Mars in Pisces Sign

Mars in Pisces Sign

The native will rise to a high position in life, will be courageous, reputed, ill-tempered and will live away from his birth place. The native may go abroad and live there if the drekkan in which the planet is placed is the third. His children will not do well in life, or one or two may pass away early. He may get married late in life, may have liaisons outside marriage or he may be jilted in love. If the ascendant is also Pisces and the major period of Mars is not the first major-period after birth, the native will have all the wealth and position that he may desire. If the major-period is the first after birth, there is a danger of balarista. The native may die in infancy. The aspect of the Sun on Mars will be excellent for reputation and fame. The aspect of Venus on Mars will also be good but there will always be the apprehension that the native may be sensuous and wayward.

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