Does your Birth chart support Betting and Gambling

Betting and Gambling are short cuts to make a fast buck. Initial gains in betting and gambling are more dangerous as it can make you tempted more towards it & can become an addiction.

Does your Horoscope support Betting and Gambling?

Over a period of time, such habits are increasing with attraction of makng fast money. If people can take a small pre-caution & get vetting of prospects of such activities, probably lot of disasters can be avoided.

There are some specific significations in one’s horoscope that foretell about the following things relating to betting and Gambling.

1. How successful one would be if he bets or gamble in one form or the other.

2. If at all there is yoga, when will it fructify?

3. Is the betting or the gambling yoga hazardous for the native? 

4. Is the betting or Gambling a harmless fun or a compulsive disorder.

5. When will this harmless fun get converted into a compulsive?

6. How to bring back the person who has gone into this compulsive disorder?

Before explaining the topic and concept further, I just want you to know how strong is the betting and gambling yoga in your horoscope. 

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1. Do you bet?

2. Since how long have you been betting?

3. Do you bet in sports matches?

4. Do you get involved in intraday share trade?

5. Are you able to manage your losses?

6. Did you steal to manage for your loss?

7. Are you into online Gambling? 

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Now, after this result, I would like to let you know that result of a match, event, or shares is very much predictable through Vedic astrology. Yes! You heard it right.

Can astrology predict about cricket matches?

Yes astrology can predict about Cricket matches & for that predict result of any event that will happen in future.Those you have a skilled hand at Vedic astrology can easily predict the result of any match, event, or for that matter share-market. I do not do it personally, as Gambling or betting done to earn money activates the eighth house, which is the worst ‘trik’ house to get activated. But it is done more for amusement purposes and for knowing events for of importance like: 

Now suppose there is a war between India and China, who is going to win or who is going to suffer maximum loss. I would divulge a small trick here, through which you can easily predict the outcome of any match with eighty percent accuracy. For the rest twenty percent, you should contact a scholar of Vedic astrology to understand the rules.

The Trick: The winning house trick. 

Step 1: Cast the chart of the time the question came to your mind or the time when the match factually starts, the kick-off time in case it is the football match, the time when the blower run to throw his first ball if it is a cricket match. 

Step 2: The Lagna is the team of your choice, and the 7th house is the opponent. If it is a neutral match for you, go to the betting meter sites and find out who has more chances to win, the team with more opportunity is given the Lagna, and the other side is given the 7th louse. 

Step 3: Now, the victory house for the Lagna or the ascendant is ( the favorite): 1,3,6,10 and 11 The victory house for the 7th house (the underdog):7,9,12,4 and 5. The maleficent in a horoscope are Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu.

Step 4: See, the number of maleficence in the winning house for the favorite or the underdog. The winning homes are having a more significant amount of maleficence wins.

Through this method, you can calculate with eighty percent accuracy that which team will win.

Only one thing which you need to understand that the habit should be well under control or otherwise, some gambling addiction is some progressive addiction and can have many negative psychological, physical, and social impacts. It is classified as the desired control disorder seen through the eighth house.

Pros and cons of Betting

Gambling is not considered as a financial problem, but an emotional issue has economic consequences. It impacts how the person with some disorder related to you and your family and friends. For example, they may tend to miss out on some critical events in family or work sometimes. Any person who is concerned about Gambling may ask, " Can I resist myself from playing this?" Now suppose the answer comes out "NO," it is essential to seek help.

Astrology has sufficient tools to study indication of betting & gambling habits from a birth chart. There are some Zodiac signs prone more towards making easy money through betting and gambling. Then there are planets & house which support or hate betting and gambling. But first lets count on some main pros and cons of betting and gambling.

Why person moves towards Gambling and Betting:

1. The need for gambling increase with the amount of money to feel excited. 

2. Once you stop Gambling, restlessness, or irritability. 

3. A repeated, unsuccessful attempt will stop, control, and reduce Gambling. 

4. You may often think about Gambling, and you can make plans to gamble

5. The distressed feeling while gambling. 

6. After returning to gamble after losing money. 

7. They are lying about concealing gambling activities. 

8. We are experiencing issues related to working problems due to Gambling. 

9. It should depend on others for money to spend on Gambling​

Specific circumstances leading to Gambling and Betting:

Some people who develop gambling addiction are considered responsible and are dependable people, but some factors can lead to change in behavior. These includes: 

1. Retirement 

2. Traumatic Circumstances 

3. Job-Related Stress

4. Emotional disasters, such as depression or anxiety

5. Loneliness 

6. Presence of some other addictions

7. Some environmental factors, such as friends or opportunities

Adverse effects and risks of betting and gambling: 

1. Depression, anxiety conditions or some personality disorders 

2. There are some other addictions such as drug or alcohol 

3. Use of certain medications, any antipsychotic medicines which may have linked to a higher risk of a gambling addictions 

4. Sex, the aspect which can affect men more than a woman

5. With gambling addiction, Addiction to Gambling is equivalent to taking drugs or Addiction to drink. 

6. This Gambling behavior can alter one's mood and state of mind. 

7. As a person become used to the feeling, you keep repeating the behavior and attempting to achieve the same effect. 

8. Other Addiction, alcohol, and for instance, a person starts developing a tolerance. An increasing amount of alcohol is necessary with the same buzz. 

9. A person who has an addiction needs to gamble more to get the same high. It’s a habit of some people, and they may chase their losses, thinking that if they may continue to engage in Gambling, they can win back the lost money. 

10. A dangerous circle develops, an increased craving for the activity. A person who is addicted to Gambling can't resist drops. The desire grows in intensity and frequency with the ability to control the urge to gamble is weakened. 

11. Addiction can have a psychological, personal, physical, social, or professional impact. 

12. Neither frequency of Gambling nor the amount which is lost will determine whether Gambling is a problem for any individual. 

13. Some of the people engage in periodic Gambling, which, somewhat regularly, the emotional and financial consequences will be the same. 

14. Gambling becomes a problem when some other person can no longer stop doing it when it harms any point of an individual's life. 

15. Places like casinos and lotteries provide the opportunity to gamble. Person gets into addiction when (s)he can no longer control the compulsive behavior. 

16. Various gambling games- whether racing, bingo, card games, dice games, lottery, slots, and sports betting can be problematic. However, some types of Gambling have characteristics that may intensify the problem and the consequences.

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Benefits of Betting and Gambling 

As stated above, I do not indulge into betting and gambling as it activates 8th house. If it is the case with me, it will be for all. I have the capability to predict about matches, betting and gambling results to bring tonnes of money to me. But still if I don’t involve myself in any of such activities, I see no benefits from betting and gambling as habits to make easy money. Benefits can be there but finally one will land only and only in troubles. 

Students of astrology for Gambling might wonder about the combination of gambling Yoga in the horoscope:

Betting addictions in birth chart - Gambling yoga in astrology

Each planet & house has its specific significations. These traits and characteristics work either in favour or against the  native. Zodiac signs have their own traits , characteristics, weakness and strengths on the basis of its basic element: Air, Water, Earth & Fire.  These  factors form different dosha & Yogas in a horoscope. 

Same ways there are malefic planets & house to form Gambling Yoga. Combination of negative planets in malefic houses form Gambling Yoga. This Gambling Yoga will be more prudent in Zodiac signs which support betting , gambling and easy money.  For this one needs to understand which Zodiac sign , planet and house support or hate easy money through betting and gambling. This all I am explaining now separately.

Prediction for Betting by date of birth

Like any astrology predictions, prediction for betting by date of birth is quite possible. For making predictions for betting from date of birth: means the astrologer should study placement of planets that support betting and gambling. Then does your Zodiac sign supports betting. Then examine the houses in the birth chart that decide success and failure in betting. This is apart from a natural inclination of a person towards betting and gamling as explained above. I will explain all these astrological factors which decide success and failure in betting and gambling.  

Which houses support Betting and Gambling?

There are specific houses in birth chart which support Betting and gambling. These houses generally lead a person towards fulfilling his/her dreams, increase in the overall wealth & assets. But any wrong analysis of these houses in birth chart can be disastrous. I will explain what houses in horoscope support betting and gambling. 

1. Condition of 2nd house for person's assets: Planets which are found within the home and aspects; the ruler of the second house and the position by sign, house and perspective and the sign leaning towards the second house.

2. Condition of 8th House for personal assets accumulated through partnership and marriage:. A planet which is found within the house and aspect; ruler of the eighth house and its position by sign, house and perspective and the sign on the cusp of the eighth house.

3. Condition of 11th House for personal assets accumulated through business and career: planets which are found within house and aspect; ruler of the eleventh house and its position by the sign, home, and perspective; the sign on the cusp of the eleventh house.

4.Condition of Venus, a natural ruler of the second house, Jupiter, a planet of expansion. I was looking for where the signs of Taurus and Sagittarius are found in the chart. 

5. A Chart ruler (Ruler of the Ascendant) and the relationship to the ruler of second and eighth houses. Also, you should take note of any planets found in the second and the eighth houses. 

7.Condition of Saturn and Mars in the chart, to determine the native's drive and ambition. Their own, these factors don't show many potentials, but it can contribute elements to accumulating wealth.

A second house which rules possessions and attitude towards the money. The eighth house for  money accumulated through partnership or marriage. The eleventh house rules money, and money is collected through business and career. These are the houses which indicate betting & gambling results for you.

Which planets support easy money and Betting/Gambling

Apart reading houses which support betting and gambling, there are some specific planets also which indicate easy money and betting/gambling. These areMoon, Venus, Rahu, and Mercury.

Which Zodiac signs support Betting?

Apart from specific houses and planets which support betting and gambling, there are some Zodiac signs also which favour betting. People with these Zodiac signs are found more indulging into betting and gambling. Taurus, Cancer, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces signs support betting habits.

Role of 5th house in Gambling

Fifth House rules over the game. Betting through astrology planets like Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Rahu loves the essence of easy money. The placement of such planets in the Fifth House increases the chances of getting easy money. Winning gambling/betting as per astrology signs are Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces are some favourable placements for such planets. 

People who are regularly winning in the betting sectors should have a strong Moon in the fifth house and had no adverse influence on the Twelfth house. Other planets such as Venus and Mercury favour getting lucky occasionally in the gambling and betting sector. Rahu may even loose a million in such a bad condition, but a strong Rahu in the Fifth House can help a person who can earn a fortune via calculated risk. 

Planets that hate betting and easy money:

Like planets, houses and Zodiac signs which favour betting, there are some planets that hate easy money and betting. The planets which hate betting and easy money are Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu. Planets like Saturn, Ketu, and Jupiter don't like Gambling. Saturn loves hard work and patience; they don’t support any type of shortcut to money or any fame.

As per Astrology for Betting and Gambling, Jupiter loves patience and is very quiet religious. Jupiter's sense of judging right and wrong it prevents it from trying to cheat others. . Ketu is into spirituality, and it doesn't like money talk.

Signs which hate easy money and betting:

The sign which is ruled by Saturn like Capricorn and Aquarius in the Fifth house hate easy money. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter also hate Gambling These Zodiac signs do not support easy money and gambling etc. These signs will not let the ascendant take a shortcut in life, and if the ascendant decides to try some alternative than he should stand to lose a fortune. The signs Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius do not support betting and gambling.

Usually, it's not advised to try shortcuts to make money. One should always avoid Gambling and betting as far as possible. There are always people who always search for tricks to earn easy money. They must assess the strength of Fifth House according to Astrology for betting, which deals with Gambling—checking if there are no evils which influence the Twelfth House to avoid losses via Gambling and winning betting.

For any specific guidance, you can take:

1. online report for betting and gambling or

2. consult me for an astrological session.


  • Does / can astrology help in gambling/betting?

    Yes, as stated above in the article, you can look for an astrological combination for help in Gambling or betting.

  • Does my horoscope support betting/gambling?

    As per the section in the above article, Signs which support betting and Gambling are mentioned. You can look for the various aspect of horoscope.

  • Can I win in gambling/betting?

    The article, as mentioned above, depicts the various combination of betting and Gambling.