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There is no single house which is seen for marriage but many houses in astrology. The 7th house in a horoscope is perhaps the most important house for marriage. But the 1st house which is opposite to the 7th house is seen. Then, we check the 4th house and the Lord of the 4th house. Apart from that, the 8th house is seen for marriage to know about the relationship one will have with the In-Laws. Lastly, the 9th house is seen for the quality of the marriage. Therefore, a combination of astrology houses is seen for marriage and not just a lone house

It would not be right to comment on who is the best astrologer for marriage predictions in India. It is rather better to know to judge as to who “can” be the best astrologer for marriage predictions.  To find that, one should check the primary education, practical experience & what people say about that astrologer. An astrologer for marriage prediction is the one who knows to read best marriage yoga, a marriage date according to kundali, how would be your future life partner & how would be your married life?  If one has these qualities, he/ she is a better marriage astrologer, if not the best.

As such, there is no right time for marriage. The right time is considered when one feels that they are ready in all aspects. The idea about time can be taken from the horoscope of a person. There are three Yogas of marriage in a horoscope, and marriage can occur in either. The seventh house is a house of marriage, and it is seen to predict at what age will you get married and not only that, Manglik Dosha can also be a factor in devising the time of marriage. An able astrologer can find out all these things after reading your horoscope.

Most people remain curious to know whether or not marriage predictions by name is possible. I would say that this type of prediction is possible, but it depends on one’s name as per Janma Nakshatra.   If you were named as per your Nakshatra at the time of your birth, and this particular name is not changed afterwards and you are popular by this name, then this particular name plays a very important role in your marriage prediction or horoscope matching. On the contrary, if the native does not have the same name as given to him or her as per Nakshatra, then it is suggested that the natives should go for marriage predictions by date of birth. So, in astrology both marriage predictions by birthdate and name are equally important; provided conditions are met. 

Your horoscope indicates all about your marriage, but one should find an experienced astrologer who can read the marriage horoscope by date of birth.  First, one must have accurate birth details for reading the marriage horoscope from the date of birth. Reading Marriage horoscope by date of birth means astrologer should know which houses are seen for marriage. It is not one house but multiple houses that are seen for marriage. The astrologer should know the planets, mainly Mars, Venus & Jupiter, are seen to read marriage horoscope by date of birth. It also means an astrologer should know how to match the relationship compatibility of both persons to read the marriage horoscope by date of birth. It also means one should know how to check the relationship of 7th, 10th & 11th of both the persons as there is a strong connection of the 7th house to the 10th house of career and 11th house of fate while reading the marriage horoscope from the date of birth.

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