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Bhagya Samhita - Your Horoscope / Kundli

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Bhagya Samhita (Your Horoscope / Kundli)

"At Present, this facility is available in Hindi language only."

In this package, you can also ask any one question related to any specific area of concern/anxiety of your present life. This will be replied directly by Dr. Vinay Bajrangi himself through his voice recorded audio note.

Now understand what is Bhagya Samhita/भाग्य संहिता as explained below:

Bhagya Samhita is the most comprehensive astrological chart, which gives accurate future predictions for the next coming ten years for an individual. The future predictions for the coming years are presented as a report for easy understanding. This is one of its unique kinds of astrological magazines representing your ten years fortunes in the form of monthly and yearly reports. You get detailed information and predictions related to every month, which facilitates right decision-making for that week, month or year.      

We all remain curious to know about our future. In that case, Bhagya Samhita helps you to get an accurate explanation of your coming times. This magazine is a result of research and hard work over several years. After analyzing your planetary placements in the birth chart, the horoscope provides 100% accurate information about your future in a simple language. This magazine is completely different from other ordinary astrological charts, which make shallow predictions based on current transits. This magazine gives finer and minute details of your life after analyzing your birth date, planetary placements, different yogas, dasha, and transits. 

Crafted after much dedication and determination, Bhagya Samhita helps the native to understand the following things-

  1. Your fortunate period in life
  2. Your unfortunate period in life
  3. Which month/year will invite auspicious activities or events in your life?
  4. Which month you may expect some undesirable event or misfortune
  5. Which month/year you may get married?
  6. Which month/year you may go out to study?
  7. Which month/year you may expect your promotion?
  8. Which month/year you may get happiness from progeny or childbirth?
  9. Will your married life be blissful and happy?
  10. Which year you will buy your own house?
  11. Is there any possibility of separation and divorce in your life?
  12. Which career is best career for you?
  13. Which year you may face huge losses or gains?
  14. Which period you should avoid for taking important decisions?
  15. In which period you will take big decisions of your life? 

This and other important information you may get through this amazing magazine. This magazine will serve as a guiding force in your life with its detailed information. You may get all important information related to your education, health, marriage, career, tourism, foreign travel, wealth, money, profits and losses, every big and small disease, family life, happiness or sorrows derived through kids etc. in this magazine, the main period of your life has been highlighted so that you take extra care and precautions during that time period. There could be no better guide for your life than Bhagya Samhita. 

Bhagya Samhita gives other valuable information along with the information related to your future. This includes-

  1. Your isht devta (deity)
  2. Your lucky colour
  3. Your lucky number
  4. Your lucky day of the week
  5. Which things/activities you should avoid in life
  6. What things or activities you should do quite often
  7. Which activity may bring huge losses or windfall gains to you
  8. What should you eat and what should you not (yes, planets affect your eating patterns as well)
  9. Your most effective and unbeatable remedy for life

Bhagya Samhita as per the estimates of malefic and benefic effects of planets in your life provides most effective and useful remedies-

  1. Most suitable gemstone and rudraksha for you
  2. Most suitable donations for you 
  3. Which puja you should get done or whether it is at all needed or not
  4. Your monthly and yearly remedies
  5. Special remedies to be performed on your birthday
  6. What should be your karmas as per your birth chart
  7. Karma rectification as per your planetary placements
  8. Most appropriate clothes and apparel as per your kundli

After accepting Bhagya Samhita in your life you will become confident enough to take every important life decision on your own, No matter how risky or big! You don’t need any external guidance and become your own mentor. Your whole life is just in front of your eyes in the form of a record. You may use this valuable information to make accurate and beneficial decisions related to your routine life. In true words, Bhagya Samhita is your way to getting fortunate in life. Bhagya Samhita is an accurate prediction of your coming ten years, and with its help, you may get complete control of the good and bad periods approaching you in this decade!