Kundli & Horoscope Matching for marriage is not only Gun Milan

kundli matching

Kundli matching, chart matching & horoscope matching for marriage are very common words, more for people who believe in astrology and also for those who do not believe in astrology. We cannot deny the importance of matching horoscope or matching kundli of persons for a happy married life. The significance of kundli Milan should be read with relevance to the overall compatibility of two persons. The factors of compatibility become more pertinent with the upgraded status of women in society. Generally, these words figure in our minds before the marriage of a person. But in my opinion, kundali or chart matching has a significant impact on life post marriage also. But there are many misconceptions regarding this Kundli or chart matching. It starts with preliminary Gun Milan & extends to checking compatibility & matching horoscope as per some basic marriage matching rules. All this I will try to explain in this narration. 

Why should we go for Kundli Matching?

The importance of kundli matching cannot be denied as per the basic principles of Vedic Astrology. But then the question as to why should we go for chart matching is being put to more tests in present times with increasing education level. People feel it a waste of time, especially when they are in Love or in a relationship. They feel we know each other quite well, so why matching kundali for marriage is required, especially when it is a Love marriage? 

But Kundli matching for marriage has its own significance. Marriage is not only an association of two individuals but of two existing families & then a future family. A good matching does not mean matching charts of two persons, but it covers many aspects of life post marriage. These aspects start with two individuals & then extend to their families, in-laws, professional life, children, social status, old age life, etc. A perfect matching of horoscope leaves impact on all these aspects of human life; hence we should not deny the fact that a perfect Kundali match is an essential part of married life. Then comes the point as to what is a proper horoscope matching & how to match the kundali for marriage. 

How to do Horoscope Matching for Marriage?

How to do Kundali matching for marriage again is a very wide question. Many people feel that Gun Milan is kundli Milan. There are much software available in the market to give you the Gun Milan report in seconds. Many think that a gun Milan report is adequate for a marriage decision. You see, there is nothing wrong with getting the Gun Milan report, but it is like seeing something in the showcase of a big shop but you need to verify many other things before you finally choose to go ahead with it. The same is the case here; gun Milan is only a preliminarily step towards matching the charts for marriage. People are anxious to know how many gun Milan is good for marriage.

There is a general perception that 18 Guns Milan out of 36 is good for marriage. But my views on this are different: a horoscope matching with less than 18 Guns can be a good marriage-matching. And in some cases, guns matching very close to 36 also may not be a perfect horoscope matching. A perfect horoscope matching means a comprehensive matching of charts. This I will explain further in this article. 

Here also, before going for a perfect horoscope matching, it is better to satisfy yourself with the prospective partner's preliminary status & background. This helps you to check further points of chart matching with a better confidence level. Lest that kundli matches, but then you get stuck on social factors like family background, financial status, or overall mismatch between you & the prospective spouse.

Outlook India also endorsed my views on why kundli or charts matching fail sometimes in a recent interview with them. 

What is a perfect Horoscope Matching for Marriage?

A perfect horoscope matching for marriage is only gun Milan. An ideal chart matching for marriage is to check overall marriage compatibility factors between the two persons. Another method of doing a perfect horoscope matching is to verify some basic rules of Kundli matching in astrology. Many people in a lure to get married check horoscope matching for marriage by name. 

I will explain all these aspects in little detail further in this write-up. But let me tell you that a perfect horoscope matching is not the job of a few minutes. The astrologer should spend reasonable but good time in matching the horoscope for marriage. Neither the marriage aspirants nor the person working on kundli matching be in a hurry for judgment on perfect charts matching for marriage. 

This presentation will give only a brief description of the astrological aspects of horoscope matching. A layman should not try their own hands in reading and analysing these tips for horoscope matching. However, one should insist on the astrologers to give a detailed reply on all these factors of a perfect horoscope matching for marriage. 

What is Marriage compatibility?

Now I will explain what marriage compatibility is in deciding a perfect horoscope matching for marriage. And is marriage compatibility different than Gun Milan? Marriage compatibility is to match all traits of life between the two soul mates. Checking the compatibility of marriage takes a central role in deciding, not only a perfect compatibility between two individuals. But also takes care of their compatibility with the families, in-laws, financial status, sexual, mental compatibility & mutual respect and relationship factors with all concerned. What are these compatibility factors of marriage? I will explain the same as below:

Nakshatra compatibility in Chart matching for marriage:

This is commonly known as asthakoot compatibility or the Guna Milan. In astrology, there are 36 Gun which needs to be matched. A common perception is that 18 out of 36 Gun matching is good for a marriage to go ahead. One can check this from various software available in the market. Whatever be the scope of Gun Milan, you should understand this is only a preliminary of say 10% of the perfect horoscope matching. You cannot base marriage decisions simply on gun Milan. This Gun Milan has some sub-points based on which score is allotted. These sub-points are described as below:

1. Varna Koot compatibility shows compatibility towards nature & workability. This gets one point in this matching.

2. Vashya Koot compatibility shows compatibility towards mutual relation and attraction. This matching gets 2 points.

3. Tara Koot compatibility indicates mutual behaviour and trust. This matching scores 3 points.

4. Yoni Koot compatibility shows sex and physical attraction. This matching scores 4 points. 

5. Rashi Koot matching shows mental compatibility. This matching scores 5 points.  

6. Gana Koot compatibility relates to lifestyle compatibility. This matching scores 6 points.

7. Bhakoota compatibility relates to Nakshatra compatibility. This matching scores 7 points.

8. Nadi Koot matching relates to the compatibility of intrinsic energy & progeny competence of the couple. This matching scores 8 points. 

So this is how we derive at how many Gun are matching. All these factors matching totals to 36 Guns. Say if point no 6 of marriage compatibility does not match, we can say 30 guns out of 36 are matching.

Planetary compatibility in Horoscope matching

First, we should know what planets play a significant role in horoscope matching. These are the Ascendant lord and moon of both the horoscopes. Then we see 7th house Lord of both the horoscopes. Then to consider are Venus and Jupiter. We cross-examine or say superimpose horoscope of both marriage aspirants to evaluate planets' position with respect to each other. Some positions like 6/8, 1/13 & 2/12 are not good planetary combinations for a marriage. Same way if there are intrinsic bad planets in any sensitive bhav, it is not considered good for horoscope matching. To elaborate, the combination of Sun and Mars, Sun with Rahu or Ketu in the family bhav ( 2,4,7,8 and 12) is not good in horoscope matching. Same way, Saturn and Mars in this family bhav are not good for marriage-matching. 

Bhav compatibility in Horoscope matching

The next factor of compatibility to compare for horoscope matching is the Bhav Compatibility. For this, if Lagna of both the horoscopes is same, it is good for marriage making. When Lagna signs are trinal ( 5/9), it is also good for horoscope matching. Lagna sign of 1/7th to each other is an again good complementing sign. Combinations other than above are not considered good for horoscope matching. 

Navamsha compatibility in Horoscope matching for marriage

In fact, Navamsha compatibility check is a repetition of planetary & bhav compatibility done in the Lagna or ascendant chart explained above. Navamsha compatibility matching shows that the horoscopes have soul compatibility from the previous birth. 

This compatibility is a good indication for charts matching for marriage as it shows the connection of both persons from the previous birth. 

Sexual compatibility in horoscope matching for marriage

Healthy sex habits and health are an essential part of married life. For sexual compatibility, we examine D-7 chart of both the horoscopes. A positive signal from D-7 chart shows that the sexual life of the life partners will be good. At least sexual relationship will not affect their happy married life. 

Financial compatibility in the Matching of charts for marriage

In present times, the financial compatibility between life partners is becoming more and more important. When the women are also earning parallel, then it becomes more complex. Therefore apart checking the Dhan Bhav, we examine D-2 or the Hora chart of the horoscopes for financial compatibility in chart matching for marriage. 

Family compatibility in Horoscope matching for marriage

In the modern times, the relationships with the family of opposite spouse are becoming an issue for unrest in marriage. It can be dis-respect of the in-laws or interference of family members in children's married life. Many cases where marriages face unrest is due to the absence of family compatibility factor. Such cases even take the shape of domestic violence & social embarrassment. Therefore, we must check this compatibility factor that we examine from D-1 with further verification through D-24 Charts of both the horoscopes. 

Mental compatibility in charts matching for marriage

An insane or person with an unsound mind can harm any marriage relationship. A person's mental status is examined through D-5 charts of both the partners for a mental compatibility check.

Mutual respect compatibility in Horoscope matching

Mutual respect for the opposite spouse is a basic trait of happy married life. The marriage cannot sustain if one does not respect each other. We examine this factor through D-12 of both the charts for matching compatibility. 

Submissiveness compatibility in marriage chart matching

To stay submissive, calm in difficult situations, not have a fighting nature, and learn to forgive needs no more words for explaining its importance in a happy married life. This factor of marriage compatibility is examined through D-12 chart.

Mangal or Kuja compatibility in horoscope matching 

Manglik compatibility in marriage charts is one of the most common things that no astrologer will miss examining it for horoscope matching. Mangal compatibility is related to the words like mangal dosha or Manglik, which are very common words & belief among the marriage aspirants and even marriage astrologers. But a surprising thing is that there are many misconceptions also about Mangal dosha. Checking Mangal compatibility is a complicated subject with different astrologers having different versions.

I witness large nos of cases where people under the impression of being Manglik miss good chances of marriage. Still, checking the Mangal compatibility of charts for marriage making is an essential part. Then comes the point: can a Manglik marry a non-Manglik, or should a Manglik marry a Manglik only? This subject is so vast that I cannot explain it here. Please read more on all about Mangal dosh.

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Important points for Horoscope Matching for Marriage

Checking the above factors of marriage compatibility with positive results make a horoscope matching sound & leads to happy marriage & married life. Now I will explain some basic rules which form part of a perfect horoscope matching. Checking these important points in chart matching for marriage is essential. Why these points are crucial, you will realise while reading below. You may feel some duplicacy between these points and compatibility factors, but do not worry because even if you are re-confirming any trait again, there is no harm . Now see what these important points for a perfect chart matching for marriage are. 

Longevity factor in marriage

One should check the age of both spouses. This can be verified by checking longevity through astrology. All would agree that a good life span of partners is a sign of marriage longevity. If any of the charts indicate a shorter life span, the matching should be summarily rejected.

Mental & psychological health factor in marriage matching

Any afflictions in the birth charts concerning the Ascendant, Moon, and Mercury can lead to marriage psychological complexities. This is basically a check like we do the bhav compatibility check.

Number of marriage in charts for marriage matching

A birth chart indicates if the person will have a single or two or multiple marriages. Any indication that a person will have more than one marriage becomes a reason for the rejection of good marriage-matching.

Affliction to 2nd house

We see 2nd house as the Kutumb Sthana. It shows prosperity & parental lineage. Any affliction to 2nd house in either of the charts is not good for a happy married life. Therefore, an astrologer must not overlook this factor in matching charts for marriage.

Affliction to 4th house

4th house is seen for Sukh sthana, i.e, the chances of sufferings post marriage. An afflicted 4th house spoils happiness in marriage. Therefore, astrologers must ensure that there are no afflictions to 4th house in either of the birth charts being matched for marriage.

Kalatra bhav in marriage matching

Kalantra bhav is seen from the 7th house in the birth chart. The astrologer must check that there are no afflictions in 7th house of either of the charts being matched for marriage.

Shaiya Sukh Sthana 

We see 12th house in the horoscope for examining the sexual pleasures of the person. In the present times, with extended social exposures & compulsions, it is essential to check the legitimacy of sexual desires; a person will have post marriage. 

Trishamsa check-in charts matching for marriage

This is the final step towards matching horoscope for marriage. A deep examination of D-30 is required for this Trishamsa check. This shows the female character and can reveal a few points like extramarital flings, Widow Yoga, Adultery, and the reputation of females' family & nos of marriages. Such things are not tolerated still in the male dominant society, especially in India. We see sexual compatibility, family & mutual relationship compatibility, and the compatibility to adjust in different situations. This is basically an overall assessment of all the factors narrated above. This takes time & many astrologers may not be competent to examine this properly.

Matching charts by name 

Matching charts for marriage by birth date & time is surely a lengthy but right way as per Vedic astrology. Many times, people go for matching kundli by name. In my opinion, matching horoscopes for marriage by name is not correct. There are much software available for horoscope matching by name & in a hurry or anxiety, and sometimes inclined people got for matching kundli by name. But it is grossly wrong because software derives the Nakshatra of the couple from the syllable of first letter of their name. But this can be wrong as mostly we do not keep name based on Nakshatras. So this is likely to give the wrong result. This is a short cut to such an important matter of life; therefore I do not recommend relying on horoscope matching by name.   

Difference between Kundali matching and marriage compatibility.

Kundli Milan, based on only Gun Milan, is a gross error. Kundali matching should be done strictly based on the marriage compatibility factors & basic Vedic astrology rules for charts matching for marriage as explained above.

Importance of Kundli Milan in success of marriage

Some people, especially non – believer of astrology, can ask: will marriage be successful after matching the horoscope? I mean, can we guarantee a successful marriage after charts are matched? Yes, the marriage success ratio is much better when we marry with proper chart matching. Mind you; it is not only Gun Milan or matching of charts by name but a comprehensive vedic matching of charts that governs the success ratio of marriages. Then the next question could be: what to do if the horoscope does not match? But we want to marry. Or why marriages fail even after matching the horoscopes? 

Conclusion: Reading such a comprehensive way of matching chart, one should not get disheartened if the Kundli does not match. No need to adopt short cuts of kundali matching like going ahead only with gun Milan or matching charts by name. The idea here is to take all care possible humanly care using available tools of astrology. But still, if charts do match, there are methods like reviewing all factors of marriage compatibility & trying to see if there are possibilities with the commitment of change in behaviour on the points which can affect their married life. This is done through a very unique tool of astrology – marriage counselling. This marriage counselling can be pre-marriage counselling for the marriage aspirants or even be post-marriage counselling. These two marriage counselling are very unique tools of astrology and need services of not only an expert but experienced astro-marriage counsellor. You can connect with me any issues related to charts not matching for marriage or issues in married life. 

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  • Why marriages fail even after matching charts?

    Hinduism, like every other religion, holds the institution of marriage in high esteem and is a very auspicious occasion. Many rituals and customs are a part of the ceremony that are performed so that the couple have a happy married life. However, one of the vital steps is Kundali Milan or kundali matching (matching of birth charts). 

    But then comes the question: Is this Kundali Matching enough to ensure the success of a marriage?

    Unfortunately, no! Kundali Milan does not promise a happy married life. The matching of birth charts define certain aspects; however, numerous others also play a vital role in the success of a marriage. In modern times, girls, too, have their own individuality – a social and economic status, independent of anyone. Thus, the compatibility of the two people depends on more than just the astrological aspects. 

    Let us take a look at what these aspects are:

    With kundali matching, an astrologer matches two individuals' various traits, which will define their happy married life. It is more than just the Guna Milan of the 36 Gunas that people usually talk about this. There are numerous other attributes that matter, which include: 

    • Nakshatra matching or Ashtakoot matching

    • Planetary compatibility

    • Bhav Compatibility

    • Navamsa compatibility

    • Sexual compatibility

    • Financial compatibility

    • Family compatibility

    • Mental compatibility

    • Mutual respect compatibility

    • Submissiveness compatibility

    • Kuja or Mangal compatibility

    In the Comprehensive or Poorna Vedic Milan, a good astrologer should examine all these points equally, and when all these aspects are found agreeable, a flawless relationship is born. Such a bond is more likely to survive the struggles and hardships of the time.