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Hindu mythology says that marriages are made in heavens and is a predestined affair. It is linked to one's past life karmic matters, and because of which the spouses create rights and obligations between them, which extends to their children's, in-laws, friends, and funds. 

A hidden rule in astrology states that many houses of the horoscope remain deactivated until one marries. Another rule says that many other houses operate with increased strength after one gets married. This means to get married, and bear kids become the karmic duty or otherwise many houses remain in the state of deactivation or operate at lower energy. 

Marriage comes with lots of pleasures & benefits. But simultaneously, marriage comes with its issues also. All the Lagna (self) significations and that of the seventh house (spouse) can get altered or blemished, pulling down the native to unprecedented depths from where it becomes hard to bounce back.  

I have done some profound studies in astrology in resolving matters relating to marriage. This has become possible because of the large number of cases I have and am handling. Most of those cases relate to one of the areas of marriage. My methodologies relate to reading the Lagna and other finer charts like the Navamsha chart and understanding and correcting the native's karmic pattern. I know certain peculiarities in the horoscope through which the broken truth could be rebuilt. One could get over the past, forgive and be forgiven, how to reconnect, and have achieved considerable success in resolving the following matters:

1. Marriage Counselling – Both pre-marriage counseling and post-marriage counseling. Both are based on different methodologies & principles.
2. What is the time of marriage? When will one get married & how will be the life partner.
3. Delay in marriages & reasons for Delay in marriage.
4. Love affairs and the possibility of love marriage. 
5. Mangal / Manglik dosh and its effects on marriage.
6. Comprehensive Kundli match for marriage.
7. Problems related to married life.
8. Divorce cases.‚Äč

Marriage Prediction by date of birth

Your birth details indicate all what you were and did in previous birth & what you are for in the present life. Marriage predictions by date of birth : means how was your married life in pervious birth(s) and how will be your married life in present birth. Marriage predictions by date of birth mean when will you marry, whom will you marry, how will be your progeny and your ultimate married life?

Different house and planets in your birth chart indicate all this from where an astrologer can make all predictions about your marriage. But since this aspect of marriage predictions for is so vast, I will have to explain all these aspects separately. I am trying to concise all main factors responsible for marriage prediction by date of birth with individual pages for all these factors separately linked in this main page.

In this narration, I am trying to knit all topics of marriage astrology and predictions with a brief explanation for a synchronized reading. In this, whatever is your main concern, you can read a detailed explanation of marriage astrology on the sidebar's links on the right hand.

You can read my latest interview on marriage life issues in Outlook India/The Weeks/ Hindustan Times also in our News section below.

Let us discuss the above aspects of marriage astrology & predictions in brief:

Time of marriage - Predictions of Marriage Timing

Marriage becomes an essential part of human life after reaching the marriageable age. Then the natural questions in one's mind are: what is the time of my marriage? When will I get married? And how will be my life partner/soul mate? The subject of finding a suitable life partner has become a little more complex than earlier times. This is because of the liberation of females in the male dominant society compared to earlier times. Liberation & up-gradation of females in present times have changed the female's aspiration of a suitable life partner to a great extent. Let me tell you that there are astrology tools to help you predict the time of your marriage, when will you get married & how will be your life partner. A person always has a curiosity to know about the nature and status of the spouse to be. The female lot's interest is to know about the spouse's career and status, whereas the male is more interested in knowing about the vitals of females.

Vedic astrology plays a significant role in predicting the age, profession, appearance, and spouse's family. By studying the specific planetary combinations, the spouse profession from Kundli can be predicted. You can even find out the distance in kilometers of spouse or husband's and also his/her appearance based on Vedic astrology. 

I have done in-depth analysis for the predictions of your future life partner, in- laws, funds and many other important aspects of life after marriage. Just give it a read and put your birth details in the know all about your future spouse calculator.

People use the best of their skills, abilities & avenues like matrimonial sites to search their life partner but still sometimes finding the perfect soul mate eludes us. Astrology helps you know all about your time of marriage and how will be your future life partner. It also refines & narrows down your search for the life partner for better results. Still if one does not get married in time or cannot find a perfect, then comes the next point why there is a delay in my marriage, what are the reasons for Delay in my marriage & when will I get married? This I will explain further down:

Reasons for Delay in Marriage

As per my 2 decades of practicing Vedic astrology, there are two types of reasons for Delay in marriage. One that we commonly read the planets & doshas responsible for marriage issues. Second and a unique finding of mine – human reasons for Delay in marriage. Yes, you read it right. Many times a person or the nears and dears even closest relatives are responsible for Delay in marriage. I will explain about both of these categories.

Every horoscope has some cycles of time in which he or she could get married. These cycles are fixed; depending upon the customs and beliefs, they are bound to occur four to five times in the native's life. A native may not get married solely because of these cycles, but the strength of the marriage Yoga also has a dominant role. It is crucial to gauge these cycles' timing and strengthen the marriage yoga at those particular timings to get one married.

I have seen many doing mindless rituals at those time intervals when there is no cycle operating. The result always is a no-marriage. At the wrong point of time, these mindless rituals lessen the native's belief in the power of astrology.

My effort here is to let you know how things work in astrology and how the stubborn so-called no-marriage yoga is converted into happy marriage yoga. 

Almost all books or websites dealing with delays in marriage issues or other marriage related issues speak about the various planets, houses, and the Yogas responsible for Delay in marriage. Still, they have very little to say on how they would resolve the issue of Delay in marriage.

I have, through my website, presented this aspect in a very different tone. I have also allowed the readers to check for themselves what is in store for them. After much research, I have provided a 'delay in the marriage calculator', which will enable the visitor to test for themselves the intensity of this yoga on their horoscope. Through my website, I have revealed the basic methodology through which this problem of Delay in marriage could be resolved. If delay in marriage is your present concern, click on given link to read more on reasons for Delay in marriage else keep reading further. Now I will explain whether a person will have a love marriage or arranged marriage. Will you be able to marry your loved one and whether your love marriage will be successful?

You can get many information about you using our free calculators on the link given below.

Love Marriage & Love affairs - Predictions for Love marriage

Love affairs have become a very common aspect of life these days. But still, people in love want to know: will I have love or arranged marriage? Will my Love marriage be successful? Through horoscopes, one can gauge the amount and extent of love both before and after marriage. Horoscopes also indicate whether the love affair will eventually lead to marriage or not. But, I have seen brilliant love Yogas in a horoscope withering out, whereas weak love yogas flourishing.

How does that happen? This happens because the horoscope reading is done with some set of rules that are blindly followed or applied. e.g., A boy who has just crossed his teens is in love with a girl and is hell-bent on getting married to her. Both the kids have wondrous love yoga in their respective horoscopes. But does that mean that they can get married as and when they want? If the boy who is yet to set career-wise decides to get married before settling is certain to spoil the married life, the answer is no.

I have witnessed many love marriages eventually break due to non-activation of the tenth house in horoscope, the house of career. Having yoga in a horoscope does not guarantee of obtaining benefit out of it. It has to be seen that when to activate which house. Please understand astrology is a science that is governed by specific rules and postulates. But only an experienced intuitive mind can infer the real meaning out of the postulates.

Go through my write up on love marriage, use the love marriage calculator, and understandingly read what I have to offer in love marriage astrology. You can calculate it yourself. Now click on the link will I have a love or arranged marriage if this is your present concern else continue reading further.

Till here I have explained as to the time when you will get married, how will be your spouse & whether you will have arranged or Love marriage? Then comes the point of checking the compatibility of both the "would be" life partners? This is seen through correct and comprehensive Kundli Matching or matching charts for marriage. This I will explain now as below:

Kundli Matching for Marriage  

Kundli Matching for marriage plays a vital role in solemnizing a marriage. Let me state that this is not based on liking or perception of person. But matching kundali for the wedding has some defined rules of chart matching. Hindu Vedic Scriptures consider marital union as a holy bond planned in heavens. Marriage is one of the most joyful & cherishable events in one's life. Everyone needs a good spouse with whom s/he would create beautiful memories and remain happy. 

As marriage becomes an important event in anybody's life, people are much inclined to find a perfect life partner. In Vedic India, horoscope or kundli of both boy and girl are matched to nullify any adverse effects after marriage. In the case of any malefic doshas, astrology offers several remedies and solutions to overcome those malefic effects.

With time, many marriage chart matching softwares are developed. These softwares have nothing wrong, but they give results only based on Gun Milan. Chart matching for marriage is not only Gun Milan but is much beyond this. It needs a comprehensive checking of marriage compatibility factors. My write-up about chart matching focuses primarily on Marriage compatibility factors (mind you not only Gun Milan). These factors have a very significant role in pre & post marriage. And this has to be on a comprehensive basis: why? You will realize reading further.

Another reason for giving a detailed narration of chart Matching is to consider many new factors emerging out of females' changed status in society. I have researched a presentation for you. Click on what is perfect horoscope matching if you really want to have more insights on chart matching for marriage, else please continue reading further. 

Now I will explain a very pertinent topic bothering many mainly in India known as Mangal Dosh. Many attribute this Mangal / Manglik Dosh as a curse in all marriage-related issues before or after marriage.

My views on kundli matching are also endorsed by OUTLOOK INDIA which you can read in our News section below.

Mangal Dosha 

The Manglik Dosha is known to be very inauspicious, particularly in marriage related matters. People generally feel that the negative result of the planet affects their life—especially marriage. The Vedic astrology considers Mars' placement in ascendant and in 4th, 2nd, 7th, 8th, and 12th houses as unfavourable. Mars is known as the killer of marriage in all these houses as it is a significator of an individual's health, personality, and physic.

People know Mangal dosha also as Kuja Dosha, bhom dosha, or Angarakha dosha. Mars is an aggressive and hot planet representing ego, arrogance, high self-esteem. Therefore an actual Manglik person with Mangal dosha finds it difficult to make marry with the opposite spouse.

But there are several misconceptions also attached to Mangal Dosh. First is the method of reviewing the effects of Mangal Dosha. My experience here is that 50% of people who think that they are Manglik are not at all Manglik. Astrologers defining the Mangal Dosha err in their reading and judgment. And the second misconception on Manglik dosh is: can a Manglik marry a non – Manglik OR Manglik should marry a Manglik only?

I have tried to shatter them in my comprehensive write-up that is the most comprehensive presentation on Mangal Dosha. Through the calculator, you can also assess for yourself whether you are Manglik or not? Click on all about Mangal dosha to understand what is real Mangal dosha? 

Now I will explain that even after taking care of the above factors, if there are problems in married life, then what to do. Can astrology find out reasons for married life issues, and can we get solutions to marital life problems in astrology?

Problems in Married Life

Is there a marriage running which does not have some inherent problems? Is there a marriage running where the couple does not have a difference of opinion for which both are passionate? But wise are those who prefer to get a remedial solution to the problem rather than linger on with the problem till it becomes a canker. If there is an issue in the married life, then the best way is to seek the remedy from a competent astrologer. By doing so, most of the natives' problems get diluted by a small correction in Karma.

I have prepared a very elaborative page for you to understand, calculate your chances with a calculator's aid, and evaluate yourself where you stand. Click on problems in married life if you are facing problems in your present married life, else continue reading further.

Still, if the problem in married life does not seem to be resolving, people resort to the most unwanted event in a person's life Divorce. Here comes the question: can astrology identify reasons for divorce and give solutions to avoid divorce? Yes, we can, and that is what I am explaining in the next para.

Divorce - Predictions regarding Divorce 

Divorce in married life, which was an alien word say about 60/70 years back, especially for a practicing Hindu, has become a very common word in the present time. When the concept of divorce was not there, the astrology behind it was missing. But nowadays more and more people are tending to break up. The philosophy behind it is more independent, literate, and economically sovereign women. But whatever the cause is, divorce is still a stigma in our society, which leaves scars that are very difficult to fill.

Due to this, it is the prime duty of everyone concerned, including the astrologer, to recommend only those marriages which are durable. Despite this, there are chances that weddings run into rough weather. If this is a matter of your concern, then it is best to check the likelihood of the divorce from the divorce calculator. Click on the reasons & solutions for divorce if this is your problem in present, else continue reading. You will stand benefitted.

Now I will come to the final point of my views on marriage astrology: marriage counseling. With the above complexities explained about marriage matters, the significance of marriage counseling is also becoming significant by each gone day.

Relationship and Marriage Counselling

Marriage counseling as the name itself spells – counseling on marriage related issues. This can be, before marriage or after marriage. But in both cases, the reasons for the problem are different, so the methods of marriage counseling are also different. I will explain both pre-marriage counseling and post-marriage counseling separately as below:

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Many people assume "Astro-counseling" for marriage is only for people that are already in the midst of challenges. This isn't always the case. Engaging in premarital Astro-counseling helps both partners learn methods to identify problems and handle the main conflict that will inevitably arise in their marriage.

Premarital Astro-counseling is highly recommended for couples in the engagement stage of marriage. Premarital Astro-counseling is a form of family therapy designed to help couples stay connected during times of crisis. This popular form of couples Astro-counseling provides a future husband and wife with conflict resolution strategies, such as making sure you're on the same page if emergencies happen (such as financial troubles and other socio-problems).

The purpose of this proactive Astro-counseling strategy is to prevent couples from engaging in harmful behavior that often breaks marriages, should those issues ever come up. Go through the detailed page how pre-marriage counselling helps if this is your concern in the present, else please continue reading further. Explore the calculator and go in for Astro-journey you have never seen before.

Post - Marriage Counseling

Post-marriage counseling is basically a therapy for the couple. Post- marriage counseling helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Through Post marriage Astro-counseling, you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding and strengthening your relationship or going your separate ways. 

Post - marriage counseling is only to be provided to those astrologers who have sufficient experience resolving these kinds of issues. This Astro- therapists should have postgraduate degrees with at least fifteen years of experience in handling these issues.

Post marriage Astro-counseling is often short term (five to six months). Post–marriage counseling typically includes both partners, but sometimes one partner chooses to work with an Astro-therapist alone. The specific reading plan depends on the situation. I have presented a calculator through which you can for yourself to understand if you need Astro-counseling or not. Click on how post marriage counseling helps if you are facing such situation at present for a detailed presentation. This will be an eye opener even if you do not have such an issue in your life.

To conclude – All about marriage astrology and predictions help a person to know the time of marriage. When will you marry and how will be your future spouse? Will a person have a love marriage or arranged marriage and what will be good for a person, love marriage or arranged marriage. If there is a delay in marriage, what the reasons for Delay in marriage? How to check marriage compatibility through proper Kundli match for marriage. Following the right methods of astrology tools, the person is sure to have a happy married life. 

But still, if there are issues in married life, astrology can help you overcome these issues & avoid situations like divorce, etc. I have tried to enlighten you on all these factors to lead a happy married life.

Take benefits of marriage counseling, but still any issues, connect with me.

You can take an online marriage report, or

consult me for an astrological session.

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  • Which house is responsible for marriage?

    The 7th house of your horoscope guides your marriage related issues. The Seventh House is also known as the House of the Spouse or “Yuvati Bhava” and it is responsible also for all matters related to your spouse and married life.

  • Which planet is responsible for relationships/marriage?

    While Venus governs love, marriage and romance in a person’s life, different planets decide the level of success or failure of a man or a woman’s love life, including their marital prospects. For women, it is Mars and Jupiter and for men, it is Venus.