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Gemstones in Vedic astrology play a significant role in deriving the best results from the planets and planetary combinations in a birth chart. Many people wear astrological stones out of hobby and fantasy also, but it is always better to select the best Gemstone or Rashi stone by date of birth only. Here one can take the help of a gemstone calculator by date of birth. This gemstone calculator works to select lucky stones based on your accurate birth details on this page.

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What is Gemstone Calculator? 

A free gemstone calculator will provide you with the correct information regarding the gemstones you CAN put on. This birthstone calculator will give you results as per your birth ascendant. 

Gemstones play a crucial role in one’s life if one has complete faith in it. They are both effective and precious. According to astrology, one should put on these stones on the auspicious days, suggested by an astrologer with a purified process. Remember wearing astrological stones is entirely different from wearing stones as jewellery , beauty, and status.

Getting recommendation to wear astrology gemstones by date of birth using a Gemstone calculator is only an indication to begin with. However, the final decision to wear any astrology gemstones should be made only after a final recommendation by an able astrologer and following certain Vedic procedures. The power of these gemstones is so significant that if they are worn with the proper process, as suggested by a qualified astrologer, natives will be successful in their endeavours. The power of gemstones is that of maker and breaker, so choose the right Gemstone by date of birth with proper astrology methods. 


Which stone will suit me

Which stone will suit you or me is not something that can be decided simply using a gemstone calculator. We all want to change things with the snap of our fingers; however, it is not as easy as it looks. Whether it is for fashion or passion, don’t forget that expecting anything too fast too soon or following what others do can be tricky. The same logic seems to apply to wearing Gemstones. People often think of these stones as the only way out of trouble after trying and giving up on many other methods and therapies. I am sure we know even the kings dealing in gemstones are into the deepest troubles of their life, not to be named.

Ask any astrologer, and a majority of them will tell you the same thing. To my mind, Gemstone can be an icing on the Cake but not the Cake by itself. You even read in many daily horoscopes predictions in newspapers recommending gemstones. There is nothing wrong with wearing a gemstone, provided one selects the lucky Gemstone on a certain defined procedure and that too person-specific and for a particular trait of life. The best way is to know and wear Gemstone according to your birth date and a particular planet. I generally do not recommend wearing gemstones by name.


Best Gemstone according to Zodiac Sign.

One can get a broader idea to select Gemstone by Zodiac Sign on many online Gemstone selling sites. To get an overall idea, I can also guide you to select the best Gemstone by Zodiac sign. Each Zodiac sign falls into four categories: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. The stones according to Zodiac Sign are suggested only based on the basic elementary characteristics of a Zodiac sign. You can know which Gemstone can be good for a Zodiac sign from the below details. The list of signs and related gemstones is given below: 

  1. ARIES Birthstone - Red Coral is the lucky stone for Aries natives.
  2. TAURUS Birthstone - Opal is the lucky stone for Taurus natives.
  3. GEMINI Birthstone - Emerald is the lucky stone for Gemini natives.
  4. CANCER Birthstone - Pearl is the lucky stone for Cancerians.
  5. LEO Birthstone - Ruby is the best Gemstone for Leo natives.
  6. VIRGO Birthstone - Opal is the best Gemstone for Virgo natives.
  7. LIBRA Birthstone - Opal is the best Gemstone for Libra natives.
  8. SCORPIO Birthstone - Red Coral is the best Gemstone for Scorpions.
  9. SAGITTARIUS Birthstone - Yellow Sapphire is the best Gemstone for Sagittarius.
  10. CAPRICORN Birthstone - Blue Sapphire is the best astrological stone for Capricorn natives.
  11. AQUARIUS Birthstone - Blue Sapphire is the best Gemstone for Aquarius natives.
  12. PISCES Birthstone - Yellow Sapphire is the best astrological stone for Pisces natives.

Still, as a precaution, one should select Zodiac Gems taking online birthstone suggestions or consulting an able astrologer by giving accurate birth details.

NOTE: This free gemstone report is based on generalised suggestions based on all persons of a particular Zodiac Sign or for a particular purpose etc. However, it is always better to decide on buying any Gemstone after understanding all the nitty-gritty as explained on this page. 


Do birth gemstones really help

Astrological stones cannot change the fate of a person but can mitigate the impact of adverse planets. Properly selected Zodiac gems can boost the energies from concerned planets. But one should choose the best birthstone/gemstone by Zodiac sign with a precise recommendation of an able astrologer. 

In my opinion, wearing a gemstone according to birth details or Zodiac sign should be resorted to uplifting your present status, i.e. from normal to better. Do not expect any gemstone to do miracles to overcome your miseries. But if you have a specific concern and are serious about it, learn how to first come of it. There are specific Karma correction methods and simple Vedic remedies to bail you out from your miseries; try working on them to bring normalcy to your life. Then if you think about wearing a lucky Gemstone by date of birth or Zodiac Sign.


How to select gemstones by date of birth?

Now, what the birth details comprise? It consists of the date, time, and place of birth. Each horoscope has supportive/benefic planets plus the weak or malefic planets. So, these gemstones work on strengthening the weak planets in your horoscope.

Many wear gemstones based on the Period or Dasha, but this is not correct. In fact, it can lead to adverse effects instead of doing or bringing any good fortune your way.

The Ascendant defines the good and benefic planets are: lords of Ascendant, the 5th & 9th house are the benefic planets. So, after examining which of these lords are comparatively weaker, the astrologers suggest Gemstones to strengthen the weaker planet.

You should also know that every planet consists of the lordships of two signs or Rashis. Like the lord of the 9th house, Saturn can comprise the Lordship of the 8th or 10th house. However, if it has the Lordship of the 8th house, one should avoid wearing Stone for Saturn. Now, this is different from the fact that Saturn consists of the dual Lordship of the ninth house. So, according to my experience and knowledge, the process is quite easy. It starts from identifying the weak planets, the Lordship from the chart, and then selecting the stone accordingly.


Why should we wear the gemstones at all? 

I am not saying wearing gemstones is of no use or judging anyone who wears it. The ancient gemstones are quite fascinating for humans, and there are many mythologies behind wearing the gemstones. For example, how you can get wealth, better status in society, and permanent stature. You will find the value of gemstones described accurately in the Atharva Veda. In fact, the Puranas also describe the importance of gemstones in a person’s life. You can find different gemstones assigned to provide status, vigor, strength, and sin-cleansing. People who are practicing Indian Vedic astrology use these stones because of their therapeutic value.

What I find entirely irrelevant is jumping to the gemstones without understanding the dos and don’ts. I do not support astrologers who only believe in selling these stones and treat them as the sole remedy for all human problems. You must avoid forcing the astrologer to suggest gemstones as it is only just wasting your money but can have reverse effects also. Only trust an astrologer when they recommend a gemstone based on the procedures and ethics of Vedic astrology.


When should one wear the Gemstone?

People often wear gemstones depending on their Dasha or Period to achieve a particular dream or strengthen their weaker planets or control anger. However, it is quite misleading when people put the benefits of stones in the reasons mentioned above.

Now there is a full-fledged reason for wearing gemstones. It is used to strengthen the tricona, trines (1-5-9) without turning up the unfavourable houses, also known as the Trik Bhav, as it is possible that the strengthened planet may consist of dual Lordship. Do not let greed force you to opt for gems, as it can bring your entire journey to an end. This is because the wrong stones can affect the planets that shouldn’t have been touched and, in return, negatively impacting your life. 

Gemstones are not something that defines money, power, or beauty. It is important to understand that the gemstones you opt for need to be astrologically refined. You can adversely affect the positive results and disrupt your life's calm period with just one Gemstone. I am not saying do not wear gemstones but take the right person's opinion before you plan on buying or wearing one. Remember that it can show an irreversible impact if you blindly believe someone’s recommendation.


Things to know before wearing a gemstone?

These are the following things you should consider when opting for a gemstone.

1. Gemstones do not depend on the Dasha or period.

2. It is not suitable to use a gemstone for a planet merely because it is weak.

3. Remember that hardly any horoscope exists that allows using two gemstones.

4. It is not right to use gemstones just because the planets are compressed or weak.

5. The planets can influence your horoscope in three ways: if it is a friendly planet/ enemy planet or the planet which will give mixed results.

6. Your enemy planet should never be strengthened by using a gemstone, even if it is weaker. It is inappropriate to use gemstones for the enemy planet.

7. Do not use gemstones that belong to someone else, like a relative or close friend. It is a big no-no.

8. Avoid using the wrong metal for gemstones, as it can also lead to opposite results.

9. Gemstones are only meant to build and strengthen friendly planets. The mixed result planets can be beneficial sometimes; however, there are chances of negative results as well. Using stones for mixed-planets leads to dual results, and it might strengthen a few parts but causing damages to other parts as well. The main use of gemstones is to enhance the performance of a planet and using one for the mixed planet might or might not be that impactful.

10. People with basic astrological knowledge know what is Tatwa (the elements of the sign). Only a well-read and certified astrologer can tell you what is Tatwa of your astrological sign and its Lord.


Which Gemstone is good for money, wealth, and success?

Before suggesting any gemstone, I prefer analyzing the strength and weaknesses of the planets and their Lordship. Here, I can only give one more suggestion that never fall into the trap of fashion or passion for selecting the Lucky gemstones for money or power. Let me tell you that buying a Lucky gemstone means investing an essential part of your money. So, consult an astrologer and pay a small fee to see if you really need a gemstone or not and which Gemstone will suit you the best. Like, mentioned-above always buy any gemstone that is astrologically refined instead of going for the normal merchandise. In my opinion, if wealth, money, and success were possible through gemstones then they would have been priceless, and the poorer class wouldn’t have been able to use them

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