Doshas in astrology

kundali dosh

According to Vedic astrology, the meaning of doshas is flawed and unfavourable, which is not good. The terminology “Doshas” has been derived from the Sanskrit language. These doshas occur due to planets’ unfavourable position in the twelfth house of the native’s chart. Now, for identifying the planets’ positions, your date and time of birth are required. Your birth chart is made based on these things, which sheds light on your planets’ positions when you were born. Suppose the malefic planets—Rahu, Saturn, Mars, etc. are positioned in certain specific houses; in that case, they may adversely affect the excellent part of your horoscope, thereby leading to Vedic astrology doshas. 

Different Doshas in Astrology and Kundli

The planet Mars causes most of the doshas. Even it can be said that it is accountable for cent percent available doshas. Besides, there are other planets—Rahu, Saturn, and Sun—that form doshas according to Vedic astrology. Rahu is responsible for 25% of the Vedic astrology doshas, Sun for 50%, and Saturn for 75% of all the doshas.