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Pitra means ancestors, and pitra dosh signifies a dosh (defect) in the Kundli attributed to your forefathers. But general myth among the people and even Astrologers say that Pitra Dosh is always harmful. I agree Pitra Dosh is there, but it has different potency and different effects. Let me tell you, Pitra Dosh is never always harmful. Still, since this a dosh, better use the Pitra Dosh calculator to identify its intensity & effects on an individual.

इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए “पितृ दोष कैलकुलेटर पर क्लिक करें।

What is Pitra Dosha?

Pitra Dosha is a ancestors' karmic debt and is often depicted in the horoscope in planetary combinations. It could also happen due to their ancestors' neglect and not giving them sufficient due in charity or shraddha or spiritual upliftment.

A blemished Sun is the main cause of Pitra Dosh. Different planetary combinations like Rahu or its sign Virgo, Ketu, or its sign Pisces, Saturn or its sign Capricorn and Aquarius, and Mars or its sign Scorpio can propel to engrave a Pitra Dosh in your kundli. But then again, Sun's placement in your horoscope will decide the intensity and impact of this Dosh on a person. 

Pitra dosha effects:

  1. Pitra dosh once appearing in your Kundli, can cause below impact on the person. 

  2. Delay in marriages

  3. Unsuccessful married life

  4. Failed or unsuccessful marriage in the same family

  5. Increase in the number of bachelors in the same family

  6. Miscarriage of foetus among women

  7. Women unable to conceive a child

  8. Physically and mentally disabled persons in the family

  9. Unnatural deaths in the family. 

  10. Accidents, fire, and robbery in the house.

But in my opinion, Pitra Dosha can also become a Pitra Yoga which means a person can get many good benefits also if it is in the 12th house. I have bless many people showing them that whatever good they are getting, is due to Pitra Yoga. 

Remedies of Pitra Dosh

As I always emphasis on Karmic astrology than the ritualistic astrology, same way for Pitra Dosh, I am very particular that Pitra dosha in a Kundli comes from Karmas and can be corrected only through Karmas. I say corrected and not removed because Pitra Dosh cannot be removed. Keep respecting your parents and elders is the best remedy to mitigate the impact of Pitra Dosha. Still since it has religious significance, one can perform some simple remedies as explained below: 

An individual can perform Ratna Abhishekam to get rid of the Pitra Dosh.

You can visit Gayaji in Bihar. People know it as Pitranagri. Lots of people go there to perform the Pitra Dosh Anushthan.

Donating food to the setting sun is also a good remedy for Pitra Dosh.

Chanting Surya Gayatri Mantra every day also mitigates Pitra Dosh's effects. 

One can also chant various mantras— Surya Ashtottarshat Namavali, Aditya Hridya Stotram, Dashakshar Surya Mantra, or the Surya Tantrik Mantra to lessen Pitra Dosh's effects. 

One can go for Sri Surya Vajra Panjar Kavacham and pray for getting relief from this Dosh.

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