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We generally hear people blaming Kundli Dosha or (Kundli Dosh) for every failure and shortcoming in life. Whatever bad or undesired happens in life, the cause is comfortably shifted to kundli dosha that might or might not present in a person’s kundli. What actually these kundli doshas are? Do they really affect you in a bad manner all the time? It is very important to find out whether the kundli doshas are actually present in the kundli or have just been forced by a not so learned astrologer or Pandit Ji. There are varied tales to narrate by the experts about the Janam Kundli Dosha and their repercussions in the native’s life. But one needs to go deeper to get a clear glimpse of kundli doshas. Read further to know the relevance, types, general effects and effective remedies of doshas in a kundli. 


 "हिंदी में कुंडली दोष" पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें


What is Kundli Dosha and how does it Form in a Birth Chart? 


  • A dosha as we understand in general terms is a flaw or shortcoming in something desirable. A Janam Kundli Dosha shows a lack of something. For e.g. a native may lack marital bliss or a stable career or good health or anything. All these flaws can be attributed as doshas in kundli. Not only this, but when we don’t get the desired results even after putting best of our efforts or face frequent failures in life, then also the underlying cause is kundli dosha. 

  • There is no person on this Earth whose kundli is free from any kind of dosha. So, there is nothing to fear about and what matters is the intensity of these doshas in the kundli. One may easily check online kundli by providing basic birth details at the website.

  • A kundli dosha is simply a malefic placement of the planets in a birth chart. Whenever any planet is under the influence of malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars then a dosha is formed in our kundli.

  • A kundli dosha is also formed due to the placement of the planets in bad or trik houses. However, kundli dosha can be formed through the placement in Kendra or trikona houses as well depending upon the planet and associated influence. For e.g. Mars placed in the fourth house i.e. a Kendra house forms mangal dosha in a native’s kundli.

  • A kundli dosha can be formed through any means and the learned astrologer has to check the gravity because sometimes a dosha is ineffective to render bad results.


Types of Dosha in Kundli

Types of Dosha in Kundli


There are many types of doshas as prescribed in the ancient Astrological texts. The commonly known doshas are:


Mangal Dosha

Mangal dosha is commonly seen as the most frightening dosha by most of us. It is formed if Mars is placed in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house of a kundli. This dosha is specifically known to create troubles and delays in the marital bliss of the native. But at the same time it is very important to ascertain the gravity or intensity of this dosha as not everyone is affected equally and the results differ for different people based on other planetary placements and the strength or position of Mars in their respective birth charts. Moreover, the Mangal Dosha gives different results at different stages of age in an individual’s life.       


Kaal Sarp Dosha

Rahu and Ketu are two shadowy planets that are responsible for formation of Kaal sarp dosha. It is believed in Astrology that Rahu and Ketu make the native to bore the fruits of their past life deeds with their placement in the kundali. These both planets are placed exactly opposite to each other at a 180 degree axis. The houses in which they are placed, it is assumed that the natives have some pending karmas regarding those houses which they have to suffice in their present life. Based on their placements in various houses, there could be 12 types of Kaal Sarp Dosha and they are known to create hurdles, miseries, failures and dreadful results in life.      


Nadi Dosha

Nadi dosha is another significant kundli dosha or flaw which is detected at the time of horoscope matching. The Nadi dosha is mainly known to create problems in the married life of a person. At the time of matching kundli, if the bride and groom have the same Nadi, they are said to be afflicted with Nadi dosha and are usually not permitted to marry each other.  Nadi dosha is one of the eight gunas as per Ashtkoota milan and carries 8 points out of the total 36 points. Nadi Dosha creates lack of attraction, health issues and disagreement in trivial matters between the partners and yet should be identified and rectified. 


Pitra Dosha

Pitr dosha is again a widely known dosha in a kundali that creates problems and sufferings in a native’s life. In general understanding, it is considered to be a curse of forefathers which have to be repent by the person holding it in the birth chart. It can be identified with the malefic planetary placements in the horoscope. It is believed that Pitra dosh is formed, when the ancestors of a native have committed some sin in their lives. Now, the native has to repay for these misdeeds of their ancestors by going through severe punishments. Pitra Dosha creates a threat to longevity and scarcity in life. 


Angarak Dosha

Angarak dosha is a dosha which is formed with the conjunction of Rahu and Mars in any of the 12 houses of a kundali. This dosha is known to bring adverse and harmful effects to the native especially when it is formed in the trik houses or when Rahu and Mars are not placed favorably in the birth chart. Mars and Rahu both have been considered as malefic planets in Astrology and therefore their conjunction is considered inauspicious. Angarak Dosha signifies fire and makes the bearer suffer from excessive aggression.


Guru Chandal Dosha

Guru Chandal Dosha is formed due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in  a birth chart. Jupiter is considered the Guru i.e. the teacher in astrology while Rahu is a demon. Their conjunction in any house of the kundli brings ill effects to the native. Even if they are placed in the Nakshatra of each other, the dosha is said to be formed. The dosha results in deficiency of moral and religious values and also general etiquettes in a person. Either the native becomes an atheist or becomes over possessive for his/her religion. The over possessiveness may reach a height where the person doesn’t mind harming others in the namesake of the religious traditions.


Ghatak Dosha

It is formed when Saturn conjuncts Mars in  a kundli. This dosha enhances the possibilities of accidents and other mishappenings in  antive’s life.


Vish Dosha

The conjunction of Saturn and Moon creates Vish dosha in a kundli. It is due to this dosha that the native is always restless and worries for no reason. The native becomes a pessimist and always remains under heavy stress.


Kemdrum Dosha

The kemdrum dosha is formed when there are no planets on either side of the Moon. The Moon is a karaka of mind, finances and mother in astrology. This yoga makes the native vulnerable and he/she lacks facilities, wealth and relations in life. 


Other popular dosha include Shrapit dosha, Shani dosha, Sakat yoga etc. The intensity of the dosha is checked by an astrologer who in turn suggests the remedial measures in the form of puja, Japa, hawan, donation, chanting and donations for Janam kundli dosh nivaran. However, the most effective remedy is performing karma alignment and following the righteous path in life.


Why does Kundli Dosha get Formed?


Hindu philosophy believes in karmic theory and it is widely accepted that we get fortunate and unfortunate conditions in life due to our past deeds or karmas. We reap the results of our past deeds in the form of auspicious or inauspicious results in this life. If we had committed a sin or done something unacceptable, then we have to face the results of such misdeeds in this present life in the form of kundli dosha which then affects any important area of our lives. For e.g. if you ill-treated your mother in the past life, you may get the result of the same in the form of vish yoga formed due to the affliction of the Moon- the karaka of mother. Now, there is a possibility that you may remain constantly troubled and derive no happiness from your mother due to the presence of vish yoga in your birth chart. This ultimately affects your mental peace and relations with your mother. Similarly, one may check Manglik dosha in a kundli. Thus, kundli doshas are formed due to our past karmas and we have to repay for our deeds in this present life. 


Effects and Expect from Kundli Dosha

What Effects you may Expect from Kundli Dosha?


One may refer to an online kundli dosha check or get it checked by an astrologer who finds kundli dosha by date of birth with a careful analysis of your kundli. You may expect these:


  • Frequent failures in life

  • Disrespect and humiliation in life

  • Permanent loss of relations

  • Financial instability

  • Problems in career

  • Mental instability and constant stress

  • Loss of health and wealth

  • Problems in getting married

  • Problems in begetting a child

  • Lack of love and respect in life

  • No support of any family member or friends

  • Face loneliness in life


Remedies for Kundli Dosha


Many astrologers suggest various types of remedies to the natives suffering from one kind of kundli dosha or the other. Once they identify a dosha they suggest you a long list of remedies. But to believe the truth, one should adopt the righteous path of doing karmas and performing morally to get rid of any of these kundli doshas. It is important to understand that a person is in a miserable situation due to their own karmas and it is essential to know which of your past karmas have created troubles in this present life. Only a learned astrologer with spiritual roots can predict or take pains to go deep down through your planetary placements and decode hidden meaning.


If we don’t alter our karmas because we are born with certain kundli doshas, we will not be relieved no matter how many remedies we are doing. First of all, it is very important to understand the root cause behind certain dosha and then perform karmas to mitigate the ill effects of the same. For e.g. a person is born with guru chandal yoga. The dosha might have occurred because the native might have hurt or disrespected their teachers or gurus in the past life. Now, the effect of guru Chandal yoga is that the native refuses to respect the gurus and is an anti-religious person. This is the general effect of guru Chandal yoga. Now, when the native meets an astrologer and that astrologer defines the cause and result of such yoga. The native should immediately start respecting the teachers and should start taking part in religious activities. This type of karma correction will reduce the effect of Guru Chandal yoga and the person will be rendered free of the malefic results. Kundali Dosha for Marriage can be ascertained and rectified in the same manner.    


This is the primary remedy and all other remedies including donations, wearing gems, worshipping yantras, chanting mantras or wearing rudraksha etc., come later. If one really wishes to get rid of kundli dosha in a kundli, then the best remedy is to rectify your karmas else nothing may save you and you will end up getting stuck in the never-ending process of performing futile remedies. If you don’t rectify these doshas then they may welcome you with greater intensity in the next life. Thus it is very important to rectify your kundli dosha once they have been identified. 


If you are facing constant problems and nothing seems to work out in your life, it could be due to a "kundli dosha" in your birth chart. This refers to the negative impact of the positions of stars and planets at the time of your birth. Therefore, if you believe that your plans always fail and things never go smoothly for you, it could be due to this kundli dosha that is making your life difficult.

Many people seek astrological solutions to fix kundli dosha. Our ancient sages recommended Vedic remedies such as wearing specific gems, performing worship rituals, chanting prayers, making donations, and performing yantra pooja. These remedies have been used for a long time and are believed to be effective. However, it's essential to consult a qualified astrologer because if the remedy is not done correctly, it might not work or even cause more problems.

Certain astrological doshas can create difficulties in marriage. They may obstruct your chances of getting married or lead to constant troubles in your marital life if you are already married. These doshas often result in conflicts and disturbances within the family. The doshas considered significant in marital life are Mangal dosha, Angaarak dosha, and Kal Sarp dosha.

All doshas in astrology can cause harm in various aspects of life. There isn't one dosha that can be labelled as the most dangerous because the impact of a dosha depends on individual circumstances and priorities. For example, different doshas can be harmful in different areas such as education, marriage, settling abroad, business, or career. So, what might be the most dangerous dosha for one person could be less significant for another person depending on their goals and focus in life.

Certain combinations of doshas in the kundli can create rare yogas in the birth chart. One of the rare yogas is "Raj Bhanga Yoga" in astrology. When someone has a Raj Yoga in their birth chart, they are supposed to achieve success and happiness. Raj bhang yoga is a rare occurrence that can completely negate the benefits of raj yoga. These can unexpectedly affect various aspects of life, such as career, relationships, and overall well-being. A consultation with a qualified astrologer is necessary to know their presence and effects on someone's life.

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