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Vedic Astrology as an ancient science seems losing its value for two reasons:- 

1.Many astrologers still practice it on orthodox methods without making it compatible to dynamics of times. 

2. We see astrology as a science of rituals and not karmic way. 

How astrology articles can help you? 

That is where reading astrology articles on the relevance of astrology in modern times on “independent social platforms” (other than personal astrological websites) by the best astrologers in India can make a difference. The revelations in these articles on astrology can be more authentic depending on what platforms, these astrology articles appear. 

You search some good social sites and can get access of my articles in India Today, Hindustan Times, Times of India, The Week, Amar Ujala, Outllook India, Mid-day and many more. These astrology articles are useful for both first timers, people who believe in astrologer for their regular decisions and also for non-believer in astrology. 

The main features of these articles on astrology could be like any of the below:

  1. First and foremost how to judge a good astrologer? Many say 10 top best astrologers in India, best astrologer in Mumbai/Delhi and like that. But how to check if some is a good astrologer?

  2. What is true astrology? How to believe in astrologer and can we educate ourselves before meeting any astrologer? 

  3. Is astrology only performing astrology rituals or a tool to correct our Karmas?

  4. Should we believe in astrology at all or not?

  5. Why people should not get scared seeing Negative doshas in Horoscope and same not get pampered seeing positive and good yogas in a horoscope? Nothing works automatic but it is our Karmas that help a person to keep negative ones de-activated and activate positives ones at the right time for the same to fructify. 

  6. How to get best results from a horoscope and if horoscope is fixed, then why should we consult an astrologer? 

  7. What are transits of planets give us? 

  8. How to get correct career predictions and how to select right career? 

  9. How to get correct marriage predictions and how to check relationship compatibility? Is it only orthodox Gun Milan or something beyond it? 

  10. What does your birth chart indicate: to do a job or business? Can one business be good for all & whether any business can be done anytime? 

  11. Right decisions on buying/selling properties, making investments, trying luck in betting and gambling.  

  12. Many sites offers free predictions so should we believe in free predictions?

  1. What should we follow Moon sign or Sun Sign? How to read the chart correctly? 

  2. Is birth time necessary for horoscope analysis and what to do if someone do not have exact birth time? How to get birth time & how to verify if the birth time is correct? Can horoscope be read without accurate birth details? 

These are all common anxieties which surface in each one’s life at different stages. These astrology articles can give you a better insight as to what is the true astrology and how can one verify if the astrologer is good.

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