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property yoga

Every Horoscope has a property Yoga embedded in it; the only difference is the intensity of the Yoga and the time of its fructification. I have seen many people longing for a dream of their own house, but somehow something or the other goes wrong, and they end up having nothing.

The work of acting as per astrology begins here. The intensity of the Property has to be racked up here, and it has also to be seen when is the best time to buy the property so that there is minimal or no loss.

It so happens that whenever we try and rake up the property yoga, the other back-pulling Yoga also gets a push, and sometimes these back pulling anti-yoga becomes harder to dispense—the natives end up with either of the following results.

1. Buying the wrong property.

2. Investing in an estatethat is not there.

3. Not getting the possession of the Property.

4. Wrong layout plans.

5. Tax problems.

6. Investing in and going out of budget.

So, if you have not been to capture a property to date, it is essential to gauge the property yoga, device methods to strengthen it up, and yes, more importantly, at the right time.

So, let us check the intensity of the property Yoga in your Horoscope.

Insert your date and time and place of birth.

Insert the time you would want to purchase the Property.

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If the intensity of the property Yoga is less than 75%, then it is better to get a consultation and work out the correct time, to know when this Yoga shall fructify without causing loss.

Planetary combinations for Property matters 

Astrology is one of great help in answering whether one is enriched to get the property. If it is so, then what kind of property and at what age you will get one. The type of property you will get, whether you will buy the property from your own resources or it will be borrowed money. Whether the property which you have purchased will give you happiness, or it will stress you out. These are some question which may arise in your mind.

There are some houses, the planet in the Horoscope, which indicate property yoga and decisions. Your Lagan and its Lord and the Lord of the fourth House are the vital factors that should be considered while deciding on buying Property. Graha, like Moon, Venus, and Jupiter, plays a significant role in property matters. 

The fourth house in the endemic chart represents home and the place where you reside. The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra shows the importance of the house concerning the possession of these immovable assets. 

Among all planets, Mars is the significator for land, and Saturn comes next. Venus indicates a lovely house. The First House in the endemic chart represents the identity, attributes, etc. You can make a property matter that fits your personality and views. 

The Second house in your chart shows your saving and wealth. If you have made a property decision, you must have the right amount which is saved or invested. The Fourth House, in the chart, represents the place of residence. The eleventh house signifies income and gain. This will help you in determining when you may have enough income to justify your decision to buyProperty.

Planet Mars is a prime indicator of land or house ownership. As per astrology, property matters and the presence in the fourth house may make the Property inclined towards the fire. 

When the moon in the fourth house increases the chance of buying the home, Sun and Ketu can give a weak tube while the presence of Planet Jupiter in the fourth house ensures extreme fortified property yoga. 

The presence of Sun in the Fourth House can own a straw hut. If Planet of Saturn inhabits the Fourth House, it can get an old house. 

Planet Venus or Mercury can ensure you to get a beautiful house. If the planet present in the fourth house, which is exalted or Moon and Venus are positioned together in the fourth house, it indicates that it will own a multi-storeyed home.

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Best time and age to Buy Property as per Horoscope

Buying Property is not a regular commodity that we buy in life, and it can't be taken as a normal decision. Decision of Investment in property is generally taken after a lot of planning and efforts. Hencewe must pay attention to the best time and the age of buying Property as indicated in the birth chart or Horoscope. 

Suitable time to buy a house is once the Lord of Fourth House is in the Fourth House, and the Lord of Ascendant is also when aspected from a beneficial planet. 

If Lord of Tenth House and Lord of Fourth House from trinity or quadrant will make you king in the house which has boundary wall. When the ruler of the fourth house has a positive connection with the ruler of the ninth house, you may inherit your father's Property

 The Lord of Fourth House,if well placed in the Second House (Eleventh House after the Fourth House),then a person has property yoga, which is inherited from the maternal family. 

When the ruler of the fourth house is strong and benefic in the seventh house, this combination leads to buy a property after marriage. 

Mahadasha or theBhukti of the ruler of the Fourth House is a favourable period for buying Property. 

When the Lord of Fifth House is in conjunction or is aspected by rulers of Eleventh & Second Houses, you may sell your property and can be offered a higher value for it. 

Planets in exalted position in the fourth house ensure property yoga that you will own multiple homes or some other immovable assets.

Mahadasha is the main factor which can decide whether native will have the asset or not. 

Dasha of 4th Lord, 2nd Lord, 11th or 9th Lord can give property yoga to the ascendant depending upon some factors. 

Sun gives properties in middle ages, although the moon provides an early property yoga in life. 

Sun and planet Mars are some of the significant factors which are responsible for providing a house in the middle age. 

Moon is a factor that is responsible for providing a house at a very early age. 

Mercury can give property yoga at the age of 32 to 36. 

Jupiter, Venus, and Rahu can help you in buying home at an early age. 

Saturn indicates property yoga at the age of 44 and the period of Ketu after 52 years.

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Role of 4th House of horoscope in Property matters 

While Mars is a prime indicator for land or house ownership, according to astrology for buying Property, it's positioning in Fourth House can make your house inclined towards the fire. 

Moon in the Fourth House may increase the possibility of buying home. 

Sun and Ketu can give a weak hose, while Jupiter in the Fourth House can ensure a stable fortified home.

Placement Sun in the Fourth House indicates that you can buy a house that is as same as a Straw Hut. Once the planet Rahu or Saturn inhabits the Fourth House, you will get an old house. 

Planet like Venus or Mercury ensuresproperty yoga of getting a beautiful house. 

The presence of the planet in the Fourth House is exalted, or when Moon and Venus are positioned together in the fourth house, you will be an owner of a multi-storeyed home. 

Issues in Property matters as per Horoscope

We need to understand how the Horoscope helps in deciding on property investment decisions and some other Property related matters. We often need to understand all possible care that can decide on property matters. It is seen that sometimes we can face issues in property decisions. These are some issues that arise before or after taking the property. The proper reading of birth charts related to property matters can help you. Let us understand the problems you can face while buying Property and how astrology can help you in property yoga.

Litigation in Buying Home astrologically

One can face litigation in buying house and for this also, there is an indication in the birth chart.  If the 4th house, 4th Lord and planet Mars is linked with: 

Weak Sun- Problems from government officials. 

Weak Rahu- Documentation problems or may be prone to get cheated 

Loan/Finance issues in Buying Property 

Buying a property is a costly affair; it is imperative to check whether there can be Dhana Yoga or a combination for wealth. If it's not present. , then it is indispensable to check the 4th House and the Lord of 4th House have any connection with:

Strong 6th House and Lord of 6th House (signifies smooth sanctions of loans)  2.

Weaker 6th House and Lord of 6th House (meant difficulty in the getting the Loan)

Property investment will be Good or Bad for you 

Once the 4th House, Lord of 4th House and Mars are connected with the 1st House or 11th Lord (Labha), the 9th House or the Lord of 9th House (Bhagya), 2nd House or the Lord of 2nd House (wealth), the property deal proves to be profitable. 

If 4th House and the Lord of the 4th House are connected with the 8th House or the Lord of 8th House(obstacles), the 12th house or the Lord of 12th house (loss) or Ketu (hurdles, disinterest), etc. there can be obstacles or failure. 

Will you be able to preserve the Property? 

While property yoga is there in the Horoscope, the Yoga of loss is also mentioned, and few of them are as follows: 

If Lord of Fourth House is placed in the third house, then it will be a loss of Property.

If the 4th house is debilitated, then there is a possibility of a loss of Property in a few ways at some point in life.

If Lord of Fourth House is placed in the evil House of 6th, 8th, 12th, then the possibility of loss is very high.

If the Lord of Fourth House is debilitated and in the same horoscope, Saturn and Mars are also very weak in Lagna Chart and the Navamasha, then there are chances of loss in Property are high. 

If evil planet aspect the Fourth House or the Lord of 4th House, then in their period they can give some losses to the native which are related to the assets.

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