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It is possible to know in which field of work or type of work you will succeed as per your birth chart, and there are many formulas for this in astrology. The house of work in a person's horoscope, known as the tenth house, can easily tell about your career. Get your horoscope analyzed by an able astrologer.

Apart from the birth chart, it is also imperative to see the divisional charts to know the significant aspects of a career in any person's horoscope. Here the tenth class horoscope/D-10 kundli is called the career chart.

The tenth house lord plays an essential role in one’s horoscope career. The lord of the tenth house and the influence of the planets in the tenth house is responsible for your career. You can also get help by reading the effect of the tenth house on you.

For career, along with the tenth house, second house, sixth house, seventh house, eleventh house, and the ninth house have an essential role in the birth chart. It is also necessary to keep in mind the effects of different planets on these houses.

By analyzing the birth chart, you can know about your career in a better way. If the Varga Kundli is checked along with the Lagna Kundli, then it can be easily known in which field you can try your luck.

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Posted on December 15, 2023 at 04:19 pm

The detailed analysis and predictions provided were to the point in guiding me towards favourable career choices. It's a highly recommended resource for those seeking astrological guidance to navigate their career paths effectively.

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