Gemstone Calculator

Gemstones in Vedic astrology play a significant role in deriving the best results from the planets and planetary combinations in a birth chart. Many people wear astrological stones out of hobby and fantasy also, but it is always better to select the best gemstone or rashi stone by date of birth only. Here one can take the help of gemstone calculator by date of birth. How this gemstone calculator work for selecting lucky stone based on your accurate birth details is explained on this page.

What is Gemstone Calculator? 

As per gemstone astrology calculator, this free gemstone calculator will provide you the right information regarding the gemstones that you should put on. This birthstone calculator will give you results as per your birth ascendant. 

Gemstones play a crucial role in one’s life if one has complete faith in it. They are both effective and precious. According to astrology, one should put on these stones on the auspicious days, suggested by an astrologer with a purified process. 

Remember wearing astrological stones is entirely different from wearing stones as jewellery , beauty, and status.

Gemstones are also used to alleviate the effect of unfortunate and inauspicious circumstances. The power of these gemstones is so significant that if they are worn with the right process, as suggested by a qualified astrologer, natives will be successful in their endeavors. 

Select best gemstone according to your Zodiac Sign.

With free online gemstone recommendation, one is suggested how to know which gemstone to wear according to the planets and signs, and then only one can expect good results. The list of signs and related gemstones is given below: 

ARIES Birthstone - Red Coral is the lucky stone for Aries natives..

TAURUS Birthstone - Opal is the lucky stone for Taurus natives..

GEMINI Birthstone --Emerald is the lucky stone for Gemini natives

CANCER Birthstone - Pearl is the lucky stone for Cancerians.

LEO Birthstone - Ruby is the best gemstone for Leo natives

VIRGO Birthstone - Opal is the best gemstone for Virgo natives.

LIBRA Birthstone - Opal is the best gemstone for Libra native.

SCORPIO Birthstone - Red Coral is the best gemstone for Scorpions.

SAGITTARIUS Birthstone - Yellow Sapphire is the best gemstone for Sagittariuns.

CAPRICORN Birthstone - Blue Sapphire is the best astrological stone for Capricorn natives.

AQUARIUS Birthstone - Blue Sapphire is the best gemstone for Aquarius natives.

PISCES Birthstone - Yellow Sapphire is the best astrological stone for Pisces natives.

Still as a precaution, one should select Zodiac Gems taking online birthstone suggestions or consulting an able astrologer. by giving accurate birth details.

NOTE: This free gemstone report is based on generalised suggestions based on all persons of a particular Zodiac Sign or for a particular purpose etc. However, it is always better to decide on buying any Gemstone after understanding all the nitty gritty as explained on how to select Gemstone according to date of birth

How to wear zodiac birthstones?

While wearing astrological stones according to your Zodiac Sign, one should remember that it should touch one’s skin. Before wearing any Zodiac birthstone, one should follow the defined process of wearing a lucky gemstone else it can also have reverse effects. Remember any gemstone passes through many hands before you select it as your Lucky birthstone; therefore, proper energising the Zodiac Gem as per Vedic astrology should be followed to purify it. To know the process, one can call my office. 

Do birthstones really work?

Astrological stones cannot change the fate of a person but can mitigate the impact of adverse planets. Properly selected Zodiac gems can boost the energies from concerned planets. But one should choose the best birthstone/gemstone according to Zodiac sign with a precise recommendation of an able astrologer. For your easiness, you can use the gemstone calculator provided on this page. 

Birthstone for health, wealth, marriage, and career

Each planet has a specific role in different traits of person’s life therefore; astrological stones for health, marriage, career, and same way for different aspects of life are different. Wearing typical best gemstone as per your Zodiac sign is different from specific astrological stones for health, career, and other aspects, so better use gemstone calculator before selecting any astrological stone. No one should ever think that there can be a single zodiac sign stone to bail you out from all miseries. 

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