Effect of Combination of Rahu and Jupiter in Different Houses

  • 2023-03-02
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The relation between Rahu and Jupiter is considered very important. The position of these two planets in the birth chart is considered very special because one is a demon and the other is a teacher. Now the relation of these two is specially known as Guru Chandal Yoga.

Jupiter is also called a teacher or guru in Vedic astrology. Guru means teacher who gives knowledge to the student. According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter has got a place in all the nine planets as the teacher of the gods, due to which it is called guru. Jupiter is considered a very auspicious planet. The influence of Jupiter is very beneficial in the life of the native. The influence of Guru is to develop all the qualities and nobleness in the person and give good guidance. Jupiter is also considered to be the karaka of expansion. Wherever the Guru is, it signifies growth. Guru increases knowledge and intelligence. An increase in self-esteem is also seen through the Guru.

The spiritual nature of Jupiter makes one a teacher

The effect of Jupiter is considered very auspicious in life. Jupiter is considered to be a natural benefic planet among the nine planets. The type of thoughts and behavior the Jupiter gives us are essential to move forward in the moral path in life. It is only through the influence of the Jupiter that a person can understand spirituality and its importance. Jupiter is considered to be associated with religion and traditional ideology. The influence of the Jupiter shows the spiritual and religious quest in the life of a person. Religious conduct is seen very strongly within a person in whose horoscope the Jupiter is in an auspicious state. The opportunity to be involved in religious activities is also available through the blessings of Jupiter. The influence of Jupiter becomes an indicator of religious progress within a person. The auspiciousness of the Jupiter is the basis of religious institutions, religious places and religious visits. Through this, a person also emerges in the role of preacher and religious scholar. All the teachers or people associated with the spiritual field, have Jupiter in a very favorable position in their horoscope.

The lowly and sinful deeds of Rahu give a demonic tendency

Rahu is a shadow planet and a demon as well. Some idea about the position of Rahu is also found in the Vedas. Rahu is considered a malefic and sinful planet in Astrology. Rahu is also given a title of demon guru in some places in the texts. The effect of Rahu may consist of negative energies. Rahu is a harsh and dry planet. It is more responsible for the troubles and challenges in life. Rahu is considered a planet giving bad results. Rahu fills a person with agitation, frustration, anger and jealous. The position of Rahu has also been considered to lead a person to the wrong path in many ways.

Rahu is also called Mlechha, one who is involved in low karma. It also creates contacts with outsiders and wrong people that is why it is also called Chandal. The actions of Rahu reflect more of negative things, due to which Rahu is considered to give inauspiciousness and difficulties in life.


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Effect of Guru Chandal

Now both these planets appear between auspicious and inauspicious positions due to their own natural tendencies and the good and bad position of both of them also gives them the name of Guru Chandal. It is the effect of Guru Rahu that creates this yoga, and when they are present together in the horoscope, they also give their effects. The effect of Guru Chandal Yoga is special in each house. Every house shows a special effect in some way or the other. Each house also has special significance and when the effect of Rahu-Guru falls on these significations in the form of Guru-Chandal yoga, it gives special results.

Guru Chandal Yoga is seen as a bad yoga. In astrology, this yoga is considered to give negative results in many ways. One’s ideology is most affected by the effect of Guru Chandal Yoga. It can make one to behave as opposed to traditions. With the effect of this yoga, a person shows more inclinations towards innovations and new discoveries. He makes new discoveries. The tendency to change the society can also be seen through this yoga. A person doesn’t agree with the opinion of others easily.

This yoga can be very important from the religious point of view. Here we experience two ideologies colliding with each other. The confluence of two streams shows the origin of friction at this place. Jupiter, who is the Karaka of righteousness and Rahu who is a supporter of doing things apart from traditions, when these opposite planets come together, there can be difficulty in understanding the real side of religion. If the conjunction of Rahu and Guru is in a better house and in a better position, then some positive results can also be seen from this, but mainly it can become a very difficult situation for religion. Sometimes anti-religious activities can also be seen taking place with this conjunction. This yoga can at times be responsible for the tendency of religious show-off, hypocrisy and pretentiousness.

Special: Formation of Guru Chandal Yoga in auspicious places increases some challenges. This shows a contradiction in the social sphere. When this situation is created in bad houses, then this situation can also become an indicator of social change and new revolution. Along with this, the results of this yoga can be understood better when we analyze the degrees of these planets and the effects of other planets falling on them.

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