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Yoga in astrology

Yoga means the propensity of something happening in your life. Its root lies in the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which means to join properly or to control judicially or to integrate. The word is often used to represent the “luni-solar” distances with respect to planetary situations, associations and combinations. Yoga comes into existence when one planet, house or sign enters into a relation with another planet, house or sign through placement, aspect or conjunction. Vedic Astrology relies heavily on Yoga through planetary movements or ‘Dashas’ and in this, it is highly distinguished in comparison to the Western Astrology.

All these Yoga in horoscope have good or bad effects on a person’s life. There is Raja Yoga, which is auspicious and there is Daridra Yoga, which indicates poverty or inauspiciousness. Sanyasa Yoga predicts renunciation or ‘Sanyasa’ (detachments). There are some yogas, which cancel the effects of the inauspicious yoga or raja yoga. There are some planets that produce generally-beneficial results regarding an individual’s prestige and honor. These are auspicious Yoga in a horoscope.

How do Yoga get formed in a horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology, which is based on the interpretation of Nakshatras (constellations, Rashis (Astrological signs) and Navagraha (Astrological Planets), planetary movement causes different combinations, analysed on the basis of their strength, nature, aspect and avastha (condition). These combinations lead to formation of Yoga in a horoscope in astrology.A competent astrologer analyses Yoga and their application through a detailed study of all of these as per the established principles and can tell how these Yoga get formed in a horoscope.

Though all standard texts as per Hindu astrology describe Yoga as being based on fundamental principles, different texts interpret a given yoga differently. There are certain yogas, which do not occur as per certain texts. These mainly relate to Mercury and Venus with respect to the planet Sun, the most significant planet as per Hindu Astrology. The Saraswati Yoga is the most common and auspicious according to sacred texts.

How do Yoga in a chart give results?

Yoga in a birth chart can be seen at the time of birth of a person. These Yoga in horoscope come from the various combinations as explained above and mostly these Yogas are a result of person's past life(s). Once any Yoga gets formed or appear in your horoscope, you cannot change it. Yoga in a horoscope can be both bad and good. Yoga does not mean only good Yoga but can be bad Yogas also. But how to get the results depend on how do you negotiate your "free will" in the present life. "Free will" is your Karmas of present life and it is in your hands to activate good yogas to get best results from them. Same way, it depends on your karmas how to keep the bad Yoga in your birth chart pacified or de-activated.

One should never get papmered seeing auspicious Yogas in a horoscope. The same way, negative Yoga (Dosha) cannot keep a person cursed throughout the life. Take a small example: A good Pitra dosha can become Pitra Yoga if you are able to take care of your parents, grand parents and try to accomplish their unfufilled tasks. But a good Pitra Yoga can become worst Pitra Dosha if you disrespect your grandparents, parents and elders in the family inspite the fact you perform hefty rituals during Pitra Paksha.

All Yogas in Horoscope good or bad come from your own deeds of previous births. How to draw results from these Yoga in your birth chart therefore, depend on how do you negotiate free will in the present life. Any Yoga in horoscope and its results have a direct relationship with your  Karmas. Performing only rituals to overcome the negative yogas(doshas) do not and cannot absolve you.

Number and effects

Yogs are generally classified into six main categories – Chandra (Moon), Surya (Sun), Nabhasa (Celestial), Raja, Dhana or Daridra. The result that a Yog has on an individual’s horoscope is determined by the circumstances of his birth as well as what happens along the course of life, between his birth and death.

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