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Career or profession selection with accurate career predictions at the right stage can shape the life of a person forever. One should select a career based on one's natural aptitude & interest vetted through what your career horoscope indicates. Simply choosing a career based on inheritance, social trends, or family pressures can be risky. I will not straightway start writing how can astrology by a reading of a career horoscope give correct career predictions. But will first explain from a layman's viewpoint as to at what stage the career horoscope needs to be referred for best career predictions.

How a wrong Career choice affect our life - An astrology story on career

I will now explain through a real-life story. Then I have briefed the main points that people generally come across regarding career options and selection with detailed explanations of each point with some useful calculators in the link bar on this page. Now read a relevant story on this subject.   

Avni Thakur got 86% marks in her class 10 examinations. She was recommended to take science subjects so that she could pursue a career in medicine. Avni got 90% marks in her class 12th board exams. This high score was not sufficient for her to win a medical seat anywhere in India. She could not secure a place through any competitive examinations, so she decided to give another try by preparing dedicatedly for one year. 

Meanwhile, her parents asked her to take admission to the BSC course so her year would not go waste if she does not succeed in getting a place in medicine. The fact of the matter was that she could not secure any of the medical seats for the next three years in continuation. She completed her BSC, but her fascination with studying MBBS grew stronger for each passing year. Finally, she could get selected to join the prestigious MBBS course after four years of passing her 12th standard. 

When she became an undergrad Doctor, she was already 28 years old. Now the next step was either to join a job or to go for higher studies. Although she has secured admission in a post-graduation course but did not join for two reasons. First, , the specialization offered was not to her liking. The second was that the college's reputation was not that great. She decided to forgo her admission and do a job instead. She got a low-paying job in a small hospital in her city, which was not satisfying. 

But, she carried on with it as she was preparing for a Government job. She took the entrance examinations for three consecutive years but could not succeed in getting a Government job. At 31 years of age, her parents decided to get her married. Since she had not perused her post-graduation and had instead joined a job, so she had lost contact with eligible bachelors of her trait.  

As she was a doctor, her parents got many reasonable offers for an alliance. Eventually, one who was an NRI stuck to their mind, and Anvi was married to him at the age of 32. She left for the US immediately with her husband. 

Her qualification was not valid in the US as their Government did not recognize the course. She had to do a bridge course for three years before her degree could be validated for practice. 

As the luck would have been, she got pregnant and was unable to do that bridge course. After four years of her marriage, she is a primary school teacher somewhere in North Carolina, USA.

Now, if I look at her horoscope , I would have suggested her to take some subjects that would permit her to do Engineering instead. She could have had a promising career if she has pursued engineering as there was no Government Job Yoga in her horoscope. She had a beautiful abroad going yoga, which could have been used to do her MS from some reputed university there. 

Therefore, it is necessary to check the subject you opt to study and their relevance to the eventual career. The right subjects help in choosing the right career. It can also be thoroughly seen whether the native has a Yoga to do business or not. A timely suggestion of a Government Job can also save several years from going waste. Abroad settlement and job change and promotions are the other aspects that are easily seen through the horoscope. Use astrological advice as a tool to help you.

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Role of Career Astrology in Career Selection

Career horoscope reading starts helping a person from the time of selecting the subject after 10th class or 12th class as per the present education system in India. This can change with changing education policies, but change will only be marginal say it could be 11th class. I hope my point is clear here. This lays the foundation stone for all future decisions of the career. Therefore astrologer has to be very-very alert & interactive. This helps a person continuing with the same stream as far as possible. The right subject selection at the right age & stage is the most important decision in a career horoscope reading. But incidentally, many people do not give due importance to this.  

Subject selection after 10th, 12th & graduation - as per Birth Chart

You must have gone through the above true story. I have had enough cases where the child had opted for the wrong subjects and pursued a wrong course that did not help him/her in career building. Have you not seen for yourself those people who are pursuing a career in a field which is other than the subjects he/she has read? Do not let it happen to you, be wise, and understand what subjects/courses are right for you. 

In career astrology, the first step is to evaluate Jupiter's strength to assess the person's wisdom and intellect. Then we examine the power of Mercury to assess the capability to grasp the knowledge the person has. Next to read is the strength of the 2nd house to measure elementary education and speech. Then the strength of 5th house is examined. We see planets in the 5th house, aspect of 5th house, the association of planets in 5th house & the planets aspecting Lord of 5th house. Then right subject selection as per the birth chart should be selected. 

Have you heard of a Vedic calculator that can identify the subjects that suit you the most? Find everything related to your choice of a subject after 10th, 12th and graduation if you or your child are looking to select subject.

You may also read my latest interview on 'choosing subjects as per your birth chart' in OUTLOOK INDIA in our News section below. Now I will proceed to explain selecting the right career reading your career horoscope. 

Career/profession Selection as per date of birth 

Reading a career horoscope clearly indicates the career options for a person. The closer it is to the field selected above, the better it is. We consider two main factors in career astrology for selecting career options: Zodiac sign and houses in the birth chart, their Lord & specific planets ruling a person's career options. 

Career/profession selection according to zodiac signs

Total of twelve zodiac signs is categorised into four types of Zodiac Signs. These are four basic elements in Vedic astrology, i.e Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Each category rules three moon signs. Each of these four elements has its own characteristics, nature, and traits. Element ruling a particular moon sign indicates what profession will suit a person best. Or say which moon sign will zeal best with what type & nature of the occupation. 

The next career astrology tool for choosing the best profession option is to examine the 10th house in the birth and its Lord. Apart from 10th house, the astrologer should evaluate the D-1 Lagna chart simultaneously with D-9, D-10, to advise on career options. Another aspect to examine is to see planets in the 10th house for suggesting the best career option. Rules of Jamini Sutram & Chandra Kala Nadi are also reviewed. 

In selecting a career/profession, Zodiac sign in the above real-life incident, a doctor had to resort to teaching. Avni would have never thought in her wildest dreams of teaching. But luck played a joke on her. She lost precious ten years of life, gaining some knowledge which she could never use for her advantage, except getting her married. I have carved out many good careers that were unthinkable and unimaginable. Let you not get swayed away by the peer or other pressure. Read my comprehensive write-up on the selection of career using zodic signs if you are at the stage of selecting your career, else continue reading further. Read the methodology I adopt, and besides this, you will find a calculator that can help you to formulate your career and profession. 

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What to do Job or Business - As per birth chart

All cannot be an employee, and all cannot be an employer. A particular field of profession/career may suit you as an employee but may not suit you as an employer. A doctor may be successful working in a hospital but may not succeed in running own clinic. Your birth chart indicates to do a job or business i.e, whether you will be successful as an employee or employer. Such decisions based only on the D-1 Lagna chart are bound to fail. In career astrology, the main house to consider for career options is the 10th house. Then I examine some specific houses 10th house, 3rd house, 5th, 6th house, 7th house, 11th house and Lords of these houses. Most important to review here is whether you have an employee yoga or employer yoga in your birth chart & how your birth chart houses support it. Use a free calculator to know whether you should go for a job or business with more detailed explanations.

You can get many information about you using our free calculators on the link given below.

Job issues and your birth chart 

Once you have taken a broad decision on whether you should go for a job or business, again, there are different factors for success and failure in both a job and the business. Both the subjects are vast enough for me to explain in one write-up. For business-related matters, you may read a similar comprehensive presentation on business astrology. Here I will continue talking about job issues & your birth chart. Your horoscope may indicate a job for you, but you may be finding it difficult to secure one. The other condition may be that you may be continuing with a job, but remaining in it may not be easy due to some problems. While in job, there could be many issues like not getting a job as per your expectation, no job, if no job, then how long you will remain jobless and likewise. 

All these job issues are seen from your 2nd house - house of wealth, 6th house - house of debts or Rina bhav, 10th house- main house for career and profession. Mainly job-related things are seen from the 10th house, its Lord, and planets positioned in this house. The 6th house should be stronger than the 7th house. The reasons of all these job issues can be seen from horoscope. 

Just unscrewing and tightening of some Yogas may do the trick. I have comprehensively explained this aspect in my write-up. Take the help of free calculators for job issues & read more about this topic.

Govt job in your horoscope

Getting a Govt job is also based on the strength of certain specific planets and houses in your horoscope. Two planets, most importantly, Sun and Moon support a Govt job. Other planets to support the Govt job are Saturn, Mars & Jupiter. Govt job actually means authority and recognisation. 10th house in a birth chart and its Lord mainly support Govt job prospects, so both should be strong and favourable. Especially people aspiring highest Govt jobs like IAS, IPS must have a strong 10th house & its Lord. Competitive exams are generally a pre-condition for the Govt job. So the 6th house should be strong. 11th house of gains and income from profession should also be strong. 

See above, Avni wasted three years to find herself a Government Job. She could have utilized that time for more productive things had she known that Government job is not her cup of tea. Indians have a fantasy for Government Jobs, but their horoscopes should also say so. There are clear cut rules in career astrology for Govt job prospects. But it needs an able person to read. I have revealed this secret through many of my videos and a comprehensive write up. Read more what career astrology says about Govt job. Use the free calculator provided on the given link to gauge will I get Government job per my birth chart/horoscope by putting your birth details in the calculator. 

Not getting promotion – Should I change my job  

The most significant incentive for those in jobs is promotion or change of employment for overall betterment. The sixth house takes care of your job; the ninth house is the sixth house's solidarity, whereas the eleventh house is the secondary house for matters related to the sixth house. I come across questions like my career/profession is stagnated, I am long due for a promotion, when will that happen? The other issue that comes across is that I was due for a promotion, but others got promoted; when will I get promoted, or should I leave the job? These issues are best dealt with through someone who has profound knowledge of Vedic astrology of 6th, 9th, and 11 houses. While changing jobs also, it happens that one changes a job in a mad rush or out of sheer anger. Vedic astrology deals with such rashness quite aptly if at all handled by someone able. Use free calculator to see prospects of change and promotion in job. It is also worth reading my comprehensive write-up on the matter of change in job or promotion, and you receive some of the deep secrets related to it.

Chances of abroad settlement in a birth chart

One very important question in career is where to settle: in own country or a foreign country. Several questions cross the mind of a native-like; can I go abroad for studies? When should I go abroad to study? Should I go abroad for studies? Should I settle abroad after my studies? Is settling abroad beneficial to my family and me? These types of questions can be aptly and adequately answered through the horoscope of the native. However, there is a little secret to it as well. Gauging the possibility of going abroad in one thing, whereas weighing that possibility while comparing with other prospects matters. 

Travelling abroad for education, for a job, to try luck & for career settlement abroad have different reasons. Therefore the methods to examine chances of abroad settlement through birth chart need totally different astrology combinations. Mainly 1st house, 3rd, 4th, 8th , 9th and 12th house are examined to assess foreign settlement chances in birth chart. But for each purpose to travel abroad, the method of examining the birth chart is different. Similarly, there are planets like Moon, Sun, Rahu, Venus responsible for foreign travel of a person. The prospects of foreign travel & settlement are also seen through Mars, Saturn, Mercury, which shows settlement at foreign land for lifespan, due to separation, change of residence & even humiliation there.     

I have met several students and other people whose struggle in foreign land sees no end. For them, the whole idea of going abroad seems like a wasted option taken. There is a long list of people who travel abroad to live there for a longer time doing small, unimportant jobs. For these people availing the abroad going Yoga was wasteful as they could have done much better back home. Please go through my comprehensive presentation on these prospects of foreign settlement as per your birth chart & get an idea through a free calculator placed there on the right-hand link.

I mentioned the word humiliation at a foreign land; it comes through deportation or expulsions that I will now explain in the next paragraph.  

Fear of deportation and expulsions

Many times people go abroad out of greed, attractions, seeing other's life style, wrong traps etc. This can happen when we decide to travel overseas without the proper endorsement of foreign settlement from our birth chart. Visa expiring, being pushed out of a job, or not finding a job after receiving the education are some of the scary situations that engulf many. 

Consider the case when someone spends four years and a considerable amount of funds to complete education in a foreign land, and he/she gets deported for not having a job. Consider a native spends five good years in a foreign land, and all of a sudden, he is without a job and is forced out of the country. These conditions are best dealt with before they crop up. 

One should essentially try to know the main cause of the issue and address it in time. Vedic astrology has tools to identify all such reasons of deportation from a horoscope. I have narrated the Vedic best possible way for you to understand. Use the calculator to check fear of deportation from your birth & read a comprehensive presentation on all reasons for deportation reading your horoscope. You will see for yourself what lies in store for you.

Conclusion: Your present birth has a clear objective of your life, and selecting the right careerand profession is one of the most important ladders to achieve this. Act at the right stage; choose the right stream of education that helps you to pursue a suitable profession and career in your life. Decide what suits you better: a job or business. While doing all this, assess your natural capabilities & weakness; get them vetted through your birth chart. Settling in your own country or abroad will suit you better? A good career astrologer can answer all these questions. I have also given sufficient tips & free calculators to help you choose the right career: still, any issues, connect with me. Get a quick online report for career prediction; consult me. But don't be a haste to decide on the best career for you. It goes with you for life.

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