Child birth - Adoption & other child issues

As per science, a human is born as a child on the earth, and they tend to live and enjoy the perks of mother earth through their child. In India, children are an essential part of an individual. The preservation of the dynasty and nurturing the family's values ​​and ideals are in the hands of the next generation.

The old age and the arrival of children gives newness and freshness to the world. Some people try to stop childbirth in the name of population explosion and population control. However, they forget that they are performing injustice towards society by unbalancing the old and young population by doing this.

What is astrology for a child? 

This tool of child astrology starts helping a person even before the child's birth. It is probably the most important branch of astrology after marriage. Child astrology makes one aware of all matters before child birth and then how the Progeny will zeal or affect a person’s life. Vedic Astrology, through horoscopes, dedicates specific houses to read and understand all aspects of children astrology.

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How does astrology for children help us?

One should understand the importance & how does child astrology helps us? It would not be out of the place to narrate a simple true-life event. This true life event will make you understand how astrology helps in delay in child birth, Childlessness, Adoption, Child name, Date and time of C -section, IVF, Time and date of conception, Children with the drug issue, Child subject selection and Child nature and relationship with parents are related with horoscope and good astrology reading.

True-Life Incident:

Arun and Varun are real brothers with a gap of 2 years between them. Arun was the first to get married. His wife conceived immediately, but both were not keen to have a baby that soon. They decided to get it aborted. When the marriage became a little older, they decided to start their family, but their efforts proved futile.

The wife of Arun, Sushma, could not conceive.They consulted various doctors, but the result was never encouraging & favorable.  

Varun got married Vidya, six years later to Arun. They both had twins, a girl, and a boy, two years after their marriage. Although it was a moment of happiness for the family, Arun and Varun's parents were concerned as Arun's family couldn't start. After hectic discussions among the family members, it was decided that Arun will adopt the girl child of Varun. 

Arun and Sushma were thrilled with the newfound responsibility. They started raising the girl Avni with great care and love. As fate would have been after five years, Sushma also conceived but had some complications during pregnancy. On the doctor's advice, they went for a c-section, and Sushma gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The family was delighted with this new development.

As time flew, the kids began to grow. The girl, Avni, was good in studies, whereas the boy of Arun, Akash, was becoming a spoiled brat. Avni secured a doctorate admission on her merit, whereas Akash had to be sent to some distance college after managing the seat through different channels. There in college, Akash slipped into drugs.

Arun and Sushma are my clients who had come to me to get help for Akash so that he could come out of substance abuse. He was a pampered child, but now he hardly had any respect for his parents and sister. He was practically up to nothing but was just inclined towards drugs. 

I have tried to keep the facts of this story as close as possible. But incidentally the story of these two brothers captured many points which relate to child astrology. Now I will explain the different stages in a person’s life where astrology for children helps parents both before and after the child birth.

How does astrology help parents?

As stated above, the astrology for child starts helping you from the time you are eligible to become legitimate parents. It helps couple to understand the right time to have a child, capability to have a child, intent to have a child, complications in having a child and methods to be adopted for child birth. This is how astrology helps before child birth. Then it helps parents to get an idea about health of the child, behavior of the child, progress of child’s life & how will the Progeny behave with parents. Now I will explain all these aspects in a little detail. 

Delay in child birth in your birth chart – Childlessness

There are clear indications for the possibility of a child in a horoscope. Arun and Sushma got their first child aborted, and then they could not bear the next child till they went for adoption. In both their horoscopes, the fifth House (House for the firstborn) was secure, but the seventh House (second born) was extremely weak; once they adopted a child, they activated the ninth House (third born), and thus they could get a child.

This was the correct and the most effective remedial measure for childlessness for them. Explore your possibility for a child. Please use the free Vedic calculator for infertility and you can also read my comprehensive article on solutions for people who don't have child.

Child Adoption in a birth chart

People are opening for adoption. While, many people adopt child due to capability issues, others may like to adopt a child due to intent. Means they can produce a child but may still want to adopt a child due to many fantasies like physical look, time constraints, professional reasons & likewise. Both have different astrological perception of child adoption.

Arun and Shushma went for it, and they were a happy family after availing adoption. Horoscope has a clear indication for 'Dattak Putra' or an adopted child. Adoption of child when you are capable and when producing a child is your compulsion have totally different pros and cons in astrology. It is because in first case, it is in your birth chart but in later case, it is yourself created act. Please use the free Vedic calculator for approval and read the following most comprehensive article on child adoption using astrology.   

Naming a child - using astrology

Whenever I encounter a problematic child, apart from evaluating the horoscope, I try to figure out the defect in the name given to him. Sometimes the most fanciful names are not as per the good omen Nakshatra Syllable, and pronouncing them repeatedly proves very detrimental for the native. Child name based on negative Nakshatra Syllable can give adverse results. 

The own child born to Arun and Shushma had his name based on his sixth House (the House of the enemy). He was the most dreadful enemy of himself.

Please use the free Vedic calculator for child name astrology and find the best name suitable for your child free. Also if at present, you are in the process of naming your child, read a comprehensive article on child name astrology.

Date and time of C section - Cesarean birth using astrology

Although this is a controversial topic, still when God has the liberty to decide upon the time of birth, we have to locate the best time within the given time frame to have the best horoscope. Cesarean birth means deciding on the birth time of a child medically. So here also astrology helps you to choose the best time of Cesarean for child birth.

Consider this, Akash the spoiled brat of Arun and Sushma, was born after C-section. Though the doctors had given them a date, but they had the liberty to choose the time. They could have chosen any time starting from 11 am to 6 pm.

During this time, the Lagna of the D-1 had changed four times, and the Lagna of the D-9 chart changed fifty times. Akash was born at around 11:15 am. Only if this birth were delayed for two hours the horoscope of Akash would have changed completely. He would have been an enemy slayer and would have been exceptionally brilliant. But, alas, Arun and Sushma never thought of it. Please check the free Vedic calculator for getting the best time for childbirth. Also if you are looking to know best time for a cesarean child birth then reading on best time for cesarean child birth will be very useful for you. 

IVF pregnancy – using astrology

I have seen many failed initiatives for couples going for IVF. This drains the money and also the hope of the intending couple. The couple go for IVF method of child birth only when their other natural methods to produce a kid have failed. And if IVF pregnanacy efforts also fail, then the situation can be hopeless for the couple.The couple who is already saddened with having no child get further dejected. But one can avoid such desperation. I suggest going for the IVF after consulting an able astrologer who can ward a couple of the negative times. Please use the free Vedic calculator for checking the time for IVF and also read the following most comprehensive article on IVF timings and astrology.

Time and date of child conception – using astrology

This is an astrological art. Had Arun and Sushma followed the methodology, they would not have this type of Son. I have done a comprehensive study on subject and spent the last twenty years to guide the couples for the most appropriate time and date for child conception. Please use the free Vedic calculator for checking the most appropriate time and date for conception. The couple who are planning a child in near future would find my article time and date of conception astrology very useful to have a child of their dreams.

Children with drug issues - astrology can identify

Arun and Sushma visited me when their son, Akash, was into substance abuse. I recommended to immediately shift him to some de-addiction center as the Dasha was not conducive. He was a child with a drug issue, and he was to remain there for a considerable time. He is still in the care center and shall be free in 2022, till the time the positive Dasha shall start operating.

I have suggested Arun build Akash's career in dealing with patients who have become druggists. The drug issue shall be taken care of. Please read my most comprehensive article on children with the drug issue if you as a parent, are oppressed with the drug habits of your child.

You can get many information about you using our free calculators on the link given below.

Child subject selection: using astrology

Astrology has very potent tools for choosing the subjects to read. Child subject selection can be made most effectively with the help of astrology. Many people choose subject for their child seeing ongoing trends, parents’s profession, social status and trends or may be due to other attractions. Later it is not the child but the parents to be blamed.

Also in many cases children insist for a career seeing their siblings, friends and other temptations. Here the child at this stage is neither fully aware of their actual capibilities, nor understands what is in store for them as per their horoscope. Some parents take right step considering both these factors for their child but some do not. 

Had Akash chosen his subjects wisely, he would not have felt the pressure and perhaps would have completed his studies without drug issues. See what subjects one should choose for the child and read the complete article on subject selection using astrology.

Child nature and relationship with parents

Parents who land up in my office with the horoscope of their kids have a common question. How will be his/her relationship with us? Horoscopes throw a complete insight into it. Progeny can bring a lot of happiness provided one knows how to nurture a good progeny. 

Relationship between child and parents has a very long life. Therefore understanding what type of relationship parents will have with child can change the life of either of them. Explore the power of astrology, just use the free Vedic calculator to know the relation your kid would have with you. Parents having relationship issues with children and vice versa will find my astrological analysis on child nature and relationship with parents quite a useful read.

Types of children - astrologically 

One needs a child is better perceived than described. But then you want a child to take your generation ahead with respect & glory. Mostly parents want child to perform in life better than them in all spheres of life, be it social, economic or family life. No one wants a child to be known as spoiled brat or who will bring disgrace to the parents. That is where I say happiness through child birth or Progeny. Astrology can identify types of children one will have. I am explaining it further down.

Classification of Children

Scholars have divided children into four categories based on their approach towards their parents:  

1. Obedient and serving children

2. Disrespecting and Disobeying children

3. Abusive, insulting, and defaming children 

4. Glorious children who bring fame and prestige

In the following writeup, we will look after the astrological yoga of different children. Let's discuss the basis upon the classification of children addressed earlier.

Obedient and serving children

Below mentioned are some of the Astrological Yoga of an obedient and excellent child:

 a) If Lagna or fifth House is in association with Lord of Lagna or Lord of fifth House. 

1. Rashi Parivartan Yoga or Exchanged yoga in Lord of Lagna or the Lord of Fifth House 

2. If Lord of Lagna and Lord of fifth House is either aspected or associated in NavanshKundali or have Rashi Parivartan Yoga, this makes the kid of the native obedient and helping. 

3. If Lord of the third House is positioned in the third House or Lord of 5th House is aspected by the exalted planet in the 4th House, then the kid helps the father. Third House is the House of profit for the fifth House. Now, if there is a PAC between the fifth the ninth and third House, then such a son will look after the aging partner. 

4. If there is a relationship of Kendra (Angle), trikona (trine), or three eleven between the Lagna Lord of the father and son's horoscope, then it can be said with the certainty that the child will be obedient. 

5. If in the horoscope the Lagna Lord and the Lord of fifth House are in Kendra or trine relation, then the native will have relation, then the native will have a friendlyassociation with his offsprings and vice versa. 

6. If the arurhaLagna or the Lord of Lagna and the Lord of the fifth House are friends of each other, then the native will get pleasure and help from his kids at the time and need.

Glorious children who bring fame and prestige

Scholars have given the following yoga of virtuous and famous children:

1. The natural significator or karaka of children is Jupiter if Jupiter is exalted or is in its sign or is in the House of a friend (Sun, Moon, Mars), and there is a simultaneous aspect of benefic planets. Its seen as the native will have a capable child. 

2. If, in a horoscope, Jupiter is placed in the eighth House, and it has aspects of Mercury and Venus, then the native is bound to get the gifted kid. Such kids are known to increase the fame of the father. 

3. If Mars is positioned in the exalted state in the 9thHouse, then the native is bound to get a virtuous or gifted kid. 

4. Fifth house lord, if positioned in 2nd, 5th, and 9th and is simultaneously exalted and is also having the aspect of Jupiter, then the kids of natives will be virtuous and wealthy. 

5. If the 10th Lord sits in the 9thHouse with a PAC of benefic planets, then the kid of such a native will be helpful, virtuous, and shall deliver his duties at the time of need. 

6. If the Lagna of the Sun becomes the second, 3rd, 9th, 10th or 11thHouse of the father, then such a kid shall be obedient 

7. If the Lagna of the father and Son are some, then such a Son inherits a good amount of property of his father

Argumentative Children 

1. One gets who oppose and crib when the horoscope has one or more of the following combinations. 

2. If the Sun sits in the 5thHouse and has a PAC with Jupiter and Venus.

3. If the Sun is positioned in the Fifth House and the field of either Jupiter or Venus aspecting Lord of fifth House, the native is dominated by the kid. Because the Karka of Father Sun is positioned in the Fifth House of the native, the son becomes stronger and hyper. 

4. If father and son hasarurhLagna and making 6-8 or 2-12 combination, then the relationship between father and son will be argumentized

Abusive, insulting, and defaming children 

1. If Lord of the fifth House or karaka of children, i.e., Jupiter in Lagna chart, are in PAC ( Position, Aspect, or Combination) is malefic or are present in Malefic House (in 6th, 8th, 12th ) then the native can face disgrace because of children. 

2. If the fifth House includes planet Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and its Lord are debilitated or in the field of the enemy makes the fifth House malefic, or the Lord of fifth House or fifth House is devoided by aspect or association of benefic planets. This makes the child miss behaved, and the possibility of native may face disrespect because of the child. 

3. If the planet Rahu and Saturn has an aspect in Lagna, and if Lord of Lagna is without strength, which makes native taint to the family. Or he may tarnish and brings disgrace to the family. 

4. If Lord of eighth House is in the fifth House and Lord of fifth House has aspected with the malefic planet with native makes kid a criminal. Many scholars have believed the eighth House is House of death, disrespect, and inadequacy. If the Lord of Eighth House is positioned in the Fifth House, it makes the child inadequate. If Lord of fifth House or Karaka planet Jupiter us associated or aspected by a malefic planet, this makes native criminal or native can face inadequacy.

Children Who Increase Fame and Respect

1. If Lagna and Moon are either in association or aspect, have the position, aspect, or combination of the benefic planet Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus, are free from the mutual aspect of malefic planets Saturn and Rahu. Such a person would increase honor and fame, with his father being superior in wealth. 

2. Positioning of the Lord of the 10th House in Lagna or 2ndHouse indicates that native will be wealthy , respected and will increase father's dignity and reputation. 

3. If the Lord of second House is positioned in the House of growth (upchay), i.e., 3,6,10,11 house or exalted, autonomous or in the House of a friend then fifth House or positioned in the 9thHouse this makes kid successful in career and parents enjoys happiness, satisfaction or respect in the society. You need to be attentive in the second House, and from the 10thHouse from the fifth House, it can make relationships pf father and son with Karma. The House of growth indicates progress, and the triangle in the House will give you good results. Therefore 10th House from Lord of fifth house strength and happiness Karma of the child provides satisfaction and pride the native. 

4. Lord of Second house is either positioned, aspect, or combination with eighth or tenth House or with the Lord of these houses, it makes the child don't get exclusive benefits or success. 

Good and Bad effects of Progeny 

I have believed that the fifth House is the House of happiness from a child. Lagna, Moon, and Jupiter in the Fifth House are aspected or in association with the benefic planet. Then the native receives satisfaction from the child. Similarly, Lord of the fifth House and Jupiter is aspected by benefic yoga native receives happiness from child. 

Among oriental mystics has stated fifth House and Lord of the fifth house is the House of the first child,seventh House is of 2nd child, 11thHouse is fourth House, and Lagna indicates 5thHouse. If one child is precious and learned, and the second child can be weak and needy. The effect of the child is visible in the native's birth chart. 

In South India, if the views of the father come from the ninth House, then in northern India, if the view of the father is from 10thHouse. The malefic effect on these combinations increases the suffering of the native's father.

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  • Which planet is responsible for baby/childbirth?

    Jupiter is the planet that facilitates the pleasure of a child in a person’s life. Along with the 5th house, Jupiter is the natural indicator of childbirth in a person’s life.