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The word Puja refers to worshipping God. India is considered to be the nation of festivals. Almost every day, there is a celebration of any festival. But, do you know why people keep fast? Have you wondered why so many fasts are kept? Come, today, I will tell you what these fasts are and why they are important.

What is the importance of Fasting?

When one sacrifices food and water in order to attain any special purpose, it is known as Fast. If a man has virtues, he will attain success and happiness. And if a Man has sinful conduct, he will remain sad and awful. However, every living being in this world wishes to attain happiness according to their convenience and also wish to recover from adverse sorrow.

After knowing the situation of Human Civilization, the various prestigious and renowned Sages have already explained in Veda Purana, Smritis, and texts the various solutions in order to inculcate happiness and peace and also show ways to get rid of the sorrows in order to uplift the Human Civilization. Amongst all other solutions, fast appears to be the most important solution among the rest.


No doubt, Fasting appears to be one of the most integral parts of our Indian Culture. Not only it has historical significance, but also it has physical importance. There are different kinds of Fasting that ensure amazing benefits to your body; usually, fast means one must sacrifice a meal for one time. However, 'Upwas' is a bit different than that, as it means sacrificing meals for both times.

When you fast, it enhances and increases the process of obtaining more energy and also releases all the toxic substances which are present in your body. By doing so, you get positive energy and enjoy the feeling of happiness.


Apart from that, the human body goes through a lot of evolution or changes which appear to be immensely beneficial, both physically and mentally. This also helps one to inculcate mental peace and calmness. It also uplifts you religiously. Worship and Fast purifies the body and makes your soul pious. The spiritual significance and meaning of Fasting are immensely beautiful.

By performing fast, the sky elements of fulfillment are supplied to the body. The fasting word is made up of two words' Up means near' and Vas or habitat means to live. Hence, staying close to your soul is known as fast. One who indulges in oneself achieves good health. No doubt, it is your duty, the responsibility, to stay healthy. When you fast, it will remove all the toxicity and disorders from your body, soul, and mind. It automatically makes your soul and body pure and pious, and this has been scientifically proven as well.

Ekadashi Vrat Significance

Once upon a time, the Punyasholka Dharmraj Yudhishthira was given the instruction by the Leela Purushotam, Lord Shri Krishna, to witness the Ekadashi Fasting. At this point, Lord Shri Krishna said to observe the Fasting in order to get rid of sadness, sorrows, fear by performing the Ekadashi Festival, which could be compared to the rituals of thousand Yagyas and which simplifies the four Purussharthas. Now, indeed Fasting of Ekadashi holds great significance. The people who observe the fast of Ekadashi must not consume any of the prohibited things such as meat, garlic, onion, lentils, and few other things just on the day of Dashami. 

  • Even at night, one must follow the lifestyle of 'Brahmachari' at night. Also, you must not enjoy any kind of luxury.

  • On the morning of Ekadashi, you must not use a wooden tooth. You must chew the lemons, berries, and also the mango leaves. Apart from that, you must clean the larynx with a finger. However, make sure you do not pluck leaves from the tree. You must take the leaf which falls down, and then you must eat it.

  • In case it is not possible, then you must rinse your mouth twelve times with water. Now, after taking a bath, you must go to the temple and recite the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, or you can also listen to the Gita recitation from the Priest. 

  • After this, you must take a vow to the Lord in a way that 'Today, I will not talk to any thief, hypocrite or anyone who has bad behavior. Also, you must take an oath that you will not hurt anyone. 

  • Apart from this, I will perform 'Kirtan.' After that, you are supposed to chant the Dwadesh Mantra 'ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय'. You are required to make Sahasranama Bhushan of Lord Rama, Krishna, and Narayana, and you must make a locket and wear it on your neck.

  • Now, you must pray to the Lord and also remember the almighty Lord Vishnu and say,' O Triloknath! My respect is in your hand, so please give me the power and strength to fulfill this vow.

  • In case you accidentally talk to a cynic, then you are supposed to pray to Lord Surya Narayan with an incense stick. You must worship and then ask for forgiveness.

  • On the day of Ekadashi, one must not sweep the house because by doing so, there are chances of fear of killing any ants or other microorganisms. You must not have a haircut on this day. You should not also speak much. If you speak too much, sometimes you end up saying things you should not.

  • On this day, you must donate power. But, you should not consume any food which is given to you by someone else. The combination of Dashmi with Ekadashi is considered to be old. 

  • Vaishnav should observe Ekadashi Fast mixed with Dwadashi. You must perform this fast before Trayodashi.

  • On the day of Ekadashi (Gyaras), a person who observes fast must not consume things like carrots, turnips, cabbage, and spinach.

  • You must consume fruits like Banana, Mango, Grapes, Almond and Pistachio.

  • You must offer everything to the Lord first and then leave the sweet basil and then only consume anything.

  • On the day of Dwadashi, you must offer sweets as Dakshina to the Brahmins.

  • You must not get angry and must speak in a good way.

  • If you do perform this fast, it will help you to get rid of all the problems. On the day of the fast, you will be rewarded with divine fruits.

  • In the Hindu Religion, the mystery of full moon astrology is revealed. There are around twelve full moons and twelve Amavasya throughout the year. According to the Hindu Panchang, thirty days of the month are divided into 30 days the month. And it is divided into two sides within the break of 15-15 days, which are popularly known as Shukla and Krishna Paksha.

  • The last day of Shukla Paksha is known as Purnima. Along with that, the last day of Krishna Paksha is known as Amavasya. In a year, there are many important day and night which has a significant impact on the mind and heart of any individual amongst that, and it is one of the most important days which is popularly known as Purnima.

  • What happens on the day of Purnima or Full Moon Day: Moon is somewhere related to water, which is present on the earth. When a full moon comes, the tide of the sea rises. The moon creates a pull and so draws the seawater upwards. Even in Human Body has 85% water. Now, the properties and the speed of the water changes on the full moon day.

  • According to scientific research, the impact of the moon appears to be immensely strong on this day. Now, because of this reason only, the neuron cells that is present in your blood become extremely active. In this kind of situation, the human gets either excited or emotional. On this day, you are required to avoid any kind of Tamasic items and must not consume them.

Pradosh Vrat Significance

On Pradosh Vrat or Fast, one must pray to the almighty Lord Shiva. This fast in Hindu Dharm considered being one of the most important events. According to the classic Hindu calendar, Pradosh Vrat is celebrated during the 13th day of the Lunar Month, which is also known as Trayodashi. 


On the Pradosh day, you must worship Lord Shiva. By doing so, all your sins get washed away, and so you will attain 'Moksha' or 'Salvation.' The Fast is known as Pradosh, and so there is a reason or story behind naming it Pradosh. Chandra was suffering from Tuberculosis, and because of that, he was on the verge of death. But, Lord Shiva redressed the blame and gave him a new life. And so, this is known as Pradosh. Just like there are two Ekadashi in a month, Pradosh also comes twice a month. 

Pradosh Vrat Benefits

According to the different Vrats, Pradosh Fast ensures benefits

  • If you do fast on Pradosh day, it will increase your age and ensure good health

  • On Monday, Trayodashi Vrat or fast is kept, and so it allows you to heal and will fulfill all your wishes.

  • Keeping the fast of Pradosha of Trayodasha on Tuesday will help you to give relief from any kind of diseases and will also ensure various health benefits

  • Now, if Pradosh fasts fall on Wednesday, all your wishes will be fulfilled

  • If Pradosh falls on Wednesday, you will get rid of enemies

  • If Pradosh falls on Friday, it will enrich your married life and will provide you peace and calm

  • If you want kids, then you must do Pradosh Fast, which falls on Saturday

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