Law of Karma and Karma correction

karma correction

Once the soul gets trapped into the vicious circle of birth and death, there is a little escape. The soul keeps on coming back to the earth, taking incarnations after incarnations just to clear the backload of the pending Karma. The unfinished Karma are the things left unaccomplished or undone in the previous life births.

Through the Horoscope, the pending Karma can be assessed, and a Karma correction can be implemented to clear the backlog. An accomplished astrologer who has mastered the technique by applying it on thousands of horoscopes can easily calculate the pending karma load.

A brief explanation of the technique is reproduced here, but mind you, it is just an indication of the methodology. One should be well versed in the method to evaluate the pending Karma.

How to know your pending Karmas? at the time of birth

Once the previous life has gone, become past, one wonders how to know pending karmas at the time of birth. These pending karmas from the previous life (s) are the karmic debts. If we do not ratify these karmic debts, we remain under the curse of these pending karmas in next life also. But nothing to worry as your birth chart indicates pending karmas at the time of your birth and a good Vedic astrologer can surely guide you here. Deep study of  theory of pending karmas not only guides you of your pending karmas at the time of your birth but also guides you towards accomplishing these pending Karmas in present life. Now I will explain how to know pending karmas from your natal chart and which house is seen to read pending karmas.

1. Sixth house in the birth chart is seen to read the pending Karma of the previous birth.

2. The planets positioned in the sixth house, along with the lordship, are the indicator of the pending Karma.

3. The planets aspecting the sixth house are also the second-degree indicator of the Karma left unaccomplished in the previous birth. 

4. The positioning of the lord of the sixth house also gives clues of the pending Karma.

Karma calculator

I am herewith presenting the Karma calculator, which shows what are your pending or flawed karmas? One should immediately implement these tips of Karma correction in life to mould the malefic planets to positive planets.

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Karma correction based on the ascendant.

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Theory of Karma - in astrology

Karma is a Sanskrit word which meant springing from the root "Kri"- "to do" or "to make" or, more simply, "action." The deeper meaning of Karman can be explained as an infinite chain of the result of the action which can be anticipated and can perform. Karma is the approach of wisdom which is based on the Ancient Vedas or Upanishads, which can explain a system. This theory of karma says that the beneficial events are  derived from beneficial actions of the past and harmful effects come from the past destructive work, creating a chain of actions and reactions throughout the person's which reincarnated with lives.

Once we talk about "Our Karma," talking about the action which has "sown" or which is performed in the past, which results in what we "reap" in the current life situation, it can become a karmic Burden or a Karmic Baggage or Karmic Blessing which are depending on we've performed positive or negative action in the past.

Every action is physical, emotional, or mental at every moment occurring either on the plane of gross matter (Sthoolam) or on astral planes (Sookshma), which causes an emission of Energy. In other words, it produces a Seed.

Being a Seed, Karma fructifies or does not fructify immediately after it is sown. Through the infinite Karma Seed,  we  produce our various actions which have desire, aversion, love, hatred, happiness, etc.. Same way results will come sooner or later, a positive or a negative depends on the nature of seed and if it's not in this life immediately then maybe in some future.

The Vedas broach, " They say that a person which consists of desire. The desire so is his will. As the will, so his deed. Whatever deed he does, that he will reap". 

Is Karma different than Fate?

Karma is surely different than fate or destiny. Karma can never be confused with Fate. Rather karmas are the key to make or break your fate. Your karmas can change your fate. Fate or destiny scripted in the horoscope is fixed but karma is flexible, it’s a free will gifted to human being. Good karmas can improve even a bad destiny & bad karmas can destroy a good fate. Fate is the notion that man's life is a preplanning imitation for him by some external power, and he has no control over destiny. Karma, on the other hand, and it can be corrected. Human is a conscious being and is aware both: the Bad Karma and good karmas. What one chooses is a matter of free will & this free will ( karmas) makes or breaks your fate.  

Acquired Karma which is grouped in three ways:

Dridhar Karma: It can happen, as shown by Dasha.

Adridha Karma: It can be shown by Gochars and may happen or may not happen.

Dridha/Adridha: Few Result may be seen, or some may not.

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Types of Karmas and Vedic astrology  

Vedic astrology has divided overall Good Karma or Bad Karma of a person into four categories/ types of Karmas. Let us know about the kinds of Karma and how they can affect your life. 

1. Accumulated Karma / Sanchita Karma 

Sanchay in English means to collect or accumulate. Accumulated karmas mean sanchit karmas or the karmas accumulated by us in the previous life(s). Accumulated Karma is a vast store of piled-up the Karmas in the preceding and all other previous births. Accumulated Karmas in a balance sheet of one’s deeds ( karmas) in the previous life. This can be for a definite or indefinite period which is unseen. Only an able astrologer could guide you as to these accumulated karams are of  how many previous life(s). In present life also whatever you do becomes your accumulated karmas for next life. That is where past life readings play vital role in present life. Each moment of your every day, it can be either adding to you or reducing the karmic debt. It can wait to be fulfilled in future births.

2. Prarabdha Karma 

Prarabadha Karma meant understanding the arrows in the flight. This indicates actions that begin or to set in motion.It means whatever Karmas we perform in the present, its results depends on your prarabdh karmas. You do whatever you feel like but your prarabdh karmas will take you in the direction which will decide the result. Result of your karmas will be bad or good depends on your prarabdh karmas. The portion of Sanchita Karma destined to influence human life in the present epitome is called Prarabdha. In some other words, Prarabdha Karma is Karmic Template that is matured enough to be experienced by you and can be allotted for a lifetime and to work on.

According to Vedic Astrology, the other authentic method of Astrology, as it can be the best and can reveal the Prarbdha Karma. Thus, the indigenous Horoscope is around the Blueprint of a Karmic Energy concept of Prarabdha Karma. 

3Kriyamana Karma 

Kriyamana Karma meant the way it's being made;it's an instant result in hand. Kriyamana Karma is a daily and instant good Karma or the bad Karma which are created in the lifetime. God has given us a free will, liberty to act & how we act good or bad depends on us to become our Kriyamana karma. This lays the foundation of our accumulated / sanchit karmas of next life. If we do good, results from prarabdh & accumulated in next life are good & vice versa. This can tremendously contribute to our Future Karma. This can be worked off immediately. These are some debts that are created and worked off. For instant, you may park your vehicle in "No Parking Space," you may get caught, and you may be punished immediately.

Whether some Kriyamana Karma which can bear fruit in the current life, others which are stored for enjoying in the future birth. Thus,Kriyamana Karma is classified into two subcategories:

Arabdha Karma- it's literally which can "begun, undertaken;" the Karma that is "germinating."

Anuradha Karma- "not initiating; inoperative" or " The Good Karma."

An example: the two-person commit theft, and one of them gets caught. It can  immediately show the reaction ( result) for his action; he may go to jail. Other robber who escapes at present will have to experience its results further in life or in the future.  

4. Agami Karma 

Agami Karma, as the name suggests, the future Karma is the lesson that can be learned through reading the above three types of Karmas. Agami karmas are the actions that result from your present actions.  Agami Karma is a Karmic Map which can be coming, because of good Karma or Bad Karma of the immediate action of the current birth. In some other words, it's a portion of Karma, which is created in the present life and will be added to Sanchita Karma. If you have failed to pay off your debts, they tend to accept more mortgages, which can be added to Sanchita Karma for which they can become more Karmic Seeds and are served into more future lives. 

Theory of Karma leads to Karma Correction

Till here, we have understood the theory of Karma, the type of karmas, and the overall impact of both these things in our life. Then as per Vedic astrology, one comes to know what & how karma correction is to be done.

The study of Karma, Karma correction helps in understanding the following things:

1. Past, Present, and Future- Births

2. Classifications of the life span.

3. The ways to modify Fate through Karma.

4. The Fate lord and it modus operandi.

5. The Moksha lord and its operating power.

6. The amount of freewill the native has.

7. Yogas present in the charts, and the best way to utilize them like the theory of Karma correction.

Theory of Karma in India

Theory of Karma in India is heavily marred by hypocrisy. Yes you read it quite right & blunt. If what you preach you practice then probably large part and results of all accumulated, prarabdh, kriyamana or agami is controlled. You do good, gets good & stores good. But it does not happen that way. We become judge for someone for a particular act in deciding it is good or bad and become lawyer for ourselves when we do vice versa to justify it. I will explain this further. However I have written a very transparent article on this in Hindustan Times  as to why India really legs behind. Knowing about Karmas of past life & learning from the flawed karmas is first point. Second point is to improve your karmas of present life. You may not know your past life karmas especially the flawed one. So an astrologer can guide you. But to improve those bad karmas is in your hand for which you have a free will. Each one of us knows what is bad karmas and what is bad karma. But if we condemn a particular act of somebody else but getting an opportunity, we ourselves do that act: that is where I say theory of Karma in India is heavily marred by hypocrisy. The result is we do not practice what we preach. The extremes with misuses in politics, spirituality, Government, social life and almost everywhere, we see a big gap between saying and doing. That is where the theory of karma in India takes a big beating. 


Karmas of our past life were in our hand. We can know about them through past life reading. How to improve flawed karmas in present life to know how will be your life in the present. Life is nothing but a series of Karma correction, you do bad karmas, you do good karmas is all how you use your free will.   I have written several articles on Karma correction, which have found their places in some prominent Indian newspapers and Magazines. One can read them on Dr. Vinay Bajrangi on karma correction in media & press. 

So what are you waiting for? Is it not the time to get a Karma correction reading and see how it can help you to achieve the fullest and prepare your soul for the Moksha.

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  • Why karma has to be correct?

    Whether a person is happy or unhappy, we immediately attribute it to his deeds. The deeds of any person are the criteria of the happiness and troubles that come in his life. Our karmas are like a balance sheet in our life. The effect of good and bad karma done in the previous life is seen in this birth. And the karmas we do in this lifetime, we have to suffer later or at birth. It means we carry forward our accumulated deeds in the next life. Therefore, the effect of good deeds done in present birth is materialized in this life also in the next life. So karmas have to be correct as Karmas only controls our lives, past, present, and future growth.

  • How does karma affect your life?

    A saying that cannot be changed, As you sow, so shall you reap.

    It is said that actions do not leave anyone in pursuit. That is, you get the result of everything you do, whether immediately or after some time. Karma means that no one  in your life is a mere coincidence. He has some connection with the deeds of your previous life. Every situation that you face in life is the result of your karma. You continuously create karma from your lifestyle with your actions, thoughts, attitudes, and words.

    It is often heard why bad  happens to good people or why such a young child has such a terrible disease, has he done such deeds?

    Everything that happens in your present life is the result of the deeds of your past life.. Your karma affects your life both ways, good and bad.

  • Does the karma from the previous life affect the current life?

    Yes, past life deeds affect our present life. Karmas of previous experience become a blueprint of your birth chart of the present. The birth chart of present life deciphers whatever good or bad we get in today. So it is simple that previous life’s karmas have a direct effect on our present life. I have given detailed information about it in the above article. In which I have told you about the karma of destiny and accumulated karma, how the deeds of your previous birth, whether it is good deeds or bad effects of your birth.

  • How can I change or Reverse my bad karma?

    Maybe you did something wrong in your previous life or your past life. That makes you feel regret, and you think that those things are starting to bother you today. You may think that frequent adverse events happen in your life, and you want to eliminate that negative energy.

    Here are some ways to reverse your bad karma into good karma and how you can get out of karma loans.

    1-Always learn from your mistakes

    2-Do not do anything that will cause any grief to anybody on your behalf. It will also bring peace to your soul

    3-Learn the habit to Forgive everyone 

    Rest if you want any information related to deeds, then I have given detailed information about it in the above article

  • who is the best past life reader?

    Astrology, as a subject, is full of mathematical calculations. When it comes to karma correction, the astrologer should have excellent knowledge to read your past life and correct your karmas.

     I Dr. Vinay Bajrangi can read your past life through your birth chart and suggest your karma correction path. Yes I focus more on karma correction rather than drifting the people towards mindless rituals

    To know more about karma correction you can connect me or you can go for online report .