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Cancer Love Compatibility With Other Signs

Cancer Love Compatibility

Cancer generally strikes the right chords with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.


Cancer and Aries are not naturally compatible signs. While Cancer is more into emotions, Aries is more into action. It is not an easy task for Cancer to feel free instantly and begin their sexual life with Aries. 

Aries are not gentle in approach when it comes to sex. They also cannot express and be open about their emotions. They believe that intimacy has to be developed and it is not innate. However, Cancer is the opposite. They are full of emotions and they are quiet about those emotions. However, if they make substantial efforts, they can give rise to an exciting sexual life.


These signs are a good match for each other. Due to the position of Mars, they might be perceived as asexual in their approach but they understand each other quite well. They might have fewer sexual encounters due to the mutual lack of initiative; there isn’t any crisis in terms of love, empathy, and being together. 

Taurus is governed by Venus and is into feminine sexuality. Taurus depends a lot on the fulfillment of the senses. This goes well with Cancer’s love for proximity and romantic approach. That is why; they make a perfect couple whose sexual life is always on fire. They both love food and like to spend quality time with each other by cooking and eating together.


Gemini believes in adventure and Cancer is a homely person. However, Gemini can also spend quality time with Cancer and they both can give rise to an interesting sexual encounter. They both believe in having rational and intellectual conversations.

Gemini loves to talk and interact to establish good intimacy. Cancer also loves to talk and here they both are in sync with each other. Through constant conversations, they both can enter into the depth of their relationship wherein they both each other’s emotional needs. 

Intimacy and excitement have to present equally in their life for smooth and effective sex life in particular and life in general.


Being the same signs, there are equal chances of success and failure of their sex life. They both understand each other’s preferences and needs quite well and indulge in a passionate sexual alliance. However, Mars has a fall for Cancer so they both cannot initiate. Their relationship is full of emotional support but there might be fewer sexual sparks.

Physical contact is not an essential parameter for them. Rather, they give more importance to emotional involvement. Their bond might get boring sometimes but they know that they love each other and are responsible for each other. 

However, they need to be pushed to their limits to be at their best selves. They cannot withstand a boring life. They can be boring in themselves but they do not settle for a not so exciting life. They try to make their lives interesting and exciting to the best of their lives. All they need to do is to indulge in experimentations and improvisations in their sexual life.


They make an interesting couple as they both are governed by Moon and Sun. They share the perfect dynamics of being a couple. They both are extremely emotional and a lot of their sex life depends on their emotions. They have their unique ways of loving each other. Leo is very passionate and this creates apprehensions in Cancer. Cancer is very supple and soft. They tend to get psyched out and might not be able to reciprocate to the advances of Leo. They are naturally inclined to be attracted to each other.

They might lack excitement but they will share a very close relationship where emotions will be predominant. However, they need to listen to each other to know each other more efficiently. 


They fit in each other’s frames without any difficulty. Their relationship proves to be an inspiration for many other couples. The only condition is that they need to give space to each other. 

Virgo lacks emotions and is high on rationality while Cancer is high on emotions. Virgo analyses a lot which might affect Cancer’s self- esteem. For Cancer, love and sex hold spiritual importance. Here, a difference occurs in the way they perceive sex in general. It is hard for Cancer to understand the lack of emotions in someone. They think that emotions are natural to every individual. However, Cancer needs to respect differences in others and needs to imbibe a more inclusive approach.


They share a fairly good relationship. They might seem distant from each other, it is Libra who ensures that they do not lack passion and spark. There might be some lack in terms of initiation; chances are that they might be able to adjust without much difficulty. 

Cancer is governed by Water while Libra is ruled by Air. This makes Libra patient and Cancer might lose out on patience. This might create issues in their sex life as Libra is a bit fast and Cancer might not be able to adjust to the speed of Libra.

While Cancer needs emotional connection, Libra is more into physical connection. Besides attraction, they both need to work on the attraction. They cannot fall in love at the first sight. They need to feel connected in terms of feelings and emotions.


Being water signs, Scorpio and Cancer have a strange way of being together. While Scorpio is known for a strong sexual drive as well as repression of sexual and emotional feelings, Cancer is all about empathy and expression of emotions. Cancer understands the needs of the Scorpio quite well. However, they might be affected by the aggressive nature of Scorpio which might create permanent distance between them. If the angle of fear does not arise then they might have an amazing relationship.

For them, sex is not just an act in itself. Rather, it is a way of being emotionally expressive to each other wherein they both consider the activity as being special which gives both of them a sense of security.

While Cancer is governed by the Moon, Scorpio is far away from it. Due to this, Scorpio represses emotions and can be extremely insensitive towards Cancer. This can make Cancer reach their saturation point and they can leave Scorpio once and for all. 


They might not be an appropriate match for each other. Sagittarius has a flexible outlook which Cancer finds difficult to understand. Cancer needs emotional security and constancy in life. They need to trust each other to give rise to a sexual encounter. If there is enough emotional security, they can establish an efficient sex life. Cancer elevates Jupiter and is good at comforting the partner. Sagittarius is good at making the process fun-loving and exciting. Cancer prefers depth in a relationship that is not provided by Sagittarius. 

Cancer needs to be flexible in approach and accept change without much delay. This will allow Sagittarius to enter into Cancer’s comfort zone. They both look for emotional security. Then only they can get rid of mutual shame and inhibitions. Sagittarius needs to be more constant to fit in Cancer’s frame. This can be done if they become more creative. They have to be more into lovemaking than sexual adventures.


They share a strong attraction. They indulge in a passionate sexual relationship. Capricorn has a lot of patience and Cancer finds it relaxing to initiate a sexual bond. They both take sex seriously and are passionate about nature. They both are family-oriented as well. Cancer’s ability to develop intimacy is conducive to Capricorn. Capricorn’s need for love and family is fulfilled by Cancer. Cancer also heals the wounded parts of Capricorn. This helps Capricorn to become emotionally stable which further enhances their sex life. 


These signs share a stressful relationship. In general, Cancer is sensitive. However, if they are hurt and they decide to set boundaries, they can be ruthless and distant. Aquarius is also rigid and they both make a difficult pair. 

Cancer prefers a slow approach in sex while Aquarius is fast and they find it hard to adjust to each other’s pace. They need to bring balance in their outlook. Aquarius needs to slow down and Cancer needs to adopt a rational approach. Then, they can share the best bond. They can give each other their quality time. To have fun, they can also indulge in experimentation and improvisation.


Cancer and Pisces share a romantic bond. They are an emotional connection to each other. Pisces might be more possessive but Cancer responds to it efficiently. For a sexual relationship, they believe in first feel each other emotionally and psychologically. 

Cancer ignites intimacy and makes the bond meaningful. They are healers and nurturers. They are good at offering comfort to the partner. Pisces is flexible and prefers to be creative, inspirational, and sensual as they elevate Venus. They cherish and respect each other. This makes them a power couple.

While Cancer is conventional, Pisces is modern in approach. Pisces needs to feel connected while Cancer needs to be loved. They help each other to ward off mutual shame and inhibitions. In short, they are each other’s support systems.

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