Birth Time Rectification

Birth time is the Horoscope's soul, and accurate birth time is the essence for horoscope analysis. One should either be sure of accurate birth time for making predictions or better not to take & act on the predictions. But the problem comes when a person does not have an exact birth time, and the astrologer also gives a soft hand to it and starts giving predictions. 

Not having correct birth time is more common where people are born in a rural area. The error in birth time could also be due to the carelessness of the person recording birth time. Or it can be due to a difference in the setting of watch of the person registering the birth time. Then come many questions like:

What is the importance of correct birth time in a horoscope?

What to do if a person does not know birth time?

How to get correct birth time?

How to verify if my birth time is correct and accurate?

How to be sure that birth time is correct?

How to rectify birth time?

Who can correct/rectify the birth time?

What is birth time rectification, and how is it done?

Can astrology help in rectifying birth time?

What the techniques of birth time rectification?

Importance of correct birth time in Vedic Astrology

The significance of accurate birth time in astrology is immense and predictions without accurate birth time are of no use. In many charts like D-60 Chart, even a one-minute error can play a total disaster. The Lagna chart (Ascendant) changes once in every two hours. This raise a misbelief among astrologers also. They feel if the Bhav Madhya ( House mean) is not nearing a cusp, then a time error of few minutes in birth time will not make a difference as the chart is not changing. 

This can be correct if the astrologer is using only Lagna ( D-1 chart) for prediction. But astrology needs a deep study of many fines charts to fine-tune the predictions from these charts. This is most important for making predictions regarding Career and Marriage and matters like medical operations, IVF, Caesarean, etc. For precise predictions, the astrologer will need all Shodash Varga ( 16 charts) that is impossible without an accurate birth time.

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How to know correct birth time?

You can know your birth time through birth time rectification process. I will explain this with a live example later on this page. More important is to know what to do if a person does not accurate birth time? How to get correct birth time: who can rectify birth time? Once the birth time is rectified, how to verify that the birth is accurate now and how to be sure that birth time is correct now? 

This all is covered and answered by following the correct process of time rectification.

What is birth time rectification & who can rectify birth time?

Birth time rectification means rectifying the error in the birth time of a person. It is one of a very unique tool of Vedic Astrology. But another fact is that mostly including astrologers either do not know about it or ignore its importance. There are different techniques of birth time rectification. I have mastered in these methods of time rectification. This I will explain to you with a live example below. 

A person came to me with a birth date as 24th January 1975, the birth time between 09:30 am to 09:45 am with the birthplace as New Delhi. The able astrologer assumed for convenience the mean time of his birth as 09.35 am. This had no scientific base; hence predictions were not true. As stated, even one minute, err can not only fail but give devastating predictions. 

I adopted one of the birth rectification techniques taking reference of just three Sub charts apart from the D-1 Chart. These three sub-charts I used were D-9, D-10 & D-60 Charts. Now see the calculations as below as to how Lagna changes within 15 minutes.: 

Time of birth

Time of birth D-1 Lagna Sign D-9 Lagna Sign D-10 Lagna Sign D-60 Lagna Sign
09:30 11 1 6 7
09:31 11 1 6 8
09:32 11 1 6 9
09:33 11 2 6 9
09:34 11 2 6 10
09:35 11 2 7 11
09:36 11 2 7 12
09:37 11 2 7 12
09:38 11 2 7 1
09:39 11 2 7 2
09:41 11 2 7 3
09:42 11 2 7 4
09:43 11 3 7 4
09:44 11 3 8 5
09:45 11 3 8 6


One can see that the Lagna of the D-1 charts remained the same in these 15 minutes while that of the other three changed many times. But unfortunately, most of the astrologers just base their prediction on D-1 Chart. So predictions are sure to fail. See this chart only for their predictions.

How does wrong birth time affects predictions?

So, whatever predictions we make just based on the D-1 chart are essential to be checked with the soul-chart, the karma chart, and the Success chart. Imagine if one can interpret these chats but is checking them with the wrong ones then, the result of the reading is bound to crash. 

Therefore, it becomes essentially important to draw the correct chart. I, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the karma corrector, can sniff out what exactly went wrong if the birth time rectification or birth time synchronisation is not done correctly.

In the above example, the native was told that he had a RajYoga, meaning which he will have fame and wealth. He was told that he would settle abroad. And also that he had Business Yoga and that he will flourish in business. Another assurance given to him was that he would have a family.

Now, nothing happened as mentioned above, because the predictions were based on the just D-1 chart. And since other birth charts D-9, D-10, D-60 were not considered, the error in the birth time was not noticed. As a result, the predictions were bound to flaw.

Had, a competent astrologer saw the right charts, the need of birth time rectification was inevitable. With the proper following of birth time rectification process, the accurate birth time would have changed. And he would have been guided to stick to Job, not to dream of an overseas business or the likes. Would have prompted him to get married early (He is not married at all).

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Importance of birth time rectification

Actually the soul of the native lies in D-9 or Navamsha Chart. In the above calculations, one can see that the Lagna of D-9 changing three times. Further success in this world is gauged by D-10 or Dasmansha charts. And this also we have seen that it changed three times in these 15 minutes.

The fruits of success and its eventual impact on a native is essentially gauged by D-60 or Shashiamsha chart. And that is changing almost every minute. Therefore if we believe in predictions based on erroneous birth time, we have to blame ourselves. 

Many people are a little careless about it, but here, I would blame the astrologer if he/she gives predictions based on the wrong birth time. See how predictions went wrong in the above case. 

How to rectify birth time – How to verify if birth time is correct?

I rectified his chart by just putting all the important events of his life and checking them in each chart. I opened 13 charts related to him with respect to different aspects of his life till date. As I do it for each chart, I kept coming closer to his accurate birth time. After about 40 minutes, I spotted his precise birth time. It is a herculean task, but the results were adorable, as the correct charts point towards the right approach toward life and following them, the native seldom fails.

Then his question was, Sir, how to be sure that my birth time is correct, NOW. I told him two events of his life based on rectified birth time. Needless to you, he was overwhelmed. He not only became sure of his accurate birth time but also got better predictions for him.

In my practice, I always talk about one or two events of a person's life to ensure that I am moving with the correct birth time. You will be surprised that in over 50% of cases, there is an error of a few minutes in their birth time. I correct it as apart from a person's faith; I am concerned about my predictions' accuracy also.

Techniques of Birth time rectification

There are many techniques of birth time verification. These are Surya Paddyati, Chandra Paddyati, Mangal Paddyati, Navamsha-Chandra paddyati, etc. A powerful method of birth time rectification is based on Ascendant. I have explained this birth time rectification based on Ascendant for your further reading in detail. 

The astrologer will choose any technique of birth time on which (s)he is most comfortable. But let me tell you that it needs tons of experience and immense capability to apply any of these techniques.

There are various methods for doing birth time rectification is done. Primarily, the moon's position in any charts reflects an event in life as particular time depending upon the sign where it is positioned. But the method is cumbersome and needs patience. The best way for birth time rectification is to go for it when you know about the past life events of that person. If in doubt come, I am the maestro is doing so. 

To conclude on this subject of birth time rectification, I would like to say. A beneficial direction may be east for you, but a horoscope with the wrong birth time will point towards the west. That is where accurate birth time assumes the significance as the soul of Vedic Astrology. Therefore, in case of even an iota of doubt on this, one should go for Birth Time Rectification. Otherwise, the beauty of horoscope reading could convert into the greatest bane. This is more prudent when horoscope analysis refers to:

1. Selection of right subject or stream.

2. Choosing between business and Job

3. Judging the inter-relationship between family members and friends.

4. Choosing the type of business

5. Understanding the wealth yoga

6. Selecting the life partner.

7. Understanding the potency of diseases.

8. Evaluating deeds of past life.

So, I would recommend that you do a small self-check even if you are sure of your accurate birth time. Whenever you want to consult any astrologer, request him/her to tell you at least one thing of your past based on your available birth details. Now, if that matches, you may proceed with further analysis. Otherwise, request the astrologer to go for birth time rectification. Lastly, if you cannot manage it like this, it is better not to make predictions. Because predictions on many important traits involving D-9,D-10, D-60 charts with wrong birth details can really be a bane.A detailed YouTube video on this is also worth a watch Click Here.

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