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Virgo Yearly Horoscope (01-01-20 to 31-12-20 )

Yearly horoscope 2020 predictions for different Zodiac Signs do neither bless nor deprive the native of anything without managing one’s own karmas. But yes these Yearly Horoscope forecasts are an overall panorama of what is there in the store for all Zodiac Signs. Now let’s describe the Yearly Horoscope 2020 for Virgo.

Virgo Horoscope 2020 Predictions

Now let us start with some main characterstics of Virgo Sign. Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac, and it is a mutable and Earthy sign. You desire perfection in work through deep analysis and efforts. You are good in making friends and keeping long term relations. There can be some unfavourable conditions created due to many planets transiting the 4th house during the 1st quarter of the year 2020. And this will force natives of Virgo Horoscope to sort out long-standing issues in family, career, and relationships in general. There will be a great relief for ascendants of Virgo Horoscope from 24th January 2020 as Saturn will leave the 4th house. Saturn’s presence in the 5th house in its own sign of Capricorn from 24th January onwards except during its retrograde motion from 12th May to 30th September 2020 is good overall for IT, medical and mining students in particular. During this year, native with Virgo Horoscope will progress due to their pragmatic approach and patience. This will prove to be a year for rooting-out your long-standing problems with patience and equanimity of mind.

How will 2020 be for Virgo Sign person?

How will be 2020 for Virgo Sign person? Here we should start as to what we will the impact on the main traits of life with general predictions for other areas. Here, we will spilt the whole year into four quarters for better understanding and faster grasping. Please read the same as below now.

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Virgo Horoscope 2020 – January to March:

Health: The year may start with some health problems and anxiety due to Moon sign lord Mercury’s association with Ketu in the 4th house. From 13th January, as Mercury moves to your fifth house, health will stabilize, and the mind will be free. From 8th February, the 3rd and 8th lord Mars transiting the 4th house can cause some impulsiveness and aggressive behavior. Take good care of your mother’s health.

Education: From 13th January till 30th January time is favourable for students in general. Those preparing or taking some competitive exams may face some difficulties and lack of focus from 18th February to 11th March due to retrograde Mercury in the 6th house. College going students can expect favourable time from 24th January to 17th February 2020. This quarter till 27th March is not very favourable for higher studies.

Career: This quarter of the year 2020 is favourable for artists, designers, sculptures, and musicians. From 3rd February to 28th February business of luxury items, women’s goods such as apparel and cosmetics will flourish. Actors, models, designers, and beauticians will have success and progress. Writers, Journalists, accountants, and financiers may have a lean period.

Romance and Marriage: Good time for love affairs and dating for marriage till 21st March 2020. From 22nd March onwards, entry of malefic Mars in the 5th house can cause fights and breakups. Married couples can expect a good time for intimate conjugal relations during the month of February 2020.

General: Due to the presence of conflicting conditions in the 4th house during this quarter, there can be some mental and emotional pressures due to domestic, mother related, or career-related issues. Saturn leaving the 4th house from 24th January will slightly ease the situation. These transitory problems will soon be over provided you keep cool and be patient.

Virgo Horoscope 2020 – April to June:

Health: After a period of some health-related concerns this quarter will improve your health and general well being from 7th April onwards, however, 14th May to 24th June due to the 2nd lord Venus going retrograde can cause some laziness and digestive troubles due to wrong eating habits.

Education: Overall, a favourable time for students in general till 11th May 2020 thereafter the 5th lord Saturn going retrograde from 12th May and 4th lord Jupiter going retrograde from 14th May 2020 can pose some difficulties for graduate-level and higher study abroad. Transit of 8th lord Mars over the 6th house from 4th May to 17th June 2020 will prove favourable for students of instrumentation and surgery and those doing research work.

Career: Those in service will need to exercise patience and keep cordial relations with seniors from 12th May onwards due to 6th lord Saturn going retrograde. It will be a good time for traders, marketers, sales, and auction houses from 7th April to 24th April 2020. Those in real estate will be able to sort out problematic issues as 8th lord Mars transits over the 6th house from 4th May to 17th June 2020 causing a vipreet Raja Yoga

Romance and Marriage: This quarter is not very favourable for persons of Virgo Horoscope who are in love affairs. If you are dating for marriage, then be prepared for some delays and sudden shocks and surprises during this quarter. Married couples in Virgo Horoscope can expect favourable time till mid-May 2020.

General: Over activation of the 5th house as taking place during this quarter is always transformative. Long term planning can be done during this period.

Virgo Horoscope 2020 – July to September:

Health: Good period for health from 13th July to 16th August, although some impulsiveness may upset the peace of mind due to the aspect of 8th lord Mars on the Moon sign. Again from 2nd September till 22nd September 2020, health will improve.

Education: Some disturbance in studies cannot be ruled out till 13th July. The presence of retrograde 4th lord Jupiter in the 4th house along with Ketu can cause dissatisfaction and negligence in studies, some improvement in conditions can be expected from 14th September when Jupiter goes direct. Saturn going direct in Capricorn in the 5th house from 30th September will be further helpful.

Career: Transit of retrograde 1st and 10th lord Mercury in the 10th house till 13th July 2020 is not favourable for a career in general. The 3rd and 8th lord Mars going retrograde in the 8th house from 11th September and from there aspecting the 3rd house is not good for professionals in IT and communications, investigative journalists, writers, and research workers. The presence of Rahu/Ketu in the 3rd/9th house axis from 23rd September will be more fatal.

Romance and Marriage: Retrograde 5th and 6th lord Saturn in the 5th house till 29th September will not favor love affairs and may cause delays in finalizing new marriage alliances. Married couples will need to exercise patience and avoid quarrels because of transit of 3rd and 8th lord Mars in the 7th house till 16th August 2020.

General: During this third quarter of the year, there will be many issues related to career, property, and health for persons with Virgo Horoscope. But they will be able to resolve them favorably with little ingenuity and a balanced mind. This is because during this period, all progressive houses are nearly activated.

Virgo Horoscope 2020 – October to December:

Health: Aspect of 8th lord Mars on your Moon sign from 5th October to 23rd December can cause sudden health problems, and during this period from 5th October to 15th November due to retrograde motion of Mars, there will be more dangers of accidents and injuries, so take precaution.

Education: Mercury’s association in the 3rd house with Ketu from 28th November 2020 is unfavourable in general for students. Jupiter’s transit over the 4th house till 20th November is good for higher studies and foreign travel.

Career: Those in service can face some delays in promotions till 20th November 2020. Some challenges in a career, in general, can be expected from 28th November to 17th December due to the association of 10th lord Mercury with Ketu.

Romance and Marriage: It can be a trying and full of tension time for a married couple from 5th October till 23rd December due to malefic transit of Mars in the 7th house, exercise patience and tolerance during this period for maintaining cordial relations with spouse.

General: Natives of Virgo Horoscope should take extra precaution during driving and while doing some repair work at home, especially in using sharp instruments. Give a certain amount of independence to your spouse and ignore his or her sarcastic remarks during angry moments.

A small Caution

These astrological predictions are based on the basic principles of Indian Vedic Astrology on a Macro basis for all Zodiac Signs. These astrological predictions should be taken as general idea of the yearly horoscope forecast. For specific queries & advice, it is always better to consult any good astrologer practicing on the basic principles of Indian Vedic Astrology as final results depend on many things including your own karmas. These Karmas can be of past life deeds or past of present life.

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