre-commitment of yours. 

2) Lagan or ascendant(know the knot) is where the past life reading conjoins in life. It shows what conjoins life. It can show the expected to accomplish in life. 

3) Janm lagan lord is one's destiny. 

4) Birth is lagan, which is modifiable, and the ninth House represents previous birth, and the fifth House shows future deliveries. 

5) Dashas or Kendra controls things that are going to happen.  

6) The transit or Gochars may control the situation which may occur. 

7) Yoga's, which are formed in the horoscope, are Karmas.

8) Some greater things which are unavoidable which cannot be for the liking of us; it is called prarabdha and is represented by the sixth House of horoscope. 

9) SANCHITA KARMAS, are the surprises. These surprises can come at any time. It can be an evil person getting the goodies or a nice person facing a horrible time is because of SANCHIT/accumulated Karmas. 

This brief explanation can astonish anyone. But this is the deep secret of a birth chart & its relevance with your past life karmas. Let me now explain further.

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What is the purpose of your birth?

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Yogas and Past Life connections

Yogas appear in the horoscope, which is a direct indicator of past life. The yogas are explained in the primary traits which a person had in the past life. They can be positive or negative Yogas, or both. Now let us see what is the connection between yogas and past life. I will explain different Yogas and past life connections as follow: 

Bhadra Yoga: When discussing Mercury, which is placed in the Virgo or Germany and in the Kendra houses, which is 1st, 4th,7th, or 10th House from the ascendant then Bhadra Yoga is formulated. Past Life connection in Bhadra Yoga: You might have taught your disciples, and you may have learned, you may continue this life. If the Yoga gets a Bhaga, i.e., if Mercury becomes a sinner and are aspect by a malefic house of 6th, 8th, and 12th House and then Bhangna occurs, which can tell the person without giving teaching.. 

Ruchaka Yoga: When Mars is placed in signs such as Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn and Kendra houses (1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th House), Ruchaka Yoga is formed. Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio Zodiac Sign and can be exalted in Capricorn zodiac sign. Ruchaka Yoga is formed in a horoscope if the person had taken good care of their brothers in previous life. If there is Bhanga of the Yoga, i.e., if the planet Saturn is aspect by Mars, Yoga can get cancellation (Bhanga), it shows that one person had deserted his brother.  

HamsaYoga: -Once Jupiter is placed in the Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer, and one of the Kendra Houses i.e 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th House from native then Hamsa Yoga is formed. If Jupiter becomes a Paapi or joins a malefic planet, then it's yoga Bhanga. Past Life: It is constructed with a Shiva Temple, and if the Yoga is formed, it can be YogBhanga as occurred, some person has taken and Shiva temple property.

Malavya Yoga: -If in the horoscope, Venus which is situated in the Kendra (First, fourth, seventh or the tenth House), in the own sign of Taurus and Libra are elevated in the zodiac sign which is Pisces, it can have Malaya yoga which is formed in the Kundli. For Shukra, if planet Mars can aspect Shukra or Venus, the Yoga can occur. Past Life: Malvya yoga is present, then the native, which has taken good care of the spouse and the Yoga Bhanga, which has happened, the native has ill-treated her spouse.  

Sasa Yoga: Once the planet Saturn is placed in Capricorn, Aquarius, or Libra and one of Kendra houses (1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th House) from the ascendant then Sasa Yoga is formed. If planet Mars is aspect Saturn, Sasa Yoga Bhanga occurs. Past Life: This is all about taking good care of servants. Suppose Yoga Bhanga has taken place then the native who has ill-treated the servant. 

And likewise, all the Yoga's in the horoscope can be analyzed for the past-lives, and the Karma correction to this life can be suitably applied.

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My Past Life story: Past life impact on present life?

Vedic astrology is related to the Hindu belief and the system of astrology, which talks about past life and the accumulated karmas of the past life. Vedic Astrology is based upon the belief of Karma and the concept of Moksha (salvation).

The "BrihatParashara Hora Shastra" is one of the most respected astrological treaties which gives a long list of curses of the past life reading. All these curses have significant influence in the present life of an individual. Some of curses are being briefly described below.

The Curse of Snake indicates it is given in the horoscope by Rahu's placement and condition. It can lead to childlessness, fear from any snakes, and snake bites. These curses originate due to the killing of snake in past lives. Fifth House in the horoscope is seen for this purpose.   

The Curse of Father: The placement and the condition of the critical planet Sun in the horoscope are very important for understanding the curse. It is the result of the wrongs done to a father or due to the suffering of the forefathers' soul. The result can be childlessness or an uneasy relation of the father in the current life, and untimely death of the father, or a lack of happiness from father. The relevant houses to be considered for this are the fifth, ninth, or the 10th House. 

The Curse of Mother: This occurs due to the ill-treatment of mothers in the past life. The result can be childlessness, the mother's problems, an unhappy mother, an untimely death of a mother, etc. Fourth House or the fifth House in the horoscope are considered for this. 

The Curse of Brother: Planet Jupiter shows the younger brother is Mars and the planet, which shows the elder brother is Jupiter. Therefore, the placement and the condition of Mars and Jupiter can hold the key in interpreting these curses. The result is childlessness, the problematic relationship of brother and sisters, problems from brothers, and a lack of cordial relationship with brothers—the relevant House from the third, fifth, and eleventh houses in the horoscope. 

The curse of maternal relations: The key planet which shows maternal relatives is Mercury. Saturn is equally essential. Placement of Mercury and Saturn cause this curse. It results into childlessness and complicated relationships with maternal relations. The role of the fifth House is significant. 

The curse of Spiritual Person: The placement and condition of Jupiter are significant in understanding the evil. The effects can be childlessness, problems from the teachers, unhappiness, and general dissatisfaction in life. The condition of ninth House and the positioning of the ninth lord are significant factors.

The Curse of Wife: Key planet which indicates wife is Venus. The placement and the condition of Venus in the horoscope is very crucial to understand the curse. It can be affected by childlessness or the difficulty in getting married, problems with wife or women, chances of divorce, defamation from any woman, etc. The most critical House is the seventh House.

The Curse of Evil Spirits: Key planets that indicate the evil spirit of Rahu and Ketu. The placement and the condition of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope are essential to understand this. These effects may be childlessness, which fears from unknown and fear of ghosts. These conditions of Moon, Saturn, and the fifth House and fifth lord are essential from the fifth lord are necessary for consideration.

These are some selected examples of curses related to past lives, and it has been discussed here. Some more areas also show the link between past experiences and the present life situation and the problems. Worship, penance, charity, and good deeds may help us get rid of all the karmic difficulties arising from the karmic record of our past lives.

Past Life analysis and reading - in India and European countries 

I have seen tons of horoscopes and have observed that the people in European countries are more inclined towards previous life readings and analysis. Maybe this reconciles with their nature to travel deep into forests to learn about lifestyles of living things other than human beings. This can be a reason why people in European countries are keen more towards past reading and analysis. Past life regression theory is very popular in these countries. Past life readings is undoubtedly a tool to learn from mistakes & improve within you. It surely is a much better technique of Karma correction than performing materialistic rituals. Not that European people do not believe in God. But they believe more in Karmas & learning from mistakes through previous life's mistakes is a better way to improve future life. That is where I also a firm believer in Past life readings and analysis & guiding the person accordingly. As a Vedic astrologer, I get a better hand to co-relate the past life readings with your present birth chart & the planets allotted to you by Lord Brahma at the time of your birth.


Happiness and sorrow play an important role in a person's life. Many questions often arise in the mind of a person surrounded by sorrows. Does my past life affect my present?  how does my past life affect my present life? Is there any connection of our past and current life? how do I know about my past life? who was I in my past life? So many questions play in our mind and the answer of above questions is YES. your past life karmas effect your present life. Then another question disturbs our mind; is past life reading possible? Is past life reading correct? who is the best past life reader? etc.

For any questions that bothers you regarding anything on past life, I have explained above in detail.

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