Owning House or Property in Astrology

Buying a home or property is one of the best investment plans. It is an asset, the value of which increases considerably over time, and you, in turn, accumulates wealth in the long run. Owning a property also gives the essence of stability.

Having a property have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that it is an excellent long-term investment. You can draw tax benefit out of it if the law of the land permits, being your property, it offers greater privacy, and last but not least, it gives a sense of stability. 

But it can have some disadvantages also: like you have to shell out a high upfront cost, you lose your mobility once you own a property, a permanent maintenance cost gets linked to it, the value of the property may not rise at all, and lastly, you are not let with any liquidated assets. 

Whatever the pros and cons of owning a property, it is a dream cherished by most. It is worth getting this dream of owning a property vetted through your birth chart. Astrology has a particular house in your birth chart related to property. Be it one time or regular  buy, sell of property: be it for own use or for business purposes.

You can read my latest interview on property astrology in Outlook India/The Weeks/ Hindustan Times also in our News section below. 

Houses responsible for owning House or Property

Which is the main House indicating property? Which house indicates owning property? Forth House shows the property in a person's life. The D-4 forth chart relates to all matters of property. So, it always is a wise decision to get a reading done before taking a plunge. Before I divulge the secret further, I would want you to know what type of reading horoscope offers on property matters.

1. The strength of property Yoga

2. The right time to buy a property.

3. The right time to sell a property.

4. Matters related to property disputes.

5. Will you get the benefits of the ancestral property?

6. In whose name should the property be purchased?

7. Any unforeseen problems relating to the property in question.

8. Will you be able to afford the EMIs?

9. How many properties can you buy?

10. How to draw Vastu benefits from the property?

11. How to get rid of an unpaying property?

12. How to stand clear from a property dispute?

The points listed above are not an exhaustive list of the problems that a person like you can face. But still, it is indicative of the areas in which astrology for property can deal. The Main House responsible for owning a property is the fourth House in a birth chart. But since buying property has different purposes, so the methods to examine the main House responsible for the property are different. 

Let me first explain all these different aspects of buying and selling property under different circumstances. Then I will explain how astrology for property helps a person make correct decisions based on birth chart and the purpose of dealing in property.

Why we face Property issues in life - A true astrology story

I have a small real-life incident to share with you. This event can make you aware of the power of astrology and will also let you know that when stars do not want, nothing much can happen. 

Mr. Sahi Ram is from Greater Noida (U.P., India). He had large pieces of land in Greater Noida, which he got in inheritance. Till some time back, when Sahi Ram's father was alive, the family was into farming, but soon after father's death, Sahi Ram opted for more paying businesses rather than toiling for petty profits. 

He intended to build shopping Malls and five-star student accommodations for the kids coming to greater Noida for studies. He sold big chunks of his farming land to buy commercial property in Great Noida. He started two projects simultaneously, one was for a big shopping mall, and the other was a big five hundred room hostel for students. 

He launched his projects with much fanfare. A few of the prime locations shops he sold to acquaintances and the rest was thrown open for the general public. All the bookings he did was construction-based, which means that the money he got initially was nominal. 

As the investments were high and he had to complete many ongoing projects, he continuously looked for money. He got his project funded from the bank, but the money again was linked to construction stages. 

He was filled in precipitance to complete the work he had taken on. His experience and accomplice to handle the projects were also not adequate. He went on a selling spree of the farming land he owned. A sudden burst of so much of land in the market sent the land rates crashing down; still, this was no deterrent to getting his property sold. 

But still, managing two mega projects together was not an easy job. 

A time came when Sahi Ram was not left with enough land, and his projects were still uncomplete and unsold. The hostel project had to stall in the middle, and he tried concentrating on finishing the shopping mall project. However, all his efforts went waste and a day came when both the projects came to a halt. His most trusted accomplices, who did not spend a single penny, fled the scene, and he was left alone to fight with the authorities, the people who booked a space in his mall, and the bank which had lent a fair amount of money. 

With his fortunes dwindling, his enemies who were entirely because of his might began to raise their head. The cousins who would not speak in front of him started to drag him in property-related court cases relating to inheritance. You see, in a short span of two years, a fully capable young man with so much fortune to enjoy was in rough waters.  

He was the same guy who once owned a Hummer and had brought his bride in a chopper. Now, he was reeling under the adversities of his horoscope. 

Now, the state of affairs for him is that he has lost most of his inherited land; both of his mega projects are stalled, and the dues of the authorities and banks are mounting day after day. His clients whom he had sold the commercial properties have gone to the court for a refund, and his cousins have also pulled him to the court with issues relating inheritance of property. Since most of is farming property has now gone, the income that used to come from it stopped. He is currently a broke man who sometimes cannot manage even both ends meet.   

See the turn of events, see what fate has done to a person. Most of us will admit that fate was not on Sahi Ram's side, but I have a different version to clarify the turn of events. I would say that the horoscope of Sahi Ram was malefic only for the property related matters, and he tried to blow the malefic to unprecedented heights, and he had to pay dearly because of this. 

The outcome of this story could have been entirely different, had he taken correct guidance from a good astrologer. How does astrology for property works is a multidimensional subject. This I will explain now. 

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Astrology for Property – how it works? 

Astrology for property starts working for you the moment you decide to buy a property. The first thing is to examine property yoga in a horoscope. Next is to find out the right time of buying & selling property. Then one has to see whether property buying and selling would be good from their own sources or borrowed funds? 

It is worth mentioning here that buying and selling property as a business is entirely different from buying property for your own use. Planetary combinations for both purposes of property matters are different. Next to evaluate if property dealings will attract disputes in property?

Another point to consider is to see if one will get benefits from ancestral property? 

There are clear indications in the birth chart related to all such property matters. I have briefed on all these segments of astrology for property below. You can click on the relevant links given on this page itself for detailed explanations on all these segments.

Now let me explain all these aspects of property-related matters & how astrology helps you on property decisions at each stage? First and foremost thing is to evaluate the presence of Property Yoga in a birth chart. What is this Property Yoga, I am explaining in next paragraph.

Property Yoga 

What is a property yoga and how it benefits a person? When you attempt to gain out of properties, you should have a profitable property Yoga in the horoscope. This Yoga should be activated while you are performing the property related deals. Very few, including even astrologers, will either know or tell you that if one has a property Yoga in the horoscope, he is also bound to have a 'No-Property Yoga' / 'Loss from property Yoga' in his horoscope (Complementary rule). It is necessary to see what Yoga with what potency is activated?  If perchance a person acts when the loss-making property Yoga is activated, he is bound to lose.  

One who is investing so heavily in a property should necessarily seek astrological help before executing these deals. Mr. Sahi Ram  lost most of his wealth and even got engulfed in property-related court cases. Despite having a vast expanse of properties, he stood as a looser. He neither had a property yoga in the horoscope, nor he had a property maintenance Yoga. Your Lagna D-1 its Lord along with fourth House and its Lord are the most significant factors to assess property yoga. The main planets to evaluate the strength of property yoga are Moon, Venus & Jupiter. 

Read my comprehensive astrological write up on property Yoga and check the free to use property Yoga calculator. Once we know that we have good property yoga in a birth chart, next to review is: what is the right time to buy and sell property? This is being explained in the next paragraph. 

Best time to Buy or Sell the Property – as per astrology   

You may have purchased a few properties and must have also sold a few more. But have you witnessed a time when neither you could buy nor sell any of your property even after the best of your efforts? There are good times, bad times for buying property. Astrology for property indicates the best and auspicious time to buy & sell a property. There are instances when one thinks to en-cash a property to reinvest somewhere else. But no deal solemnizes. 

The horoscope has a key to this problem. Through the horoscope, we can evaluate the best and auspicious timings of buying or selling a property. Through the horoscope, it can also be seen if the money stuck in the property ould be released or not. My comprehensive write up on buying or selling a property as per birth chart issue is a must-read. I have also presented a calculator to give you an approximate idea when shall be the best time to get the money out from a stuck property. 

Planets and Houses indicating Property Disputes 

Buying or selling property is not a matter of routine whether you buy it for your own use or deal in it from a business perspective. It in any ways involves large money. Therefore, it is always prayed that there may not be any disputes while buying or selling the property. These disputes, if crop up are very hard to settle. See the case of Mr. Sahi Ram, he was once a prince of his terms, but fate had other ideas. The property disputes which cropped up would not settle, and he paid a hefty price for it. 

Are there specific planets or houses responsible for property disputes? Can astrology identify which planet is leading to property disputes? Which particular House in the birth chart is leading to property disputes? Yes, most property disputes arise if Saturn and Mars are present in the second or fourth House. These disputes could arise due to share or proportion in property, property title, occupancy disputes, disputes with the builder/developer, property misuse by tenants, or other illegal elements or disputes in ancestral/ parental property & like-wise. But since reasons of disputes could be different in each case, the method to identify which particular planet and House is leading to property disputes would be different. 

Generally, planets responsible for property disputes are Saturn and Mars and their presence in the second and fourth houses. But there cannot be a uniform reason for all types of property disputes. I have devised unique ways to read the property disputes from the horoscope. Grah Dasha, when you buy the property & planetary transits at that time, also plays a crucial role in property disputes. 

I can also estimate the extent of loss from these disputes if they crop up. Just go through my article on the property dispute in my horoscope and avail the free Vedic calculator, which will evaluate your chances to fall in this trap. 

Ancestral/Parental Property in your birth chart

Property benefits arising out of ancestral or property in inheritance are different from when you buy or sell property from your own earned resources. You get an ancestral property but may not be able to get benefits out of it. Or some people may even spoil everything that could emerge beneficial from ancestral property. Mr. Sahi Ram was blessed; he had a fortune through his parental property. But he could not manage it. The property got sold, and whatever was left was entangled in a legal battle. 

You should have good Yoga to enjoy the benefits of ancestral property. There may be chances that despite being the only legitimate heir to your ancestral property, you get none. Check my comprehensive write-up on this issue on the following page. Check the free Ancestral property calculator to calculate your chances of getting an ancestral property as per your birth chart.  

Role of Vastu Shastra while buying a Property 

Once you have reached reading till here, it means that your decision to buy, selling or dealing in property has taken some shape. Also, when such decision is taken based on astrology for property, the chances of gaining out of property stand much better. Then one should have a look at Vastu for property also. 

Vastu for Property aims to harness higher energy levels within the self, which can help in all aspects of life. Harnessing higher energy is achieved through the correct positioning of all the elements of the plot & the building. Both of the projects of Mr.Sahi Ram were inappropriate from the Vastu shastra perspective. Those who wished to invest in the shopping mall found the shops/showrooms not aligned correctly as per Vastu Shastra. This led to fewer or no sales. Similarly, the hostel, too, was not designed keeping the Vastu Shastra in mind. Mr.Sahi Ram could have saved the right amount of free energy had he based his things as per the Vastu science. 

I have made the most elaborative Vastu Sharta explanation on Vastu for all properties. In this, every aspect of a Vastu for home, plot, building, residential or commercial premises is explained. If you feel a bit apprehensive about some construction, just check its Vastu alignment, which I have presented just for you, and it is absolutely free. Use Vastu calculators to get a fairly good idea.

Conclusion: Buying or selling a property involves large finances. The reasons for buying a property could be to own a property or home or to do it as a business. Houses responsible for owning House or property give clear indications for gains or losses from property, depending on the purpose for which you buy a property. One takes all possible precautions is fine, but then it is always suggested to consult a good astrologer to evaluate property yoga potency in your horoscope. And take a forewarn if there could be a dispute in property. 

I have explained adequately as to how astrology for property helps at different stages on given links above with calculators also so that you get an idea.

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