Delay in Marriage Reasons Solutions

delay in marriage reasons

Marrying in today's time is not that simple what is used to be few decades ago. The reason is simple: aspirations & avenues for getting married borh have increased multifold. Difference of opinion between Parents and Children has also widen. Educated child has his/her own expectation about future spouse. 

In my practice of Vedic Astrology , I have come across many reasons for delay in marriage. These reasons are much beyond the planetary combinations and houses which cause delay in Marriage. These are the reasons self created by the person him/herself or their nearest relatives. Reading through these common questions below will make you understand most of such reasons for delay in marriage.

"It is never too late. Never too late to start over, never too late to be happy."—Jane Fonda

Over the past few decades, the age of marriage is on the rise. And now we have reached a point when more than half of the weddings happen post thirty years of age. This delay in marriage phenomenon may be viewed as a symbol of progress and could have resulted to many positive points also. So, nothing to worry. Still, there are many who, at a certain age, realize that with delay in marriage, they have crossed the family formation age. Then lot of negative thoughts start coming to the mind.

To assess & evaluate any problem, one need to know the impact, reasons and solution to the problem. However, if there is a problem then there has to be solution also. So, now let us elaborate all these 3 factors individually.

Impact of Delay in Marriage

Generally, delay in marriage brings family unrest, social pressures, social backbiting, feelings of incompetence, inferiority complex, and sometimes physical imbalances, frustration also. There are many other specific irreversible physical and psychological impact due to delay in marriage like:

1. Childbirth issues rise with age.​

2. Financial incompatibility rises with age. 

3. The chances for Getting a compatible partner reduces with age.

4. Body ailments increase with age that can obstruct the running of good marriages.

5. With age, people develop new responsibilities which are hard to shed and could also obstruct the smooth running of the marriage.

6. Happy families are less seen in those going for delayed marriages.

7. With age come, numerous relationships that could come haunting and obstruct the marriage.

8. With age, the power to adjust reduces, and to force our ways increases. This makes the marriage unworkable.

However, one should never get distracted with all this unless the reasons for the delay in marriage are deeply understood. This process can take a little time but at least can save you making a haste and wrong decision. My advice here is do not get deterred as a wrong decision due to any of these impacting perceptions will go a long way in your life.  

Reasons for Delay in Marriage

There are two types of reasons for this. One is the planetary combinations in horoscope and another is human reasons causing delay in marriage. You read and you would find different astrological reasons explained at many platforms. However, human or say self-created reasons may be a totally different narrative that you would know reading this. Now let us understand both these reasons little more in detail.

1. Human reasons for delay in marriage: You may be surprised with this revelation but my experience of over 2 decades make me write this. Yes, humans are given some amount of free-will. So in case of marriage, there could be some self or family-related reasons such as being too selective or not finding a partner from a family of equal status, etc. Therefore, one must not rule out any such causes of delay. Many a times, the native himself / herself or the closest relatives. You would be surprised that these people could be as close as your father, mother or siblings and friends also. Now another factor here is that they may not be doing it deliberately. But then if such reasons become the cause for delay in marriage, it becomes more difficult to overcome them as these are human created and remain active in giving & continuing with it. Now they may not be doing it deliberately as there must be again some planets like Sun (the father), Moon (the mother) and likewise could be causing it to happen. The person who has not got married and his/her parents both view the delay in marriage with different perceptive in their mind. What is termed as a delay for the parents might not be for the native and vice versa.

2. Astrological reasons for delay in marriage: Now coming down to the astrological reasons of delay in marriage. We need to know which planets and houses signify marriage and Dashas and Transits of which planets decide about the timing of marriage. Knowledge of these will help in predicting the probable period when a marriage can take place.

a) Houses for Marriage: As per Vedic astrology, the 7th house is the main house of marriage. But two more houses viz. the 2nd and the 11th also are important in finalizing any marital-alliance. The 2nd house represents the family so that marriage will make an addition of a member in the family; hence this house also comes in picture. The 11th house is the house of friendship, and a life partner is a true life-long friend. Also, the 11th house is the house of fulfilment of one's desires, hopes, and wishes. If it is a love marriage, then the 5th house also needs to be considered

b) Planets for Marriage: Two main significators of marriage are Venus and Jupiter. In a male's chart, Venus represents the spouse, and in a female's chart, Jupiter represents her husband. Apart from these, the following can also come into the picture:

1. The lords of 2nd, 7th, and 11th houses

2. Lord of the house in which the 7th lord is placed

3. The Navmansha sign of the 7th lord

4. Planets placed in the 7th house

5. Planets conjunct the 7th lord

6. Lord of the 5th house in case of love marriage

7. The Nakshatra lords of the above planets.

c) Dashas and Transits: Marriage can take place during the Dashas of relevant planets, and during that, Dasha, Lord transit of the lords of 2nd, 7th, and 11th houses as Lord as Jupiter on these houses and the ascendant or its lord.

General astrological Reasons for Delayed Marriage

It has been observed that some planets governing the 7th house in the birth chart naturally tend to delay in marriage as given in the table below:

The 7th


Approx Marriage

Age for a male

Approx Marriage

Age for a female














Note: In case in the birth chart of each the 7th lord is under auspicious influences then the above ages can be reduced by 2 years. But if the 7th lord is under negative or unfavourable influences then the above ages can be further increased by 2 years.

Miscellaneous astrological indications of Delayed Marriage

The following are some indications observed in the birth charts of real-life delayed marriages.

1. A conjunction of the Sun with Rahu in a birth chart can delay one's marriage, especially if linked with the houses of marriage.

2, A conjunction of Mars with Rahu either in the 7th house or aspecting the 7th lord.

3. If in a birth chart there is an exchange of the lords of the 7th and 8th houses viz. if the 7th lord is in the 8th house and the 8th lord is in the 7th house then the marriage can be much delayed.

4. In the birth chart of a male, if there is a conjunction of Saturn and Moon, then usually there can be many obstacles that may delay one's marriage.

5. In a birth chart, the malefic aspects of Saturn orLords on any one or more out of the ascendant, ascendant lord, 7th house and the 7th lord can delay one's marriage.

6. The presence of the Mangal Dosha in a birth chart usually delays one's marriage. This dosha is formed due to the placement of Mars in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th houses. Some also add the 2nd house on this list.

7. The mangal dosha must be seen as per the ascendant, the Moon chart (by reorienting the birth chart and making the house where the Moon is placed as the ascendant) and Venus chart (by reorienting the birth chart and making the house where Venus is placed as the ascendant). This dosha gets strengthened if present in more than one chart out of these three. Also, get the birth chart analyzed adequately for the possibility of cancellation of this dosha.  

Overall methodology to assess Reasons for Delayed Marriage

While doing the Astro-calculations, the following points also need to be considered, (may it be told to you or not)

1. Impact of past life or past of present life becoming a hindrance. 

2. Mangal or Manglik Doshas in the Kundli.

3. Obstructions from within the family members.

4. Education & status level of the child, especially that of Girl child.

5. Hidden inclination towards opposite sex friend.

6. Too many expectations from the other side.

6. Hidden weaknesses in an individual.

All the above factors are reviewed and co-related by analyzing different charts (from D-1, D-9 to D-60). This helps in coming to the root of the problem and thus offer a workable solution.

I hope to have given you a complete insight in to the issue of delay in marriage. 

For any specific guidance on delay in marriage, you can take:

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  • Which planet is responsible for delayed marriage in one's birth chart?

    The two Karaka planets, Venus and Jupiter, and the Lord of your seventh house are responsible for strengthening the yogas of marriage in your kundali and creating the promise of marriage as well. When these planets are weakly placed or negatively afflicted, they weaken this yoga and, thus, cause a delay in marriage. Moreover, along with causing late marriage, it creates a sense of depression in the native, and they start thinking along the lines that they will never get married. When reading the birth chart of a male native, Venus represents their spouse, while in a female's kundali, it is the planet Jupiter which symbolises their husband. 

    In addition to the above, the following factors are also considered that may create yogas responsible for a delay in marriage:

    • The Lords of the second, seventh, and eleventh houses.
    • Lord of the house where the seventh house Lord is placed.
    • The Navamsa Sign of the seventh house Lord. 
    • The planets placed in the seventh house. 
    • The planets in conjunction with the seventh house Lord
    • In the case of a love marriage, we consider the Lord of the fifth house. 
    • All the Nakshatra Lords of the planets mentioned earlier.

    Along with these, the following planetary combinations are also often responsible for a delayed marriage or late marriage, in one's birth chart:

    • When the planets, Venus and Mars, conjunct in the fifth, seventh, and ninth house, they create yogas such that the native themselves do not wish to marry.
    • If malefic planets are positioned in the first, seventh, or twelfth houses of one's kundali, and a weak Moon is placed in the fifth house, they create yogas for the delay in marriage or make the wife infertile. 
    • If the sub-planet (Upagraha), Dhoom is present in one's seventh house, then that too leads to delayed marriage. Moreover, if Kaal is present in one's seventh house, then instead of a late marriage, it entirely negates the possibility of a wedding in a person's kundali. Such a person will never have a spouse. 
    • Another cause of delayed marriage is the placement of Venus between malefic planets. Additionally, if an evil planet is placed in the fourth, eighth, or twelfth house from Venus, then that too can lead to a delay in marriage. 
    • If inherently evil planets like the Sun, Mars, or Saturn are placed in the seventh house of a native's kundali, and the house is further aspected by such a planet, then that too causes a delayed marriage. 
    • When the red planet Mars is placed in one's seventh house and is also aspected by a malefic planet, that also leads to late marriage. 
    • When a weak seventh house Lord is positioned in one of the Trik Bhava (sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses), it creates yogas that not only causes a delay in marriage but completely negates the possibility of a wedding. 
    • When an afflicted Moon is in the seventh house of a native's kundali, or the seventh house Lord gets placed in the twelfth house, and the Karaka planets are weakly positioned, that is also a cause of late marriage. 
    • The placement of the Sun or Venus in fifth, seventh, or ninth houses can not only be a reason for a delay in marriage, but it can remove the possibility of a wedding from the native's birth chart. 
    • When Venus and Mercury conjunct in the seventh house of a native's kundali, then that can lead to delayed marriage or late marriage. 

    When present in one's birth chart, these planetary placements can cause a delay in marriage of a native, irrespective of whether they are male or female

  • What causes a delay in marriage? What combinations in one's kundali can mar the yogas of marriage?

    A delayed marriage or late marriage is an issue that many still struggle within modern India. The well-educated females of our country can often scare some males who still have orthodox thinking, which adds to the problem. They are an additional issue to the prevailing ill-combinations of the planets in one's kundali. Thus, it is necessary to look into both the astrological and psychological troubles that can delay marriage. Yes, the human-made cause is a mark against humanity, and yet, it is an ever-present issue with today's world. Let us discuss both these concerns in detail, below:

    Astrological Reasons: Planetary Positions & Combinations That Create A Delay In Marriage

    Venus is the planet that signifies love and relationship and plays a significant role in one's wedding. Let us take a look at what can cause a delay in marriage:

    • If Venus is in conjunction with malefic planets like Saturn, Sun, and Ketu or Saturn aspects Venus, then that can lead to a delayed marriage for the native. These planetary combinations can afflict Venus's energy, which leads to a delay in marriage. 

    • When Venus turns retrograde, combusts, or is in a debilitated state, it can make a person indecisive. This then becomes a reason for late marriage. 

    • The Sun is an enemy of the planet Venus. Therefore, if the latter is placed in the zodiac sign of the former, Leo, it can cause a delayed marriage. Moreover, if Venus is placed between two malefic planets like the Sun and Saturn, their combined adverse effects cause a delay in marriage.

    Apart from Venus, other planets can also be the cause of a late marriage for a native. Let us take a look at these:

    • When Jupiter turns retrograde or is in a combust or debilitated state, it can delay marriage or create discord in one's marital life. 

    • When the red planet Mars is placed in one's seventh house or is aspecting the seventh house, it is better that the native preferably goes for a late marriage; otherwise, problems in their marital life will prevail. The energy of the red planet is considered mature at the age of 28 years, and that is when the native should marry as well. 

    • The second and fourth houses in one's kundli signify their family. Therefore, the placement of any malefic planet like Saturn, Ketu, or the conjunction of Moon and Ketu can lead to delayed marriage. 

    • If the shadow planet, Ketu is present in one's seventh house, it can make the native disinterested in a wedding, which results in a delay in their marriage. However, if Jupiter or Venus are aspecting the planet, then they can help get rid of these yogas, causing a late marriage. 

    • Apart from this, any planet, when placed in the seventh house in retrograde, combust, or debilitated state can delay marriage for the native.

    Human/Psychological Reasons: Man-Made Causes of Delay In Marriage

    Now, the next reason that creates obstacles in the marriage of a native is entirely human-made. In today's time, education is a must, and men and women are equal in acquiring the same. However, a well-read female often becomes the reason for envy for some close relatives who can create hurdles in their wedding, thereby causing a late marriage. 

    Secondly, when a woman attains a high status in society with her education and job, her expectations for the 'would-be-spouse' also increase. These expectations can sometimes cause a delay in marriage for her. In general, strict adherence to one's anticipations for any native – whether male or female can result in delayed marriage. Let us take a look at who can be responsible for a native's late marriage and how:

    The Native Themselves Causing a Delay In Marriage

    Sometimes, none other than the native him/herself can be responsible for delayed marriage. Whenever people think about their wedding, they often have a list of attributes they want in their 'would-be-spouse'. This list may include a single factor or several combinations of qualities like their own qualification, employment, family/social status, physical appearance, assessed temperament, place of work, short-term casual relationship, sexual attraction, and so on. Of course, having such expectations can never be wrong, yet sometimes the natives adhere to their checklist so strictly that they simply do not think beyond it. 

    For example, a person wishes to marry someone tall, handsome, smart, with blue eyes, who is an engineer working in their city. This is a valid list, but suppose the person who approaches them with a proposal has all these characteristics, plus a few more, but has brown eyes – this is something most people can compromise. Despite that, if the native does not wish to do so, they create an obstacle in their wedding themselves, thus, leading to delayed marriage or a lack of a life partner altogether. 

    However, it is also worth observing that this stubbornness often arises from an afflicted Lagnesh or first house Lord, with a weak or distressed karaka of marriage, which weakens the yogas of marriage in a native's kundali. This, in the end, causes a late marriage. 

    Native's Mother Causing a Delay In Marriage

    One's mother sacrifices a lot throughout her lifetime, often suffering too much to create a better life for her children. Our mom is always protective of us and wishes to see her kids happily married. She would search high and low for her child's perfect partner, hoping to prevent any miseries from reaching them. However, her protectiveness can sometimes cause her to reject perfectly suitable matches over a seemingly flimsy whim, perception, and fancies. As a result, she unwittingly becomes instrumental in negating the Marriage Yoga of their ward, thereby resulting in their late marriage. A learned astrologer can discern this as the cause of the delayed marriage, by looking at the placement of the Moon in one's Navamsa Chart. 

    Native's Father Causing a Delay In Marriage

    One's father is often stoic and strict in their love for their children. They sacrifice even their time with their kids to provide for the family. A dad always wants their kids to be comfortably married so that they never have to see any scarcity in life. However, sometimes, their rigid thinking can become the cause of a delay in marriage of their child. They can be prejudiced about something, which leads to them maintaining a nasty and disrespectful attitude towards their child's prospective match. In addition to this, some men can also have a superiority complex, even making them egoistic. This can hamper finding a suitable match, thus, causes a late marriage for their children. These grounds can often make one's father, unwittingly, the reason for negating the Marriage Yoga of their ward, thereby resulting in their delayed marriage. A learned astrologer can discern this as the cause of the late marriage by looking at Sun's position (which symbolises father) in one's Navamsa Chart. 

    Other Family Members Causing a Delay In Marriage

    Sometimes, our relatives and other family members can become the cause of delayed marriage, as their backbiting does not even let a conversation about a prospective wedding take place. Sometimes, these can be jealous siblings who do not wish to see their brother or sister married for their personal benefits. Often, the elders of the family can also turn a blind eye towards their responsibilities which causes a delay in marriage. A learned astrologer can discern all these causes and factors of late marriage and point out the person responsible by reading one's birth chart. There are situations when certain situations can lead to delayed marriage, despite a good Marriage Yoga being present in the native's kundali. Therefore, one must get timely insight into these problems from an expert so that you do not miss out on the benefits written in your kundli.

  • When will I marry? Can astrology help me in getting married?

    Yes, astrology can help you get married and answer questions like 'When will I get married?'. Let us discuss how Vedic Astrology resolves both these aspects.

    By natural selection and logic, the ideal age of marriage for a woman should be 27-28 years, while that of a man should be 29-30 years. But, nowadays, the hectic lifestyle and other such issues can cause obstacles for today's generation in getting married at this age. This is especially true for those employed in private sectors or multinational companies, as they are often working in settling in their careers at this age. Therefore, their professional life takes precedence over marriage, and by the time they are ready to settle down, they are considered over-age. 

    Moreover, once a person is well-placed in their career, they become selective and more demanding about their life partner, which is another reason for their not getting married or delayed marriage. Thus, it is prudent for one to consult an astrologer at this time. An expert will be able to read the native's kundali to determine the right age for their getting married and answer their questions like, 'Will I get married this year?' or 'When will I get married?', and so on. Several factors are taken into account to answer these questions, and kundali matching of both the girl and the boy are required. An astrologer can determine the accurate timing of getting married for a person, with the help of the following conditions:

    • The seventh house in one's birth chart is the significator of marriage and is therefore considered for predictions associated with the same. Factors like delay in marriage, timing of getting married, compatibility, the success of marital life, and so on, are deduced through it. 

    • Additionally, other components are also examined like, their Navamsa chart, ongoing major-period (Mahadasha) and sub-period (Antardasha), planetary transits at a time, and more. 

    • The first house or ascendant is also considered while reviewing the kundali for marriage as it signifies self. 

    In addition to these two houses (first and seventh), a few others are taken into account, which are:

    • The second house in a birth chart is viewed for family life,

    • The eleventh house signifies the fulfillment of one's wishes,

    • We review the eighth house for the success of one's marriage,

    • The transit of the Lords of second, eleventh, and eighth houses in these (second, seventh, and eleventh) houses help pinpoint the time of getting married for a native. 

    In addition to this, we should not ignore the significance of the Dasha system. To discover the exact time when one is getting married can be calculated through the major-period (Mahadasha) of the seventh house Lord (Saptamesh). Also, the planets aspecting the seventh house or the Saptamesh are considered to discover the marriage timing. These together can help answer your question, "When will I get married?"

  • What is the remedy for delayed marriage? Are there any astrological solutions for the delay in marriage?

    To find a remedy for delayed marriage, one first needs to understand the cause behind it. Unless the exact reasons are known, following the remedies may not fructify. If the delay in marriage is occurring due to particular planetary combinations, an expert astrologer can discern this through an in-depth study of the native's kundali. They need to examine the seventh house, which answers numerous questions related to the knot's tying, like possible delayed marriage, the timing of getting married, compatibility, the success of marital life, and so on. In addition to this, the Jyotishi will also examine the native's Navamsa chart, the Major Period (Mahadasha), and Sub Period (Antardasha), and the planetary transits at a given time. 

    Only after analysing all these factors, with each other, can the astrologer arrive at a decision and offer a remedy for late marriage. If astrologers miss even one of these attributes, then there are high chances of making a mistake. And then delayed marriage solutions they offer will not be effective either. Therefore, to reach the perfect answer to your problem, the astrologer will also have to consider how each planet like the Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter, are influencing the seventh house.

    They also need to discern any possible connections between these planets and the seventh house Lord. Therefore, all these factors need to be examined correctly if the astrologer wishes to arrive at the correct remedy for delay in marriage for you. When these planets are favourably placed in terms of the seventh house, and so is the Saptamesh, it usually offers favorable results. However, even a single planet turning malefic will require different solutions for delay in marriage depending on who is the cause of this disparity.

  • Can my birth chart indicate if there will be a delay in my marriage? Can I know from my kundali about late marriage?

    Yes, one's kundali has clear indications of any delay in marriage. An expert astrologer will be able to discern these easily. Some of these signs include:

    Venus and Jupiter are the Karaka planets for marriage. Shukra is the mentor of the Danavas or Demons, while Guru is the teacher of the Devas or Gods. When both these masters are favourably placed and support each other, then a wedding takes place for the native. However, when adversely placed, the planets cause a delayed marriage. 

    In addition to this, an astrologer will also look at the following factors in a native's birth chart to discern possibilities of late marriage for them:

    • In a man's kundali, an expert will look at Venus that represents the spouse, while in a woman's chart, they will see Jupiter, which represents the significant other.

    • The Lords of the second, seventh, and eleventh houses.

    • Lord of the house where the seventh house Lord is placed.

    • The Navamsa Sign of the seventh house Lord. 

    • The planets positioned in the seventh house. 

    • The planets in conjunction with the seventh house Lord

    • In the case of a love marriage, we consider the Lord of the fifth house. 

    • All the Nakshatra Lords of the planets mentioned earlier.

    After this, one will consider the Dashas and planetary transits going for the native at a particular time. A person can get married successfully only during the Dasha of individual planets, and during that, Dasha can be of the Lord transit of the lords of 2nd, 7th, and 11th houses. 

    There are some more planetary combinations that can be responsible for a delayed marriage for a native. These include:

    • If Sun is in conjunction with Rahu in one's kundli, it results in a late marriage, especially when it is in the house of marriage. 

    • If Mars is in conjunction with Rahu in one's seventh house, or they are aspecting the seventh house Lord. 

    • If the Lords of the seventh and eighth houses change places, i.e., the Lord of the seventh house is positioned in the eighth house, and the Ashtamesh is placed in the seventh house, it can lead to a delay in marriage. 

    • In a man's birth chart, Saturn and Moon's conjunction creates certain obstacles that may cause a late marriage. 

    • Saturn's malefic aspect on any one of these can result in a delayed marriage: the first house, seventh house, Lagnesh (Lord of Ascendant), seventh house Lord. 

    • The well-known Mangal Dosha is another issue which may create obstacles in one's marriage. When Mars is in one of the following houses of a native, it causes a delay in marriage: first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house. 

    • In some cases, the placement of Mars in the second house is also said to form a Mangal Dosha and thus, a delayed marriage. 

    • To examine Mangal Dosha in a native's birth chart, one must first reorient the chart to make the house where the Moon and Venus are placed, the ascendant, and then read the kundali from there. These are called the Moon chart and the Venus chart, respectively. 

    • If the Mangal Dosha is present in more than one of these charts: the Birth Chart, Moon Chart, and Venus Chart, then it will be stronger. And the stronger it is, the more delay in marriage it will cause. Therefore, one must examine the chart properly to find a remedy for the Dosha's cancellation. 

    Apart from these, a few more broad indications are present in one's kundali, which may indicate a late marriage for the native:

    • The impact of past life or the past of present life can cause obstacles in the wedding. 

    • Presence of Mangal or Manglik Dosha in the kundali causes delays in marriage. 

    • Family members, intentionally or unwittingly, creating obstructions in marriage. 

    • Education and social status of a person, especially a female, raising expectations of the prospective spouse. 

    • Hidden and unsaid feelings towards a friend.

    • Too many expectations from the other side.

    • Hidden weaknesses in an individual.

    All the above factors are reviewed and co-related by an expert astrologer who analyses different charts (from D-1, D-9, to D-60). This helps them in discovering the root of the problem, and only then can they offer an efficient remedy for late marriage to the native.