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Dasha or Periods in Astrology

The Sanskrit term "Dasha," Hindu astrology is used to advocate planetary durations. The planetary durations imply while the best or terrible results are produced consistent with their placement with the aid of using signal (Rasi), house (Bhava), combinations (Yogas or Raja Yogas), or aspects (Drishti). The Dasha Paddhati (machine) of Directional Astrology is precise to the Hindus; its miles located nowhere else. There are many sorts of Dasha systems. Parashara states forty-two of them, however of those handiest are in vogue, namely, "Vimshottari" and "Ashtottari." Dashas offer a machine to decide the planets' results during an individual's life, indicating how the planets distribute their results. Each Dasha is managed using one of the nine planets, and friendly and relative benevolence of every length is decided to use the circumstance and role of that planet withinside the natal chart. The nine planets or Grahas rule the nine Dashas. There are traditional and seven other classical planets, including the north node, Rahu, and the South Node, Ketu, of the Moon. There are, as a minimum, forty-three exclusive Dasha systems. "Dasha" is the critical length of a planet. It is referred to as the "Poorna Dasha" if the planet is the maximum effect or is in its signal of exaltation, which Dasha offers fitness and wealth; the Dasha of a powerless planet is referred to as the "Rikta Dasha," "Rikta" signifies terrible or without any power. Varahamihira describes the Dasha of the planet are settled unfriendly and unhealthy signals and symbols. Along with that, navamsa will produce Aristaphala, i.e., unwanted or depressing results; the planet that has fallen from elevation, however, is in pleasant or blissful navamsa offers expected results, and the planet this is ascending from weakness, however, is in weakening or unfriendly navamsa, and offers a worthless length.

Vimshottari Dasha

Vimshottari in Sanskrit states one hundred twenty. Vimshottari Dasha assumes that the most period of lifestyles of a character person is one hundred twenty years that is the mixture period of all nine planetary durations, i.e., Ketu seven, Venus twenty, Sun six, Moon ten, Mars seven, Rahu eighteen, Jupiter sixteen, Saturn nineteen and Mercury seventeen, withinside the order in their operation.

Significance of Moon

The divisional longitude of every one of the 27 nakshatras starting with Ashwini and finishing with Revati is thirteen stages, and 20 mins are classified into four various quarters or different Padas. Almost every one of the nine planets presides over a fix of 3 nakshatras located at the zodiac at a trine from every different. The starting up Dasha or Mahadasha at the time of Birth can be that of the lord of the Nakshatra wherein the Moon is placed, which specific Nakshatra is called the "Janma nakshatra." When Moon is in Taurus in Mrigsira, the primary or first Dasha can be of Mars, the second one can be that of Rahu, and so on. The distance already blanketed via way of means of the Moon in Mrigsira can be the part of the Dasha of Mars that has elapsed; the space but to be blanketed will constitute the part of the Dasha of Mars this is but to be experienced. The stability is calculated on the premise of the guideline of thumb of 3 handiest within the primary Mahadasha; the following Mahadashas could have their complete quota. The stability of Mahadasha at Birth on the premise of the precise longitude of the Moon may be ascertained via way of means of the usage of the equipped reckoner furnished in all Panchangas. The Antra-dashes or the sub-intervals and the Prayantra-dashes of every planet are calculated on pro-rata foundation in the share of the years allocated to them withinside the one hundred twenty years cycle of Vimshottari Dasha system. (5) : 253 Saravali signifies that the signal occupied via way of means of the Moon and the effects exercised on it via way of means of different planets through components etc.; on the time of the beginning of its Mahadasa need to be stated and examined, the identical precept needs to be implemented to different Mahadasa lords additionally. If on the time of the graduation of the Mahadasa its lord is withinside the Lagna or in benefic or pleasant Vargas or a Upachyasthana from the Birth ascendant or if the Moon occupies the pleasant signal or exaltation signal of the lord of the Mahadasa or is in a Upachyasthana from the Mahadasa lord and the Mahadasa lord is in a trine from the Moon then the Mahadasa will supply pretty precise results.[7] The order and instances of the Dashas or Mahadashas are proven withinside the following table.



Lord of Nakshatras

Ketu (south node)

7 Years

Ashwini, Magha, Mula

Venus (Shukran)

20 Years

Bharani, Purva Phalguni(pubba), Purva Ashadha

Sun (Adityan)

6 Years

Krittika, Uttara Phalguni(uttara), Uttara Ashadha

Moon (Chandran)

10 Years

Rohini, Hasta, Shravana

Mars (Chevva/mangal/kuja)

7 Years

Mrigashirsha, Chitra, Dhanishtha

Rahu (north node)

18 Years

Ardra, Swati, Shatabhishak

Jupiter (Vyazhan/guru)

16 Years

Punarvasu, Vishakha, Purva Bhadra

Saturn (Shani)

19 Years

Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara Bhadra

Mercury (Budhan)

17 Years

Ashlesha, Jyestha, Revati


The sign, the Navamsa, and the Nakshatra engaged via means of the Moon are of great significance; they shape the premise for predicting destiny events. All planets are rendered vulnerable while the Moon is without strength. The effects of approximately all astrological troubles are to be deduced from the applicable Bhava, its lord, its Karaka, and their respective dispositors withinside the mild of the intricacy displayed via means of the numerous yoga-formations as an outcome of involved planets. The appropriate or terrible effects of all yoga-formations are felt in the direction of the Mahadasha or Antra-Dashas of planets taking part in yoga-arrangement. According to their primary and purchased qualities, all planets deliver effects according to the quality and essence of the Nakshatra they dominate and rule.

It is nearly impossible to overlook the wise positions of the planet and also the way Nakshatras are ruled by them. Henceforth, this drives attention to a classical and ancient principle popularly known as Jataka, Parijata, which is counted from the Janma Nakshatras. Along with that, the Dashas of the planet cover the first nine Nakshatras, which reflects the impacts of the past; from 10th to 18th Nakshatras, it denotes future, and from 19th to 27th Nakshatra brings out no result. The nine Nakshatras starts with the one occupied by the Moon just at Birth or Janma. "Janma," the "Sampata," the "Vipat," the "Kshema," "Pratayari," the "Sadhaka," "Vadha," the "Mitra" and the "Ati-Mitra" nakshatras are the various Dashas, and Antar-Dashas of the planets do occupy the Sampata (2nd), the Sadaka sixth, The Mitra eight, and the Param-Mitra ninth confer .wealth, etc.; the is fifth called the Uttpanna, the eighth the Adhana and the fourth the Maha nakshatra. Planets that rule friendly or favorable Nakshatras usually bring out excellent results only if they cover or occupy any favorable Nakshatra. The Nakshatras that are ruled are not burdened by planets that rule, critical or adverse Nakshatra.

Considerations in judging planetary periods

Vaidyanatha Dikshita, in his Jataka Parijata, says that a planet will give the best or extraordinary results if it is placed in the middle of the bhava engaged by it. The outcome will minimize the more it is far-away from the center, or if it has got more and more good bind us in the Sarva Ashtakavarga or if it involves the Lagna, the tenth or the eleventh house or it is elevated, in friendly Vargas or interests favorable bhavas in yoga with beneficial bhava-lords and karakas. The Mahadasa of the planet possesses the sign occupied by either Mandi or Gulika or, in conjunction with Mandi or acquiring very few advantageous Bindus or occupying its adversarial or degeneration sign or catch afflicted by papa-Grahas or in Rasi-sandhi or Bhava-sandhi or counter association with malefic will give poor results. (8)

The consequence of the planetary periods or dashes base on the particular strength or weakness of the pertained planet; for the planet to give its best results, it should be influential in Shadabala and auspiciously placed with authority to the Lagna without being agonized by hostile malefic planets. Saturn placed in the 5th house from the Lagna does not usually give away a good outcome, though it can provide a long span of life usually makes one devil-minded and argumentative. During the Gemini Lagna, Saturn, posited in the 5th, will signify glorification as profitable. As the almighty of the ninth house, it will give elevation to yoga and Dhana yoga. A rising planet occupying a Trikonabhava makes one lucky and popular. Along with that, if the god of the navamsa of occupation is also placed in a quadrant, which means Kendra or a trine, which means Trikona from the Lagna in own or advancement signals, then one undoubtedly becomes very lucky and occupies a noble position in life. (9):

All planets give their positive or negative results during the time of their Madrasas and antra-Dasas; the results will vary from native to native because of the varying conditions and situations of their births and family history, place, and even the country of Birth, and because planets are never found coequal in any two particular horoscopes. A planet may give a less powerful nature, but at the same time, it may also give consequences in monetary and professional affluence. The mental temperament is decided by reference to the Moon, and the disadvantage to diseases and mishaps is judged from the planets associating with the Moon, the Sun, and the Lagna. (10)

Jataka Parijata (Ch. XVIII. SI. 58) States that in the start, the Mahadasa god gives results by the house it occupies, in the middle, as per the sign it occupies, and at the end, as per the impact of the planetary view that improves the Mahadasa lord. And, Mantreswara in his Phaladeepika describes that the profit or loss of stuff and the occasions countered by a particular bhava will be proficient when the lord of the Lagna moves a triple from the natal position of the bhava-lord or the bhava-lord transits a trine from the natural point of the Lagna, or during of the period of their transits they contradict each other or combination in a sign, or when the bhava-karaka moves from the natural position of the almighty of the Lagna or the lord of the sign settled by the Moon during the time of Birth or when the Langa's Lord is transiting that bhava. (11)


While all classic manuals on Hindu astrology describe in general the Dasha-effects of planets on the health, possession, joy, activity, age, and the prosperity of human beings on the premise that all events have the habit of redoing, the total effects of the Vimshottari Mahadashas of nine planets are subject to the yields of their respective antra-Dashas and Paryantra-Dashas that relies mostly on their position as counted from the Mahadasa-lord and their natural and physical relationship with it. The author of Sarvartha Chintamani has observed that the native seers did not approve of any other approach for evaluating one's lifespan and midst the assistance of the yogas acquired at the time of Birth. Thus, the nature of the Dashas is likely to start function. The 12 signs, their divisions and sub-divisions, the 27 nakshatras and their divisions, and the nine planets, by their complicated and straightforward combinations, associations, and alterations, form thousands of yogas and ava-yogas. (9)

Template:Rp4: Planets in the various signs with the hind parts escalating will canvas the entire impact but in the latter part of the Mahadasa; in the signs growing with the front part first, initial period, and in Pisces, in the middle. Gopesh Kumar Ojha says that the art of interpretation varies from event to event and with the astrologer's distinctive acknowledgment. (5): 4

General effects of maha Dasha

Ketu - 7 years. Firstly, the Ketu's job is to help you execute the karmas you are consummating in this life. His task is to give you only what you need and take away anything and everything you don't need for your conscience to unfold. Worldly success is evenly possible in Ketu Dasha as any other, but for most of the period, they are pieces of stuff that only last over his Dasha and no further. 

The reason behind this is as it ensures it so you can finish accordingly, and then he takes it when his Dasha is completed. Ordinarily, overlooking life generally doesn't feel very satisfactory, so many times on either end of Ketu Dasha, people are suffering as something is about to end. But Ketu only hurts you if you are too connected to things that are not important. Ketu supports esoteric and curative careers like Astrology, Yoga, or other holy healing practices. However, his Dasha is hot and fast and can make life seem uncontrollable. People should always evade making long-term commitments at the end of Ketu Dasha, as life is about to go upside down. If you are too attached to a pointless life of certainty, Ketu can hurt you badly. His Dasha accompanies Mercury, a very worldly planet and a builder, so at times the worldly gains of Mercury are inspected by the South node and his need for a Spartan existence. Ketu is a malefic planet and a vicious one, so his energy will feel brutal, even when he gives well-founded results.

Medical indications: Ketu can create a Mars type of casualties and sicknesses and uncanny illnesses, muscular or nervous system complications. Mentally he gives disbelief towards himself and hypercriticism of all he is associating with.

Venus - 20 years. Venus is a duration when you will mainly ask for worldly joy and a loving relationship. After Ketu Dasha, Marriage is often an idea in Venus Dashas or marriage with more loving qualities of Venus. Wealth is also an eventful matter as Women, children, and other people, in general, are concerned. Venus will want to give things to you, and you must be careful not to fall into the polished quality of her charms and sensual pleasures. Though Venus is Mother Lakshmi, known as the Goddess of beauty and wealth, Venus is also the great caretaker. Her Dasha will make you take better care of everyone in and around yourself or make you aware that you are not doing an excellent job in any sphere of life or not being treated with due respect as you deserve. She is a Brahmin, a teacher, and she would like to teach you in a well-mannered way, but unfortunately, you do not understand life's harsh and grave lessons when you are in a delightful mood, as Venus would like to be. You usually only learn when you are suffering. It is a caretaker, would like to ensure extraordinary services, and that also means service to the almighty, as a devotional planet and a higher path of surrender. There will be extreme benefits. This Dasha helps you learn from your mistakes, and it is as gentle as possible.

Medical indications:

It can give diseases related to internal organs, mainly the reproductive system, STD, kidneys, diabetes as it is a Kapha planet.

Sun - 6 years. Surya Dasa is the appropriate representation of the time when pure soul energy burns deep into life. One wants to purify the expression and put on a restriction only to that which serves to lead one to the heights one had imagined. It is the perfect time to enhance and explore or find true selves. One may experience a crisis of faith, which is the need to attain the inner truth. In every sphere including, Education, spirituality, politics, business, affecting the world at large, can also be subjects of Surya Dasha. If the Sun is weak, then one might feel hurt by the impatience and inability to gain the confidence we need to advance on a path to truth and light one has ever imagined. The Sun is the planet of faith and charisma and is also the planet with the most inherent power, illuminating the entire chart. 

His strength and obedience have given us the possibility to make some sacrifices, especially after the exaltation and heredity of the planet Venus Dasha.

The exact nature of Surya or Son as a cruel or shrewd Graha is that he will separate us from those things which are external and in the way. Shakti is the subject of Surya Dasa, the power to shine as truth and express our exclusive holy nature. But one can also suffer because the SunSun will burn the impurities and evilness that one has stored and segregate from those who do not support and help achieve the glorious, unique path.

Medical indications: The Sun controls the necessary life force and energy in the body. If it is weak in the chart, its duration may show an overall decrease in vitality. Also, the powerful SunSun rules the heart and can give heart attacks in his Dasa period.

Moon - 10 years. Moon Dasa is a time when we look for kinship. Themes will be marriage, family, and motherhood (especially for women). Getting involved in various social activities involving the public others will also be an essential theme. 

Establishing a business, investing in the new home, stalking any claim is possible. A firm or well-supported Moon is the best time of one's life. A weak moon might make you feel a bit inferior, looking at other's lifestyles. If relationships with family and children and home are absent, Moon Dasha may suffer a lot. This is a time when our childhood memories can give you nostalgia as Moon controls our memories. 

One will revisit the possibility of our childhood through the development of our growing family or lack. How we were grown up and how we raise others will be played out. It also signifies that one may witness any deep or intense mental crisis as the Moon appears to sign mental illness and madness. 

The Moon is a decent Graha, so even if one is suffering, there is no cruelty or rudeness in its energy. Yet it is playful and loving, needy, and thoroughly influential. As the Moon itself is the most delicate part of who we are, the Moon Dasha may also be the weakest part of our lives.

Medical indications: Moon signifies the entire presence of the very constitution of water in the body, the water that maintains our tissues. 

If the Moon is weak, then we will have additional Vata, which causes panic and anxiety in its Dasa period. The Moon also rules the breasts and signify breast cancer or tumors if damage occurs.

Mars- 7 years Mars is the next spicy and quick data. It is the point where you will be indulging yourself in your ambition with focus and enthusiasm. There will probably be a feeling of enthusiasm and power in due course of 7 years of Mars Dasa. During this time, sports, rivalry, and various other interests will be significant. Mars creates room to improve our life through focused activity. This Dasa will bring people closer towards improvement, or when Mars is undermined, you will endure and seeing your absence of solidary, fearlessness, and capability to improve. This could make you self-satisfied or lead you into battle with others through contentions, fights, and power battles. Mars is identified as the planet that stands out for what is right but could be surpassed by the rivals, endure due to apparent weakness if he is feeble. Partners, mates, and those we fight with come under the mars Dasa, just as kin and business partners, and snares of various types. Mars even governs the landed property, so purchasing a house might be essential. Mars is a malefic planet, so even if he gives something, there is a cruel quality.

Medical Symptoms: During his Dasa, he could attract anxiety, tension, strain, and shortness of breath, so body hazards such as heart attacks and various tension associated problems may arise through his Dasa. Additionally, the issues related to blood, for example, leukemia, may happen as Mars governs the soul.

Rahu-18 years, this is duration where our non-spiritual life could go out of hands. Rahu is a planet of your materialistic connections. Rahu is interconnected through signs, houses, and planetary connections and perspective of various characteristics you will require to develop your lifetime. As his energy overshadows your physic on an inner mind level, his Dasa will sense something unable to understand are comprehending us. Puzzling situations will drag you into a situation that is beyond imagination. After that, everything will change surprisingly, and you will find yourself accomplishing something shocking. His stamina is comparable to Ketu (next half of the Node); however, Rahu is the inner mind determination that is preventing you, pushing you to construct the areas of yourself that need some development. Still, Rahu could bring worldly achievements during this time as he will be determined and concentrated on boosting all his qualities, whichever he is gifted with. There are likewise clairvoyant occasions, and kundalini encounters conceivable with Rahu. Generally, his Dasa durations are out of control as you aggregate or experience without shrewdness or development.

Medical symptoms: Rahu makes strange ailments, most of the nervous system, such as unusual allergies, poisonous substances, and ecological sickness. Actual affirmatives that appear in the Rahu period are hard to curb due to this hub's fixed nature. Quite a few times, an individual does not get cured till the Jupiter Dasa, when things abruptly change, and they are better.

Jupiter-16 years. Following 18 years of Rahu, you get the Dasa of extraordinary benefic Jupiter. As a master, Jupiter will consistently train you and give you something. His Dasa duration brings kids, marriage, and abundance just as titles and praises. Jupiter is the planet of expectation, confidence, and idealism that keeps your hopes that golden days will come. He could make you religious, put you in contact with saints, and will provide you the moral teachings and make you aware only to do good things. When Jupiter is weak, his Dasa might make you unreal, excessively romantic, or have a self-appreciation privilege or a lofty view. He might get bad tutors or situations along with them.

Additionally, when powerless, Jupiter will deteriorate health, possessions, kids, various other things, encouraging the locals to find happiness without them. But, Jupiter is a delicate Grah, and even though you suffer, you will teach and correct knowledge of the problem. In a way, it puts you in a difficult situation to teach you how to overcome it. Abruptly you will get introduced to the individual who will help you to meet your Saint, or how can a sudden situation change your life in a better way. Jupiter is Heaven's gift, the divine power, that pure karma that will lead you higher every time.

Clinical Symptom: Being the planetary of expansion and a Kapha planet, Jupiter can bring obesity. Even it could originate allergies and excess phlegm. As administering tissue, he can be the overabundance mass that is appeared by the body delivering disease cells. Mentally, Jupiter brings idealism.

Saturn-19 years. The far-reaching behavior of Jupiter offers a path to the handy persisting nature of Saturn Dasa. It is the point at which we will confront our restrictions. The absolute reality is that our restricted body and brain will die one day. Saturn makes us mindful of the throbbing painfulness in our body, the passing of our friends and family, persistent disease, and the subsequent dread of these things deteriorating. The more connected we are to common addition and delights, the more Saturn Dasa may hurt us. Anyway, the incredible achievement is additionally conceivable, as Saturn is a plant of pragmatic endeavors and constancy driving us towards our objectives. He gives an entirely conservative nature and elevated levels of aspiration.

Nonetheless, quite a bit of this outer center is a shirking of the internal work that must be done all together for the brain and heart to settle. In such cases, Saturn may cover us underneath a heap of duty until we yield or separate actually and inwardly. H with Dasa can put us in emergency clinics: make us manage elderly folk's individuals, demise, heritages, and legacy. Protection, will, banks, things connected to inheritances, and family ancestry are applicable. Saturn is the planet of weight, inner and outer. He is the extraordinary karmic disciplinarian who rules with an iron hold, bringing similar to our shrinking of truth. Like this, a Saturn Dasa is likewise when tremendous profound development and progress is conceivable through consistency and confronting reality alone, which is the main chance. He instructs us o get by with less and rearrange our lives. Furthermore, he shows us lowliness and affectability to other people. Since when we languish, we create sympathy over other people who endure.

Clinical symptoms: - Saturn is the pointer of persistent disease. He is a planet that carries torment to the joints and drying to the body. Joint inflammation, loss of motion, stoppage, and malignancy just as issues with the knees, teeth, and bones are conceivable in Saturn Dasa. Mentally, he brings anguish, uneasiness, dread, criticism and harshness, and wretchedness.

Mercury- 17 years. The impediments and limitations that characterize Saturn Dasa offer a route to the perky and curious energy of Mercury Dasa. Mercury Dasa is a period of learning, experimentation, interest, mental incitement, and seeking after our inclination. In any case, he can likewise be a period of excessive incitement and focused activity. The unbiased nature of Mercury is consistently a possible issue. He does not pass judgments on the assembles. He must locate the correct subtleties essential to succeed and fabricate our life. Expressing the right things, settling on the correct choices, and conversing with suitable individuals permit us to succeed or not prevail as show how we will go about it. Whatever is affecting Mercury will show how we go about things and how they will show on the planet. Accordingly, mercury Dasa is the point at which our vocation and everyday life could skyrocket or plunge. We can either climb to the statures by conceiving a compelling arrangement or become overpowered by the numerous undertakings and subtleties of life, which can twist your mental idealism, laziness, and dream. He is the rapid nature of the brain. That speed is essential for the composure that he brings. The ability to see all prospects on the double and organize and evaluate them precisely is the thing that makes Mercury the God of segregation. More than some other plant, Mercury gives us separation from feelings, which is genuinely segregation in real life.

Clinical Symptoms: lungs, sensitivities, skin issues, speech absconds, Mercury is a brain plant, similar to the Moon, and genuine hardships to him can show as a psychological sickness.

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