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Kundli means your birth chart. Kundli has many synonyms like Horoscope, Natal Chart, Janam Patrika, Janam Patri, Janam Kundali, and may be many other names in regional & national languages.

What is a Birth Chart/Kundli?

A birth chart/horoscope/kundli is an astrological chart, a manifesto allotted to a person at the time of birth. To create a specific kundli online or astrology birth chart, one should focus on exactness, which means you should have an exact date, time, and place of any individual. The specific details matter a lot. Referring to this chart, a Kundli, we eventually refer to a personal Horoscope, which is generated based on ancient Vedic Astrology System. 

What does a horoscope/birth chart tell us?

The incredible chart denotes the exact positions of the various planets such as the sun, moon, and various astrological arena and constant angles at the time of one's birth. An astrologer prepares a perfect Janma Kundali/natal chart to keep a glance and insight into a personality, potential, past life, and future aspect of an individual.

A birth chart/horoscope tells you what you did in your previous life(s). All these deeds are stored in your passbook with Lord Brahma in each life. These all Karmas good earn you good planetary combinations in your birth chart and bad Karmas reflect in your kundli as negative planets and planetary combinations. The Astrologer brings out the specific features such as the place of birth and time as per the local means, which will eventually help calculate the Ascendant or the rising sign of the native. 

How does horoscope reading help us?

As explained, a birth chart/Janam kundli is your karmas' overall passbook in previous life(s). Reading Horoscope by date of birth helps a person to know what right or wrong one did in the earlier births and what is the purpose of the birth in the present life. So it is simple, horoscope reading helps a person know what & when one should do in the present. What will be achieved by a person & for what one should not waste time and energy. Basically, reading a birth chart by an astrologer is a complete road map for a person for his/her present life. 

Your birth chart/horoscope is the basic document for all predictions about your life. A kundli is the essential document for making predictions about your studies, career, business, marriage, married life, children, property, health, and wealth. Main predictions for all stages at different ages are made from your birth chart. With the help of an astrological chart and advice of an able Astrologer, one could simply know all about Horoscope by date of birth and other important information related to your future and strive to make it better and effective.

As per your birth chart, your Astrologer could suggest significant ways to overcome or reduce the intensity of many upcoming troubles already as it might protect your future by keeping you posted about everything. Your Kundali can give predictions about your personality and other aspects such as nature, behavior, character, business, career, traits, relationships, IQ, EQ, and health, and many other factors. It is your Kundli, which will help you to explore the apt academic field and profession that is perfect for you. This would help you to achieve your dreams and goals in life. Your Astrologer could also let you know about the planets which are lucky for you.

Along with that, you could also know about the lucky day, lucky numbers, and significantly your strengths and weaknesses. Your Kundali could also keep you posted about the opportunities and bad times that you have to face in the future and the different ways you could make it better. Hence, the ancient, historic, enhanced, and enriched Vedic Astrology would always help you dive deeper into the seraphic world of spirituality, knowledge, and enlightenment to make the events of your life better and worth it.

What is most important in Horoscope?

Most important thing in a birth chart/kundli is the accurate birth details. Place and dates are generally better known than the exact time of birth. Many people do not have their birth time or have an error in their birth time. Some may say a particular planet is most important; some may say a particular house or yoga or Dosha in kundli is more important.

But one should never forget Horoscope is the basis of Vedic Astrology & accurate birth time is the soul of Horoscope. Predictions from the birth chart can have errors even when the birth details are out by 48 seconds. Do not go for getting any kundli or birth chart generation or analysis if you have even an iota of doubt about your birth details. Go for birth time ratification before any type of birth chart/kundli making, analysis, and predictions. 

Online birth chart/Kundali by date of birth

One can quickly get kundli/birth chart by date of birth by putting his/her date, time, and place of birth in Horoscope or kundli making software. Mostly, these houses' positions are fixed in an individual's Kundali, although the other signs and planets keep on moving through the twelve houses for a fixed interval of time. This particular phenomenon is properly researched, analyzed, and explained by various renowned and eminent astrologers, who are educated, certified, and have immense Astrology knowledge. Along with that, different planets move across various signs within the course of time, including days, weeks, months, and years in the entire lifespan. Every house in a Kundli probably focuses on the actual representation of various aspects such as relationship and area of work.

Along with that, you must know that the placement of these planets in various houses indicates numerous events, possibilities, and evolution. However, utilizing and interpreting the valid information when applied with tested time and with the authentic theories and principles of Vedic Astrology brings out significant results for the future. With the gathered information the Astrologers could predict and provide individual information and knowledge according to the movements and positions of planets in an individual's Kundali. 

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