Dosha in astrology

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According to Vedic astrology, the meaning of dosha is flawed and unfavourable, which is not good. The terminology “Dosha” has been derived from the Sanskrit language. These doshas occur due to the planets’ unfavourable position in the twelfth house of the native’s chart. Now, for identifying the planets’ positions, your date and time of birth are required. Your birth chart is made based on these things, which sheds light on your planets’ positions when you were born. Suppose the malefic planets—Rahu, Saturn, Mars, etc. are positioned in certain specific houses; in that case, they may adversely affect the excellent part of your horoscope, thereby leading to Vedic astrology dosha.

How do Dosha get formed in Kundli?

The Dosha in Kundli/horoscope are the results of misdeeds, unaccomplished tasks, harmful actions of a person in their previous life(s), so it is better to know what were there flaws and rectify the same in present life. Running to an astrologer asking for remedies for these Doshas is secondary to what corrections one should do the Karmas of the present life. Else the impact and appearance of such Dosha can be more disastrous in the next life.  

The planet Mars causes most of the doshas. Even we can say that it is accountable for cent percent available doshas. Besides, there are other planets—Rahu, Saturn, and Sun—that form dosha according to Vedic astrology. Rahu is responsible for 25% of the Vedic astrology dosha, Sun for 50%, and Saturn for 75% of all the dosha.

How to deal with negative dosha in Kundli?

Any dosha that appears in your horoscope results from your own Karmas of previous life(s). So one needs a Karma correction in the present life more than any rituals or remedies. Each Kundli has negative Dosha & positive Yoga, which you cannot change. But then how to deal with such negative dosha and how to pacify negative dosha. If you know or are told of any dosha in your horoscope, do not run to an astrologer expecting a ritual or series of rituals will relieve you from the impact of such Dosha. One must ask the astrologer which particular planet or house, or combination is responsible for this Dosha in your Kundli. This means the concerned astrologer should know how to co-relate it with your past life(s). If you cannot find such an astrologer or the astrologer focuses on reading only negative dosha in your birth chart, the result is simple: you are in a swift trap of rituals for life.

If there are Dosha based on fixed events of the past, there are planetary transits, Dasha, gochar, and above all, your “free will” to mitigate the impact of such Doshas. So the best way to deal with negative doshas in a horoscope is to know which of your acts caused such doshas and how you can improve upon those Karams in the present life. This is the only way to pacify negative doshas in any horoscope.

No Yoga or Dosha works automatically or remains forever. Else a rin yoga ( yoga of poverty) would keep a person poor for life, and a person with Wealth Yoga would remain wealthy throughout life. It does not happen that way. If you flawed in your karmas in previous birth(s), and still you get birth as a human, that means ALMIGHTY has given you another opportunity to pacify or ratify what wrongs you did, so learn how to do it. Consult an astrologer who works on the theory of Karma and not the one who pushes you towards astrology rituals & remedies.

Remedies for Kundli Dosha

I discourage people from running to know what Poojas , rituals, danam, havan etc. are to be performed to deal with Dosha. As explained, Doshas are a result of your own deeds in the previous life(s), and the best remedy is to sit in front of Almighty and take a Sankalp (pledge) by reciting relevant Mantras praying that you should come out from your miseries. Give your soul, mind & faith to Divine Power instead of showing Money Power. 

See a small example: With a Pitra Dosha in Kundli, we donate, perform all types of rituals during Pitra Paksha but, on the other hand, do not give respect to our parents. You think Pitra Dosha will go. No, You do the first thing to substantiate the second, it is fine, but if you cannot change the second trait, no ritual or remedies can help you.

The best remedy to pacify Dosha is Karma Correction. Also, let me tell you that each Horoscope has both Positive Yoga and Negative Dosha, but nothing either blesses you or curses you automatically. We should learn how to keep so accumulated Negative Dosha de-activated and how to activate Positive Yogas to reap its fruits. This is what the basic doctrine of Indian Astrology is.  

Different Doshas in Kundli

Some dosha like Kaal Sarpa Dosha, Pitra DoshaMangal Dosha, Nadi Dosha, Guru Chandal Dosha, Angarak Dosha, are very commonly known. Same way there are many other Doshas like Putra Dosha, Grahan Dosha, Bhandhan Yoga, Gandalmool Dosha, Shani Dosha, Shrapit Dosha and Kemdhrum Dosha, etc. I will try to explain all about these Doshas separately below:

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