language of god


At times, even the almighty is forced to gaze the sky for planetary answers when He finds Himself in the state of dilemma. Lord Rama's dilemmatic position was when he had to award death penalty to Laxman, his brother. Lord Krishna was in a tight spot when Karna, as a fulfillment of boon, asked for his last rites to be performed at the most sacred place and similarly, Lord Hanuman too was pushed to the corner when his bachelorhood prevented him from seeking the final educatory lessons from Surya Deva. This list is long, where the incarnations were for some time rendered helpless.

These incarnations of the Trinity, fully aware of the three Kaals  ( Past –Present and Future) preferred to seek the help of their Gurus who read the state of stars for them. Otherwise a wrong step there could have ruined the educatory history from where we draw our conscience.

There were examples when the God-king himself stood defeated. Yes! Lord Indra, who most of the times worked on his instincts and overruled the suggestions of his sages, lost his wars more often than not.

Not always live on the commands derived from the horoscope, but one should seek the help of astrology, take an astrological solution for sure when the situation is a bit dilemmatic when the natural solutions wouldn't help when the competence of the fellow being is far less than the might of the situation. Who knows, what the fate has in store for you, a small miscalculated step could leave one repenting for eternity.

By will, threat or otherwise, I see people engaging in massive, burdensome rituals with a wish to correct the future. But to my surprise I find them doing nothing to improvise on their Karma and on the contrary Gods, when found themselves in a perplexing situation, dealt less in rituals instead worked aggressively to change their way and attitude to deal with the situation. Get a Karma correction done, know what habits inculcated thus far are troublesome, know when to do what. Meet Dr Vinay Bajrangi best astrologer for all type of astrological predictions, free astrological predictions through his blogs.