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A birth chart indicates what you did in the previous birth(s) and the purpose of your birth in the present life. Vedic astrology for reading the birth charts is totally based on Mathematical calculations. Over the years, many learned Vedic astrologers have devised some useful free birth chart calculators. These calculators by date of birth give you many vital inputs to make crucial decisions in your life. 


Astrology Calculators by Date of Birth

We all know that calculator is a device used for the calculations of numbers. Ever since we become sensible, we have been using it for mathematical calculations. But, at present, we have developed some 'Pseudoscientific Calculators' to calculate various things related to astrology—Ayanamsa, Moon Sign, Nakshatra, Rashi, and much more. Pondering over these astrology aspects, Vinay Bajrangi has come with calculators, such as Nakshatra Calculator, Ascendant Calculator, Rasi Calculator, Moon Sign Calculator, Numerology Calculator, Ayanamsa Calculator, etc. 


As per astrology, we all need to give birth details and the name of that person for whom we want to know the predictions. Everything can be predicted after providing the requisite information. Moreover, to read horoscope, one should know one's Moon sign or Sun sign. Sun sign is the one which is classified according to the solar calendar, and the Moon sign is the one which is classified on the lunar calendar.


Similarly, numerology can only give predictions as per one's lucky number. So, you should be familiar with the lucky number.  Generally, many people are unaware of these things. This is why we have developed certain 'Scientific Calculators' to meet their demands for just for free. 


Importance of birth chart calculators

These vedic astrology calculators help a person get answers to many common anxieties related to the birth chart. Many times these Vedic astrology calculators help a person to take a particular decision at a specific time. These calculators are based on the luminaries and planetary combinations. They can help a person know how the solar system will impact your life. I have presented many free calculators by birth date as mentioned above.


How to use birth chart calculators

Free calculators by date of birth can help you only when you put your accurate birth details – date, time & place of birth to the nearest of one minute. In many fines charts of astrology, the Lagna ( ascendant) changes every minute, so even one-minute "s error can drive predictions in an entirely different direction. Free calculators in astrology are a privilege to those who believe in astrology and not a platform to play a game using approximations. 


Birth calculator by name is easier than by date of birth. One should be very sure about accurate birth details before using any astrological calculator. In case of even an iota of doubt, go for birth time rectification.