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Horoscope is a definite document allotted to a person at the time of birth. It is based on the date, time & place of birth of a person. It is not an arbitrary or random script but is a direct manifesto of our previous birth. Horoscope is fixed, and no one, including the creator of it Brahma, can change it. Then how do astrologers or astrology help us reading horoscope? And what is right way of reading the horoscope? 

Importance of horoscope – birth chart 

What is the significance of horoscope & what purpose it serves? Horoscope reflects what you did in the previous birth, what good or bad you will get in the present life. A proper reading of the horoscope lets a person know about one's deeds of previous birth and what a person will get in the present life. Horoscope focuses on letting a person learn from the previous life to manage "free will" in the present birth. A horoscope lets a person know the purpose of present birth in this World. So what you did, you know, what you are supposed to do, and how you will achieve what you want to achieve is the importance of horoscope/birth chart.

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How to read a birth chart – horoscope? 

Predictive Astrology is an astronomical science about total planetary placements & combinations which incorporates both positive and negative effects of constellations and planets on a native. Reading of horoscope means co-relating all the planetary position with a person's earlier lives & then understanding why it has got negative & positive planets & planetary combinations. A detailed study is carried out in order to give out suggestive predictions.

There are twelve Zodiac Signs in the constellation & all humans fall in any one of these twelve Zodiac Signs. These twelve zodiac signs are broadly categorised into four elements based on each element's overall traits and characteristics. These elements are – Fire, Water, Earth & Air. Now, like twelve Zodiacs, there are twelve (bhava) in a horoscope. Reading of horoscope means understanding the intrinsic relationship of all these three factors, their impact, and their influence on a person's life.

What are these twelve (houses) bhava in a horoscope? 

1st house – it is also called as Lagna Bhava. Ascendant, D-1 Chart. Its significator is Sun & it represents the person him/herself, body, head, ego. It further represents self-expression, personality, body, and physical traits.  

2nd house – it is also known as Dhan Bhava. Its significator is planet Jupiter, representing financial status through career, speech, expression power, career, livelihood, and preferences. 

3rd House – It is also known as Bratru Bhava. Mars being its significator, it represents interest, power, motivation, brother, intention, will power, friends. It also represents zeal, impulsiveness, hobbies, ambition & life energy. 

4th House – We also call it Sukha Bhava. Moon being its significator, it represents mind, emotions, happiness. It also represents education, property, land acquisition, recognition, and relaxation, 

5th House – We also know it as Putra Bhava. With Jupiter being its significator, it represents intelligence, education, creative abilities, children. It also represents past life effects, romance, games, speculation, and spiritual practices.  

6th House – We also know it as Shatru Bhava. Its significators are Mars and Saturn. It represents capacity to fight health issues, health and diseases, immune system. It also represents the capability to work hard, to fight obstructions, and overcome enemies.  

7th House – It is also called as Kalatra Bhava. The significator of the 7th house is Venus. This house represents the long term relationship with loved ones, business partners and associates, general relationship & bond with others. 

8TH House – We also know 8th house as Ayur Bhava. Its significator Saturn is generally a mystical one. It represents the occult, dark side of life, longevity, mortality, death, sluggishness, destruction, research.  

9th House – This, we also know as Bhagya Bhava. This is also known as the luckiest house. The significator of the 9th house (bhava) is Jupiter, and it represents the purpose of life ( dharma), religious traits & philosophy of life, ethics, and principles of life. 

10th House – We know this house as Karma Bhava. It has two significators: Mercury and Jupiter. This represents career, success in career, skills, public status, politics, high offices, and profile.

11th House – This bhava/house is also known as Labha Bhava. Its significator is planet Jupiter. It denotes a person's ability to show/prove worth and brilliance in the World. 11th house controls aspirations, goals, gains both financial and materialistic, friendship, abundance & excess. 

12th House – This, we also know as Vyaya Bhav. The significators of 12th house are Saturn and Ketu. It denotes mind, liberation, losses, waste of energy and resources. It also represents the subconscious mind, foreign travels, sorrows & difficulties. 

These 12 houses can be categories as below in terms of their impact & influences on a person's life. 

The Quadrants ( Kendras) - Houses 1,4, 7, and 10 are highly significant houses. 

The successful ( panapharas) – The houses for success are 2,5,8 & 11.

 The Cadent houses ( apoklimas) – These are 3,6,9 and 12th houses.

The trines (Trikons) houses – House no 1,5 and 9 are the trines houses and highly auspicious houses. The trines houses and Quadrant houses determine wealth, health, dignity, public & economic status of a person, so astrologer should be very alert in reading & analysing the horoscope from that perspective. Here the Lagna is the most significant of all the houses as it is both a Quadrant & Trine. 

The upachayas house – These houses denote struggle, competition & ultimately, achievements. Houses no 3,6 and 11 are Upachaya houses. 

The Trika houses – We also know them as Duhsthanas Houses & these are houses no 6,8 and 12. These houses indicate losses, miseries, debts, and death.

The Longevity houses ( Ayu-sthanas) – As the category name itself speaks, these houses are for longevity, the life of a person & thus represent death also. Houses no 3 and 8 fall in this category. 

The maraka-sthanas or the killer houses – Houses no 2 and 7 fall in this category. 

What is a correct reading of horoscope – Birth chart

How to read a birth chart/horoscope correctly: in my opinion, the correct way of reading the horoscope is to first co-relate all the planetary positions with a person's past life. Astrologers should try to assess how the person's previous life deeds have got allocation of different planetary position in the birth chart. 

Second, each horoscope has both negative and positive placements of planets. But none either curses or blesses a person automatically. Here comes the role of the free will of a person. Free will is the liberty to perform karmas (deeds, acts) in the present life. Another liberty person gets is to take benefits from the planetary transits. Mind you, planetary positions in a horoscope are "fixed," but all planets keep moving, known as "transits of planets". An astrologer should try to guide a person on how to take benefits of these transits to mitigate the impact of negatives in the horoscope by keeping the harmful or detrimental planetary positions "de-activated" And how to activate positives in the horoscope to reap the benefits what horoscope has given. Simply reading negatives in horoscope & drifting the person towards rituals and remedies is not the correct way of reading the horoscope. The correct way of reading horoscope is to guide a person on how to negotiate free will to mitigate the negative impact and reap the benefits of positives of the horoscope – with the theory of Karma correction and not the ritualistic way. 

Daily weekly monthly yearly horoscope

A person can plan life & its daily, weekly, monthly & yearly events based on daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope & yearly horoscope predictions. Basically, Yearly horoscope is a broader guideline to plan your yearly activities. Here the role of transits of planets play a crucial role as to how which transit will help you when? Monthly horoscope, weekly horoscope & daily horoscope are further bifurcated to guide you on monthly, weekly & daily activities & dos and don'ts during these periods. Detailed narration and significance of yearly, weekly, monthly & daily horoscope predictions are available on the relevant pages.

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