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Human beings keep on looking for satisfaction, happiness, and tranquility and usually try to dodge everything full of darkness, despair, and sadness. However, this is not the case all the time. Everyone has to go through a lot of uninvited sorrows, sadness, and sufferings. A lot of problems, distress, and adversity create a lot of fuss in life. The reason behind this suffering could be 'Karma or past action.' It is true that traditional Astrology is dependent on the authentic philosophy of 'KARMA..' The positioning, period, and power of the planets in the horoscope does not appear to be a candid arrangement or circumstantial fusion. It eventually reflects past deeds or Karma. The good Karma will appear in benefic planets while it is the malefic planet, which signifies the Negative Karma. There are planets, and it can be categorized into three important categories here, such as benefic, malefic, and neutral. None of the planets is positive or negative on its own. It is the positioning, placement, and condition that plays a vital part that appears to be a deciding factor for native whether it is going to be advantageous or disastrous for native. Many times the Benefic Planets appear to be extremely fragile, and so it needs to be empowered, the reason behind doing this will be to give effective and impactful plus optimistic outcomes. However, the malefic planet needs to be pacified in order to decrease its pessimistic results. The exclusivity of Vedic Astrology is that it brings out an entire collection of remedies to secure the weak benefic planets and to appease the malefic ones. 

Why do Remedies work?

Remedies are eventually nothing empirical, mystical, and metaphysical remedy which eventually minimizes or invalidate the deeds or negative impact of past due to Karma. The fortune is constructed by the past Karmic Cycles. Solutions or Remedies do help an individual to proceed or abstain from doing something. Even this particular action or inactivity appears to be Karma in itself. 

So, when anyone begins to proceed with any remedy, one tries best to nullify the bad deeds done in the past. However, when an individual tries to empower the weak benefic planets, one is trying to escalate the effectiveness by proceeding with doing good Karma. The fortune is decided by KARMA. However, you can enjoy your liberty to proceed and take any remedial measures. 

Astrological Remedies can be broadly classified as follows:

1. Mantras: 

There are classic Sanskrit Mantras, which are energy-based sounds that ensure various vibrational and reverberating potential. All the Mantras are associated with a specific planet or even appear to be immortal representatives of that planet and chant different Mantras which are powerful. Also, Mantra Chanting is also known as 'JAPA.' 

2. Yantra: 

Yantras appear to be Geometrical and Mathematical Graphics, Signs, symbols, and drawings. However, all the signs, symbols, and everything must have specific measurements. Even Yantras resonate with different energies and vibes in a different way. The planetary Yantras must be positioned in the right direction as then only it will give out constructive and optimistic energy. It is immensely helpful in eradicating negativity and pessimism from life. 

3. Remedial Products: 

The various empowered astrological remedies also include the usage of various products, including Gems, Rudraksha, Crystal, Charms, and Herbs. All of these products appear to be immensely helpful in removing negativity and inviting positivity. It also eradicates all the bad impacts of malefic planets. 

4. Service: 

It is considered to be another form of remedy, probably the best in Astrology. It is considered a kind of Charity, donation, or offering to the poor and needy in order to uplift them and their lifestyle. Different types of donations are referred to for different planets. 

5. Change of attitudes and habits:

To improve your Karma, this appears to be the most effective and impactful remedy or way to enrich or enhance your Karma. With this, one can also rectify mistakes by developing great habits and a positive attitude. Due to placement, positioning, and alignment of planets, in the birth horoscope, many times, situations act adverse and create chaos. 

In this kind of circumstances, it is suggested that one should admire and follow good habits and give up on bad habits and attitudes, which is eventually the outcome of alignment or positioning. One must learn virtues and ethical principles. You must stay patient and give up all the bad qualities such as anger. Also, exclude eating salt or sugar. 

6. Fasting: 

As the name suggests, one has to stop oneself from consuming food or a few other things, which is your favorite. This voluntary restriction or sacrifice of any desire that makes you happy acts as a strong remedy to nullify the bad effects and empowers the planets' optimistic outcome. 

7. Blessings: 

One must take the blessings of elders, including parents, teachers, or Gurus. One must take blessings from elders, which eventually reduce the negative impact of the negative influence of various malefic planets. If you have done something good, elders bless you, and that acts positive for you. This is how your Good Karma Cycle comes into the picture. 

8. Color therapy:

Every planet has its own specific color to which it reverberates and responds. Using color therapy acts as an Astrological Remedy. 

9. Folk remedies in Astrology

It is a simple but impactful remedy that is commonly known as Totka or Upay. These are very case-specific so it is also advisable to consult some experts on this. One should not follow any generalized folk remedies on the basis of hearsay since such remedies can work reverse also.

10. Religious:

It includes a number of actions, including prayer, rituals, worship of the God and Goddess, Performing Yagya that is Sacrificial Fire, Yatras to various spiritual places. Apart from that, there are a number of decided devotional places for worship that must be visited in order to nullify the negativity of malefic planets. Example: Trimbakeshwar Temple, Nashik

Apart from that, the diverse land of culture, India is popular for performing Puja and offering prayers to the Lord in order to eliminate the malefic impact of Rahu, which is the North Node, and Ketu, which appears to be the South Node. Apart from that, it is a great place to reduce the pessimistic effect of Kaal Sarpa Dosha and Pitru Dosha

11. Spiritual remedies:

Apart from Religious Remedies such as Prayers, there is a different way as well, and that is Spiritual Remedy, which includes rejuvenating Yoga and Meditation, which empowers the mind, body, and soul. And also, it satisfies and empowers the planets permanently.

Few significant things to be kept in mind while performing Remedies:

There are several points that one has to keep in mind while ensuring the remedies:

There are no strict rules regarding the remedies. However, there are some points that one has to keep in mind, such as it must be relevant to the Desh that is a place, Kaal that is time, and Patra that is the specific individual identity of the doer. 

To make it effective, one has to perform the remedy on your own. Just like if you are sick, only you are the one to take medicine or go through the treatment. 

Nobody else should perform it on your behalf. However, in some exclusive cases of infant or sick or old age people who cannot perform the remedy on their own, they can request someone else to do it. Also, it includes reciting, listening carefully to the mantras, carefully using Yantras, Gems, and Rudraksha, etc., is suggested. 

You must not lose patience and must not wait for instant results. It is the act of writing off your past, and it will take time as it is immensely dependent on the intensity of the acts you have done. In order to repay your Karma, your patience can be tested too.

You must only perform the remedies when you have full faith and trust in them. Apart from that, you must not perform any remedy just because somebody suggested you. Also, do not do any experiments with it. 

In case you wish to perform any charity or proceed with a donation to the poor and needy, make sure you do it with all your heart. Make sure you are not doing it just because you want the blessing but because it makes you and the other person content and happy. Your synchronization with body, mind, and soul is extremely vital. You must stay positive and persistent while performing all these remedies. 

Also, you must keep in your mind that it is not the remedies that will change your luck or destiny. Eventually, it is a better way to let you understand the pattern of things happening and the reason behind them. It assures you the ways to change and empower yourself to face the situation in a better way and get least influenced by it. Remedies help you to turn the negative impact into the optimistic one. 


In north India, the Totke word is widely used. It is basically a kind of remedy or ritual that helps people to get rid of their everyday issues and troubles. 

From a traditional perspective, it appears to be an amazing activity which helps you to get rid of troubles like a loss in business or sickness. If you say Totka in front of anyone, he or she will instantly understand that this particular word is used in a negative term and also think that it is performed to do something bad to someone. However, Totka is a traditional belief and is passed on from one generation to another and appears to be helpful. 

Basically, Tone and Totke are dependent upon the various experience and enlightenment of renowned and Siddha Sadhaks, Yogis, Mystics, who discovered the authentic co-relation between the specific things. Apart from that, it also forms or initiates chain reactions that are specifically triggered by specific substances and particular thoughts. These are the vital ingredients to achieve success. These remedies appear to take the form of a spell caster and also ensure self-determination, self-confidence, and passion. However, to cast a spell and to make it work, one must also focus on enhancing will power and a passion for achieving the best. 

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