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Planets in Different Houses and Signs

planet in different houses

All planets in the constellation be it Inner or Outer have almost equal impact on all the living creatures (bodies) on this earth. Each planet has its own significations & recognition to cover and impact different areas on the earth based on their gravitational forces and rays. Each planet has different gravitational values at the date, time and place of a person’s birth. Accordingly, the impact of each planet will be different in each house of a birth chart. The position of these planets in different houses can be good , bad or even neutral also.

Effect of Planets in different houses and signs in Astrology 

Mostly people start seeing the effects of planets in different houses and signs in Astrology with an eye on negatively placed planets. Next can be the step to suggest rituals to overcome the expected harmful effects of these planets. 

My method & perception regarding these planets in a birth chart is a little different. You see, the particular placement of any planet in a specific house and sign in Astrology depends on the person's previous life(s) deeds. Almighty releases the horoscope to a person on a particular date, time, and place of birth & it all is a direct manifesto & crux of the balance sheet of a person's past life deeds. 

How do planets behave in different houses and signs in Astrology 

Planets' behaviour and effect depend on what you did in the past life(s), but then the same Almighty gives you a free will also to handle all such effects through your refined Karmas in the present life. So don't worry about how planets behave; focus on what you should do to keep the behaviour and effects of these planets in different houses of your sign. 

1. You did bad karmas; you get bad planetary combinations. 

2. You did righteous Karmas; you get favorable planetary combinations. 

3. The most important thing to know is that each horoscope has both negative and positive planets, so nothing to feel sad or blessed either way.   

4. Another fact here is that none: be negative or positive planets of planetary combinations, none give you results automatically either way. You have free will, which decides how do you encash or lose on these planetary positions.

5. Finally, there are planetary transits that play a significant role in changing the effects of these planets in different houses and signs. 

Results of planets in different signs as per Astrology 

A sign can be a moon sign or sun sign. For Indian Vedic astrology, more weightage is given to Moon Sign for better accuracy. A sign is ascertained based on the date, time, and place of birth of a person based on set rules of astrology. As explained earlier this all geometry is a direct result of a person's deeds of previous birth(s). Therefore, one planet can be good for one sign and the worst for another sign. Why because the allocation of planets in a particular sign directly results from one's own karmas. It is not the planet that changes its natural results, but it is the particular sign which is responsible as to what type of results it will get from a planet.  

Can any house in horoscope be most important?

This is also a very illogical but very frequently asked question: can any astrology house be most important OR out of the 12 houses in horoscope, can any house be less or more important. No, all houses in your birth chart are inter-related to support other houses. But yes their importance can be different at the different phases of person's life. Read more on  importance of each house in a horoscope 

Results of planets in different houses in a horoscope in Astrology  

Planets in different houses in different signs as per astrology cannot be the same for all horoscopes. Because apart from what you get a result of your last life(s), the Karma of your present life also play a significant role in delivering you the results. Also the results of different plants in different signs as per astrology keep changing with the time. Because the original results keep changing as to how you keep the negative planets deactivated and propel positive planets to offer good results. 

But still there are certain defined guidelines to describe the results of different planets in different signs in astrology in the different houses of a horoscope. This I will explain below all such results of planets in different signs in astrology one by one.

Result of Sun in different houses and signs in Astrology 

Sun is a planet for authority, father, govt., political aspiration, power, and fame. Bad Sun in a sign reflects on a person's abuse of such powers in the previous life(s). Adverse Sun placement in any sign or its different houses can make a person arrogant and loose on the above fronts. Read more Sun in different houses and signs in astrology.

Results of Moon in different houses and signs 

Moon is a planet for emotions, mother, mind, and changing nature. A person with a good moon in their sign will have a firm mind for decision, harmonious behaviour & relations with mother but a poor moon will have reverse of it. Read more on Moon in different Houses and signs. 

Result of Jupiter in different houses and signs

Jupiter is the planet that denotes Guru, knowledge, and kids. Jupiter is also the lord of two signs i.e, Sagittarius and Pisces. In any sign or house, a bad Jupiter denotes the person would not have been much knowledgeable or indifferent to teachers, elders, or kids. Jupiter is generally exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn. Read more on Jupiter in different Houses and signs. 

Result of Venus in different houses and signs

Venus signifies worldly attractions, luxury, beauty, and female. In a sign, I bad Venus denotes the person would have misbehaved with females mainly wife or lover or misused the materialistic amenities in the earlier life(s). A Venus means the person would have respected beauty and female and enjoyed materialistic things judiciously in the previous birth(s). Read more on Venus in different houses and signs.  

Result of Mars in different houses and signs

Mars is also known as the red planet, the planet of aggression. It also represents might, fierceness & younger brother. Mars is generally seen as malefic planet, but for Cancer and Leo ascendant, this becomes Yogkaraka to bestow prosperity and wealth to the natives. Read more on Mars in different houses and signs. 

Result of Ketu in different houses and signs

Ketu is known for contraction & spirituality. It works almost opposite to Rahu, who drives the natives to more worldly attractions. A favorable Ketu means the person would have respected all good principles of life in previous birth(s) and drives a person towards a better piece of life in the present birth. A bad Ketu can lead the person getting involved in inhuman activities & misusing power to exploit people. Consider one time big spiritual Gurus & top politicians/ bureaucrats in deep troubles for their misuse of Ketu. Read more on Ketu in different houses and signs. 

Result of Saturn in different houses and signs 

Saturn, the most misunderstood and feared planet, is most significantly a Karmic planet. It represents Karma, servants, labour, and power. People who misused all this in their previous birth(s) will have a negative Saturn, and they will face all miseries, including punishment for all this in their present birth regularly. But a positive Saturn will bestow plenty of affluence, authority, administrative skills, and high designation in their present birth and very successful life. Read more on Saturn in different houses and signs. 

Result of Mercury in different houses and signs 

Mercury is a planet of wit, intelligence, and humour. Mercury, nearest to Sun is also known as Budh, is generally a benefic planet. Mercury rules two signs Gemini and Virgo. A good Mercury confers excellent analytical skills and researching skills to the native. But a weak Mercury also develops the symptoms of being indecisiveness and confusion in a person’s mind. People with a strong Mercury attain high success in commerce, trade, and banking areas to count some. Read more on Mercury in different houses and signsYou can also read How to judge if a planet is good or bad?

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