Common Entrepreneurship Failure Reasons

business failure reasons

You reaching this page, means that you are probably facing some issues with your business. Most of these problems can be easily resolved with the help of Vedic Astrology. Let us take a look, how:

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I only had to look at your ascendant chart (Lagna Chart) to reach this conclusion. If you wish to learn about this in detail, I can examine your kundali in detail and help you resolve the crisis that you are facing: 

Reasons for fall in Business / why Businesses fall?

There are numerous possible reasons for business failure. We can take a look at some of these reasons for fall in Business. First, we should try to understand from a layman's mind as to why businesses fall. So that then it will be worth to understand that astrology can identify all these reasons for fall in Business from your horoscope. Then astrology can also give you indications of success in Business from your horoscope. 

Absence of Effective Preparation

For setting up a business, one needs to prepare for not only a few months in advance but a few years. The lack of this short-term and long-term scheduling often creates troubles for your organization, leading you down the business failure path. Your list at the time of setup needs to include measurable goals and results, specific to-do lists, dates and deadlines, and a back-up plan. 

Flawed Leadership

A weak leader in command of even the best of the fleets can cause it to sink. When an organization is led by someone who cannot make the right decisions at the right time, it becomes evident in each aspect. From the company finances to employee management, things will start deteriorating, slowly moving towards business losses. A good leader takes time to study, learn from other's mistakes, and listen to the suggestions of those who know their respective fields better. And a successful entrepreneur is one who does all it takes to become a good leader. 

Lack Of A USP

Having a fantastic product is not all. Today, the market is too competitive, and without a unique selling point for your merchandise, you will become lost in the sea. Therefore one must try to define a unique way to set the organization apart from all others. What makes your company so different and better than others out there? Find something to answer that question, and you'll successfully build a brand. 

Needs Of The Clientele

Every company and organization claims that their customers and clients are their number-1 priority, but that is rarely the case in reality. In most cases, their profits, survival, etc. are their priority. When your trade loses touch with their customers that is when they start drifting from success. No one wishes to be associated with an enterprise that never listens to their needs. Therefore, keep an eye on the demand that is being created every day. Moreover, change your products from time to time to match the requirements. Especially pay attention to the negative reviews because they tell you what areas need further improvement. 

Unable Or Unwilling To Learn

Business failures are part of the bargain, but losing hope at the first fall and not learning a lesson from your mistakes is the biggest blunder that many make. Often, entrepreneurs either believe themselves to be perfect or are utterly oblivious to their faux pas, which is not even their fault. It is human nature to look outside for blames. However, if you cannot surround yourself with truthful people who can point out your errors or do not want to listen to them, then that is where you go wrong. 

Infusing new generation into business

Sometimes younger lads of business owners are inducted into business. Placing them right at the top management levels can bring a lot of dissatisfaction at already established management hierarchy. You would have seen how the young generations of Infosys / Wipro to name a few is inducted into management with proper training at appropriate levels. And how it happened in case of Vijay Mallya? We know the results of both of these organisations.

Unsatisfactory Management 

An inadequate management system in the company can harm your organization in several ways. You will be hurting your employees in various manners, including distrusting them, micro-managing every department, a communication gap between the lower and the upper levels, and working without specific standards and structure. As a result, some of them may leave you for better prospects, and people will have no loyalty for the company. The indications of loose management will also harm your relations with your clientele, who will not have any reasons to trust you due to the lack of regulations. 

Inadequate Capital

When you have insufficient working capital, creditors consider your company, a risk. Lenders and investors avoid entering an agreement with such an organization. It indicates that the firm may not be able to repay their financial commitments like loans, bills, etc. on time. Moreover, inadequate funds hamper your enterprise's expansion, maybe even putting the daily processes at risk, inevitably leading to a business fall. 

 Ill-timed Scaling 

To scale a business means to set the stage for the expansion of your trade. This process requires proper planning, funds, staff, partners, technology, and a structure. When you lack in even one of these areas, your plan falls through, and you end up becoming a reason for your business failure. 


Your company's location plays a significant role in your business success, especially if it is dependent on walk-ins. Your base office needs to be at a strategic point where customers can access you easy. It can put your costs at a higher level while decreasing your clientele. 

Revenue vs Profits 

Generally, the experts suggest that at the early stage, one should focus on revenue (turnover) rather than worry about profit margin. But the factor of earning profits should never disappear from your mind. Your revenue is the income generated through the company's primary operations, which usually goes back into paying the bills, the employees' salaries, and the smooth working of the organization. Your revenue is the bare minimum you need to earn, but the extra that you get on top of it is your profit, and maximizing that should be your personal goal. 

Inventory Management

Your inventory is the amount of merchandise you have at a time. Too little of it will damage your sale, while too much merch will disbalance your profit-loss percentage. 


One need not be a perfect mathematician, but one must keep a pristine record of every penny spent. If you ignore Rs 1 today, you are giving way to this becoming Crores & Crores in the future. Proper financial management is the cornerstone of any organization. Therefore, learn the basics, and hire a professional to do the math for you. But you should always remain updated on the status of where you stand. Your finances can help you make many significant decisions like business scaling, and they will be the push you need to make your Business successful. 

Focus  in business

Unless you are entirely concentrated on your firm and its goals, it cannot thrive. In the same vein, if your organization does not have a focused goal to work on continually, it loses its competitive edge. Business success is only possible when the leader is ready to act at a moment's notice, prepared to adapt to the new market changes the very day they are released. A divided focus will make one unable to respond quickly to changes, which is a significant reason behind business fall. 

Personal Use

Your company assets are not supposed to be used for your personal use. For one, it creates specific taxation issues; for another, it damages your credibility with your employees. If you do it, you are giving leverage to others to adopt such practices in the future. It also robs the organization's ability to sponsor its own growth. As a result, you become dependent on other sources for capital like loans, which is a slippery slope leading only to a business fall. 

Expansion? Or Overexpansion?

Expanding one's trade brings one numerous benefits: increased production, reduced costs per unit, increased resources, higher sales and profits, and so much more. However, there is something called taking things too far, and if that happens, you end up disturbing your budget. Overexpansion of the organization can end up compromising several factors in the company, including a budget, quality, management, and other requirements. Click on how astrology helps in business expansion ( insert link) .if you want to know more on this topic else continue reading further. 

Future Planning 

When you start the Business, you need to plan several goals and needs in advance. An organization moves towards business failure in lack of an effective plan. One of the essential steps in this is deciding the successor of the leader. In case of sudden and unexpected events like retirements, departures, or death, the company should not fall in disrepair due to the void left behind. 

Choosing Your Partner

A business partnership can be much like a marriage in the sense that you need to trust your partner before taking the plunge into starting a company. When you make the wrong choices, it's not only you who suffer but also your organization. To have more insights on this subject, Click on astrology for business partnership else continue reading further.

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Astrological Reasons for Business Failure 

All above explained are the general traits of reasons for fall in Business. But when we do Business, no one wants to fail deliberately. This means there must some planets for reasons of business failures in your horoscope. Astrology helps identify these reasons for business failure. Now let us understand what these planets responsible for business fall are. 

1. A weak Sun in horoscope adversely affects and brings fall in Business. A weak positioned Sun in horoscope becomes a major reason for business failure. Astrology helps you read if Sun is weak or strong in your horoscope, thus giving clear astrological reasons for business failure. A weak Sun basically diminishes a person's power to gain authority over others be it employee, competitors, Govt authorities, etc. 

Thus a person will not gain over these people resulting in business failure to a larger extent. 

2. Sun, Saturn, and Rahu are considered Separatist or separation-causing planets. Therefore, whatever house or Lord they are in association with, there is the possibility of separation occurring. Hence, if at least two of these are influencing tenth house or Dashmesh, then during the Dasha or Bhukti of the related malefic planet, business fall or loss of a job is possible. 

3. If Rahu and Saturn transit into the tenth house and are malefic in the birth chart (Janmang), this duration will be unfavourable for the native Business and indicate business fall. 

4. Swarn & Pitra dosha in horoscope also become another astrological reason for business failures. These doshas do not let the person accumulate wealth, which is an essential part of sustaining the Business in the long run. 

5. A weak Lagna ( Moon) also becomes a strong astrological reason for business failure. This is because person's mind never gets settled or is not stable so it leads to fall in Business in the long run. Here people take advantage of your this weakness. 

6. Same way a weak Venus or conjunction of Venus with malefic planets becomes another reason of fall in Business. 

7. Unfavourable placement of Mars and Saturn is another reason for fall in Business.

8. Weak mercury affects your capabilities to manage the records & financial transactions. Others can take advantage of this weakness. So becomes a solid reason and planet for failure in Business. 

Now all the planetary combinations for business failures or falling Business need reading from a good astrologer. Whenever one feels that there is fall in Business over a period of time, one must take help of astrology.   

Can astrology help me save Fall in my Business?

After understanding the various astrological reasons for falling Business, one should know how to stop fall in Business. Also how can astrology help save fall in Business? As there are astrological indications for fall in Business, same way there are astrological indications for success in Business. There are specific planetary combinations for success in Business in horoscope. To understand this better and answer your question to how you will stop your business fall, let us take a look at the planetary combinations for business losses and gains:

1. If benefic planets like Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, etc. or any one of them are placed in the Kendra from the Moon, then it indicates business success. 

2. When beneficial planets like Moon, Mercury, and Venus, are present in auspicious Madhyatva, i.e., they are in the second or twelfth house (in front or behind) from each other, then this yoga promises business success. 

3. If Mercury and Venus are placed in the third and eleventh house from the Moon, then the native gains profits through business success. Such a person efficiently grows their income and accumulates wealth through their courage and hard work.

4. When Jupiter transits into the tenth house of one's kundali, progress and business success are inevitable. 

During its transitory motion, when Jupiter is placed in the friendly Bhogansh (degrees at the time of birth) of Sun, Moon, or Jupiter, it forms yogas of progress and business success. 

5. While a native is undergoing the Mahadasha of Dashmesh (Tenth House Lord) or the planet positioned in the tenth house, and Bhukti of its friendly planets (Second house Lord, First house Lord, and Eleventh house Lord) is going on, or

6. Sub-period of its friendly or a benefic planet is ongoing, 

then business success is assured. 

7. In the course of its transit, when Saturn makes the Pancham-Navam Yoga (fifth-ninth house) with its friendly planets (Venus, Mercury, Rahu), in the first, second, sixth, ninth, tenth, or eleventh house, then this duration will bring one progress, profits, and business success. 

8. From ascendant or Moon, during the major-period or sub-period of:

Planet placed in the tenth house,

Planet aspecting tenth house, 

Planet in conjunction with Dashmesh

Planet aspecting Dashmesh

Lord of the tenth house (Dashmesh) 

will bring profits and business success for the native.

9. If planet placed in the tenth house is friendly planet of the tenth house and is in aspect-conjunction with the house or Dashmesh, then the best results are promised for the entrepreneur. 

10. When the naturally positive planets, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus form conjunction-aspect yogas with the tenth house or Dashmesh, the duration will be auspicious and beneficial for the native's professional life. Business success is also assured during the major-period and sub-period of these planets. 

11. During the major-period or Bhukti of the Lords of the first, second, fourth, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses, or if they get in conjunction with tenth house or Dashmesh during transit, then this duration is considered profitable for one's profession. The native gains wealth and fame at this time, i.e., business success is inevitable. 

Conclusion – I have explained the general reasons for business failures. What the astrological reasons for fall in Business? What planetary combinations indicate business fall? What are the astrological indications for success in Business? So whenever one feels that the Business is falling for some time, come & consult me for a more in-depth insight into your problems of why my Business is falling? Understand the reasons & then astrological remedies for success in Business. I am not mentioning any stereo type remedies as for each individual; the situations and circumstances could be different. I am always available for online consultation for Business & other matters in Astrology.  

For any specific guidance, you can take:
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  • What is the most common cause of business failure?

    Many doubts come into mind in opening a new business or owning a business. If there is a new business, then there is a fear that there will be loss in the business? If you are doing business, sometimes a good  business starts failing without knowing reasons . Now the question arises that why business is not getting success? Or why business is declining? Business success and failure has both external and internal causes.

    Internal Causes:- Lack of management ,The deficit in invoicing ,Incompetent sources of finance ,Poor debts and same way there are some External causes of business failure :-strict govt policies ,the main customer or supplier goes bankrupt but you can come out from  this problem of fall in business to take an advice of an astrologer . An astrologer see your birth chart and can advice you about the  reasons and solutions of business failure . I have already write on this above . Regarding business success  you can read the other articles of business name , which is the success mantra of a business .

  • How to improve Fall in Business?/ How can I improve Fall in my Business?

    Sometimes, a well-run business suddenly starts dipping. Even after a lot of effort, we cannot get good results, which used to be met with little effort. While our way of working has not changed, nor have we made any changes in our business. So what to do so that the falling business is restored? Or say what things we should keep in mind to improve our business.

    If there is a steady decline in business, it will be inevitable that it needs improvement to grow the business. The business's success and stability depend on continually monitoring the cash flow of the business, using social media for marketing, and recognizing your strengths, Monitor business Trends, Motivate your Staff, etc . so you can Focus on improving the areas of business that will benefit you. And experienced astrologer can help you in every way. Because as per your birth chart he can see  your business house and help out you from the problem of fall in business . To know more about this, I have explained above in this article, and you can read another article on the new business start-up also.