Specific Diseases indications in birth chart

Astrological Combination for Specific Diseases

Astrology has many meanings for a rule or conjunction, and every government or logic has exceptions. Not all logic or regulations which are described in the article, need to go right. For each health and medical astrology, astrologers examine three things the Lord Planet, the House related to the body part, and position which influences the ascendant planet of the related House. Secondly, they use to examine the ascendant with the same features, which is stated in the following article.  In the below section, we will look upon different body parts and how the transits or positions are affecting your lives in terms of medical care.

Astrological combination for specific Diseases 

Mental Illness

Mental illness is one of the critical diseases as it is a silent killer. It includes abnormal, extreme, unexpected behavior with an element of excitement. A mix of anger, aggression, sadness, and depression are the first signs or symptoms of mental illness. 

According to astrology, some factors are affecting your mental health. These factors or parameters are listed below: 

1. Moon: Moon affects the state of mind, feelings towards everyone, and controls your emotional reaction and mental compatibility. 

2. Mercury: Mercury controls your nervous system, your academic discipline, and views upon rationality. Mercury also manages the logic and intellectual thinking. The enemy of all factors mentioned above is Moon. 

3. Jupiter: Jupiter signifies maturity and wisdom. It should be neutral towards Mercury; however, Mercury is the primary enemy of Jupiter.

4. 5th House: 5th House is the House of fascination, thinking, logic, and wisdom. 5th House or 5th Lagna is considered to be in distress with mental or bodily pain, which is more important to have a sound mind. 

5. Lagna and Sign Aries: Aries is said to be the head of Kaalpurusha, and Lagna is head of the native. 

6. Antipathy and Beneficial Yoga: Antipathy or Malefic Yoga promotes diseases, and beneficial Yoga neutralizes illness. 

7. Degree of Calamity to Moon: It indicates simple mental personality to gross neuro-psychic disorder only if the Moon is afflicted by:

8. Sun: It makes increases short temperament, quarrelsome behavior, and self-glorification. 

9. Mars: It makes you short-tempered, aggressive, and violent.

10. Saturn: It affects your depression, maniac attitude, depressive, and psychosis. 

11. Rahu: It gives you cunning thoughts, insanity (schizophrenia), different phobias, maniacal disability, and sometimes suicidal tendencies. 

12. Ketu: Ketu affects your suicidal tendencies, phobias, and sometimes irrational suspicion of others. 

Classical combination of Mental Illness (Jatak Tatwa) 

a. Mars accepts the Moon associated with Saturn will give you both depression and aggression at the same time 

b. Moon and Rahu in the 8th House indicate phobia personality. 

c. Malefic (Antipathy)  Yoga in 8th House and Moon conjunct with Venus in Kendra

d. Saturn associated with Mars in 6th House gives you disease, and if it’s in 8th House, are aspects of malefic Yoga. 

e. Saturn associated with Mars in 6th House gives you disease, and if it is in 8th House, it gives you deep thinking affliction. 

f. Sun, Moon, and Mars in Lagna or 8th House are aspects by malefic Yoga. 

g. During the eclipse that is Rahu/Ketu affliction to Moon; Saturn and Mars in 6th or 8th House and Lagna/trines without Jupiter association

h. Moon in 6th House and Rahu in Lagna

i. A week Moon and Saturn in Lagna or 8th House or even in 12th House. As Moon is good in Taurus or Cancer in Lagna and Moon and Saturn in either 4th, 10th, or 11th House gives good RY. 

j. Jupiter in Lagna and Saturn or Mars in 7th House indicates mental disturbance. 

k. Saturn in Lagna and Mars in 5th, 7th, or 9th House.


Epilepsy is a disorder in the Central Nervous System. By which brain activity becomes abnormal, epilepsy causes seizures or periods of unusual behavior, sensation, and sometimes loss of awareness. 

The classical Combination of Epilepsy is as same as that of mental illness. 

1. Moon and Saturn as a condition by Mars. 

2. Moon and Rahu in the 8th House. 

3. Saturn and Mars in the 6th and 8th House. 

4. Rahu in Lagna and Moon in 8th House

5. Eclipse at the time of birth and Jupiter and Mars in 6th and 8th House, which are present jointly or separately.

6. Sun + Mars+ Saturn conjunct together in the 8th House

Congenital Illness

Congenital illness is a condition present at birth regardless of its cause. Congenital disabilities can result in disabilities that may be physical, intellectual, or developmental. Disabilities can range from mild to severe. 

Classical Combination of Congenital Illness

a. Functionally Malefic Yoga or Planet associated with the same. 

b. Planets that are associated with Lagna or LL and 6th/8th/12 House or their Lords. 

c. Weak Lagna or Lagna or Lagna Lord. 

d. Affliction to the Moon, Causing Balarishta. 

e. An aspect of strong Jupiter or Lagna Lor or on Moon; natural benefic Yoga in Kendra and Malefic Yoga in 3rd/6th/11th House, which cancels above benefic Yoga.

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Eye Disease

Parameters affecting eye disease

1. Sun: The Sun indicates the right eye

2. Moon: The Moon shows the left eye

3. Venus: The indicator for eye, vision, and lens of eyes with Saturn it gives the small eye. 

4. 2nd House/2nd Lagna: 2nd House indicates the vision of the right eye, whereas 2nd Lagna in 6th and 8th House indicates eye and vision defect. 

5. 12th House: Left eye; Moon in the 12th House indicates damage to the left eye; Sun in the 12th House indicates damage to the right eye in any way suggests loss to sight. 

Classical Combination of Eye Disease

a. Sun and Moon in Leo Lagna faceted by Saturn indicate congenital blindness, or they may be born blind. 

b. Sun in Lagna which is terrible for eyes in: 

c. Aries indicates inflammation of the eye through Sun and Lord of  5th House exalted Lagna gives Raj Yoga. 

d. Leo Indicates night blindness. 

e. Cancer indicates the cataract. 

f. Libra indicates blindness. 

g. Sun in Lagna in RKA and malefic in the trilogy

h. The Malefic Yoga afflicts Sun in the 2nd House

i. Two Malefic Yoga in 2nd House

j. Moon in 2nd House from Sun Malefic is afflicted.

Ear Disease

Parameters of Ear Disease

1. Mercury: Karaka of hearing and all sorts of communication of all kinds. 

2. 3rd House or 3rd Lord: It is concerned with the faculty of hearing, and it indicates the right ear. 

3. 11th House or 11th Lord: Indicates the Left ear. 

4. Karaka of hearing is Mercury and of the ear is Jupiter

Classical Combination 

a. Malefic occupying either the 3rd and 11th House or 5th House and 9th House. 

b. Mercury is present in the 6th and 8th House and 12th House. 

c. Mercury and Venus in the 12th House indicate defective hearing of the left ear. 

d. Combination of Mercury and Lord of 6th House in either of 6th/8th and 12th House faceted by Saturn. 

e. Combination of Sun and Mercury in 3rd/6th and 11th House faceted by Mars or Saturn.

f. Combination of Moon, Mercury, and Venus and Rahu/Ketu axis on either 3rd or 9th House or 5th and 11th House indicates disease in the inner ear.

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Cancer Disease 

Parameters of Cancer Disease

1. Saturn and Rahu’s infirmity to all the following:-

a) Bhava was representing the body part. 

b) Bhava Lord

c) Concerned Kalpurusha Sign

d) Lord of this Sign

e) Bhava Karka and Body Part Karka. 

2. Weak Lagna or Lagna Lord.

3. 6th House or Lord of 6th House Association.

4. It confirms in the Moon/Sun in the Charts. 

Classical Combination for Cancer:- 

a. Saturn or Mars in the 6th and 8th House with Rahu or Ketu. 

b. 6th Lord in either Lagna, or either in 8th House or 10 House having the malefic disorder.

c. Lagna or Lagna Lord calamity or Lord of 6th House in 6th House and Sun with Malefic Yoga 

d. Cancer Lagna; Jupiter being with 6th Lord, Saturn, and Mars all afflicted by 6th/8th or 12 Lagna or Rahu or Ketu. 

e. Rahu or Ketu afflicts the 6th/8th/12th Lord from the Sun. 

Heart Disease 

Heart Diseases are segregated or bifurcated into three types. These are: 

1. IHD (Ischemic Heart Disease) or CAD (Coronary Artery Disease): The blood supply to a part of the Cardiac Muscle is impaired because of obstruction to blood vessels that supply it. The person was suffering from the disease of medical or surgical treatment.

2. CHD (Congenital Heart Disease): It takes several forms. They mostly require surgery and would give a complete or partial cure. 

3. Cardiomyopathy:  In the case of Cardiomyopathy, the heart becomes larger but infective to function. There is no satisfactory or medical treatment. 


1. Sun – The Sun indicates the heart

2. Leo- The Leo is the heart of Kalapurush

3. 5th House Lord of 5th House from Lagna, Sun, Dasha Lord, or Antar Dasha Lord indicates the center of natives. 

4. 4th House from Lagna and Sun: Indicates the possibility of chest surgery; benefice influence indicates corrective surgery

5. Dasha Scheme of the planet associated with Sun in 5th House or Lord of 5th House 

Classical Combination 

a. Saturn in the 5th House and Sun in Aquarius or the 6th House. 

b. Malefic Yoga faceted with Sun in Scorpio

c. Lord of Lagna is the week, Rahu in 4th and 5th House which is Malefic afflicted would give a heart attack

d. Lord of 4th House in 8th House with Lord of 8th House

e. Lord of 4th House and Lord of 5th House faceted with no benefic association

f. Ketu in 3rd House with Mandi. 

g. Moon in either 6th House or 12th House with Mars, Saturn or Rahu indicates sudden attacks.

Lung Diseases


1. 4th House and Lord of 4th House

2. Cancer

3. Moon

Classical Combination of Lung Disease 

a. Sun exchange Moon in Day1 or Day 9

b. Combination of Moon and Sun faceted by Mars gives the possibility of Tuberculosis

c. Lagna faceted by Mars and Saturn 



1. 5th House or Lord of 5th House

2. Jupiter

3. Ketu and Jupiter 6/8 to each other. 

4. In the Dasha or Antar Dasha of faceted Jupiter 

Accident/ Injury Proneness 


1. 4th House or Lord of 4th House indicates vehicle. 

2. 6th House or Lord of 6th House indicates wound or fracture

3. 8th House or Lord of 8th House indicates suddenness. 

4. 12th House or Lord of 12th House indicates the hospital 

5. Mars indicates wounds 

6. Venus indicates vehicles 

7. Relation with Lagna or Lord of Lagna 

8. Moon-Chart is seen for confirmation 

9. Dasha or After Dasha of the faceted parameters

Classical Combination 

a. Exchange of Lord of 4th House with Lord of 6th House 

b. Moon or 4th House afflicted  by Mars

c. Sun in 10th House faceted by Mars from 4th House indicated possibility Vehicular Accident. 

d. Mars in 4th House, Sun or Saturn in 7th House indicates the possibility of injury from fire

e. Rahu or Ketu in 6th/8th or 12th House with Kendra/ Tikona Lord indicates that the ascendant is prone to accident. 

f. Lord of Lagna and Mars in 6th/8th or 12th House. 

g. Lord of 6th  House in 6th and 8th House indicates ulcers or bruises on the body 

h. Combination of Lord of Lagna, Lord of 4th House and Saturn in 4th House, Moon in 7th House and Mars in 4th House and Mars with Malefic in Kendra indicates injury or death by drowning 


1. Diabetes is caused due to deficiency of hormone insulin, which is produced by the pancreas gland. Metabolism of glucose is disturbed, indicating excess glucose in the blood and body tissues. Still, it cannot get utilized, giving complications affecting all parts of the body. 


1. Jupiter: Signifies Liver and Upper part of Pancreas 

2. Venus: Signifies a part of Pancreas and hormonal system 

3. 5th House or Lord of 5th House signifies the upper abdomen. 

Classical Combination

a. Jupiter enfeebled or either in 6th, 8th, or 12th House. 

b. Saturn and Rahu afflicting Jupiter

c. Jupiter combust in either Rahu or Ketu axis. 

d. Venus in 6th House faceted by Jupiter from 12th House

e. Lord of 5th House conjunct with Lord of either 6th,8th or 12th House

f. Jupiter Lapsing and afflicting in either 6th, 8th, or 12th House. 



1. Venus: An indicator of Appendix 

2. Lord of 6th House or 6th House: Gives a site of Appendix

3. Generally characterized by affliction to Taurus and Gemini signs and Venus. 



1. Moon and Venus and 4th,8th and 12th Signs: Indicating watery planet signs and  their relation to Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Rahu

2. Venus: Karaka for the beauty of the skin

Classical Combination

a. Moon and Venus malefic faceted in watery signs indicates white leprosy. 

b. Moon, Mars, and Saturn all in Aries or Taurus indicates white leprosy

c. Lord of 6th House with Sun in Lagna indicated blood leprosy 

d. Mars in Lagna, Saturn in 4th House, Sun in the 8th House. 

e. Combination of Sun, Mars, and Saturn in any house.

f. Moon, Venus, Saturn, and Mars in a watery sign.

g. Combination of Mercury and Saturn in 7th House.

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